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A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Don't forget another appearance from Kai Leng.

The carries.

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It's okay Dea everyone pops their cherry eventually.

Unless they don't want to of course. Respectful of apentauals here.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Journal of Aeta Tideturner

[The last page appears to have been violently and carelessly torn out]

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Journal of Aeta Tideturner


Waking up, I could tell that trouble was a stone’s throw away from us. I went out and bought a new seat of gear that day, something of a better quality to suit my skills, and a second spear for throwing at people I couldn’t reach. After all, last night’s encounter had shown that we were going to meet cowards who wouldn’t take me on face to face. Understandable but still cowards.

Heading to the guards office, Orebic wanted to interrogate the drunk from the night before. I left them to it, rather than wasting my breath on a bastard who couldn’t take a spear to the chest without crying over it the next day. He tried to insult me, but that just showed how worthless he was. He did continue flirting with Orebic though. Maybe they'd let Orebic into his cell for some private time?

They found out where Valk worked, so we headed over there to investigate. The ship was called The Bride, but they might as well have called it The Bloody Bride with their figure head. I asked them about it, but the sailors weren’t exactly chatty. Not the most friendly people but I didn't feel like they were who we were looking for.

The rest of the group found out a codeword or something from Valk’s possessions, so we headed over to the location after finding out the codeword from the captain. I was talking to the sailors for this part, so I don’t really know the details, but you can just make them up or whatever.

Arriving at the place where Valk was supposed to be meeting his companions, we learned it was a bunkhouse. A slat in the door slide open, the surly man behind it demanding the codeword. Lisbeth or maybe Ore We gave it to them, and the door opened. Before we knew it, we were surrounded by angry looking drunks. A trap! We should have expected them to realise we weren’t Valk, since there were five of us. Well it wasn’t my idea anyway.

A man serving drinks tried to jump into the fight, but I scared him to his knees with a single glare. The rest of the bar wasn’t so smart, however, but they didn’t last long against me and my spears. The others also helped, and I had put down the bulk of their troops in a matter of minutes.

Suddenly, reinforcements! That man who I’d scared to his knees someone who the others had ignored had rung a bell, and summoned help from upstairs. Out poured more troops, including the crossbow man who had ran with his tail between his legs the night before.

He didn’t get a chance to run again. I shot my spear through him like a cannon, and he flew into the wall in a heap.

A woman who had poured out with the others, obviously scared by how quickly her friend had gone down, knew she had to run and made a wall of magical web that blocked our path. I tried to stab through to them with my spear, but it wasn't working, and before we could stop them they’d gotten away.

We arrested the rest of the bunkhouse, interrogating the balding man for more information, but it was no good. All he said was that the man who’d stabbed the guy in the street the other day wore a black cloak, news that didn’t narrow down our subjects at all. I was tired I was about to leave to go get some well earned rest, when the guards revealed that our pay was much smaller than what we’d gotten the night before. Having put down several people in one night, I went to the chief to negotiate a fair price.

I was tired, but the chief continued to hold out on me when it came to a fair pay for an honest days work. However, I decided to cut him some slack, as he was obviously stretched to his limits and mine and the others help was all that stood between his city and a crime spree.


Bunkhouse Mook, Cutlass
The same as the muggers, really. Whether they were working together or not remains to be seen, but they sure go down the same.

Bunkhouse Mook, Crossbow
Some barmaid decided to get involved. Too bad for her I’d learned my lesson from last night, and she didn’t get a chance to shoot anyone.

Can block a path with webs, and not too bad in a straight up fight either. Her webs are strong, so don’t try to break through them or you could get stuck.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Journal of Aeta Tideturner

Now that I’m out in the world and making a name for myself, I decided that I should keep a record of my adventures. That way, my future fans will know how it all happened and how their hero become their hero. I’ll have to get someone who’s better with words than me to make sure my story receives the justice it deserves at some point, but for now I’ll just make sure to keep notes of what happened so that the writer knows how it all went down when I get around to hiring one.


That day marked the first day in my bold new adventure on the continent of Tarai. I remember the sights and sounds of Hafft’s Landing’s celebration with great fondness: booze was flowing, loose men and women were everywhere, and the fresh smell of the sea air hung in the air.

That was until the horrible stench of murder overcame it.

I rushed outside as fast as I could, but the murderer had already legged it. Though I tried to give chase, my size worked against me in the crowd, and I lost sight of them within moments. Sensing an adventure afoot, I headed towards the local guards office in hopes of finding clues.

There, I found myself paired with four other people who had also seen the murder. The chief, a man of little patience and a little moustache, didn’t seem happy about the idea of hiring on highly trained people like myself, and so he assigned us to an unrelated string of robberies instead. Though the idea didn’t seem like the most exciting thing in the world to me, having much rather been interested in finding the killer and taking them down I took it on after lengthy negotiations where free booze was offered. Well, I negotiated free booze out of him.

Anyway, me and the other four, a tiny half elf named Keila, a dwarf named Orebic, a ginger half elf named DeRosa, and an irritable cow named Lisbeth, split up into two groups to check down on clues. Drawing the short end of the straw, I wound up with the last one, who I decided to nickname Hot Pants, as I didn't know her name at the time.

Heading towards the scene of the crime, it was my idea to investigate the local bar. The first bar, Sailor’s Rest, was very uncooperative with our investigation, but I could tell they didn’t have any useful info, so I took Lisbeth to the nearest other tavern, named Red River or something like that. Inside was a shifty looking man with a knife, which I negotiated him down from one gold piece to two silver pieces with a glare alone. Lisbeth was going to hand him full price, but as a former guard, I know how to deal with extorters like him when I run into them. Oh yes and the sailors on the docks were no help either.

With the knife in hand, we went back to meet up with the rest of the team. They talked to some wounded guy and got the details of the crime, so I came up with the idea of a sting operation to flush out the muggers. It worked like a charm, as the dwarf and his half elf companion were quickly ambushed by a group of armed men and a drunken ugly half orc.

I wasn’t in a good spot, so it took me a while I leapt into the fight as soon as I could, though my companions weren’t as capable in a fight as I was, so there were some injuries. Though I took down two of their men and their leader, Lisbeth was nearly taken down by one particularly nasty mugger. Thankfully, the tiny half elf sprayed him with a rainbow, so there was obviously a reason she had decided was allowed to chase down these criminals. the rainbow knocked him out.

After we’d beaten their leader, and the rest of their crew save for one slippery crossbow man who couldn’t aim at all, the dwarf showed a dark side and executed one of the muggers on the spot. I thought it was a bit much, especially since the town guard couldn’t have been that far away, but decided not to hold it to him. They knew what they were doing when they tried to attack us, after all.

With the muggers beaten, the chief offered us a generous pay and additional work if we wanted it. As the mystery of the murder remained unsolved, I knew that I would be coming back to them to keep looking into this. That, and I couldn't shake the feeling that the chief was holding out on me.

But before that, we all went drinking at the tiny half elf’s tavern. Well, except for Lisbeth, but that was probably definitely a good thing.


I’ll keep track of who I beat and how too, just so that the playwrights know how to best write my epic battles.

Mugger, Cutlass
Comes in packs. Fairly easy to put down, especially if they forget how long a spear is, and don’t like rainbows.

Mugger, Crossbow
Comes with the cutlass muggers. Packs a wallop if you don’t deal with them, make sure you do next time because they tend to run away like little girls if they’re on their own. Oh well, scars are sexy.

Hauk (I think? Something like that.) Vulk Turns out Hauk was that half-orc deputy.
Can wail on a dwarf in a suit of armour with his bare fists forever, but can’t do much about a spear in his chest. May also have a thing for dwarf that goes both ways. Drunk and potentially dangerous, but in custody now thanks to us.