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SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
I'm done debating your vague reasoning. Let everyone else decide whether your 'it's very plausible because he's thinking and doing stuff that he be mafia, so better safe than sorry' argument makes sense to them or not.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Wow, way to backslide.

For that matter, didn't you say last phase that waffle posts were okay because they stopped people going inactive?

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
I don't even think I can follow your train of thought anymore. I had logic and I was a big motivator; is the town incapable of having those traits?

You've just explained why this would make sense if you were mafia.

And I can only see this making sense if you're a townie if you believe that we've run out of time and need to go for absoloutely anything. There's still 22 of us running around and this day phase has only just begun; we're hardly out of time yet.

Seriously, explain the part I'm missing here that makes it work in your mind.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
So what you're saying is you don't actually have a good reason to suspect that I'm mafia. It's just plausible that because I had logic against Will, I could be mafia.

Which you could apply to pretty much any argument ever.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
So I'm suspicious because I keep discussion going and voice an argument that most people either agree with, or vote with because it's what everyone else is doing. Including you.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Well that sucked.

And Zab, don't just say you're suspicious of me, explain why.

Now for the glorious sport of phase reviewing.

Girls Track Captain Election
There is only one track team is there not? So should boy track team members be voting too?

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
I'm all for tough but fair critiques. Really it's up to the handlers to specify what sort of brutal honesty they're after, so long as they don't want to just hear what they want to hear.

As for flexibility, I think that if your student works in the high school situation they'll probably be flexible enough for anything SOTF. In fact I question how you can write a character to not change with SOTF events: stubborn people occur in high school after all, but it's unlikely that even they'd be unmoved by the whole 'oh hai guys just kill your classmates thanks' going on.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
As much as I applaud people trying new sorts of threads, I just don't find kids that interesting. For the most part they're very hard to write well, and even if they are then I just don't find them that fun. Sure it's cute to see what chibi died-in-a-terrorist-attack-student might have been like, but there's not really a lot of interesting stuff you can do with kids without some crucial event in their past, and again that meets the whole 'very difficulty to write' roadblock. They're just too simplistic in their mindset. It's like writing a cutaway to teary parents at their kids death; interesting in theory, unimpressive in execution because there's not a lot of complexity to it. Except with cuteness instead.

So I try to avoid writing children.

(Vice) Presidential Elections
Ryan Banks leant back into his chair as the candidates made their speeches, caught between listening politely and actually being interested. He was never that into school politics, just so long as they didn't try to cut the sports budget, but mandatory attendance can put a new light on things.

When the speeches were done, it became time to cast that tiny little square of paper and make someone's day. The only question now was 'who?’

Vice president: Montalvo sounded like she knew what she was doing, but that was only the parts he had actually been able to keep up with; nothing had really hooked him about her. Miles, however, had done a better job of keeping his attention. If nothing else, he at least sounded like the easier to talk to should he ever need to, unlikely as that may be. With a half shrug of a quickly decided choice, the vote was cast for Miles Strickland.

The choice of president was comparatively harder. Naomi had definitely had the longer speech of the two, a little too long in fact. Ryan had started daydreaming halfway through, so he hadn't totally processed all the promises that weren't sport related. The parts that he had paid attention to seemed okay, he guessed. Zubin, on the other hand, was over before he could even blink. On the one hand, he didn't seem to be promising much at all, but on the other hand he was pretty athletic already, and if anyone was going to keep his side of Aurora going out of the two it was probably him. Thus, Zubin Wadia got his vote.


Dave Russell applauded each candidate in turn, hanging on their every word (as best as he could) as the politics unfolded. Dave liked to think that he was pretty active in the Aurora community, though he couldn't hold a candle to some people and all their clubs, but he'd never found himself running for student politics. That was more for the brainy kids, what with all the numbers and things to be considered; not something that he'd be great at. Better to let someone with the head for it take charge.

Then came vote time. Both vice presidential candidates had their strong points: Amaranta's experience and expertise would most definitely come in handy. However, Miles seemed like the guy who could get on with anyone, and that was probably important in student politics too. Tough choice, tough choice.

He finally settled on Miles Strickland

As for the choice of who would be the new president, he hated to admit it but it wasn't really that hard. Zubin had just seemed like he kind of didn't care. Honest, sure, but Dave had to go with Naomi Bell on this one. With any luck, he could get in on those paint jobs she mentioned too, those had been pretty fun the last time he did one.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
I don't like stall attempts.

Improving La Pieta with a Geologist's Hammer
Dave smiled and waved Sophie off as she left, calling out a ‘seeya’ after her. It had been a fun project, even if it hadn’t lasted long at all. He turned back to marvel his and Sophie’s work: the blue sea covered in green streaks looked pretty good to him, but when the sun shone in through that window just right then he could see how it had all turned out for real, and with any luck that would be awesome.

He dipped a thin brush back into the paint. He felt better now that he’d had a chance to air his feelings out to Sophie; she was a good listener and it had been great to get it all off his chest. Giving her the advice on her own love life too had been pretty fun; hopefully she’d find that special someone soon enough. He hoped that everyone would get to experience what he had with Lana once in their life, in the end of it all.

Adding one last touch to the mural, he turned around to return his own supplies to the closet, casting one last glance behind him at the work he’d spent the hour on.

Dave Russell + Sophie McDowel

((End memory))

Recruitment Drive
“Oh, let me.” Dave said, joining Carlos’ efforts to replace his banner on the wall. His smile had faltered from its sincerity during their conversation, and with the distraction breaking his focus the grin left his face completely as the two moved towards the poster.

Carlos was either very hard to read or Dave didn’t want to believe what he was getting. Carlos was being sarcastic with him, at least all the signs were pointing that way, which would mean he was trying to have fun at Dave’s expense. At the same time, however, what could he do? He hadn’t done anything that was unmistakably rude and so far he still seemed interested in joining the club. Who was Dave to stop him from trying to help if he wanted to?

Dave pressed the poster’s blu-tack back against the wall, holding it in place as he waited for it to stay stuck for good this time. He took the time to look at Carlos again, hoping for a sign that he wasn’t just playing along on some big joke. “I think that’s about everything. Anything you wanna ask Carl?”

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Reviewing his posts has shown that Will hasn't really brought much to the table apart from reaffirming that he joke voted for Inky and repeating what we were saying about Holly and Fiori's claims being suspicious. I feel that because it's still a viable risk that he might be lying, and if not then he's just got too many double looks and doing too much confusion spreading to serve much value, I'm pretty set on doing this.

Vote: Will

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Congratulations Will, if you're being legit then you've completely devalued your own ability because now the SK and the mafia have no reason to waste their kills on you.

I don't know if he's lying or not, but I do think that at this point he's basically just a townie that we keep taking second glances at.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Wait, what.

You legit lynched someone as a joke?

Do we really need someone like that running around people?

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Um, non-informative posting is totally a legit reason to finger someone? It allows scum to look like they're contributing something when in fact they're contributing nothing, and it demonstrates that non-scum are in fact contributing nothing.

There's not having ideas, and then there's making empty posts to hide the fact that you don't have any ideas.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
As much as I love that the town's talking a fair amount this phase, we seem to be regurgitating the topic quite a bit. We should either make a decision on what we think about Holly and Fiori and what we want to do about it, or we should start considering if/who we want to lynch today. No need to rush the vote, but I'm sure we'd all rather not have to pick at the very last minute.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Okay just reread everything.

Randomness and Flare are being rather quiet, Flare more so, but at the same time they can't do much harm through misdirection (they're only really problematic if they're a mafia power role or a serial killer or some other party we don't know about, otherwise they're just vote following), so if anything at the moment they're fodder lynches. ie not high priority unless you don't like people who follow bandwagons.

Will's not terribad an idea cause he does act shifty still, but less than Inky was.

but what really gets me

Holly states that her reason for claiming she was roleblocked is so we know how many roleblockers there are. She couldn't have had any way of knowing that Jamie would also claim that he was roleblocked. Therefore unless Holly wanted to point out that yes, there is in fact a single roleblocker running around, surprise surprise, she either made up that excuse after they had both claimed, or it's possible that she knew that Fiori's claim was coming up after hers. Given that I don't totally buy their claims either, it makes me more suspicious of Holly and to a lesser extent Fiori.

Shifty eyes.

Also I think it's bad when you call a serial killer a pretty stable person.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Okay points to be made:

1) We are not used to seeing roleblock announcements in fluff. That was a new thing that Decoy used (and shouldn't be used again because it's unbalancing), and has not been used in any other of the modern wave of games on this site.

2) There is no hard evidence that either Holly or Fioriboy are being honest. Whether they draw attention to the fact that it is or not, claiming to have a role is a good way to make yourself seem more valuable to the town than you are, so we shouldn't look at it at face value, especially since they brought the claim up unprovoked. I'm willing to look more at Holly than Fiori, as Holly brought it up first.

3) I looked at Namira's posts (You can see them Here), the only people she levelled any direction towards was Will and Inky, and one of those is dead. Elena's value as a lead is debatable as a result.

and now I will stop saying it's time to go digging for clues and actually dig through some of yesterday's and today's stuff.