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World Domination
Country Name: E.L.E.C.T (English Liberation Expanding to Conquest & Terrorism)
Country Colour: Black
Headquarters: British Isles, F5
Backup HQ: Canary Isles, F3
Is this awesome: Yes.

SIGNATURE WEAPON: C4 and willing participants.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Considering that he's our best lead for now, we might as well put a little pressure on him to explain himself properly.

Vote: Grim Wolf

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
You know what? Rocky never really did answer our query as to why he put Zetta in the lead to be lynched with his vote back on day one.

The One With The New Kid
Amber smiled excitedly as Reiko greeted her and Paige, oblivious to the ice skater's total disdain for her; Amber wasn't very good at reasoning why people might have found her journalistic tendencies annoying, and as far as she could tell Reiko was a good source of celebrity gossip and a fun person to follow around. In fact, she never really stopped to think why Reiko might have liked her back.

“Nah, it was good!” she replied, happy to see her friend again. “Got a nelf hunter to 70, blogged a little, ya know?” she said, proudly listing off her summer achievements regardless of whether or not Reiko was genuinely interested. It was disappointing that she couldn't get any of the others interested in WoW, but that didn't stop her from mentioning it in passing conversation.

She didn't notice that Reiko was staring intently at Carol; instead, all she did was probe her questions about her summer: what she got up to; where she went; who she hung out with; anything at all that she'd done this summer would have satisfied her.. It was too bad she hadn't been able to get around to meeting up with her, since she was apparently busy every time she offered to do something, but sadly that's what summer is like sometimes. For now she would just have to spend twice as much time with Reiko to make up for it!

The Dialogue Thread
Since a lot of us on this board have claimed to have trouble with dialogue when it comes to their characters, I thought of this little way to experiment and get some practice, as well as getting some peer tutoring for advice.

Here's how it works: when you post, you'll have a selection of set-ups to choose from, which can be left by anyone at any time, with or without an accompanying response, and even made up on the spot for that post.
With that in mind, you can try writing a conversation or monologue or whatever your character or characters might say in that situation; for added fun, you can even try not mentioning what the prompt your responding to is, and see how well people can work it out!
After that, the next person to post should give an evaluation of the last dialogue attempt, with advice and recommendations for improvement where appropriate. Once they've done that, they're free to make their own dialogue writing if they want.

In short, think of it as combining the questions game with the V4 Characters thread, but make it all about dialogue.

Here's some prompts to get us all started!
- Talking about something that interests you.
- Discussing a recent disappointment.
- Responding to infuriating customer service.

Practice away and have fun!

Introduction Thread
Mimi is fine if you know how to handle her.


Enjoy the Movie
((Janet Claymont continued from Locked Door; Pants Down))

“Welcome to Sunset Cinema.” Janet recited to the large man stood between her and a row of people, as she sat behind her counter in the muggy cinema lobby.

Like a lot of teenagers, Janet Claymont had a part-time job, and for her it involved working in the Sunset Cinema: her job was to sit behind a large counter selling tickets over and over again to all the various movie-goers, be they couples off to see the latest rom-com (Cinema 4), weary parents taking their hyper kids to see the new Pixar movie (Cinema 2), or the loner with nothing better to do than see whatever was on, just like the guy in front of her. (Cinema 7)

Selecting the name from the ticket printing computer, Janet glanced behind the man and groaned internally at the long queue stood behind him. Conveniently, all the other teenaged ticket sellers were off on their lunch break, so she was lucky enough to get to handle each and every one of them individually. ’No sir, it’s sold out. No sir, I can’t get you more tickets. No sir, we don’t allow outside food.’ she would get to enjoy repeating to each and every last buyer, who apparently could never listen to a conversation right in front of them.

“That’ll be ten dollars.” she told him, tearing the ticket away from the machine carelessly. Forcing a smile on her tired face as she took his money and gave him his purchase, she sighed and lazily guessed how many snacks he’d be buying whilst watching him waddle over to the concession stand; at least it was something to do to add some life to this deadly boring job.

Her attention brought back to her duties by a feeble “Scuse me?” from a small woman that had taken the man’s place, Janet once again returned to her work repeating the required, impersonal greeting: “Welcome to Sunset Cinema.”

This was going to be a long day.

The Dance Must go on!
Janet smiled sympathetically as Chadd offered his hand in a romantic gesture, chucking lightly on the inside as her worrying mind was distracted by his ever-romantic gestures. It was so great to have someone always wanting to do things with her, even if they had been doing things non-stop for the past hour, and normally she would have gladly followed him up on his request. However, Janet's stomach was saying otherwise.

“Nah, I'm really hungry. Let's just eat.” she replied to him, a little thoughtlessly, to his gracious gesture. It wasn't that she didn't want to spend more time with him, but in her defence they had just danced non-stop for the past hour, and she had been so busy getting ready she hadn't eaten since lunch! The red headed cheerleader needed food badly.

Walking back towards the table she had left her purse at when they arrived, her mind still focused on her rumbling belly rather than the presence of Rizzo Vitoria, Janet slid herself onto the soft chair and let her long legs take a break from moving around in those murderous high heels; she would've gladly taken off her feet there and then given the chance.

Resting her head on her hands as she supported her elbows on the table, she grinned up cheekily to her boyfriend. “Why don't you surprise me with dinner? Chadd's choice.”

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
I'd also like to request night protection, because myself or Vole dying would be pretty detrimental at this point.

Introduction Thread
I welcome our new people with fervent pulchitrude.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Sol, your argument has changed from 'Lynch Slam' to 'Don't lynch me.'; if we stop and look back for a second, when you last defended yourself it was still pretty aimed at getting me lynched even with Vole accusing you, but suddenly now that votes are getting stacked against you you're more concerned with self-survival. Since if you are innocent and you believe I'm a mafia member, I'm essentially offering myself up on a plate for getting lynched through your self-sacrifice; so if you're a townie, you can't be that convinced that I'm a mafia after all.

However, you are convinced when it comes to getting me lynched: despite Rattlesnake's and Vole's arguments, you were still proposing I get lynched. The first vote of the day, yours, was aimed at getting me lynched. Even in that last post, you're still dropping hints that I'm able to talk to Vole, implying that I'm a mafia, and so aiming to get me lynched. Saying that because I was defended and then proceeded to defend myself, especially given that Vole could've defended me immediately after the two votes towards me earlier, is hardly solid basis for a leading claim like 'Slam's vicious lapdog.'; the only reason you'd do it is to draw attention away from yourself, and back to me.

As I explained, you can't be a townie because that means you wouldn't be as convinced that I'm a mafia and definitely worthy of lynching. This means the only solution is that you're a mafia member who knows what my role is, and that's why you're convinced at getting me lynched as powerful. All that last post of yours was saying is 'don't lynch me' with a few powerful adjectives tossed on the side to distract from the faulty logic explaining why I should get killed.

Give us some real evidence why we should believe you, rather than colouring your argument to mislead the reader.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Let's say this Solomir: you suddenly have a reason to get me killed really fast. Your small-based FoS from yesterday has suddenly become full-blown accusation of me today, and despite people's arguments you're not letting up. If you were a townie, why would you be so willing to attack someone who's being active in trying to uncover the mafia? If you were suspicious of me, you'd think of less lethal ways to find out what my alliance was, or at least wait until I got hit by a night kill to find out. But no, suddenly you're eager to off me as fast as possible.

So let's toss in this: you know what my role is. THAT is why you want me killed.

You discovered what my role was in the last night phase, and you have every reason to stop me using it as quickly as possibly. You were lucky enough to FoS me yesterday, which maybe you were just planning on using to knock out an active pro-townie. Now you get to use that in your defence when people question why you're suddenly accusing me: you're not suddenly accusing me, your reason for accusing me has just changed. You want me dead so that I can't use my ability any more, because you know the more I use it the harder things become for the mafia. Solution? Get it stopped completely whilst it's still weak by lynching me the very next day.

I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is: if for whatever reason you turn up dead and it turns out you're a townie, then I'm more than likely to be a mafia. Everyone can lynch me, and you get one mafia person out of one townie person, which is likely to be in everyone's favour: sure he could be something like the cop or the doctor, but those odds aren't likely, and you'd still get a mafia offed for it. However, if you do end up dead, I guarantee with the threat of my own immediate lynching that you'll definitely show up as mafia.

Vote: Solomir

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Then again Geno, what you just said could be a distraction too: you could be part of the mafia like Senaria, and you'd be trying to keep her from getting lynched.

Anti-Homophobia Day
I'm all for equality and acceptance amongst everyone, and so I'm thankful for awareness days like these.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Given her flimsy explanation, I'm also going to have to vote on Senaria: I just find her behaviour too suspicious to let slide.

Vote: Senaria

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Ban, I find it suspicious that you're pushing for another random vote given how we're waiting on at least Senaria to give her reasoning.

Finger of Suspicion: Banthesun

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Oh wait, his internet is dead right now.

In that case, I'll ask Senaria why she voted for Zetta and made him the first person with more than one vote.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Rocky, my question from the last round still stands.

Ditto what Clu said for me.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
I want Rocky's answer.