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Alternative D&D 3.5e Campaign Interest Check
Well here's the system reference document for 3.5e, which contains all the free information. There's other stuff, but you'd need source books which require buying/illegal downloading. As for an actual guide for beginners, trying to find one but so far not much luck. 's a little irrelevant until we get a DM anyway, but if I spot one I'll let you know.

Alternative D&D 3.5e Campaign Interest Check
Hey interest, yay.

Joe, you're welcome to give it a shot if you're willing to try and pick up all the things to know; you can usually get the hang of it as you're going along, anyway.

Espi, putting you as a back-up since you're already in the other one and this was made specifically to spite your kind. But then at the rate of signups that might not be a thing anyway.

Jimmy and TDS, welcome aboard. I have no idea what to do about your account being spam though Jimmy, save suggesting making another.

Though we're still in need of a DM.

Dropping my values to make friends!
Hey, I've got nothing against them being casual pals.

Alternative D&D 3.5e Campaign Interest Check
So this is more me going out on a hope and a prayer than anything, but with the other D&D 3.5e campaign getting into ropes, I'm putting this up to look for anyone who would've liked to have played but didn't make it in time for the original. Hopefully we'll get enough for another campaign, but then that's why we're having a check in the first place.

So, if you're interested in playing or DMing and have the activity/experience in DMing to go with, here would be the place to post. We'd probably be better off copying the other folks and using Myth Weavers to run it all too, if only for convenience sakes.

Interested Parties:
Slamexo (Player)
aristea (Player)
Jimmydalad (Player)
TDS (Player)
Namira (Player)
Espi (DM)
Ciel (Player)
Jace (Backup Player)

For the record, I would most like to play either a melee cleric or a barbarian, but I'd be happy to go with what the party's lacking if we get a lot of smackers.

D&D 3.5 edition campaign Interest Check
Aw man I can never get a good spot in these interest lists.

Um, poking my head in as an interested party just in case half of the players come down with hives or something.

Stars and Bucks
On instinct, Dave turned back. He shouldn’t have, because it meant that now he was face to face with Lana again, the two were standing there as his world kept crumbling around him. There was that brief moment of silence, filled with suffocating heartbreak, but he shattered it quickly.

“No, really, Lana, you go and have fun.” He was crying at that point, unable to hold himself back anymore, but he still tried to sound sincere. Mike Whaley was a horrible, horrible person, but it wasn’t Lana’s fault that she was dating an asshole when he had wanted to date her. She was better than that.

“I’ll be fine, you know? Maybe I’ll ask Sophie, or someone else. Doesn’t matter, it’s just a prom, you know?”

As he said that, he turned tail again and fled, sincerely believing every word he told his ex. Little did realise how memorable a night his prom would turn out to be.

((David Russell continued at The Prom))

Dropping my values to make friends!
Okay bumping this because I suddenly have a reappearing character in the works (hopefully) and most of her friends from the old posts have vanished from the site.

So, Alex needs both friends and people she really really hates. As before, anyone who acts vapid or thoughtlessly is likely to earn her fury, as is anyone who's in your face stuck up. Stupid people are an especially sore spot for her, but by all means anyone who's interested is welcome to return the hatred and/or gang up on her. It's all part of the human experience of being an asshole.

Slightly more importantly, I need Alex to have buddies. Stoners get bonus points because that's supposed to be the group she hangs out with. Just don't expect her to actually respect you all that much if you're a stoner, but she can fake liking you as much as she claims to most of the time so you might not have picked up on it.

Again, Alex is still in the process of getting approval so be prepared for any changes that may occur to that profile. I'm just trying to get a headstart here because pregame's only so much longer.

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
Is it too late to vote against purple because I absolutely despise that purple.

The Mafia Waiting List
Someome be a dear and change the theme of Party Mafia to Phoenix Wright mafia, won't you? Same players.

Posted Image

You know Tobe pointed that logic out a few posts back right? I'm just saying, from a bandwagon PoV is all. Call me crazy, or sick, the latter of which I am still, but I just felt I should mention it.

You're not excused.

I'd also like to point out that I hardly gunned for Espional with a fury. I pointed out why I considered them scummy on my bandwagon, because they joined for the sake of a lynch which is hardly bad reasoning, I reiterated that point because DocBalance wouldn't shut up about it, and then I talked about him for a single post yesterday, when I made my vote.

I mean, maybe it's all the nausea or the fear that I will die that causes further nausea, but that just seemed to be overstating things a tad.

Will comment on Laurels later in the day.

The mafia don't have a framer. If they did they wouldn't have blocked Ricky, because his result would've turned up straight on Penguin and then I would've been in the same position I am now, whilst they could block someone else.

Can occasionally get bouts of logic past all this violence and sickness.

Also no-one will claim doctor because I'm it. Too bad I can't use my skills to fix my own nausea. Ironic, isn't it?

Beg pardon Penguin, but which roles did I out? It may be all the light headedness from this talk of lynching, but Ricky outed himself and I can't think who else you're on about.

*Flicks hair, followed by a sneaky grin*

Can YOU perfectly recount every thought you have? I believe this would fall under the category of an "implanted idea". Besides, it's hardly a contradiction that disproves my entire claim, now, is it Lawyers?

*Checks pocket-watch*

Can we move this case along? I do have a doctors appointment for all this nausea in just a few hours, after all.

But I did think of the more general 'confirmed townie' idea.

Truthishly I'm probably bigging myself up and it was mostly because of that more than me having good foresight. Maybe I would've thought of it without all the nausea from the dead people. Penguin was still a more appealing protect than Doc, regardless.

Oh snap you're right, I suppose I couldn't have considered her as a sanity check because I don't have any foresight, and even if I did it would be impeded by the horrible nauseous feelings from the whole dying thing.

Though my fact that she was basically a confirmed townie still holds ground.

1. You were roleblocked because doing so has led us directly into lynching me today which will inevitably wind up taking the majority of the attention this phase. (Though by all means, hypothesize about something besides me if you have insight).

2. You're never going to get anymore investigations again anyway, because even if I was lying (which I'm not) the mafia aren't going to let go of you. Killing their role blocker is entirely down to luck unless we have a watcher who observed you last night. At this point, your sanity (or lack there of) is moot.

3. I was already a dead man (not a pleasant thought, there I go getting all nauseous again) before I made the claim, due to point 1.

Sure, I can clarify. The target of my night one protection was, in fact, you! I figured the kill would either come down to you, Doc, or myself, and considering that I couldn't protect myself nor was I all that comfortable with whether or not Doc was scum, I went for the one who I figured was confirmed townie and who the mafia would probably like to pick on for the sake of getting rid of that sanity check. Whether or not I succeeded in preventing more nauseating bloodshed we'll never know until the fallout, but at least I know I wasn't blocked then.