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SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Oh doodleberries.

Dinner Date



...This was really awkward.

Yeah, Brian had annoyed him when he'd made going pro sound so simple, but he didn't mean to make him shut up like this. That's why he'd offered him some chips: no hard feelings, I took it too far, forget about it. Brian apparently did not get that that was the message, and the two were left in an uncomfortable silence that could only occur when words were substituted by french fries.

Ryan was sulking about how they wouldn't be in this mess if Brian hadn't brought it up, when a sweat covered girl from a generous god finally came to their rescue.

"Hey Rose." Ryan said, breaking out into a small smile, more of relief than anything. Rose was an interesting case on the track team, someone Ryan had already taken an interest in even if he'd only spoken to her on occasion. She was another person on the team intending to go pro, though in a different branch of track, and her efforts paid off. She was a great sprinter, even better than him, and her passion and dedication for the sport made her very respectable.

"Yeah, that." he said from behind Brian, as he summed up their previous conversation. He couldn't remember if he'd ever mentioned those plans to Rose, but she knew about them now regardless, and unlike Brian she'd understand just how hard it was to go pro. Brian had been friendly, he hadn't forgotten him, but in this situation Rose had the common interest, so as it went she got Ryan's.

Recruitment Drive
“Agilman at hotmail dot com.” Dave muttered aloud, beaming up at Alice, his very first recruit of the day, as he took the improvised sign-up sheet back from her. One new member for the club already and there was plenty of time left in the lunch for more. Great start! “I don’t think I need anything else just yet Al, but I’ll email you as soon as I can. And everyone else too.” He said, nodding towards her. She was definitely the sort of chick the club needed: enthusiastic, full of questions, and ready to get to work, the ideal volunteer. Plus she was a chick, which was always a plus.

Carlos appeared on that note, filled to the brim with gusto and enthusiasm. Not the sort that was in Dave’s favour, mind, but it was still in there and ready to be unleashed. Dave was more than happy to provide a means of doing so, whether he realised it or not.

He looked towards the new arrival to his little ol' recruitment table, placing a name to the face. Dave had heard his share of the news around school, the way gossip spreads like wildfire, and the news on this fellow, Carlos, was that he had a certain way with words, supposedly one that was very unpleasant to the listener. Those were just rumours though; Dave would have much rather get to know someone than let a bunch of others make his opinion for him.

“Right here, actually.” Dave said, giving Carlos yet another one of his inexhaustible smiles as he pushed the sign-up sheet towards him from Alice. “Carlos, right?” It was him, right? “Carlos, Carl? Craig?” He was 90% certain that it was Carlos, the guy had a distinct look to him, but it still didn’t hurt to ask, especially with the word of mouth associated with the guy; Dave may not have been a victim of gossip, but he didn’t need to go thinking that some random kid might have been this school-wide asshole before he even got to know him. He may have been one to spare the benefit of the doubt, but he wasn’t immune to the concern that he might be walking into trouble. If it meant more volunteers though, it was a risk he was willing to take.

Let's Kill Private Threads!
Been a long time supporter of this motion and I'm joining your quest to massacre them, Tobe!

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Overlooking your logic on a matter which was not a past mafia game and how you're pushing a lynch off me on such logic, where I have explained what is wrong with said logic.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
I wouldn't want anyone to go for me just because I already have a vote on me, so

Vote: Rocky

Because I still find his logic a little too narrow, and his reasoning of how he thought I was Godfather because his gut told him so.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
the fact that everyone barring a single person can be deemed innocent means that unless the cop knows who the role blocker is, we're likely to end up mislynching, and since the mafia knows that they're safe for another round since the cop will end up getting a policy lynch the next round, they're free to target someone else, effectively getting rid of three people in the span of two days. So saying "I'm doing this to point out innocent people" isn't very good logic for asking for the cop to come out and state names.

A. If we lynched someone the cop didn't name, our chances of mislynching are less than if we lynch someone at this point. Even with a Godfather thrown in the mix we've still reduced the number of innocent targets, since only one of those investigations could be a fake. It's not like we'd pick a target randomly, either. In essence it helps to focus our efforts.

B. The mafia are going to kill someone in the night phase anyway unless we've got a good doctor on hand.

C. You're also assuming that we'd automatically lynch the cop based on the mislynch, despite the fact that it's been pointed out that we wouldn't have a guarenteed target in the first place.

D. Unless we don't lynch, we're going to lose three people over the next two days anyway. Again, the cop would just reduce the number of potential mislynches.

plus there is still the fact that the godfather can come up innocent and use the fact the cop pointed them out as a reason for not being lynched, which gives him more to hide behind then any amount of unknown innocents can provide (especially if they decide to bus the role blocker, which would help with their innocence claim even more)

Again, that assumes that we don't know there could be a Godfather in the mix, which we do. It doesn't ruin the validity of the other investigations, it just adds a screw to the tuna that we have to keep in mind.

EBWOP: if my assumptions are correct and there's only two people remaining, one of which will turn up innocent to the cop, then clearing people as innocent really doesn't help us as much as you'd think, because of the fact that half the remaining mafia would come up innocent, so if the cop has investigated them then we won't lynch them based on that. I grant you the fact that knowing who is innocent can be a good thing, but at the same time I'm just worried about the godfather using that to his advantage.

Half the remaining mafia being all of one person. It will take a very long time for a single mafia member to get to a win state, so we hardly lose if we buy yourselves more time.

The other half again, the whole 'we know there could be a Godfather in the mix' point.

For that matter, if there's only one investigatable roleblocker left then the odds that the cop could ID them before they got shot or the like seems uneven, assuming that the cop is more likely to be picked by the mafia than they are to investigate the mafiaso in question (This assumption being based on who the cop could possibly be and who the mafia have been killing so far. It's equally plauisble it could work the other way around if the cop is low on the hit list priority.)

I just find that most of your logic is based on assuming that the town would react in only one way and lacking knowledge which you've just pointed out to us.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Very well, now explain to me why your logic still stands when I've pointed out the hole in it.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
I get the feeling you're trying to rush a lynch now.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Your logic seems to be overlooking the fact that I'm trying to get lots of people cleared as innocent, not a few people deemed guilty. If there was only two mafia members left, they've got no benefit to trying to reduce the potential number of people to hide behind. If I was the godfather, what benefit would I have to try and out the cop? He could hurt my roleblocker ally, yes, but I myself wouldn't have to worry about him, and with a vig, serial killer and jack of all trades dead, it's unlikely there's anyone else with a night ability that could cause serious risk to me.

Also, saying we don't have a huge amount of time left: we've still got 48 hours.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread

With this much activity, the mafia literally have to do nothing in order to ensure their victory. So, we need something, like anything. What I'm about to propose may seem scummy beyond all borders, but hear me out.

We've had eight nights so far, and to our knowledge for multiple of those nights the mafia roleblocker has been focusing on Namira. Weasel never stated who he was blocking, but he died only on night four. What this means is that some of our roles have had a lot of time to act.

The role I'm looking at here, unless it's been renamed in this game for some confusing reason (maybe the lawyer, who knows), is the cop.

By day nine the cop must have loads of investigations under their belt, and with all but twelve people gone I suspect they can help us by crossing out at least a quarter of the players from the suspicion list, if not more. Whilst earlier on when there's plenty of people about who still need investigating, at this point where every lynch matters I'm going to propose that they reveal themselves and narrow down the list of suspects to a potential handful.

As penguin pointed out, there's not necessarily a huge amount of time left without some accuracy, which is why I'm putting this bold tactic forth.

Yep, I just told the cop if they're still alive to roleclaim. But only if they actually have a decent number of investigations to reveal, like three or more.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
We are 3/8 votes in and have approximately 24 hours left in this phase.

Also I am still going to vote for Laurels cause it has not dissauded me and I don't see how if it's a good text analyzer it hasn't turned that skill towards people's posts yet instead of looking at the fluff. That and what Penguin said.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Let's try to keep things simple and go with what we know; if there're more killing roles around we can go for them when we have more evidence, like two kills per night instead of one, or something like such.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Laurels has mostly just been analyzing the fluff in this game, save for that one post that looked at me and Aura and Toben and Whirly and Namira, and then when people called them out on saying a whole lot of nothing they kinda went 'stfu I want actual reason hey look Deamon's suspicious' so I dunno, they haven't really done anything significant yet and they went and ended our Dom discussion phase early, so that's suspicious.

Well, we're a little short on other suspects at the moment so if no-one can present someone else that's beautifully suspicious then:

Vote: Laurels

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
I suppose it's possible that Namira might have tried to get someone she figured might have been roleblocking her lynched, if she's been surpressed as long as the fluff implies. Unfortunately the only people she really made huge moves on were myself, Laurels and Aura, and Aura's dead now, unless I'm missing someone and she looked at someone else too. Still, something to consider.

Dropping my values to make friends!
Why have I not been advertising Dave until now? Dave needs amigos too!

David "Dave" Russell

Dave needs friends, lots and lots of friends. He also could do with some buddies who were members of Aurora's former Student Volunteer Club (Which he is currently trying to rebuild), but other than that he just needs loads of pals and maybe some people he's rubbed the wrong way with his overenthusiasm.

Relationships/Planning (I'm fashionably late to the party...)
Damn Tobe why you so popular?

Dave Russell would be a potential casual friend of Adam: they're not much for mutual interests, but their personalities have some tie ins.

Gabriella Parker and Susan might make a good casual friend also: her love of alt rock would go well with Gabby's own tastes in music, even if alt rock isn't her favourite, and the two sound like they could keep up with each other.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Hypothetical question here! Let's say you were placed on an island and forced to kill several of your own classmates for your freedom. What would you do?

Ryan: ...God, I really don't know. Not kill anyone, I guess.

Dave: Oh oh oh! You're talking about that Survival of the Fittest thing! Christ, that was awful. I mean I'm just glad it stopped when it did, I went on for like four years didn't it? How do people keep something like that going for that long?

Oh sorry, did you ask something?

Gabriella: Urgh, that's a terrible thing to ask; try to be more sensitive why don't you? If you're going to make me answer, then I'd get off that island, go home and call the army. There, happy?

Would you rather study long and hard to be prepared for a test in advance and risk passing or failing, or would you rather cram and use a cheat sheet on the day, pass with flying colours and not learn anything?

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
For me I like to use pregame to set up plots and establish the relationships between all my characters. I didn't do it as much in V4, but these days I absoloutely loathe sending my character into a thread without a purpose in mind. Without an idea of what's going to happen, yes, because I love sporadicity, but I always have a rough plan of what they're there to do, even if it's is vague enough in itself: Ryan went to the diner to meet Bryan; Dave set up his booth to start his volunteer club oddysee, and Gabby will one day drink coffee to display how cutting she can be.

So yeah, I play pregame with objectives in mind.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Hey I'm here. Sadly my brain is only functioning at 90% capacity today, so I'm that much short of a stunning revelation.

Given our current situation, I'm throwing in with the current looking at Laure for bringing the day to a sudden end, cutting discussion time, and Mimi's complete silence for the long while.

On the other hand, I'm questioning why Laure might want to cut the discussion short. It's not like it was going towards them or anyone really besides Dom, so if it doesn't have much value as a cover ploy, but it still cuts down on talking time. Regardless, Laure's activities throughout these days aren't earning them any point.

For now, with said brain only functioning so well, I'll tag along throw this out.

Vote: Mimi