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Banner contest!
I for one give my approval to the colour scheme. Crimson red jumps to me as SOTF.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Sign ups
I pledge to be a member of the Mafia!

The Questions Game
Question: What would you do if you met a gender-flipped version of yourself?

Lucy Ashmore: I'd..I'd try to be sociable, but I get kinda awkward around guys... or anybody...

Janet Claymont: Marry him. But then I've always kinda thought Chadd is like what I'd be if I were a guy.

Alice Boucher: I'd compliment him on being a prize of a man, and then go out with him for coffee before I butchered him in the kitchen. Not literally, morons.

Amber Whimsy: Kill him. If he's got my newspaper skills, he threatens my spot as the head of the newspaper!

If you could erase one of your memories forever, which memory would it be? You can erase more than one memory of the same type (All birthdays, all first days of school, etc.), but it's all or nothing (No forgetting two specific birthdays).

The One With The New Kid
"Uh... hi. Name's Carol Burke" Carol Burke responded, pleasing Amber by answering her queries. "Yeah... I'm from Carson City!"

Amber was relieved: this girl was open. Normally, people could be so selfish when it came to things like their thoughts and opinions, and she’d have to go all these extra miles to get more detail out of them, calming them down and making them relaxed, having to get them past this silly ‘privacy’ hurdle; what business is it yours anymore than the world’s who you had a crush on?!

But that was not the case with Carol Burke, who so far seemed quite willing to talk. As long as nothing interfered, her first day might not be so bad after all!

“Carol eh? I’ve always liked that name.” Amber followed this calculated compliment with a friendly smile; it was an instinctual habit from interviewing people. “Carol, let me tell you something: I’ve decided to make you my intrepid first article for the new year! Isn’t that fantastic?”

Duh, stupid question: of course it was awesome; who wouldn’t want to be in the papers?

“I’ll get what you think about the school and the city and stuff, and then I’ll write it up into an article. All you have to do is tell me what you think so far, and you get your name in the papers!”

It was a win-win situation: she gets to have her name on the first article of the year, and she gets to hand off something to keep the teachers happy! Teachers loved stuff that put the school in a good light, and if she did that then maybe that bitch Mrs. Barch wouldn’t hold on to that grudge about last year’s article about which girls packed the most goodies!

Realising that she was trailing off and looking up absent-mindedly, Amber refocused her eyes on Carol Burke. "Totally spaced out, sorry! Walk me home, okay?

A warm laugh followed Amber’s response: she was in a good mood, and she was probably showing it: the end of the day, a new story, and the chance to really nail herself into her editor’n’chief coffin! What about that wouldn’t put her in a good mood?

Battle Royale - Reloaded
And just like that it's all back up.

Small Update
Grats to Toben, Internation Vole of Action!

The Questions Game
Question: What thing about yourself makes you the most self-conscious?

Lucy Ashmore: There isn't that much I'm not self-concious about. Looking like a nerd; being plain; acting dumb; making a fool of myself; it's all there. At least I'm sort of smart.

Janet Claymont: Me? Self-concious?

Alice Boucher: Back in France, I'd have to say the thing I'm most self-concious about is when people look at me and think I'm a bitch. Sure, I may make fun of people, but it's only when they bring it on themselves by doing something retarded. Apart from that, if you leave me alone I'll leave you alone. Over here though, what do I care? I don't intend to see any of you again.

Amber Whimsy: My nose, okay? Let's move on.

If you had a choice of putting down your sick pet or letting nature take its course, would you do so or keep it for as long as it took to pass away naturally?

Does Music Help You Learn?
Hrmm, there's an interesting thought: if it is the music arousing you that gets your learning on the move, would different sorts of arousal have similar, or perhaps greater effect? Could it be argued that learning video games are the path of educational future?

Damn, if it weren't for my limited resources and narrow attention span I'd investigate this further. Curse you required things!

Also another thanks to everyone who's answered the survey so far.

The Questions Game
Question: What would be your last thoughts running through your head as you died?

Lucy Ashmore: I don't know... I guess I'd want to have happy thoughts when it happened.

Janet Claymont: If it was due: "Well, I had a good run." If it wasn't my time yet: "OH SHIT!"

Alice Boucher: How should I know? I don't really think about what I'll do when I die.

Amber Whimsy: "Crap!" or maybe "Damn it!", or perhaps "This is so unfair!". I am NOT intending to die anytime soon.

Stakes are high if you win personally, and its the tie-breaking shot in a game of basketball: Do you pass the ball along to a more skilled and open teammate, or do you gamble with your chances and take the shot yourself?

The Questions Game
Q: What do you think about this whole 'Survival of the Fittest' thing that's been on TV the past 3 years?

Lucy Ashmore ~ I don't watch that much TV, but it sounds horrible. I wish I could believe it was just some horrible hoax...

Janet Claymont ~ I'd hate to get on that show, seeing all the death and murder. It, it's just, well words can't really describe it.

Alice Boucher ~ Terrorism is bad, but it's not like it's going on in my country. Sucks for the participants though, I guess.

Amber Whimsy ~ You know, it's one of the things I don't like to report on. Heck, I even tried once, and it was too ugly to involve myself in!

If you had a choice, what sort of after-life would you choose?

The One With The New Kid

Amber could’ve thrown up her arms in joy as the bell rang around the classroom, signalling an end to the dredge of a day. Likewise, their teacher seemed just as bored as she was, tiredly waved towards the door and clearly intending for the students to use it as soon as possible. “Have a good evening.”

If you’d asked her five minutes ago, Amber would’ve probably been the first student to follow up on his wishes, despite being almost right at the back of the room; the sooner she was on her way home, the sooner she could get round to her games and relax for the evening. However, now she had another priority which stopped her from dashing out the class: the investigation of the new girl!

Spinning around and hanging her legs around the back her chair, Amber looked at Carol face to face, eyeing her over quickly again. Intending to keep her relaxed, she smiled as warm a smile as she could muster through her excitement, which unfortunately might’ve come off to some as a malicious grin. “Hi there! Are you new?”

Only for the girl’s own comfort of course: it was obvious that she was new! Amber was completely certain of her ability to list pretty much every student off by name, and the only reason that she could think of that she wouldn’t recognise anyone in the senior year was is that they were brand new to Bayview Secondary School. However, simply saying ‘Hi there new kid!’ was something that could come off as intimidating, which would stop her getting her scoop.

“I’m Amber Whimsy, intrepid head of the school newspaper!” A lie, but a necessary one: people weren’t nearly as willing to open up to the little people when it came to interviews, but if the head of the newspaper was talking to them? Who wouldn’t want to have a guaranteed spot in the news?

Besides, it was only a matter of time until she was named editor ‘n’ chief. This year would be her year to shine, and shine she would! The truth had no hope of hiding from Amber Whimsy, and neither did the student sat right in front of her!

Janet smiled as Chadd let out a good hearty laugh: even though she had to go, she felt less guilty about it after seeing him so happy. On top of that, now that she'd be leaving him her number, she had even more reason to be happy since she'd be leaving with the number of a really cool guy.

He really was cool. Even lying in a hospital bed, Janet looked down at him warmly, feeling glad to have walked into the wrong room that day. Even if it had been a chance meeting, she was feeling a connection with him, and that wasn't something to be ignored under any circumstances.

"Oh, well my apologies." He said, clearly enjoying himself, "I didn't realize that we Bayview kids followed anything close to etiquette." Janet found herself being the one who was laughing this time, his idle comment tickling her funny bone. It didn't really mean anything to her, but it was still funny in the way that meaningless jokes were. She was so busy laughing, she didn't really notice a look of concentration spread across Chadd's face, as she flipped through her phone's menu to her personal information.

Glancing down at her mobile's number, Janet smiled up at him as she recited out the string of numbers. Janet felt that it was a sign of trust, giving out the way to ring up someone with no purpose in mind, and she was already handing it out after a few minutes of having met the guy. For whatever reason, she trusted Chadd.

No, not for whatever reason, she knew exactly why. He was funny, and he was friendly. Janet liked him, and he made her laugh. She didn't have any problems trusting him.

Returning to the task at hand before she could go find her brother and relinquish him of his isolation, Janet returned to her contacts menu and added a new one: Chadd (Hospital Guy).

“Right Chadd, whenever you're ready.” she smiled down at him.

The One With The New Kid
Boring! The last few minutes of the day were always sooooooo dull, Amber could've fallen asleep and wouldn't have missed a thing! Idly flicking the pencil on her desk back and forth, the young reporter looked at the clock in the classroom as the hands moved slower and slower: she could've sworn the seconds hand was flipping her off.

'It's a sad fact' Amber thought to herself, drifting her head to look out the window, 'that nothing ever happens on the first day of anything.' She was just about ready to doze off for the next ten minutes, when a clatter came from behind her: whoever was sat in the chair behind Amber had just spilled their bag's contents all over the floor. A totally uninteresting story, but at least it was something to break Amber out of her stupor.

Predictably the commotion resolved itself in the most boring way possible, with everything being picked up and returned without a fuss without a fuss, so Amber returned to her idle daydreaming about playing World of Warcraft that evening: maybe she would go raid Black Temple with her guild tonight.

As she continued to wonder about what she'd do at home, an overshot of her finger led to Amber accidentally flicking her pencil the wrong way, knocking it onto the ground with a light click. Annoying, but a boringly simple mistake to fix. Amber leant down to pick up her pencil, but as she stooped down to pick it up she noticed a light blue pencil sharpener a few inches away from her shoe. It couldn't have been hers, since she didn't even own a pencil sharpener, and she hadn't noticed anyone else drop anything near her except for that girl who's bag had spilt open. Shrugging, Amber assumed it must've belonged to her, and decided to return it.

Wordlessly turning around and plunking the sharpener back on its owner's desk, Amber returned to her absent daydreaming about her level seventy night elf hunter. All would've gone on as normal, if it wasn't for a realisation that struck across her mind: she didn't recognise the girl behind her.

Turning around again in as unsubtle a manner as possible, Amber took a good look at Carol Burke. At first she had mistaken her for a guy, but now that she was looking closer, it was definitely a masculine looking girl. Turning back round in a whip of excitement, Amber thought of all the things she could ask this new chick: who she was; where she came from; what she did; what she thought of Bayview; who she had a crush on; the questions were endless! The perfect source of her first article for the new year!

Looking up at the clock again, Amber no longer felt flipped off by the seconds hand: now she felt that it giving her a thumbs up, moving as fast as it could to give her the opportunity for a scoop!

Five minutes left!

Introduction Thread
More British in the mix, just fan-frickin'-tastic.

Hello to you Chibby chib chib, and welcome to our land of whacky hijinks and massacres. Enjoy your stay, and please remember to wipe your feet.

Let the Dance Begin!
Grinning as Chadd made his way through the crowds without realising she had slipped out of his grip not seconds after he held on, Janet couldn't help but stifle a laugh as he called out to her from the middle of the dance floor: he could get so ahead of himself so easily.

Tossing her corsage down onto the nearby chair, Janet moved as quickly as she could through the crowd in high heels towards her boyfriend. Arriving at his handsome self, she looked around to realise she had made her way to the centre of the dance floor.

"Typical Chadd" she thought to herself. "Always wants to be the center of attention!"
It was harsher in her head than she meant, but that was hardly a concern for the evening. Tonight was a night for dancing, sneaking booze, and magic.

Actually, hold the booze. She hadn't drunk since that night at the party, and she wasn't really ready to touch anything alcoholic for a little while yet.

Then it daunted on her: what if HE showed up? What if Rizzo showed up at the Prom, and did something right in front of Chadd that could ruin the night forever?!

Trying to be as subtle as possible (And failing miserably), Janet peered around the room for any sign of the small senior she had slept with, but beyond the crowd of people surrounding them she couldn't spot anyone looking even remotely like him. Maybe he just couldn't find a date, and had decided to stay home that evening.

"Relax Janet: enjoy Chadd's company." she told herself, smiling up at the love of her life. Staring into his dreamy eyes, she felt her nerves calm themselves, and thought to the wonderful evening that laid ahead of her.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
Not to do with the game itself, but still on topic: a little something I whipped up last year when my internet broke down.

Mitadake High: The Movie

The Entourage
Amber shall remain a groupy provided she is still found annoying.

What if our characters where D&D characters?
Alice Boucher ~ Lawful Good Human Fighter

Janet Claymont ~ True Neutral Human Barbarian

Lucy Ashmore ~ Neutral Good Halfling Fighter

Amber Whimsy ~ Chaotic Evil Half-Orc Barbarian

Well, either I'm no good at getting into the mindset of my girls, or I have a warped view on morality.

Stranded in this Shopping Hell
Amber waved Aaron goodbye as he excused himself, much to her disappointment. He may have only been a pedestrian in her mission, but he was still someone she was talking to, and that was much better than being all alone in the mall.

She was about to continue her interview of Rizzo despite his denial of her generous offer, ignoring his once in a life time chance to ruin some skank's profile, when she looked behind Rizzo and caught sight of her friend Jessica.

'Oh good! I guess she was able to get here after all!' she smiled, oblivious to the fact that she was trying her best to blow her off. Forgetting about her quest for ratings with a story like Rizzo's, she stood up on her chair and waved over at her friend, grinning eagerly. “Hey Jessica! JESSICA!”

Not being put off by seeing her duck away at the sight of Amber, Amber gathered up her stuff to follow suit. “Sorry Rizzo, I guess she decided to come out after all! I'll see you later!” she waved off, before beginning her chase.

Whilst she wouldn't think about for now, Amber would later remember her blog alone at home. Whilst distractions would become too great on her computer, and the story would never be put up online, it proved to be another secret going in to Amber's Secrets Journal.

((Amber Whimsy pregame end.))

Me and Rose (Oyeah she promoted me sorry for not mentioning) have decided to enforce a penalty on everyone who resists our rules. Namely, the amputation of your fingers, which means you can't write here no more and resist.