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Picture Perfect
“Sure, thanks.” he said, heading over to Nadia’s computer and taking a quick look at what she was working on. Nothing that wowed him especially, but it had a lot more character than his shots. Again, the colour was probably bringing out a lot more that the people couldn’t by themselves.

“Mm, yeah, looks good.” He muttered in a tone that perhaps sounded just a little bit like a platitude. It did look fine, fine enough for yearbook, but it wasn’t jumping off the screen at him. Wasn’t a comment on Nadia’s work, just on this shot in particular.

“So these are what I’ve got.” He laid his set of prints out on the table, pushing the keyboard back and out the way. He looked over them again, hoping that with a little more time they might’ve improved, but ending up being left disappointed.

“I dunno, I wanted to see how it turned out in black and white but it just looks really flat and dull to me. I mean, they’re supposed to be having fun but I can’t really feel like there’s a lot of motion going on with these shots, you know?”

“Like, look at this one.” he pointed at a somewhat mismatched couple, the girl at least a foot shorter than the guy, holding hands with an awkward expression plastered on the latter’s face. However, from Sandy’s perspective, what should’ve been a playful tease was just a frozen facet of empty stillness. “Do they look like they’re awkward but happy? I saw that when I took the picture but there’s none of that in here.”

“Or this one.” This time he was pointing at a pair of wallflowers, one of them trying to coax the other to hit the dance floor. Again, the promise of some social excitement that followed a period of shy hesitation hadn’t been captured at all. “Do they look like they’re about to come out of their shells to you? I do not see two people coming out of their shells here.”

He looked back at Nadia, giving her a face that urged her to agree with him. He needed validation that what they were looking at was total crap; at least that way he'd know for sure what he'd done here was total crap.

Return of the Revenge of the Realism Litmus Test
Nate Turner: 5 (3 from dwarfism, 2 from being inspired by another RP character)
Vanessa Stone: 6 (Some appearance and drug stuff)
Sandy Bricks: 47 (40 of those are from suddenly dead parents)

Picture Perfect
((Sandy Bricks pregame start))

Sandy held the final print up in the red light of the school’s dark room, squinting in the dimness to see how it had turned out. It was okay, he guessed.

He clipped it to the drying line, where an array of photos from the Sadie Hawkins were arranged, featuring smiling couples, rowdy stag goers, and plenty of high school memories. To him though, he couldn’t help but look and see them as somewhat hollow.

Maybe he was being overly perfectionist; maybe he didn’t really get into the spirit because he only went to the dance to take photos for the yearbook; or maybe the pictures were just bad. Standing there, staring at them with his knuckle pressed to his lip, was doing very little to make them look any better.

He let out a sigh. If nothing else, they would probably be alright for the yearbook, and he was mostly just experimenting with the black and white shots in the first place. He’d brought two cameras to the dance: one from home and one borrowed from the school. The digital shots on the latter would, with any luck, turn out better. Even then, the glow from all the decoration at the space themed dance was somewhat lost on the monochrome prints, and it added an air of seriousness to something that was supposed to be casual and fun.

Yeah, now that he could see what he’d created, it was feeling like a flop. If they were for himself rather than the school, he’d throw these out and call it quits.

He turned away from the prints, chewing on his knuckle again as he thought what to do. He still had the second set of photos to go through, but at this point a creeping doubt was souring his opinion of them. The poor decision was digging into him, but he couldn’t tell if he was just overreacting to an honest mistake.

After struggling to make up his mind for long enough, he took down the string of photos and left the darkroom for the photo lab. He needed a second opinion at this point, and fortunately he wasn't the only one working on Sadie Hawkins shots that morning.

“Hey, can I get your opinion on these?”

Hello frands.

Nate and Noah should definitely know each other from drama club. Depending on whether or not Nate's familiar with Noah's drag act (I haven't read in the profile in a while, you'll have to forgive me) he may find it a bit odd and perhaps a tad confusing, but the guy's not that judgemental. I also agree that Nadia and Sandy could get along relatively well, if being introduced through the photography then leads to a general amicability.

I must admit Maxim and Sandy doesn't immediately jump off the page at me as a dynamic duo; if anything their lack of shared interests and mutually reserved nature makes me think they wouldn't have much reason to strike up a huge conversation. That said, there's no reason that it has to be completely off the table, and perhaps if the two interacted we might see something more apparent. Hard to say at this stage.

Jane Madison
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested by the staff.

I'd quite like to get some thoughts on Nate Turner, who's first thread starts here, if you'd be so kind.

Smoke On Her Face
Coleen was done, and so were any chances of getting rid of her.

Vanessa could’ve egged her to keep going, demanded that she finished what she start and not skip an opportunity to fuck up in front of everyone, but that was stupid and she knew it. The room was still reeling from that performance that had blown all of Vanessa’s expectations to shit, and trying to force the vibe to change by getting the music going again would solve fuck all.

Her nails were still digging into her arms, tensing tighter and tighter.

Coleen hadn’t even messed up on the words. She’d only needed to see the song once to know the whole thing, whilst it took her like four tries to even get through the first verse sometimes. Hell, even she couldn’t remember how Smoke on the Water was actually meant to go without reading the lyrics again first, but from sound alone Coleen seemed to have nailed it.

No, no way. She must’ve skipped a line or dropped some words or made some of that shit up. That was the only thing that made more sense.

But she knew that she wasn’t true, and her nails tensed tighter and tighter.

Everyone else in the room looked pretty damn impressed, too. Of course Cams was all smiles, Cams must’ve had the fucking hots for this girl or something with how much she loved Coleen more than Vanessa suddenly. BB was just doing that thing she always did, hanging back and acting all diplomatic, but all she was really doing was staying out of it. Didn’t matter, she knew that she liked Coleen too: BB always did have a thing for freaks. And she didn’t even need to look at Brady to guess that he was all smiles by then, too.

Everyone liked her more than her, and she was going to get shafted right there and then.

She was trembling, and her nails tensed tighter and tighter.

Blood was drawn.

Mad Dewey Dash
Nate listened to the conversation at hand until he was interrupted by the buzzing of a phone in his pocket, its beeping to announce that he’d gotten a text loud enough for all the library to hear. He never was one to remember to mute it in these sorts of places.

As he pulled it out and checked the screen, (it was an older model, of course; nothing flashy or cool) his heart skipped a beat. Typical that he’d forget what he was supposed to be doing right then and there instead of being in the library. Why wasn’t he better at keeping track of things?

“Ah, geez.” He whimpered, standing up in his chair. “I’m sorry guys, I’ve got to go.”

He slung his backpack up over his shoulder, hurrying out of the library before he had time to realise that he was supposed to restack all the books he’d taken down.

((Nate Turner continued elsewhere))

Yugi I didn't forget to reply to you I swear.

Alvaro and Nate can certainly be buds! He probably doesn't have much time to be a café regular, but everything else sounds kosher. Vanessa and Alvaro have little reason to know each other, I agree.

Nate is happy to dislike Jeremy if he takes the piss out of his height, you bastard. Vanessa is cool with Jeremy's mutual interests if he's willing to let her take the spotlight.

Nate is happy to be friends with someone who doesn't like bullies like Ben. Vanessa and Ben could totally have bumped into each other over ball a few times.

And now that we have a new character, it's time to request new friends!

Sandy Bricks
Keep in mind that, as Sandy is in the critique phase, elements are still subject to change.

So Sandy's a fairly to-himself kind of guy who's big on art, but he still wants to connect with other people and has sporadic attendance of the art, newspaper and yearbook clubs. Would like to find some people for him to be buds who can deal with his low moods with, but any ideas for relationships are always appreciated. He's also into dudes, so if you're a dude who is also into dudes then perhaps there's some spark there when he's up for being around other people. Go forth and suggest stuff~

Smoke On Her Face
Vanessa folded her arms as Coleen finished her warm-ups. She knew that Cams was side-eyeing her in between giving her new pet project all the happy go-for-it smiles, and BB wasn’t doing much to hide her anxious feelings either. The air really had grown as tense as it had been in a long time.

Again, that was obviously Coleen’s fault.

She did take Vanessa by surprise when she pushed her hair back, putting her messed up face on full display. Seeing the burn clearly for the first time like that put Vanessa at a loss for words. It looked painful, that was the only way she could think of it. If it was any other time, any other context, then Vanessa would actually feel sorry for her, at how getting something like that must've felt and what seeing it in the mirror everyday must've been like.

At that moment though, there was just too much bile clouding her thoughts to accept that she could even consider feeling an iota of sympathy for Coleen.

As Coleen sang on, Vanessa listened. And listened. And listened…

Shit, this was not the dive-bomb she was hoping for.

Her nails dug into her arms as her muscles tensed, the harmonious notes of Coleen’s performance filling the room and swarming around her head. Of course, Vanessa knew she could sing that good. She was a great singer, always had been, and always would be. As far as she cared, her singing was always pitch perfect.

So why did Coleen have to sound this good?

Vanessa wasn’t going to be able to kick her out, tell her to piss off and then ask Cams just what the hell she was thinking. Her opinon about her own signing aside, she still had enough musical experience to recognise actual vocal talent when she heard it. This wasn’t just some theatre geek trying to cash in on the band’s cred: Coleen actually knew what she was doing.

Fucking Bullshit.