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Introduction Thread
*Bows sagely*

Welcome to the bloodbath.

Introduction Thread
I give up, keep yer own feckin' female count.

Introduction Thread
Let's see, we got:

You; Mimi; Ella; Chels; Rose; Kami; Geno; Sunny.

Yep, that makes eight!

Owait I forgot Megami.

Now we gots nine!


We gots ourselves ten! Ten whole ladies!


.x. won't forget anymore womenz I swear .x.



Introduction Thread
Hey look! Another girl!

That brings our total up to... *checks tally* eight! We finally have enough for a 'party'!

That aside, welcome from Slamexo, the possibly a woman but its not really that clear to anyone anymore except for DropBear and Clueless and a few others who pay enough attention.

Realism Litmus Test
Lucy Ashmore ~ 6

Janet Claymont ~ 3

Alice Boucher ~ 8

Amber Whimsy ~ -4

Well, aren't I a generous rater.

Let the Dance Begin!
((Janet Claymont continued from A Wonderful Time))

Janet’s head was still spinning from their ride in the limo; now she could see why dogs always stuck their heads out the side! The wind in her face; the lights rushing by her, it all made for a fantastic journey! It had been so much fun; she had almost missed seeing what it had done to her hair! Fortunately, their driver (who she had affectionately nicknamed Ernie) was kind enough to have pointed out the wispy strands all about behind her and thankfully the damage wasn’t too much for her hands to resolve within the limousine.

Holding her corsage before her, Janet smiled at Chadd as she walked by him towards the Prom door and as she got near she heard a definitely recognisable tune coming from within the doors:
’Great, it’s that stupid song.’ she thought; she never could see what the big deal was. Rolling her eyes with embarrassment as Chadd chuckled, she moved forwards alongside him to hand in her ticket, giving him a light flick on the arm for added fun.

Entering the building, Janet found herself impressed with the decorations, and nodded in approval in thought of whoever was responsible. Whilst she had intended to volunteer her own services with the Prom, she had never managed to find the time to get up and do something about it. Well, no skin off her bones since it was all set up without a hitch anyway.

Looking at the dance floor, Janet smiled at the amount of people already getting down to the music, or at least as much as one could to some internet phenomenon. She grinned as she turned to her boyfriend, expecting him to share her intentions, but instead found herself shocked to see him looking in the direction of the chairs! Lazy jerk! The Prom had only just started!

“What’re you doing Chadd? Not tired on your feet already are you?” She playfully teased, even going so far as to thwack him lightly on the chest with her corsage. Prom was not the time for sitting down and looking miserable! Prom was the time for dancing and laughing and having the time of your life!

Lonely Soup
Her desires were finally being fulfilled as everyone around Alice began to leave. Sure, they left snide comments as they came and went, but it wasn’t something Alice had to concern herself with. After all, what did she care what some idiotic Americans thought? To her, their words couldn’t have less value.

It would’ve been nice if she could’ve seen some of them being dumb founded by her French onslaught of insults, but sadly that wasn’t a wish she found herself fulfilled of. It was a shame really; she couldn’t have any fun here in the USA if she couldn’t make some pathetic low lives burst into tears.

Sadly, the big lummox was still standing there, so she wasn’t totally alone. Stupid Americans, didn’t they understand that she just wanted to have her lunch in peace, until they all had to show up? And they called her the rude one!

Looking up at Adrian with spite in her eyes, Alice sighed as she decided that she’d just have to eat her lunch elsewhere. She was hungry, and she couldn’t use up all her energy explaining to this guy why he was a dumb idiot. Therefore, she’d just have to find a more secluded spot to drink her soup in peace.

“I am going to go now, because I would like to eat. Goodbye.”

Turning up her nose at Adrian, Alice walked away from the spot she had defended so fervently. She had almost remained queen of her territory, but unfortunately her willpower was not enough to stand the moronic locals forever, and so she was moving away. Her wishes to meet new people may have been granted, but her wishes to meet someone she thought of as worth her time had yet to come true.

((Alice Boucher continued in Cook Until Done))

A Wonderful Time
((Ignore this: wrong thread))

Browsing thoughts
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say…”

She felt so alone, so isolated from Daniel. It was if a void was growing between the two, expanding by the minute as she desperately reached out her hand to keep someone she had come so close to being friends with from sinking away.

I thought I would be better this time…

She thought that she’d be able to make friends with someone; able to keep her cool; able to not look like a freaking loser. She thought she’d be able to do all these things, but all she could do was freak out and look like a total idiot.

“I’m sorry…”

Sorry that she couldn’t act normal and go to the Prom with him. People could go out with people only minutes after meeting them, so why couldn’t she after days of knowing Daniel? What was so wrong with her? Her friends from back before she moved were probably all taken for the Prom, ready to go and have fun. The other girls at Bayview were all getting ready to go, plenty of them having dates. She couldn’t think of anyone aside from her who couldn’t handle something as simple and easy as going with a guy to the Prom. It was hopeless. She was hopeless. There was nothing that could be done. Nothing would salvage Lucy Ashmore, the lost cause.

“I should probably leave…”

The situation was beyond repair: nothing would break the tension after her outcry and his guilt, and Lucy knew. The only thing that was left to do was to turn around, walk out the store, and go home alone, even if she the thought of losing a potential friend like Daniel made her tear up. There was no-one to blame though, no-one but herself.

Turning around, Lucy headed out the store and walked down the corridor of the mall, her head pulled low by the sombreness building inside her. Her heavy heart weighed down her meek frame as she slowly walked away: away from the shop she had not minutes before been staring at dreamily, pining for a figure that would fulfil a lovely dress; away from the shop she had been stood next to Daniel Blessing: one of the first people in a long time she had formed any form of connection with. She couldn’t turn back now, not after what she had done. There was nothing she could do, but walk away.

((Lucy Ashmore pregame end.))

"Janet, I'm not sure why you're so worried about leaving me... it's not like you can't come back if you enjoy my company THAT much." Chadd reassured her, looking at her legitimately/

That was a good question: why was she so worried? She had just chanced upon him, after all.

Duh: it was because you kept him company for a while. You picked him up with a little bit of fun, and now you're just going to abandon him all over to boredom again. Jerk.

She berated herself internally for her thoughtless actions, looking at Chadd with guilt as she tried to work out what she had to do. Fortunately for her, Chadd answered her problems for her:

"Seriously. You came here for your brother, you happened upon me on accident. Go get your poor brother.”

He was right: Joe definitely had to take priority. Whilst she hated to leave this guy all alone to the confines of the hospital, he at least had a nurse on call. Joe, on the other hand, was probably lonely and scared! He needed her there ASAP!

“Sorry, I guess I really do have to get him Chadd.” she apologised. It definitely wasn't the state she wanted to leave him in, but its not like she had a choice anyway.

She nodded a meek goodbye to Chadd, about to turn and head for the door, when she saw him reaching for his stand. Instinctively moving to save him the strain, she caught herself as he picked up his phone and flicked it open, looking at her inquisitively. "Hey, what's your number, before you go? Maybe we can hang out after I get out of here."

...eh? Asking for her number?

Hey, that was an idea! Then she wouldn't have to feel totally guilty about abandoning him!

Reaching for her own phone to look up her own number, which she could never remember, Janet perked her ears to Chadd's voice again: "Maybe we could catch a movie?"

A movie? Already?

“Oh Chadd, don't you know you're not supposed to ask until the third date?” she chuckled, lighting up the screen as her cheeks started to brighten simultaneously. A movie didn't actually sound too bad.

The Life and Times of Alice Boucher
It was Alice's first ever playtime at primary school, and she had decided to take advantage of the sandbox. Enclosed on all four sides, Alice could idly waste by the minutes building sandcastles to avoid the fact that she had yet to meet anyone new at the school; she had been introduced to everyone along with everyone else during register, but she hadn't opened her mouth once since then. Instead of looking for people though, she would do was play on her own for now, and hope that nothing bad happened.


As a dark shadow loomed over her, Alice looked up and was met with another little girl, who's long blonde hair contrasted her own locks, whos' previous brown hue had quickly darkened to black over the years. She stood over Alice, staring down at her with an innocent grin. “I'm Bella!”

A girl was introducing herself to Alice, who not moments ago was moping alone in a box of dirt. Surely this was a good thing for the young child?

“I'm Alice.” she greeted the arrival, with as friendly a smile as she could muster through her shyness. Whilst Alice didn't know this Bella, it was nice to finally be talking to someone.

“Let's play together!” the young child exclaimed, hoping down next to Alice. Whilst she was scared of this forward girl at first, she still wanted to play with the sand, and after a few moments of nervousness it didn't take long for the two of them begin working on the sandcastle to end all sandcastles, with a princess and a moat and a thousand sand guards!

The two had become detached from the rest of the playground as time went by, until another voice interrupted their fun:

“Can I play too?”

A new small child had appeared, this one a boy. Little Chane was also alone at school like Alice had been not moments ago, and like Alice he wanted to meet someone else. As a result, he was kneeling down to join the girls in their sandcastle efforts, hoping to have some fun alongside them.

At least until Bella intervened.


With her squealing laugh and a whip of her hand, she had thrown sand straight in the poor boy's face. With his eyes stinging, Chane ran off in tears, away from the two girls.

Bella continued to laugh at him as he ran away crying, before turning to Alice with a wide grin on her face.

“That was funny!” she nodded enthusiastically, before returning to their sandcastle project.

Alice looked at where Chane had run off to. Wasn't it bad to make people cry? At least, she was pretty sure that it was. Hadn't church always taught her to be nice to people?

But Bella was laughing, and people laughed when things were good. Alice guessed that must've meant there wasn't anything wrong with making someone cry if it made you laugh.

Looking back at Bella, Alice sat with her to the end of playtime. And even after she saw her being told off by the teacher and forced to apologise, Alice still sat next to Bella on the carpet. After all, she wanted a friend at school, and that friend had met her on that day in the sandbox.

Stranded in this Shopping Hell
"It's Vitoria. Rizzo Vitoria."


Amber Whimsy had completed the first objective of her mission: secure the guy's full name. With this material in her hands, she could easily write an article about him (with the added bonus of blacklisting the guy and his unappreciative-of-her-looks ways) and have the story for her blog! Truly, she could walk away now and be happy.

But walking away was never a journalists priority! Chase the scoop to the bitter end!

Obtaining the slutty cheerleader's name would probably be way harder, considering Rizzo seemed to be tight lipped about. How could she get him to reveal the name of this girl to Amber?

Excitement overtook Amber, and she started to open up in her search for gossip.

“You know Rizzo, I happen to write a pretty popular web blog, if you want I could spread all sorts of crap about this whore cheerleader! It's the ultimate way to get back at her for breaking your heart!”

Of course Amber didn't really care about revenge for Rizzo, just like she didn't have a popular web blog, but when you want people to start sharing intimate secrets with you you've gotta offer a little bit back to them. Just so long as they don't try to bite the hand that feeds them, everything would work out fantastic.

SOTF Related Comix

The Entourage
Amber Whimsy (Link in sig) would probably be the type to follow Reiko around out of journalistic interest in one of Bayview's celebrities, and so I could see her tagging along with Reiko when not out getting other scoops. However, if Amber was part of the circle, I'd appreciate if at least some of the others, not necessarily Reiko herself (although not excluding her either), found her incredibly nosy nature to be incredibly annoying.

Browsing thoughts
Lucy reluctantly nodded her head. Daniel was right, after all: he was doing it wrong. It wasn’t necessarily his fault, but the way he was doing it just made Lucy so uncomfortable, and for that reason Lucy felt like a huge freaky nerd.

"Geez, stupid. You're supposed to give girls time. Never hold their hand until they're ready."

It’s not your fault. You’re probably used to girls being much more mature than me, and not being some little weirdo. I’m just way too strange for you to know what to do. I doubt anyone could guess what I want, because I can barely pin it down myself. I want a date, I don’t want a date, I want to be normal, I’m too scared, I’m just too weird to know myself.

Lucy looked at the floor throughout her monologue, unable to muster the strength to say the words aloud. She didn’t want Daniel to think she was some stupid freak, even if she saw herself as one. She just wanted to be normal.

"I...I better go before I make things any worse...You deserve better than this from me."

Don’t go…

She didn’t want him to leave, it was the first time in ages she’d been able to spend a long time with someone else, and she didn’t want it to end. But of course it would end: she had screwed it up. As usual, she had done something stupid, and she had blown another opportunity, and all she was doing about it was staring at the floor. Lucy Ashmore, no matter what she did, could never have the perfect outing.

Perhaps she just wasn’t someone who got to have friends.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Oh wait, I don't drink.

Owell, happy St. Patty's!

Stranded in this Shopping Hell
It still wasn't much of a save on Rizzo's half: he hadn't apologised for the implication, nor did he try to at least imply that she had something going on. Oh sure she was no supermodel, but still!

Revenge wouldn't be a problem though: the pen is mightier than the sword!

“Whatever. It's not like you have to date or you're some kind of loser.” At least that's what she always told herself when her crushes went by without conclusion.

“Besides, being single has its own perks. You plenty of time for yourself, instead of having to deal with some clingy boyfriend all the time! That's just the worse.” There wasn't any reason to mention she had no way of knowing that, of course.

More importantly, she still needed a name, and she noticed another window of opportunity! Time for a well targeted info seeker!

“Let me tell you, Rizzo Mervin, you're probably better off single anyway! Who needs some trashy cheerleader who breaks your heart?”

Come on Rizzo, we're so close to a page topper for the blog!

The Questions Game
Question: So What are your plans after Graduation?

Lucy Ashmore: I guess I'd hang out in my garden, read a little, and wait till College.

Janet Claymont: Well, I'd love to go on a road trip with Chadd, then hang out around town a lot. I dunno, just the same stuff I do on the weekend probably. Oh, and I should probably plan ahead a little.

Alice Boucher: Go home.

Amber Whimsy: I'll write a report about graduation, then I'll go meet up with my girl pals and we'll all go out partying together! Maybe we'l even go drive off somewhere! Road trip!

Question: If you could reshape the environment of St. Pauls to your choosing, what would you do? Changing the landscaping, the climate, the wildlife, etc. are all free game.

The Dance Must go on!
Right, let’s see how they party over here.

Alice Boucher wasn’t at all concerned about arriving late: she’d only showed up because she wanted to get a good chuckle out of the evening, as well as have something to tell all her friends back home about so they could join in the laughter about how crappy an American Prom was. Some might say that really she was being stupid by spending all that money on a ticket just so she could laugh at some people, but it was just a matter of telling her parents that she was trying to be more social in order to trick them into blowing their cash on it, so no biggy for her. Plus, if she went some other sap wouldn’t get to, so even more points!

Idly handing off her ticket and signing in at the desk, she looked around. On that evening, she was wearing a long light blue gown with a sequined lacing, another present courtesy of her parents. Sure she loved the two of them, but they were so easily to manipulate half the time, meaning easy-to-get free clothing for her when she had already blown her 200€ allowance. Thank Christ for rich people and their disposable income.

Looking around the dance floor, Alice was already finding herself entertained. Teachers were making idiots of themselves on the dance floor, freaky loners were hanging out by the walls (Ironically, Alice was doing the same thing), and sappy couples were getting their pictures taken for something to gush over in twenty years when they realised all the passion was gone. This is why she didn’t bother with guys.

Alice grinned. There were plenty of things to laugh at here.

A Wonderful Time
Janet let Chadd kiss her on the lips, enjoying the first taste of the ecstasy for the evening. It was such a wonderful feeling, and she was always left smiling after it was over. Chadd was a really good kisser.

“I love you too.” She replied, smiling in bliss at her perfect prom date. Could anything happen this evening to make it better? No, even if the world became a perfect place the next day, this would still be the top of her Nights to Remember list.

Her ticket tucked carefully into her corsage, her boyfriend by her side, her limo being right there: everything was lined up to be one fantastic evening. The only thing missing was the Prom itself, and that would soon be remedied!

Though Janet would have loved to tell the driver to get going herself; it was just one of those things you’ve got to do if you’re in a limo with people driving it around for you. Ah well, she could always tell him to get going afterwards.

On the other hand, there was still one last feature of a limo she could try out before they got there…

“So Chadd, this thing got a sunroof?”

((Janet Claymont continued in Let the Dance Begin))