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V6 Final Applications are Open!
Since it's the 29th, third character applications are now able to be submitted, provided you have no outstanding characters in the queue.

Remember that the character cap for V6 is three characters, so at this point you can submit your entire roster, adhereing to the 'one in the queue at a time' rule.

Smoke On Her Face
Vanessa wore a smug smirk as Coleen whipped out her phone, desperately scrambling for the words to the song. Of course she didn’t know the words to the song; she was probably wiki’ing it right now to get half an idea what they were even talking about.

Christ Cams, you really knew how to pick ‘em.

“You just do you, Coleen. You do you.” She replied in regards to the range of vocals, the sardonic bitterness being as subtle as Vanessa ever had been. How Coleen would choose to do the song would in itself be revealing, but Vanessa was pretty sure it would wind up being some cheesy opera recreation or overly dramatic Broadway bullshit, rather than how the song should’ve sounded: deep, smokey, and with that low bass that was perfect for chilling out to in the evening light.

Looking around the room, the tangible tension was still present, and she couldn’t help but feel that some eyes were on her when they weren’t on Coleen. This was their band, P.C., full of people she would go to war with at the drop of a hat, and because of that she knew when she was getting a dirty look from them. That shit stung, but it did give her pause.

So, did that make it her fault? After all, she was the one who was getting stabbed in the back here, she was the one who was being kicked out of one of her favourite gigs without so much as a consultation first, and by her best friend no less. She was the one getting the shit end of the stick.

Did that justify her being a total btich to Coleen though? Maybe. But then again, maybe not.

“...just do it how you think would sound good.” she repeated, trying her hardest to sound sincere this time, if still not entirely diplomatic or patient. She had to avoid actually looking at Coleen to pull it off.

This was still pretty fucking stupid.

My Freeze Ray
Vanessa found herself waving at Alessio as he ran off, a fairly dumbfounded expression on her face as he turned heel more than a professional wrestler. The whole conversation had been a pretty random way to end the schoolday.

Never mind, she shrugged, as she went back to heading home for some PS3 binge.

Alessio's intentions had managed to fly clearly over Vanessa's head, which was his loss at the end of the day. Whilst she wasn't planning to head to the Sadie Hawkins dance at that moment, she wasn't going to turn down every invitation on principle. Who knows? Maybe if Alessio had plucked up a ltitle more courage, he'd have gotten lucky.

As it stood though, an unexpected, if friendly, encounter with a nervous fan wasn't going to leave the biggest mark on her mind.

((Vanessa Stone dun with dis))

V6 Character Theme Songs
Vanessa Stone - Mz. Hyde by Halestorm

Nate Turner - ???

Smoke On Her Face
Suddenly the room had gotten heavier than a ten tonne anvil, as half the people tried to leave and the other half were telling her to calm down.

And that was supposed to be her fault?

‘Hey Vanessa, we know you like being the singer, but you’re a really bad singer so we brought in this random theatre geek you barely know to replace you. That cool with you?’

Cause yeah, everyone and anyone would react well to that. Fuckin’ tactile as fuck.

That said, Brady was right about the yelling not getting anything done. She didn’t calm down, but she did fold her arms in with an aggressive huff, putting on a juvenile pout for good measure. She was pissed off, but that didn’t mean she didn’t give a shit or that she wanted everyone to be pissed at her. She didn't want to look stupid, either, so once in a while it was better to just pause.

“…fine.” She muttered between gritted teeth. “Hey, Coleen.” She called across the room, spotting her trying to head off before they were done here. “If you’re a good singer then let’s hear you sing.”

And no crap stage songs either. If she was going to do what P.C. did then she was going to show that she could sing P.C. style.

“Sing…” she lingered, looking around the room for an idea. A Deep Purple album, lying amongst a dozen others, caught her eye.

“…Smoke on the Water. Sing Smoke on the Water.”

Because everyone had to at least know how that one went, unless they really were just completely out of touch with good music. Hell, she’d even play along if Coleen needed that kind of hand holding.

And if she happened to fuck up or not know the song, then that would just make this that much quicker for everyone.

My Freeze Ray
All of a sudden, Vanessa was watching a stranger randomly rock out in front of her. Here she'd been expecting him to canvas her for some petition or something, not flail around without warning.

She had to stare at him for a moment, just to register what happened. Then she broke out into a laugh.

Alessio did in fact, look very very silly. After the shaky introduction, though, it was doing a great job of putting Vanessa in a more receptive mood.

It didn’t hurt his chances that he tossed some compliments her way, either. After all the crap she’d been going through over her singing lately, it was good to know that she still had plenty of fans out there. Her guitar playing was never in doubt, of course, but she still liked to hear it.

“Thanks man, it’s really nice of you to say so.” She smiled, her arms loosening and her shoulders relaxing. “You been coming to our shows? Don’t’ think I’ve seen you at them before.” Of course it was hard to remember every face at every show (even if most of them were just the same people from high school, but details), but she was starting to feel just a little bit guilty that she couldn’t put a name on this guy. If nothing else, he certainly knew how to get on her good side.

Mad Dewey Dash
“Oh, sure! If Lani doesn’t mind.” Nate smiled, plucking up the courage to go for one of the balls without waiting for permission first, savouring a modest, yet zesty bite. “Mmm, these are great!”

Chewing and swallowing, he looked back and forth between Josh and Lani with a content smile. This was exactly what he needed after panicking for half the afternoon: some friendly people who were happy to lend a hand and who were happy to have him around too. The tasty baking was just an added bonus.

Still, he couldn’t help but catch sight of Jane over at the other table. Sat there all alone, even though she’d taken the time to stop and say hi. How was it fair that she didn't get any company either? Nate may have found Jane intimidating a lot of the time, but that didn't mean she should've been left out without a thought.

Oh, right, Josh had asked him a question.

“Hm? Oh, yeah, I’m really bad at math.” He nodded, but still distracted by Jane. She really did look left out, and maybe she just needed an invitation? The worst she could do was say she was busy, he figured. Which was fine.

“Hey, Jane?” he called, a deal louder than he really should’ve in a library. “Did you want to come study with us?”

“I mean, as long as that’s okay with you guys.” He asked, consideration drawn back to his two present companions. After all, he was the guest in this study session.

My Freeze Ray
“You didn’t surprise me.”

Vanessa had folded her arms, that edginess starting to creep into the territory of impatience. Not that she had a problem with people coming up to her out of nowhere, she was cool to meet new people with whatever they might’ve wanted. When they started the conversation by entering her personal space, though? That didn’t do much to endear her.

“…I’m fine though, thanks.”

She rather hoped that this guy would get to his point already, though. Daylight was burning, and so was her precious free time.

My Freeze Ray
Vanessa Stone was sticking her books into her locker for the night, where they could sit safely unstudied whilst she played Metal Gear. Slice up some cyborgs, listen to some kickass guitar riffs, it was all good.

The tap on her shoulder broke her out of her calm mindset in a flash, sending her wheeling around and pressing her back into her locker with an audible thump. She dug her fingers into the metal as she caught her breath, chest tensed like a cornered cat. Christ she hated being touched.

“Don’t do that.” She hissed, slowly easing when she saw it was just…whoever this guy was.

“Sorry, but just don’t touch me please.” She sighed, trying to pull back on the daggers she was staring. It’s not like everyone knew about her rule about personal contact, anyway; no sense getting pissed at every person who wasn't in the loop.

Still eyeing her mystery poker, she was trying to pull up a name to the face. Unfortunately, she was drawing a serious blank, which might've been a touch awkward if she was actually sitting behind him in class or something. Meh, whatever.

“So, what’sup?” she asked, just the faintest linger of her edginess still coming across in her tone.

Sadie Hawkins Dance Planning Thread!
Vanessa Turner - Are you kidding? Vanessa is way to cool to ever be seen at some run of the mill school dance.

Nate Turner - Now see I'd be very interested in seeing if any gals would actually ask him to the dance. Probably wouldn't go stag, though.