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Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I feel like I've made my suspicions more or less clear without throwing a vote down, but I can totally VOTE: SLAM if it makes you feel better. ;)

That just made ME feel worse! D:

As far as my reads go, I have to say I don't agree with the Espi suspicion. Looking back over his list of posts, I agree with his logic fine and I don't think he's being particularly opportunistic, just not as vocal as SOME people in this game. Call me null on him with a more town leaning, certainly not scummy enough to consider throwing a vote just yet.

Unpy at first I was suspicious of because of his soft slinging at Vyse and Dea, both of whom are confirmed scum now which would set him up as 'I thought there was something off about them' but I don't think he did so in an unreasonable way. He was pretty hard on the RC wagon, but at the same time RC didn't exactly make it hard to refute his arguments and I'm getting more a sense of 'let's lynch this liar' than 'I DON'T CARE IF HE'S THE DOCTOR' like some other charming sexy people were thinking. Color that one null too, honestly leaning a tiny bit more town.

D/N eeeeeeeeeeeh I'm null here too. Obviously they were defending Vyse a little bit, which isn't the best thing but at the same time not completely unreasonable given the skepticism around the lynch (Btw four out of twentysomething people being on the lynch before I join doesn't turn it into a sure thing: lynches stall out and lose popularity around that point all the time). I like that they were requesting to take a step back and keep perspective when RC was involved, but at the same time I don't think they're committing very strongly either so I can't really commit to a read on them.

Imehal has nice contributions and logic but I'm still not seeing anything super definite. Null with a townish lean.

Doc and Naft I love how you two have been tag teaming all game. I don't want to say 'oh my god let's not trust these guys at all aaaaaaaaah' because they haven't done anything terribly scummy so far, I'm just saying it might be worth keeping an eye on them in case it's some kind of third party / secondary mafia / idek but let's not forget the possibility. Mutual null reads but not as friendly null reads.

Everyone else I can't say over the game so far has given a definite enough impression for me to make any proper reads. Nulls, nulls for everyone! (But maybe not when I have time to look harder)

There you go, some nice strong definite committed reads.

Oh wait...

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
And then a naked man walked home from the Tomb of Annoying Pranks.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Do you think there would've been anything to gain from keeping RC alive? Yes, Deamon died last night so the mafia lost their roleblocker, but we had no way of knowing that was going to happen and plenty of reasons to think that even if RC did survive he'd just be on roleblocker lockdown coupled with the incredible sketchiness that surrounded him. I stuck by with having him lynched because him dying confirmed his claims that you liked better than him just making them did.

Also I'm not saying 'look at me I stick by my lynches, wheee I'm so town', I'm merely pointing out the contradiction in Doc's logic.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
You claim not to have any strong reads, and have only thrown your opinion in on the strongest, most certain lynches in the game so far.

I don't think you could call Vyse the strongest, most certain lynch when I was throwing weight in it (rather early on). If anything, it was a very divisive lynch even towards the end.

Also, not making firm commitments? I've followed through my lynches from beginning to end on both occasions. How much firmer do you want?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
If I was a third party, I wouldn't freak out over one night of being roleblocked.

Also, mostly staying in the wind? Honey, there's windier people than me abord these train.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
And desperate is so not the way I'd describe it. I was done with all the stalling tactics and ready for it to be over, not licking my lips and rubbing my hands at the thought of some sweet dead RC booty.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
What, you weren't getting frustrated with all the bullcrap he kept throwing out at the last minute?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I find it really sketchy that they'd opt to use a 2x kill on Siege and Cake. What about them suggested urgency?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Well that was an eventful night.

We've got a fair few lower-but-not-mute key players in that pool, which is kind of odd when you'd think the mafia would start charging the bigger names now that the doctor's dead. Concerned about bodyguards, maybe?

As for Deamon, I'm going to consider that it was a vig hit, but even then that's kind of odd as I'm not sure Deamon was ever extremely high on the sketch list.

Nocturnal shenanigans.

Not Draven,


Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
not going to call him out ie. not going to say 'no i'm not town RC don't be dumb'.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Turtle, there is literally no risk to reading you as town from the very beginning. If he's wrong, then you're not going to call him out. If he's right, then whoop de doo, everyone else is reading you as town. Just because he's going along with everyone else means that what he's come up with at the last minute doesn't become more valid.

RC being a doctor doesn't put him in a position to give inveistgations, he claimed to have investigated you, ergo he's lying to buy himself more time. This is on top of the rest of the stuff that he's done to make himself so juicy to lynch.

Can we please hammer him already.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Urgh, you people can make your own decisions about how valuable RC is regardless of whether he's a doctor or not. All I see is someone who keeps standing up to pull new info out of his arse whilst only really working to keep himself alive.

I mean, doctors are great, but they should generally make a better effort to lay low and not become the centre of the universe.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I mean, in an ideal world we wouldn't lynch the doctor but I can't trust anything RC says anymore.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Even if he is a doctor that means his investigation result was a lie. He's stalling.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
His claim was not clear at all.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
As in Doctor? How does that give you a read?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Do you have a third investigation that's revealed scum then?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Guys just hammer RC. It's an obvious attempt to further drag out his lifespan which would make us waste a phase, and even if he's sincere then he's dead anyway and we already have his investigation result.

Incidentally TT being town is hardly a super risky claim to make but at the same time if he flips then we can confirm it. Yay.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Also Cake, my good chum, can't I have just matured and mellowed out after all these years?

naw but srsly I just haven't found enough I felt the need to get hellah passionate about yet.