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Coming Down
His legs were shaking. Not just his legs, everything, but his legs were what was keeping him standing over the pile of his own puke that was running down Sophie’s car, so their shaking was his biggest concern. It didn’t occur to him to wipe off the speck that was running down his chin, never mind the stain it would leave on his dad’s old tux, either.

It felt like more wanted to come out, but none did. Just as well, as Sophie got close enough to hand him a tissue: puking over a car was one thing, puking over a friend was a lot more problematic. He had trouble understanding what the tissue was for for a brief, stupid instant, but eventually the gears in his head churned out an understanding, as he took it to clean his mouth up. He could still taste his puke, of course, but at least it was gone from his face.

“Soph, I’m really sorry.” He said, finishing what he’d tried to say earlier. He was still having trouble standing straight, his legs threatening to buckle at any moment from the wave of nausea that still overtook him, but at least he’d managed to get out an apology.

It didn’t make him feel any better though. He’d completely ruined her prom night, left her standing with those other two, whoever they were, whilst he’d gone off and eaten brownies and freaked out and oh god he wanted to throw up again after all.

He brought the napkin up to his mouth, praying that he not have to throw up again with her standing right there and ruin her dress. He was already a terrible date, he didn’t need to be a terrible date who’d ruined her dress.

But, prayers unanswered, he still had to throw up.

At least he was able to turn away in time to splatter her car again, rather than empty his guts over her.

Coming Down
Dave found himself leaning on Sophie’s car, his head still swimming as she and Joe had another little chat about him. He still couldn’t bring himself to listen to anything they were saying: the only thing he could focus on was making the world stop spinning.

He’d been sweating bullets this whole time, but now, out in the cool night air, he was overcome with chills. His dinner jacket was draped over his shoulders, having been unable to even concentrate hard enough to thread his arms through the sleeves, but it did little to soothe him as his body wracked with shivers, his skin still as pale as a spectre.

As bad as the pot sitting in his stomach was making him feel, he felt even worse the fact that he'd dragged his granddad out the house for his sake. Even if his grandparents did live much closer than his house was, he still hadn’t wanted to wake them up in the middle of the night when he got back, that was why he was carpooling with Sophie. Now, he was dragging his poor granddad out in the middle of the night, just to pick him up because he was too stupid to not eat drug addled brownies. Taking food from strangers in a bathroom, wasn’t that like stranger danger 101? Did that still count if the stranger was one of your classmates?

Another wave of nausea hit him. His eyes felt like they wanted to climb into the back of his head, as his stomach began to sink. Why had he thought about food?

“Soph, I-“ he started, but didn’t manage to get past the second word. Before he even had time to turn away, his stomach decided to empty itself right there and then, splattering all over the hood of Sophie’s car.

Blood Bowl
I have already made my interest aware, but I'll reiterate it here. Go go Flying Vermin, you skavey bastards~

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Sign me up for one.

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
Picking one character for each alignment is going to be tricky enough without trying to find a scene that represents it and can be illustrated in a small box, isn't it?

Coming Down
((Dave Russell continued from Mary Jane’s Sanctum))

Dave felt sick. Of course, he’d been feeling sick before, he’d just ate a brownie’s worth of weed without so much as a hint of what was coming, but when that happened he’d just been scared shitless by his imminent death. Now, out in the mild night air, he just felt like he was going to throw up all over the place.

Joe and Sophie were still around him. He could hear them talking at him and see them moving around, as well as feel Sophie’s hand on his back, but they weren’t really there anymore. Now it was just him and his decaying mind, staring ahead into the parking lot that looked like it could stretch on forever.

Everything just felt numb.

Wherever Travis had gone, he didn’t have a clue. It occurred to Dave that Travis was the reason he’d wound up like he had in the first place, but he had ran off a while ago, not a sign of him left. It didn’t matter to him, he didn’t know Travis, but at the same time, this was all his fault. Why wasn’t he there to help him, like Joe and Sophie were? Joe was just as much of a stranger too.

There was that feeling again, his stomach still wanting to throw up all over the concrete.

There came a vibration from his pocket, followed by the sound of a cheap ringtone calling out through the night. Instinctively he answered, the voice of his grandfather on the other side.

“Granddad? I don’t feel well.” He said, his weak voice demonstrating the truth in what he said. Barely a few words were exchanged between the two, and before Dave could stop him, his grandfather was on his way.

Welcome to New Staff
Congrats Rattle and Meds!

Guilty Gear Fallout Thread
Gees Tobe what did I ever do to you? It's not like I ever got around to my intent to kill you fast.

The Mafia Waiting List
Sign me up for Party Mafia - Approx 20-25 players.

V5 Sneak Preview #3
Now where could a harbor get built, but go unnoticed enough over the years to deteriorate to this state?

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
How many more names we looking to get? I know there's still a fair few more pregame kids about, but picking one character out of the entire roster for each alignment might be a bit much.

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
Nothing says moral quandary like the alignment game~

Dave Russell: Well, good is obvious enough, considering that how even though he's afraid of being a terrible person if he isn't self sacrificing, he still actually likes to help others. As for the lawful-chaos spectrum, I think I am going to go with Lawful Good. Every way he wants to help people is through the proper channels, be it volunteering or doing the right thing by society's standards, be it through trying to reform the volunteer's club in Recruitment Drive or getting part of a school organised painting run in Improving La Pieta with a Geologist's Hammer. I suppose in a pinch you could call him neutral good, but I'm more comfortable shoving him as lawful, his hippy parents be not proud.

Gabriella Parker: Chaotic is easy: she's a very smart girl whose parents have been hugely academically successful, but she doesn't give two hoots about book learning and wants to go into the uncertain career of music. Following her passion, yes, but still very much demonstrating a free spirited element. As for the good-evil axis, she probably falls square in the middle at Chaotic Neutral. She's only had one thread to display it yet, but A Session in the Bedroom does its fair share of showing her attachment to other people, but also her rather self centered mindset.

Shall comment on the people whom I feel I've read enough of to debate their alignment later on~

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Gabriella: "The phone, to call the police."

Dave: "Wow, not really something I'd want to have to do. I guess my bedside lamp would have to do."

Ryan: "I doubt that would happen. One of my heavier books, if I have to defend myself, though I might be able to overpower them anyway."

There's a sick looking, mangy puppy in the street, without a collar. What do you do?

Mary Jane's Sanctum
Joe’s stuttering was somehow both strangely calming and really annoying.

It was easy to concentrate on what he was saying, in spite of his mind running around in circles, still dreading the moment when his lungs would stop working and he’d fall over dead. On the other hand, what Joe was saying was what was keeping him alive; Dave really wished that he would hurry up and tell him what he needed to do next to stave off death for a little longer.

Never the less, his breathing had eased. The fact that drugs were working their way through him still sat at the front of his mind, but as far as he knew, he wasn’t dead yet and as long as Joe was there he could keep it that way. That was all he needed to remember to keep going.

He stared back at himself in the mirror for a good while. He still looked dead, but he knew that he was still alive. How his grandparents could help him, he hadn’t a clue, but it was better than standing here in the bathroom and freaking out without anyone to help but the total stranger. As much as he wanted to stare at his reflection forever, never taking his eyes off of the drug addled zombie looking back at him, the risk that his lungs might stop working and no-one would be around to help him prevented it.

He clutched his face one more time, pressing his bloodshot eyes for no particular reason. “Okay, I’m ready.” He whispered, mind still on the poison that was sitting in his gut. There wasn’t any time to waste.

With his hands still pressed around his face, he turned to where he remembered Joe’s voice coming from, nodding at him, putting his fate in Joe’s hands.