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Slam's Creativity Thread
Okay screw the last serial because I had no idea where it was going. This one I've actually more or less already written so I know it'll have a definite end, but I'll upload it in chapters for the sake of ease of reading and not having to write it all at once. Plus it actually has a title.

The Good Doctor

Comment now, comment when it's done, whatever suits you. For once I'll upload from start to finish.

V4 Mafia; Sign-ups
That is the cheapest way to get a first I've ever seen.

SECOND signup.

Survivor Mafia: Fallout Thread
Bloody beloved princesses and their phase skippings makin' me go and make an ass of myself ruh ruh ruh...

Oh well, fun game. The change in mechanics made for a refreshing meta switcheroo very much.

Recruitment Drive
Dave beamed a smile as Alice leant over and signed up her name, making her the first of what he was sure to be many volunteers all eager and excited to help the less fortunate of Seattle, and share in the good times that would undoubtedly lie ahead. It had taken slightly longer than he expected, but then sometimes reality doesn’t line up with the room long queue of people that you imagined would be the case.

“Thanks….Alice!” he grinned, nodding an affirmative nod as he successfully read her name off the sheet, then looking back to her and tacking the name on to her face, hopefully not to be forgotten by the time they met again less the situation turn awkward, though Dave rarely made a habit of forgetting names.

Despite the name still being all that he knew of her, Dave was already looking forward to getting to know this girl better through the meetings and the activities they’d work as on a team (along with the dozens of other students who were no doubt on their way because why wouldn’t you show up to such a fun opportunity?). Hopefully she’d have plenty of fun ideas of her own too, as nothing adds to diversity like creativity.

Too bad he wasn’t creative enough to think of making pamphlets.

“Ah, well,” he stuttered, glancing aside through a half faltered grin. “I don’t have any of those, no.” he answered, an apologetic tilt of the head going with it. “But if you have any questions you’d like to ask, I’d be happy to answer them now.”

Pamphlets was probably something he should have thought of. Hey, this girl had more foresight than him, so that was the plus to her joining up at least.

That and you know, more members was awesome.

Matt Masters
Well in the one thread and one post of Matt so far, I commend you on bringing the characterisation in the profile to the pregame seamlessly, and that's something that trips up a few writers so don't consider it an empty compliment. In his helping of Laura and the Good Morning Matt, I'm looking at the same gentle giant that I saw when I read over his profile, so kudos on that.

Matt's still in his early days, so there's not really anything I can pick out that I have any issues with so far; at first I thought he might be a bit knowledgeable about toys for a kid for an only child, but then I realised that he works with abused children a lot; was that intentional? Because if it was, then it was very well placed subtlety in not bringing attention to it in the post, but if not then hey it still works (Although some readers prefer not to read the profiles before reading the characters; ultimately it's up to you if you'd rather explain it or not, it's not the most inexplicable knowledge in the world after all.) I would like to see some other sides of Matt's personality soon, but it's still only his first thread so that's just something to look forward to in the future rather than something to point out as should have happened already.

So in your early days, Matt's coming out well. Keep it up and I'm sure he'll make for a fun read up until his brutal and untimely death. <3

Dinner Date
Ryan watched Brian out of the corner of his eye as he gave his response, working through the last of his food whilst he did so. He unconsciously nodded in acknowledgment as Brian confirmed his guess about Ruby being his beaux, even if it was in the past sense, as he finished the last slice of meat. The fact that he had been right provoked the slightest frown when he realised it. He wasn’t really sure why. He shrugged it off at the same time as Brian shrugged off his break up with Ruby. Brian chuckled as he worked on his hamburger, so Ryan felt no obligation to say any more.

Whilst he watched him eat, Ryan thought back on to what he had seen of his team mate around school. Ryan rarely paid attention to anything around school however, so the memories were rather vague and all that resulted was a blank look on his face as he concentrated. He realised that Brian had started talking again whilst he had been zoned out, eyes looking through Brian rather than at him. The smallest gap formed between his lips as he let out a wordless grunt of surprise, processing what had been said to him whilst he was busy trying to remember a faceless girl.

“Got to keep in shape so I can go pro.” he replied reactively, failing to answer Brian’s question at all as his brain only responded to the words ‘track ‘n’ field’. His eyebrow crept up his forehead ever so slightly, the closest thing to a look of confusion Ryan could muster, as he stated the obvious to Brian; there was no chance he’d ever become anything else after all. Ryan hadn’t really spoken to anyone, even the rest of the track team, about his intentions to become a professional athlete, but for Ryan it was as simple as the sky being blue.

“Sorry, I spaced out.” He said after only a moment’s pause, trying to refocus himself on the conversation as he processed Brian's words again. “Yeah, couldn’t hurt.” He gave that small smile again as he fully realised that Brian had brought up his favourite topic. “Where do you go running?”

Mitadake High/Pryce High
If people would like to play, I recommend keeping BYOND switched on if you can remember: it'll make it easier to grab everyone if they're not in chat.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
The downside is that the public servers are once again swamped with silly people. Of course that's not an issue if we get one of our trademark SOTF games going~

Recruitment Drive
Dave’s first visitor that lunch break was a bright haired bespectacled girl who he couldn’t put a name on, though that was a non-issue for him. He recognised her distinctive ginger head from around the school, but if they had any classes together it was lost on him. He gave her a welcoming smile all the same as she approached the booth and asked her question.

“Well,” he began, piecing together a scripted advertisement on the spot to be delivered with a sincerely enthusiastic voice. “We were much more active the last last year, but we’re a club that likes to organise charitable events for anyone who could use our help. We did a lot of fundraisers before, but outings to places where we could help happened when they happened. We just like to have fun whilst working for good causes, y’know?”

Even though last year’s committee were only so dedicated, leading to pretty much anything happening being a rarity rather than the norm, Dave didn’t see the need to mention that: the club he was trying to piece back together would be active and fun so that people always enjoyed coming. Whilst helping people was its own reward, there was no reason you couldn’t share the reward around with others after all.

"We're not big on numbers right now," he exaggerated "so for a while we'd probably go with the stuff that's easier to put together, unless everyone's really into getting things going." That was what he was hoping for. "Could be anything really, depends what ideas people come up with. But I still have some to get us started if that's what everyone wants."

Recruitment Drive
((David "Dave" Russell start))

A little to the left…
Back up on that chair, there it is, down again.
No no, that’s too much.
Up we go again, third time’s the charm! Okay, let’s check this…
Yep, yep. Yep!

Dave Russell grinned up at the home made banner stuck above the table before him, borrowed with permission from a nearby classroom with the slightest bit of diplomacy required. At least he was pretty sure he had permission. He’d have it back before the next class started anyway, that he was pretty sure about.

The student volunteers society had spent the last half year in retirement, thanks to last year’s members being mostly seniors more concerned with getting into college than helping out the needy. It wasn’t something Dave held to them though; education was important and they had their priorities. Technically he was now in the same position, but that was a minor detail because right now his heart was set on getting the club back up and running, and the banner he’d painted the night before would hopefully draw people with similar interests. It looked pretty good too, as far as his opinion went.

Student Volunteers Club Recruiting!

He spun back around with a clap, looking around the cafeteria as the lunch break started. A few people had shown up already, but for the most part he’d managed to get everything in place before the big crowds arrived; it helped that he’d gotten out of class just a little early to get everything in place too. It’d been a fair amount of lugging around to get everything together by himself, but he hadn’t managed to find the time to get in touch with any of the old club members. He was looking forward to seeing them when they undoubtedly showed up at his table though and then they could get involved too anyway.

As he took a deep breath and smiled with excitement, the banner on the wall behind him lost its stick on the wall and crashed back down to the floor, his face falling with it as the sound reached his ears. “Oops.”

Scooting over the table, sliding next to the blank signup sheet he’d prepared along with the banner, he had his advert reaffixed to the wall for all to see in a matter of moments, ready and waiting for anyone with an altruistic soul in Aurora High. Once again, he looked about the cafeteria.

Nothing to do now but wait for volunteers to sign up!

Dinner Date
Ryan leaned into his hand as Brian talked, propping his elbow up on the counter. The pile of french fries continued to dwindle down off of his plate and into his stomach as he listened to what Brian got up to in their spare time, nodding automatically as he talked about his plans for the rest of the day, or rather lack of them. Ryan suspected that if the positions were reversed then he’d probably be more bothered by it than Brian seemed to be, but then he pretty much always had a plan for his days.

Brian’s order appeared just as he was finishing his answer, brought over by the same waitress who had brought Brian his coke over earlier; Ryan’s coke had yet to arrive. Ryan eyed the inviting hamburger for a moment, his stomach almost growling again despite the meal and a half he had just eaten, before he turned back to Brian, who asked the same question back after finishing a mouthful of his own food.

“I was going to walk my dog after this.” He stated, scratching his chin whilst looking off to the side. “Then have another run this afternoon, probably.” He shrugged. It was just a regular weekend for him, so there was only so much he could answer his question with. He might drop by the bookstore on his way back, and there was studying to do that evening, but aside from that he really didn’t have anything planned. For Ryan, however, that simple schedule suited him just fine.

“Who’s Ruby?” Ryan asked after cutting a few slices of gammon off the steak, remembering Brian mentioning her. If Brian had talked about her at track, then he hadn’t been paying enough attention at the time to remember who she was. She was probably his girlfriend though he decided, glancing around the diner again out of idle curiosity. Ryan remembered that there had been mention of Brian dating sometime or another; whether it was idle gossip in the locker room or from the man himself, however, he could not put his finger on.

Katherine "Katy" Warren
I am liking Kat so far: from what we have it's quite clear that she's an angry snarky bitch, and her angry snarky bitchiness is fun enough to read in causing poor Daniel's torment. Since this personality wasn't outright stated in her profile as a general thing (unless I just missed it) but I got that feel from reading it, I can double kudos on the inferred personality there if it was deliberate. If not then it still works just fine.

Not much really I can think of negative with the amount that's there, but I will say I'm looking forward to seeing more of her personality in due course if that qualifies.

Battle Royale DVD Finally Coming Out
I know they have a Battle Royale 2 DVD available in the UK, but now I'm wondering if there ever was one of the original over here. Hm, suppose I'll have to buy this one anyway.

David "Dave" Russell
Name: David “Dave” Russell
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Volunteering (Student volunteers club member); Painting (Art club member); Socialising

Appearance: Dave stands at an average height of 5’8” and weighs in at 138 lbs, giving him something of a lean build. He is Caucasian.

His ginger hair manages to look messy and unkempt despite its relatively short length, not helped by the fact that it is nearly always kept propped up by a headband, the design of which changes as regularly as Dave changes his clothes. His thick brown eyebrows sit above his large round green eyes, and his nose is relatively straight but with a thick bump in the bridge. His mouth is rather small for the rest of his face whilst his chin is quite pointed. He can often be seen with an excess of ginger stubble, due to shaving rarely and having fast growing hair. This, combined with his untidy hairstyle, often gives him a rather shaggy appearance.

For clothing Dave will typically opt for button shirts and jeans, with loose fitting shoes on his feet and the occasional tie accessory, giving him a look that resembles something of an office worker out partying, in addition to his headbands. He is almost never seen without his peace necklace hung over his shirt.

Biography: Amanda and Taylor Russell, an American couple with no immigrant immediate ancestors, were born thirty years too late. They were both enthralled with the ideals of the sixties, despite neither being born when the decade was around, after having heard the tales of rock and roll and freedom from their own parents. They spent their own young adulthood travelling across America whilst singing praises of peace and love whilst the world had moved on to the nineties, and the young couple were spreading their own liberal ideals when their free love resulted in the conception of David Russell.

The two were unprepared for a son, to say the least. Neither were particularly financially stable or all that familiar with children, but their own values spurred them to give it a chance, even if it did mean settling down from their partying. Taylor got a stable, boring career as an assembly line drone, which he has barely advanced from in seventeen years due to total apathy towards his job, whilst Amanda stayed at home as a housewife, happily avoiding the responsibility of employment. The two settled for an apartment in Rainier Valley, Seattle, back in their home city where the support of their parents was at least local. In eight and a half months, Dave was born without complication.

Even with their small income and a change in living that brought about a fair bit of depression in the parents, they tried their best to give Dave a healthy upbringing, instilling in him the spirit of the sixties that had stayed fervent in their hearts. They gave him a peace necklace to symbolise their beliefs but, as Dave was only one and a half at the time, their doctor advised them to give him one when he was older, preferably one that had not just passed through his small intestine. He still wears the one he received when he was seven to this day.

As a lively and energetic child, happy to make friends and good at doing so, Dave was a friendly face around the playground in elementary school. He could easily be counted on to join in on any misadventures that were going on, the odd few getting him into trouble with the staff. However, Dave was never an outright troublemaker, and the genuine remorse felt over getting in trouble dissuaded any real discontent of the teachers towards him, not to mention Dave lacked the ability to ever really defy anyone due to a distain towards causing conflict, a trait he still retains to this day.

Though the area he grew up in was rough, Dave kept to the lessons his parents had taught him and thought of everyone else around him before himself. In his young age his opportunities for helping others were limited to gestures of good will and affection, but he tried his level best to help those in need when he saw the chance. Whilst there were some who appreciated this, others were inevitably irritated with his insistence on helping even if it wasn’t really necessary. Dave still has difficulty telling where he’s really needed to this day, though he has learnt how to take a rejection by now.

Unfortunately his parents’ attempts to instil good will in him have gone a little too far, as now he feels compelled to help whenever an opportunity arises, leading to outright guilt and shame if he does not attempt to lend a hand. For this reason, he eventually started overworking himself, as Dave now volunteers at any opportunity that arises, be it working with the homeless, elderly, sick, impoverished, youths, or anything else that needs help. As a generally likeable person and an easy talker, Dave tended to have little trouble with meeting the new faces and integrating himself with the new groups this puts him with. The one exception is volunteering with animals, as Dave finds that many animals seem to dislike him, though an expert would point out that it’s most likely because he becomes nervous around them. Though he has become used to all the volunteering by now and it has all served to give him reasonable endurance, he still overexerts himself unnecessarily rather frequently.

As Dave grew older, his interest began to develop beyond random games on the playground. Art class was a favourite of his, especially opportunities to paint, something his mother was happy with. She had been an aspiring artist before Dave had been born, and even though that had been taken from her she was happy to share the psychedelic styles replicated from the sixties into her modern day son, and thus skills were passed down from mother to son. Dave only paints for fun, being too occupied to invest much time into developing his skill or gaining any real expertise, but he enjoys the art for its own sake regardless.

Meanwhile, the music that his dad loved so much from the era was played around the house constantly. His dad never bothered to try and teach his son guitar, despite playing his own regularly, and in fact Dave became rather sick and tired of rock and roll after learning that other genres exist. However, he could never bring himself to tell his dad that, so he settles for quiet acceptance in the kitchen and a pair of earplugs in his bedroom.

Whilst he was exploring new things, Dave’s parents' own interests began to resurface, leading to many family trips out of Seattle to see America again. Dave was not invited on these trips. He often wound up in the care of his grandparents when he was younger, and as he became an older teenager he was eventually left to look after himself in Rainier Valley whilst his parents went on tours of the country. His grandparents have gotten into a number of fights with his parents about these long periods of absence, but they cannot bring themselves to make a case out of their own children in regards to Dave’s treatment. Dave himself has yet to realise any problems with it.

At Aurora High, Dave is still the friendly and outgoing person that he was in elementary school, giving him a good reputation around the school and a respectable circle of friends. His overly helpful attitude can still make him come off as insufferable to some students, however, and he has been known to be somewhat oblivious to subtle barbs or people's underlying nature. He enjoys the company of his friends and on occasions when he is not looking for someone in need, he looks for someone to hang out with instead. When people do express distaste towards him, he often takes it to heart and distances himself from the offending person, though he has been known to get over such things quite quickly too.

Dave has joined two clubs at Aurora: the art club, of which he is still an active member, and the student volunteers association, the latter of which fell into disuse in his junior year and has since gone inactive. The decay of the group troubled him greatly, as he enjoyed getting to meet students with similar motivations to him, so lately he has resolved to try and bring it back to its former glory before he leaves school.

Academics are not Dave’s strong point. He has never really had a knack for knowledge, usually living life by the moment instead of worrying how to solve problems ahead, and so often ends up averaging a C with the occasional slide into D territory which isn't helped by his constant volunteering when he could be studying instead. Never the less, he hopes to go to college and obtain an education major, regardless of the level, so that he can join the Peace Corps after college and help children in need around the world.

Whilst he still maintains a good level of endurance by virtue of constantly being occupied by one task or another, Dave has never possessed much interest in sports. He would happily play with other kids when it came up, but he’s never had any particular interest in doing it beyond a social level.

Dave has only ever had one girlfriend in his life, and for now he intends to keep it that way. The two went out for around half of their junior year but eventually they grew apart, their romantic exploration limited to making out at the most. Dave was happy for the experience but considers himself too busy to treat a girlfriend as she would deserve at the moment. He has never had any interest in the same sex so he considers himself comfortably straight.

At this point in life Dave is well aware of how much he pushes himself compared to some of the people around him, but he finds no reason to fault this. He has a comfortable social circle, a plan for his future, and a happy home life, at least from his perspective. His low income household has never really been a reason to bother him, and his constant acts of good will keep him satisfied with himself and where he is at this point in time. For these reasons, Dave rarely has a reason to frown.

Advantages: Dave has a good reputation around Aurora High School, a respectable social circle to match, and is comfortable approaching and interacting with new people, so finding and making allies will most likely prove difficult for him. His constant activity means that he has a fair deal of endurance, reducing the amount of rest he will require on the island.
Disadvantages: Dave is obsessed with helping others, which will be a significant hindrance when it comes to keeping himself alive. He also lacks any real intelligence or cunning, and his limited exposure to violence means that the shock of the island may be too much for him.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Posted Image

*Walks off stage to go get a bagel*

Bear likes to draw
Removing this request because Ryan is awful and doesn't deserve beautiful art.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread

Push mah lynch suckers. I dare you, I double dare you motherlovers!

Little's New Art Thread~
I'm sorry I was supposed to be in here complimenting your stuff.

*Clears throat*

Cool stuff as always brah.

Dinner Date
Ryan gave yet another shrug as Brian complimented him on his choice of food, displaying his indifference towards Brian’s opinion on the matter. He still had a smile on his face whilst he shrugged, however, as small as it usually was.

It was at that moment that Brian, putting in barely any of the effort that Ryan had moments earlier, caught the attention of the nearby waiter. It quickly became clear that it was for Ryan's sake, to his surprise. He felt a little awkward, his thin smile turning around to just as thin a frown, for letting Brian grab the attention of a nearby waiter for him, as if he couldn't do it himself. Any embarrassment, however, only made its way out through the slightest shifting in his seat, to most looking like the simplest adjustment of his ass.
“Oh, yeah.” Ryan said, just barely looking up at the man as he spoke. “Just a coke.” Without even looking to see the waiter’s nod, Ryan stopped paying attention to him and took a fry off his plate with his fingers.

He wanted to say something to Brian about what had just happened, but at the same time he knew that it wasn’t necessary. It was hardly worth getting worked up about, so he adjusted his glasses with his clean, rough hand that had not made a habit of stealing chips off his plate instead.

“Anyway,” He changed the topic. “how’s stuff for you?” It was just small talk, but that was the sort of talk that suited Ryan. Whether or not he was really interested in what Brian was up to, he wasn’t all that sure, but he was getting to know his fellow track team members. If anything else, Brian hadn’t done enough to put him off so far, so he might as well have kept on going and see what he might find out whilst his meal kept on shrinking as his cutlery went untouched.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
What can I say, I got a PM saying "Hey congrats, you have a crew pass and can now investigate someone." and I was like: "Cool." and now I'm here, getting lynched by you people. Oh well, at least it's getting people talking still. Information and what not. Even if I am going to die now, which you can all go bluh de bluh over yourself. The point of it all was to get information, and we got us some information.