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Shock Me

What the fuck had Enzo just said?

“What the fuck do you mean, you didn’t see?! How the fuck couldn’t you have seen?!”

She was still screaming, but it was all boiling out on its own now. Whoever had done this to Cams, whoever had murdered her best friend, needed to get what was coming to them and they needed it right fucking now.

She wanted to slug Enzo, drop Cams to the floor with a lifeless thud and just jump the sack of shit who’d stood by and not done anything to stop it, who was just sitting there with their mouth open like a moron catching flies and telling her they ‘didn’t see’. She wanted to make them suffer first before she moved on to ripping whoever’d done this to Cams a third asshole, just take everything out on her right fucking now.

She gripped Cams harder, crushing her like a stress ball, as she stared fiery daggers at Enzo. Only the suffocating grief was stopping her from jumping Enzo right there and then.

“What were you doing, fucking jerking off whilst she was getting killed?! You some kind of fucking retard or something!?”

What the hell was she going to do? How was she even supposed to stand up again anymore, when she was weighed down with this? What was she supposed to do?!

Nate couldn’t help but give Asuka something of a dirty look at her flaccid response. Ok, he’d not wanted to make a big deal out of him saying he’d gotten split up from his friends, but it wasn’t hard to sound sympathetic either.

Still, he tried not to make it too obvious. She may not have been perfect, but she was still listening, still there. Driving her away was the opposite of what he needed right now.

She redeemed herself shortly afterwards anyway, and if Nate had any energy left he might have even smiled at her offer to listen. Clunky, but it sounded genuine, or at least genuine enough to someone desperate for such a thing.

Asuka’s metaphor dialogue on her own story was almost entertaining to hear in spite of the obvious anger that it was expressing, even if it was a bit hard to follow. Jerry Fury wasn’t a familiar name, and he didn’t remember hearing him on the announcements (but then, could he remember every name anyway?), but there was no reason that Asuka should have had to put up with nasty people, all the same. No reason anyone should have to.

“I’m sorry, he sounds like a jerk.”

He tried to smile at her, give her some comfort, but it still wasn’t possible. Besides, he realised, what he’d just said probably didn’t matter that much. He wasn’t any good at making people feel better, after all: Alvaro had proved that and left no room for doubt. He couldn’t talk down one of his good friends, what chance did he have of perking up a total stranger like Asuka?

“Sorry, you probably don’t care about me saying that, huh?”

Butterflies were building up in his knot of a stomach. Normally, he didn’t have trouble holding a conversation, even if he didn’t know someone that well, but this was so far from normal that word didn’t even exist here. He wanted to help Asuka perk up, see the bright side and get over Jerry, but how? How could he ever try to talk anyone into feeling better when it’d gotten his friend killed?

He stood there with an uncomfortable look on his face, trying to think of something to do, something to break the tension. He scanned her words again, looking for something to follow up on. Thinking about what to say was just so alien, though.

“I mean, lots of people on the island are being like that, I think.”

It wasn't working at all.

Official V6 Away Thread
Handler: Slam
Dates Away: 24 - 26 December
Days Away: 3
Reason for Away: I'm being dragged home for this bizarre thing I'm told is called Christmas. Presence on here will not be a thing.
Characters: Vanessa Stone, Nate Turner

Asuka was not the reassuring presence that Nate had been hoping for, but he’d take her over Alvaro. She was a bundle of nerves, just like him, but maybe that was a good thing. Being able to relate was more comforting than someone who waltzed in here and claimed to have the whole situation in the palm of their hand. Probably. Maybe.

Of course, it was a relief that she wasn’t hostile, that he wasn’t going to get shot just yet, but her forward nature put him on the spot. He’d wanted to talk, but now that the opportunity was facing him, had he really wanted to talk about what happened? He wanted reassurance, but was he willing to just admit to someone that he had left his friend to die?

He gripped his arms, looking at the floor even as he spoke. “It’s Nate,” he started, wanting to keep up his friendly habits, but more importantly wanting to put off the real topic. “that’s my name. Nice to meet you, Asuka.”

He bit into his lip, making quiet ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ to himself as he tried to start speaking, trying to say that he’d been crying in a ball for the past three days, the he got robbed by a guy because he tried to help him, that he got his friends shot in the face because he tried to talk down someone with a gun but couldn’t do it.

Yeah, not something he wanted to put into words.

“I was with my friends, and…”

More staring at the floor. More stalling. Did he have to?

“…and we got separated.”

No, he supposed, he didn’t.

Shock Me
Vanessa kept holding Cam, holding her closer than she’d ever before as she clung to the fleeting essence of her best friend. She felt her grow cold, in spite of her tears and shouts and begging for it to not happen, that this couldn’t be real, that she wasn’t really dead.

What was she going to do now? All their dreams, of going to college together, of rocking out together, just being best friends until they were both bones in the ground, all gone without any warning or build-up, like some sick twisted fuck of a joke. She’d just walked into a room, and everything had been fucked up in that one instant. Just like that, her best friend had been taken away from her.

Taken away from her.


Someone had done this.

She stopped her crying, if only for a moment. She tried to speak, but couldn’t find the words. Enzo had been in there before, they probably knew what happened. They had to know.

A guttural growl of a question came out through her throat that had been so thoroughly strained by her sobs. “Who did it?”

She was starting to cry again. She shook her head, trying to stop herself, to get that vital answer from Enzo. She had to scream to keep talking.

“Who did this to her?!”

There it was: the sound of the door opening. Suddenly he couldn’t breathe anymore, frozen as he listened to the footsteps moving about the room, Alvaro searching for him and ready to finish him off. Everything started spinning, and if he weren't in such a state he might've supposed that this must’ve been what passing out felt like.

Asuka’s yell as she banged her foot broke Nate out of his panic, though. At first he had to race his hands to cover his mouth, to stop him from screaming out, but quickly he realised that it was a girl’s voice he’d heard, not Alvaro’s.

He started to breathe, but still in rapid, short breaths. What did he do now? What if this person wanted to hurt him, just like Alvaro did, and (he was starting to believe) a lot of other people wanted to as well? What if it didn’t matter that it wasn't Alvaro who'd found him, that if this girl found him behind the boxes she’d be the one to put a bullet in his brain instead?

In spite of his terror, though he was still drawn to the new arrival, wanting to know who it was. As carefully as he could, moving slowly so as not to trip on his own unsteady hands, he peeked around the corner of the box and saw who he saw.

Some Asian girl, not someone he knew. Not in any of his classes, he didn’t think, but he could’ve been wrong. Definitely not in any of his clubs.

Definitely a stranger.

Would it have been better to have stayed hidden? Probably. Then again, she might’ve been nice, and not out to kill everyone. He could really do with meeting someone like that right now: someone to talk to and get a bit of consolation from. Someone who could maybe convince him that he wasn’t a complete coward who’d left his friends for dead.

She looked pretty small, too, so she probably wasn’t about to try and beat him up or something. Of course, Alvaro was small, but he also had a gun. This girl didn’t look like she had a gun, and that was good enough for Nate. The thought that she might’ve been concealing one had yet to cross his mind.

He had to take this chance: he needed that friendly face right now. Getting up, he revealed himself from behind the boxes, still a jumble of nerves and shakes.

“Hi.” he said, almost in a whisper as his voice caught in his throat. “Are...are you…”

He was trying, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask if she was about to kill him.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
That does sound like a good mix of things to long for.

V6 Fifth Rolls
RNG there's been a mistake, Alvaro's over there.

So I really feel like Nate's hitting his story's stride, but unfortunately I only get to throw one kid under the bus per version. Would be absolutely tickled pink with gratitude if someone wanted to hero Nate right now, so that his arc of failure and self discovery and attempt to find purpose and all that jazz can continue on!