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Ricky and Gianni's MUGEN challenge!
Sign me up, Johnny.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Nah mate come join me on Balmung.

Tennis Captain Election
This is a poll to decide the position of Tennis Captain.

The candidates are:
a. Sandra Dyer
b. Joshua Bracewell

Please remember that you may only vote if you have a character who participates in the activity in question. To vote, please post your vote and the name of your character who participates in the activity. This poll will run for one week.

Softball Captain Election
This is a poll to decide the position of Softball Captain.

The candidates are:
a. Vanessa Stone
b. Sandra Dyer
c. Georgia Lee Day

Please remember that you may only vote if you have a character who participates in the activity in question. To vote, please post your vote and the name of your character who participates in the activity. This poll will run for one week.

Wrestling Captain Election
This is a poll to decide the position of Wrestling Captain.

The candidates are:
a. Clarice Halwood
b. Ty Yazzie

Please remember that you may only vote if you have a character who participates in the activity in question. To vote, please post your vote and the name of your character who participates in the activity. This poll will run for one week.

Track Team Captain Election
This is a poll to decide the position of Track Team Captain.

The candidates are:
a. Junko Kurosawa
b. Sandra Dyer
c. Hazel Jung

Please remember that you may only vote if you have a character who participates in the activity in question. To vote, please post your vote and the name of your character who participates in the activity. This poll will run for one week.

Student Government/Team Positions Nomination Thread
And that's time.

The following positions are uncontested, so congrats to the new holders of these roles:

Senior President - Emma Luz
Senior Vice President - Conrad Harrod

Junior Vice President - Joshua Bracewell

Treasurer - Alex Tarquin

Soccer Team Captain - Alvaro Vacanti
Golf Team Captain - Alba Reyes
Cheerleading Captain - Oskar Pearce
Swimming Team Captain - Conrad Harrod
Gymastics Team Captain - Kimiko Kao
Mathletes Captain - Hazel Jung

The polls for the posititions in competition (Track team captain, wrestling team captain, softball captain and tennis captain) will be up momentarily.

Although the student council positions were not in competition, we're still planning on having a thread where the election speeches will be up for display.

Smoke On Her Face
“Yeah, Scott Walker, Witch Mountain, go knock yourself out with that.” Vanessa muttered without really paying attention, already heading towards Cams. She briefly tapped towards her arm to get her attention, thumbing over to the other side of the room where the two could talk mano a mano.

Once they were out of earshot, Vanessa turned off the friendly face she’d put on for Coleen, making her confusion at what Cams was going for shine through.

“So she seems great and all, but we already have a singer? As in, me?”

And a damn fine singer she was. She was a great frontwoman, in her opinion, and probably the most upfront person in the band. She got the crowd hyped, got the room jumping, really set the stage for Coyote’s music to rock the house. So what was Cams thinking?

“Like, I don’t think we need a full time backup singer? Maybe you wanted to try out one? But we can do way better than someone who’s come from the backstage of Shakespeare or something. I mean I’m not trying to sound like a bitch, I’m just thinking of her and if she’d be a good fit for what we’re doing here.”

Cams had good taste, sure. Didn’t mean she always thought everything through.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I'm interested in how much Vyse is trying to turn conversation away from Doc. May I just suggest that people's reactions to his claim may in themselves be revealing?

After all, who'd be more threatened by an unkillable role? I nominate that most townies are intelligent enough to realise that a scum who is unkillable would be impossible to defeat and therefore gamebreaking, so if anything it's more likely that scum would be worried about an unkillable role. Cults in particular tend to threaten scum, since they have the potential to steal their own members whilst also being another antagonistic party.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I think I've been chosen as the messenger guys. Chosen one ftw.


1. Kilmarnock: First to claim I was "unkillable" rather than lynchproof, if I'm reading correctly. That's a big red flag since my entire strategy last phase was to get scum to shoot me, and making the jump from lynchproof to unkillable suggest being in a faction that tried to kill me and failed, given that we had no nightkill last night. I'm inclined to suspect him on those grounds along with how hard he's tunneled on me this phase and immediately started up again to try and get my lynched before doing anything else, which is a solid scum tactic when you have a town target you want dead but can't shoot.

2. Vyse. Actually dropping this one now because as I went back to ISO him, I found that he did not jump on the Unkillable train at all and that was just a trick of memory. So for now, Vyse is free and clear in my book.

3. Deamon. Also claimed that I claimed to "be immune to being shot" well before I even sent my first message for Day 2, back when I was still only lynchproof. This was called out by Slam later on. This actually should have been well above Vyse, because it reads like an attempt to bypass a doctor since the scum assumption for this play would be that I was protected, not kill-immune. As such, I've actually moved him up above Pippin because Mafia is more dangerous than Cult IMO. The suggestion that we shoot Aura for being "deadweight" despite little to no chance of him being scum is also highly problematic and worrying.

4. Pippin. Joined the "immune to being shot" train late enough that he could just be parroting, but it's still just worth noting. Also strongly, strongly believe that he is the Cult Leader based on his early claim of having a "completely normal role." Cult is bastardy enough to still be completely normal with no extra twists AND fit neatly into a bastard game, in my opinion, and that claim sticks out like a sore thumb to me, which is why I warned Flare early on before I could publicly talk about the Cult to "beware the Temmie."

For Deamon: All these reads were present this message (http://s10.zetaboards.com/SOTF_V2/single/?p=9201423&t=7555656) that I sent to Slam, which you even responded to with "I honestly don't care if you're suspicious of me or not. You're now claiming to be unkillable." So if you're somehow claiming I've never said these before as a function of the "fairy tale" you reference, I'm going to have to call bullshit. These reads have been claimed and explained previously, though I can understand if you overlooked them in the haste to get rid of an inconvenient townie!

As a note on townreads, I'm getting solid vibes off of both Slam and Elena right now. Slam's style doesn't necessarily fit with the Pantheon's inclinations, but it all fits together with a generally town Slam, and for the moment there are far more suspicious targets to investigate in my opinion. Namira's pushing fairly solidly for information wherever it can be found, which is not necessarily guaranteed town behavior but is, for the most part, town-positive.

Vyse is likely town but needs to chill a bit on the frustration, it only causes more confusion and weakens his credibility.

Decoy earns townpoints for calling out the lynchproof/killproof switch-up before anyone else.

Aura seems a bit shaky and easily misled onto wagons. Likely town at this point because that's just his playstyle. Could use some enhanced scrutiny though, right now it's really easy for a strong scum voice to lead him astray and make him a functional member of the scum voting block with enough persuasion.

Praise be me,

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
In theory if Doc is unkillable then he serves as an alternative safe option in the event that we don't want Goose to shoot someone randomly.

In practice would still like to test.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
"To clarify a few things:

1. My divine messages are in no way limited in number. They just have a sort of "cooldown" between each one that creates a functional limiting in number, though that number is quite high if I strive for efficiency.

2. I've already laid my leads out for today. In order, they are Ricky, Vyse, Pippin, and Deamon. No one seems to be interested in pursuing them, however, and I'm not fond of having "evasion" heaped on top of my charges as well.

3. I'm not begging to die. It's become very clear to me over the course of this phase that nothing of actual productivity will occur in this town until my claims have been tested. I am the largest subject of suspicion in many eyes due to the revealing of the cult, and I have no interest nor need to stoop to trying to argue over such ridiculous claims. Gods do not dignify such silliness. Instead, I'm willing to go straight to the greatest defense I have: Try to kill me in any way you choose. You will find it's impossible, and I whole-heartedly encourage you to test it if you doubt me. At that point, if I really am scum, you must accept that you are, to quote a jaunty little musical number, "fucked all right and all for spite," as well as being able to "kiss your sorry ass goodbye," because you have a completely unkillable scumlord kicking about and no convenient nega-portals to throw him in. Or one can accept how ludicrous that would be and rest safely in the notion that I really am all that I say, and we can finally move on to something productive without this debate dragging on through every thrice-cursed phase. I'm more than willing to move on to any of my leads, but until it seems like anyone at all is keen on discussing them, I'm going to keep pushing for people to play their hand if they're really this dead set and test me so we can all have a nice laugh, contemplate the futility of mortal existence, and move right along to something new.

Praise be me,

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I'll be helpful for a change.

Ricky: You are not ringing alarm bells for me. I was familiar with your scum play last game, after all, and this rings me for actual search for truth. You're a little bit blunt and you're tunnelling on people, but tunnelling is pretty typical of your playstyle so it doesn't raise any particular alarm. Point is that you seem intent on actually pursuing leads but you're not just trying to murder everyone who slips up either.

Elena: It's been ages since I last played with Elena so I'm not overtly familiar with her style. Perhaps a little bit quiet to get a really good feel on her, but I say quiet relatively not that she's underposting on anything. Call her null for now.

Doc: I don't trust anyone who is taunting people to try and kill them. /hypocriticalbarrelroll

But no, Doc's goading people and seems more concerned with that than anything looking for clues. Not a great combo.

Aura: He's been prodded a few times to contribute more and explained what he'd need to do so but from what I can see continues to try and fly under the radar. I know it's a lot to analyse but almost anything is better than nothing, brah.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dec 25 2015, 01:12 AM
Agreed. Annoying, quiet, useless, sniping at me, but more bothered by the easy wagon on him. Cheap votes. Maybe policy shot, but possibly playing Beloved Princess REALLY bad.
No need to be quite so rude, Vyse.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I'm actually in agreement with testing the claim because Doc himself is stating it.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dec 24 2015, 04:52 PM
MK said unkillable, I did not.
Find it very interesting that you've used your word count, which is clearly a precious commodity to you, to make this clear.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Oh hey look at this:

"The Pantheon is pleased.

Here's a curious little tidbit: I did claim to be lynchproof, not unkillable. However, I am unkillable. And I'm revealing this because I've been crumbing a significant power role all of last phase to as many people as possible to try and draw fire from the Mafia. Which means that Vyse and Kilmarnock both jumped pretty high on my suspicions list, and Deamon and Pippin slightly lower, because the only reason they'd be led to believe I was unkillable other than a simple misreading is if they were part of the faction that tried to kill me.

Which you can't, by the by. I am Deathless. According to my role PM, under no circumstances can I die. Feel free to test it with Goose's shot, since I've already wasted one scum phase and that'll keep us from having to make a bad call later on who to shoot!

For reference, though I wasn't clear about this before, I would like all messages I send posted in the thread(Sorry for being unclear, MW!), unless I specifically state otherwise. I can't communicate through the thread, so I'm relying on these messages to bring use home.

Also, my God flavor text is not a posting requirement. It is something I do to draw attention and shots, as well as have a spot of divine fun, which seems to have worked marvelously well if I'm reading the night-phase properly. In my celestial vision, we now have an excellent slate of suspects to pressure.

Praise be me,

Doc makes a very good point. Trying to kill Doc and failing WOULD prompt a leap from unlynchable to unkillable if people weren't thinking carefully about what they were posting.

It's highly circumstancial, but it's an interesting coincedence.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Hey can we shoot Deamon?

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
As decoy already reiterated, Doc claimed to be unlynchable, not unkillable.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
For the sake of logical conformity can we go over again what's scummy about Doc besides his godlike intonation in his messages? It's not impossible that part of Turtle's bastard play is a red herring, after all.