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V5 Third Announcement
She's dead, Jim.

Apologies for how horribly overdue it was.

Blowing Smoke
((Alex King continued from Everything Here is a Small Cap Investment))

So, it was on to Plan B then.

Since Cass had revealed herself as a treacherous bitch that was never even worthy to tag along with her in the first place, Alex had been traveling. Well, traveling and screaming her lungs out at nothing and punching trees, but there had still been plenty of traveling, none the less. Even if Cass had never had faith in any of her ideas, the way she’d had the nerve to actually act civil towards her and treat her like an ally, tagging along with her all the time without a single hint that she didn’t really think her ideas would succeed, that was what really stung.

Fuck that noise. With the dead weight cut loose, she could finally get around to getting herself off this god forsaken rock. Her plan would inevitably save her classmates too, as little as she had any reason to help them, but fuck it, she wasn’t some asshole who would let dozens of her classmates die for no good reason. Maybe she'd make an exception for Cass, maybe not; that was hardly her concern anymore.

So it was that she’d spent the better part of the last two hours gathering up just what she needed to escape: a pile of twigs.

The fact that her plan had never worked in a previous kidnapping was not one that Alex took the time to consider. She hardly knew the events of past runs inside out, but even if she did, she’d assume that no-one had been as intelligent as her to realise how much you could accomplish with some basic supplies and a little bit of common sense. Of course, you needed a flame too, but that was why she’d been conserving the fuel in her lighter for this exact reason, a task that wasn't too hard as, funnily enough, the whole life and death situation had done wonders for stunting her smoking habit. Of course, the lack of rain over the previous few days was important too: you couldn’t start a fire with damp wood, she didn’t need to have ever wasted time camping to know that.

Okay, so maybe you needed a few extra things on top of basic supplies and common sense, but whatever. The important thing was that she had them, and she had a nice set of kindling sat in the middle of some pretty combustible looking trees. Yeah, she was standing smack in the middle of what would hopefully become a forest fire, and maybe that wasn’t the safest situation to put herself in, but if she didn’t do anything she’d probably die in a gunfire anyway. It was better to just bite the metaphorical bullet and try to keep a few steps ahead of the blaze than to pack up a perfectly good idea and bite an actual bullet to the face.

She took a cigarette in her mouth, lighting it up as she looked over her stack of wood. One swift flick of the wrist, and it would be ablaze. Soon the whole woods would follow, and a fire that large would lead to smoke that could be seen for miles upon miles away. One bigass signal that any nearby boats were bound to investigate, and any rescue squads after that were only a couple of hours away.

It was too bad Cass wasn’t here to see this; it would be hilarious to see her try to call her an idiot now that her plan was coming together.

“Sucks, you couldn’t be here to get off with me, Cass.” She laughed to herself. “Maybe if you weren’t so fucking hung up about your retarded idea that the terrorists could listen in on everything…”

She laughed at how stupid Cass had been, how stupid she was period, and she laughed at the idea that she had ever even trusted her in the first place. Cass was nothing but a joke to her at that point.

Fuck it, it was a funny ass joke, and one she was willing to humour in all her fucking sweetness. She was about to win, anyway, and gloating always was a bad habit of hers.

“Hey, terrorist fuckfaces!” she called out to anyone who’d listen. “Guess what? I’m about to set this whole shitty island on fire! Yeah, that's right: someone will see the fire, and then your whole shitty plan will be up in smoke when the rescue boats come sailing!” she failed to notice the pun. “And there ain’t shit you can do about it!”

It didn’t matter to her if they could have done anything, anyway. If they stopped her, they would’ve broken their own rules about not interfering, and Alex would’ve been the winner. Killing her now, even if there was no way they could do it fast enough without some kind of sniper laser, just meant her plan would’ve worked, and that would’ve been a pretty sweet thing to know. Still, as far as she cared, that wasn’t going to happen, and in a matter of hours she’d be back home safe and sound.

Unfortunately, in all of her near-victory excitement, Alex had failed to realise three important things: the terrorists could in fact listen in on conversations, and her entire wood collecting escapades had been quite visible to them for a good while; the terrorists didn’t care at all about what Alex’s idea of cheating was, and there was absolutely something they could do about it, quite easily too.

As smart as she was, the terrorists were smarter. For starters, they didn’t announce their plans the way she had, as Alex’s collar blew without so much as a beep.

G066: Alex King – Deceased
108 Students Remaining

SOTF: The Video Game
Gurl you know I could be all about submitting a character for this.

Slam's Creativity Thread
Woot published.

Also thanks go to Jace for being a big hand with editing.

I swear there's some kind of personality correlation to be found in those.

Everything Here is a Small Cap Investment
Figures. Everyone was ganging up on her, as usual, and why? Because she was the only one with an escape plan, she was the only one with any ambition, and she was the only one not retarded enough to have not given up on life just because they had a bomb strapped around their neck.

Cassandra was retarded, and Tyler was a fucking psycho. She could’ve stayed and argued back, could’ve stood her ground, and she wanted to. She’d give these people her last fucking word, and then she’d leave them to rot in their own retard juices.

“Listen, OBTUSE bitch!” she snapped at the obviously actually stupid girl present, “Terrorists can’t listen to every fucking conversation going on at the same fucking time! How many people do you think are on this fucking island?!”

“And you!” She turned to the psycho, “The fuck should I care what you think!? I’m a fucking certified genius, and you haven’t done shit for anything but bitch from the moment I’ve met you, you worthless fucking piece of shit!”

Her throat was going hoarse on her again, but she didn’t care. She had said her piece, and she could keep saying her piece, but she’d be beating into a brick wall. She’d thought, for just one stupid moment, that she could trust Cassandra. That she might have had a person she could escape with, and perhaps someone who’d come in handy if she was in trouble. But here she was, showing her true colours. Here she was, spitting in the face of that stupid belief she’d held for a few retarded moments.

So fuck that shit. Fuck all these people, who would rather sit here and die than listen to her fucking common sense. She flipped Tyler and Cass off one last time, then turned heel and stormed off.

Fuck Cass. She’d had her chance.

((Alex King continued in Blowing Smoke))

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Jilly Shears
Dec 2 2013, 11:27 AM
I haven't played any of the Amnesia games, but I've yet to play a game that can top the Fatal Frame games in scariness. It probably has something to do with how terrifying Japanese vengeance spirits can be.
This gal just topped my awesome list.

But yeah, I'm not super in to the Amnesia games. First persons with lower quality graphics make me feel really nauseous though, so that's probably putting me off, but even then I played for like an hour and a bit and never really got close enough to the monster to be bothered. I mean yeah there were a few tense moments when I thought he was outside, but then he wasn't and I learned to stop expecting him if I hadn't already caught a glimpse of him.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Enjoy your game without me ruining it.