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Happy new year to all my fellow Britainites~

Yanks and others have to wait.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
I'm going to disagree on the generalization there, since we can't go saying how every single character is going to act in SOTF regardless of the setting. Some people might just go outright mad and act on the one too many horror flicks they saw in their childhood for all we know.

More to the point, would we even want everyone to act the same way when they go in the killing direction? Lord knows I'd get bored if every single character behaved identically, so I'm not going to condemn someone who gets elaborate with their killing if they can justify it. Gore for gore's sake is dehumanizing, agreed, but well used gore, as Kami said, works rather spectacularly.

As for styles of death:
Dying thoughts that happens just before they slip away, I find, tends to be a really crappy way to do it. If they're dying in someone's arms or just bleeding out somewhere, then that's one place it can work because they actually have time to reflect on it, but if it should happen whilst someone is choking them or beating their head in with a blunt instrument, then their sudden clarity and serenity throughout the situation is really quite jarring, I've found.

As for all the other deaths, I find the post just has to be something that will work in the situation, rather than a specific type of death, that will pull off dying nicely.

Mary Jane's Sanctum
Dave was still going at his eyes with his pins and needles hands whilst Travis and Joe had their little chat about his predicament. He wasn’t paying close attention, considering the fact that he was getting very worried over the alien feeling surging through his body, spreading a warmth that would’ve been potentially comforting had he any idea what had caused it, instead, its mysterious origin only serving to dredge up more anxiety. On the plus side, the growing fears and concerns were managing to take his mind off of Lana.

Travis’ calling out to him did not go unheard, however. The confession that the brownies were in fact laced with weed drew his mind even further away from his ex-girlfriend and straight into his blossoming state of panic.

“Pot? As in weed? As in- oh my god, there were drugs in those?!” He looked down at his hands that continued to tingle, his heart beginning to race as the panic truly began to sit in. Despite his parents’ smoking pot behind his back for the better part of a decade when he was younger, before it had gotten too expensive to keep up, Dave’s experiences with marijuana were non-existent. He had quite a reasonable amount of exposure to people who’d been affected by drugs, however, but they were mostly former addicts who were now patrons to the soup kitchen he volunteered at every other Friday.

In short, his beliefs about the effects of drug were limited to hard drug victims and the PSA's he’d witnessed on television throughout his life and in school. His fear of doing drugs would make any moral guardian proud.

Unfortunately, being afraid of drugs wasn’t going to remove it from Dave’s stomach, from where it was quickly spreading throughout his bloodstream.

“Oh my god, I ate pot?! Why didn’t anyone- I mean why, why didn’t you say any- oh my god!” Dave stammered, his voice rising with every word, eyes darting between Travis, Joe, and everything else. At the tender age of seventeen, he was just now getting to enjoy his very first drug induced freak-out.

Slam's Creativity Thread
Got ourselves a little 'un here. I started doing a Let's Play of The Walking Dead (Great game, go check it out if you haven't already) with Lee as a total jerk, but then I started to think I wasn't really nailing what parts of Lee's character are set by the game, so I kinda gave up fairly quickly.

Ah well, have the unfinished result. No real spoiler risk since it's only of the first ten minutes or so, but hey.

The Adventures of Lee the Asshole

Course I've only finished one episode so far, so it's not like I couldn't go in and fill in the rest of it, but I don't really want to write a story with my Lee not being anything like what parts of Lee are canon.

Character Numbers
I'm quite happy with two, since Ryan Banks is too underdeveloped to play now and making a whole new character would be even less developed. Plus having two means I'm slightly less likely to die at first, which is always a plus.

V5 Sneak Preview #2
Cue Greynolds asking what the winner's going to do now that they've won V5.

A Session in the Bedroom
“That’s great.” Gabriella said as Joe talked bashfully about his excitement over college. Even though she still didn’t feel like smiling, her headache about her own trapped future still present, she did so to make it clear that she was happy for him. Pleasing his dad was obviously the big thing for Joe, but it was a trait that the two did not have in common.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love her parents, for the simple reason of them being her parents, but the fact remained that she constantly wanted them to back off and let her live her own life. Whilst Joe worked hard at school to please his dad and get into a good med school, in spite of his passion for baking, Gabby wanted nothing more than to quit schooling and focus on getting her and Cho’s big music break whilst her parents left her alone. She’d send them concert tickets and say how much they influenced her afterwards, that was how she’d always known she’d do her press persona, but until they stopped forcing her to go to a good school and study some language she didn’t care about, that acknowledgement was never coming.

She reached for her glass of water again, her headache starting to subside from the therapeutic company of her friend, as Joe asked her about her own plans whilst she drank.

“Yeah, but I haven’t decided where yet. I’ve got a few possibilities though.” She replied once she’d finished. She paused for a moment to think about where she could go to before continuing. “I don’t think I’d like to go all the way across the country for school, but then, I don’t really want to stay too close to home either.” She finished with an undecided shrug. Whilst her self-sufficiency skills were quite limited, the fact remained that staying within nagging distance of her parents was quite undesirable.

She was about to continue when there was a knock at the door. “I told you two to leave us alone!” she yelled out at her two brothers.

“Gabriella?” said the voice behind the door, which was most definitely not one of her brothers’.

“Shit.” Gabriella whispered barely above a breath, before she scrambled for a notepad as her mother walked in. Even with all the notes that she and Joe had already taken, there was no doubt that her mother would take their brief rest as the proof that her studying had been for nought, and she’d never hear the end of that.

“Hello Gabriella, Joe.” Ayala Parker said, her native Israeli accent still notable even after all her years in the US, as she gave her daughter’s company a quick but hospitable smile. “Were the boys well behaved?”
“Fine, mom.” Gabriella replied, looking her mother straight in the eye and without a concern for how her brothers had been really acting. If she’d wanted them to get into trouble she could’ve easily said something, but that would’ve just taken up more of the time she could’ve spent with Joe whilst resenting her parents.

“Oh, that’s good then. Well, your father and I finished shopping early, so we thought we’d let you two study in peace and quiet by taking them off your hands.” Her mother continued, her elaboration uninvited and certainly not appreciated by her daughter, who replied with a forced thanks and nothing more.

“Well, dinner should be at seven tonight, if Joe would like to join us.” She finished, picking up on her daughter’s antipathy that she’d been on the receiving end of many times before, and let herself out. Having a conversation with her daughter could be an exhausting ordeal from time to time, but apparently it’d been the same with her mother when Ayala was Gabriella’s age, as she had been reminded more than once.

Alone with Joe once again, Gabriella only sighed at her mother’s intrusion before cocking an eyebrow towards her friend. “Do you want to stay for dinner, then?”

Mary Jane's Sanctum
Dave hadn’t really listened to Travis as he started pleading with Joe to do pot with him. If he had, he might’ve picked up on the true nature of the brownies before he had already eaten his way through the one that the unfamiliar guy in the bathroom had given him. On the plus side, it had been a pretty tasty brownie.

Dave washed the chocolate off his hands as he silently questioned what the big deal had been about a bunch of cakes. It was almost annoying, the way Travis had acted like they would make all his problems with Lana go away, only for them to do nothing but leave a sugary aftertaste in his mouth. It almost made him ready to cry again, the urge building in his eyes, but he couldn’t start letting out the waterworks in front of two people he barely knew, even as the sensation of borderline tears kept building. He rubbed at them, trying to stifle them back, but the feeling persisted.

Strangely enough, a similar feeling was starting to go through his hands, like they’d fallen asleep in the last few seconds after getting so tired of hearing him whine about a girl who was too good for him. Even whilst his hands felt tingly, however, he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to rub his eyes. It wasn’t a feeling of wanting to cry, this wasn’t like that, this felt much more warm than it did uncomfortable, but it was a feeling that wasn’t going away and he had no idea what it was. Given the delicate state that Dave had been in before consuming the hash brownies, these unfamiliar feelings were beginning to worry him.

“I don’t feel right.” He said to the others without looking, still staring at his reflection in the mirror, rubbing his eyes with his tingly hand.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread

Mary Jane's Sanctum
Dave could only stand there awkwardly and do his best to keep his forced smile from cracking as Travis began his pot performance. The fact that the chocolate confections were laced with narcotics was, of course, totally unknown to Dave, so their real purpose for that evening as the entertainment flew clear over his head.

“Brownies are exciting?” he asked without a thought, all his efforts put into pretending that nothing was wrong as his heart kept churning itself apart. “I mean, yeah I’ll have one, I guess. If you’re offering.”

Travis’ confident grin certainly stood to throw Dave, but the fact remained that Dave was in the middle of a broken heart, and the number one cure for a broken heart is chocolate. He was mostly accepting the offer to be polite, still refusing to put his own feelings before anyone else even when he wanted nothing more than to crawl into a hole and die, Lana laughing at him with Mike asshole Whaley by her side in a not-a-hand-me-down suit, pulling up in their limo that his parents probably paid for themselves, but hey, brownies.

Stars and Bucks
“No, it’s, it’s fine Lana. I’ve got to go, anyway.” He stuttered out, standing himself up and smashing his knee into the coffee table whilst he did so. He clenched his jaw to hide a cry from both types of pain, all the while avoiding looking at Lana again.

Mike Whaley: that basketball asshole who…well, he was dating Lana. That was enough to make him an asshole forever for Dave, or it would be if Dave was even remotely capable of holding a lasting grudge instead of redirecting the blame to himself, given enough time.

He was heading out the door in the blink of an eye, his hurried stride bordering on a run, all for the sake of getting as far away from Lana as soon as possible. He couldn’t blame her for having a date when he hadn’t said anything, nor was he even certain that he’d get to go, but he sure as hell could blame her for having a date when he’d wanted to date her again.

Right now, the only thing he wanted to do was to go home, lock his door, and let whatever happened happen. It was pointless, petty, stupid and unreasonable, but damn it all he had really wanted to go with Lana, and now it was going to just undoubtedly suck.

Mary Jane's Sanctum
Dave was gripping his head in his hands by the time Travis had entered in search of a urinal. With no reply from Lana in the few minutes since he’d texted her, the fear that she was ignoring him was growing like a malignant tumour. In truth, his phone just didn’t have any signal inside the bathroom, but he was in no state to pay attention to that. Right now, all he could think about was how his ex was going to stay his ex forever.

How had it even gotten to that point? They’d broken up on mutual terms, even though it was mostly his fault for always being too busy for her, and they’d been friends ever since. Just because she had a date to the prom by the last minute, suddenly he was in love with her again? Had he ever really stopped being in love with her? At that point, he could probably cry if something pushed him the right way. Something, in this instance, could have been a light breeze.

He couldn’t hide in the bathroom forever though, as much as he wanted to shut himself off from the rest of the world until Lana texted back and told him to leave her alone forever. He’d come with Sophie and even if it was just a friend's date and she’d made him use his cab fare on food, he had an obligation to not leave her hanging dry. He had to get back out there.

“Hey guys!” he said, his flushed face trembling as he left his stall and met the two who were having the conversation of their own. “Great prom, huh?” he asked, the cracking voice betraying the insincerity as he said it. He could see just how scrunched up his face was in the mirror as he washed his hands in spite of never using the facilities, but he had to keep himself forcing a smile. He had to pretend that everything was fine so that he wouldn’t have a break down in front of Sophie and the other guys there. It wasn’t about pride, it was practically never about pride with Dave; he just didn’t want to turn his problem into a problem for everyone else.

A Session in the Bedroom
“Yeah, that’s true.” She sighed, her words hollow of faith. Living away from her parents would most definitely be a god send, not having to look after her brothers every other weekend anymore, or having to put up with their constant nagging to work harder. The second one was a habit that would undoubtedly be hard to break, but that wasn’t really something that Gabby had realized, nor was it her concern.

The thing was, she just couldn’t accept that she’d become independent just by a change of address. Her parents had been meddling in her life since the day she’d been born, pushing her in a direction she didn’t want to go and deciding what she could and couldn’t do with her free time. The thought that they’d just back off the moment she went to college was unbelievable, almost ridiculous. It’d be more likely that she’d end up somewhere close to home and they’d force her to live with them so they could keep an eye on her grades, or that they’d insist she ring them every time there was a test so that they could tell her to study.

Escaping from the Parker parents was simply not possible, as far as Gabby believed.

She winced, rubbing the temple of her head as her headache pulsed, growing, kicking her whilst she was stuck down in a worthless afternoon of studying whilst she kept finding reasons to stress. If she got the chance, she would end up screaming her lungs out into a song later, but for now Joe was still present, and she still had books to go over.

Cupping her hand under her mouth to catch the crumbs, she took another bite of the cookie. They really were delicious.

She took a moment this time to empty her mouth, something she obviously should’ve known how to do in the first place, before she spoke again. “Where are you going? Do you know yet?”

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
(Laurels mentioned in his claim post that he was Faust)

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Actually it'd be easier if you just stopped saying suspicious things.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Alright, no point sticking on a vote which ain't looking too smart.


And since it's about time we got some information moving, I'll hop on the inactivity wagon.

Vote: Flare

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Okay, giving a moment of leeway here in light of not wanting to lynch a claimed doctor without good reason. That said, I'm curious how you'd go about proving your role.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Honestly, I favour the Laurels bandwagon over the Moonlight Drive one. Dom was pushing for a lynch early in the phase, yes, but with three lynchless days, a kick in the pants was rather necessary anyway. Laurels meanwhile, as Tobe pointed out, has been saying a whole lot of nothing whilst hopping on bandwagons left and right, whilst his reason's for going after Flare still strike me as rather vapid. With two days left in this phase, unless someone guiltier comes along I'm pretty comfortable with making Laurels the lead.

Vote: Laurels

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
You legitimately believed Mara was scummy because...

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Of course not; that just wasn't the reasoning I saw in Laurel's post. Inactivity does not equal scum, it equals detrimental. Scum > detrimental on the priority list.