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Merry Christmas
I despise Christmas but my kids insisted on doing a card for it so whatever.

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The Great V4 Read-A-Thon!
I didn't forget about this honest.

Luke Templeton

So when I was first reading Luke, I thought that everything he did seemed rather logical and little emotion involved. Very analytical outlook, you know? Then I reread his profile and realised that that was the point, Luke was an analytical person and his posts reflected that. 's nice to see that Mash kept consistent on that part, considering how sometimes profile aspects that seem to give them an advantage in the situation don't actually show up in the person themselves, since here we had a healthy fusion of attribute and writing. Makes for all the more personal a character.

That said, Luke's emotions at times seemed a little downplayed, particularly the first corpse he finds: yes at least it wasn't one of your friends, but dude dead body. Not everyone's going to be equally hysterical over such things fair granted and not every character is going to have a huge amount of emotion in their stories, but it does seem that Mash wrote the emotions Luke did feel rather quickly compared to the analytical half that followed. Makes Luke seem a little robotic at times.

Still, I enjoyed Luke and I was bummed when Clio went and shot him full of lead. Mean bitch. Kudos to MM.

Teo Weinstock

Okay I meant to do these both at the same time but Teo's a really long character and I technically have a lab report to be done so I'll edit the complete review of Teo in a little later when I'm done with that BUT IN THE MEANTIME

I really like Teo. When I'm reading him I feel like I'm reading a person who's not above the dirty tricks and has a cool head but is far from a one dimensional monster or power player. Just goes to show that you can have someone who's good at the game of SOTF still be a perfectly fun read.

No mo for me at the mo.

Bear likes to draw
Also agreed. But Vinny said what I was thinking so I'll say gooder stuff cause it is.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
QUESTION: If you were dating the last person you texted, how long would the relationship last?

Ryan: Uh, not very I guess. I don't really text anyone I'm that interested in.

Alex: ...that's my mother you fucking sick freak.

Gabriella: Oh, me and my BFF have been dating for ever already, so it'd keep going on! But not in a gay way or anything, I mean I'm just kidding around here.

Would you rather fly above the open skies or swim to the darkest underwater depths below?

Survivor Mafia: Sign-ups
sign uppu

Homestuck Mafia: Fallout Thread
You know what's fun is dying straight away. Y NO DOC LOVE ;_;

Also I still don't love Homestuck but w/e cool game brah.

V5 Concepts Thread
I'm not necessarily getting a pre-made killer vibe from Katherine, but dealing with characters with mental issues is always risky business and not necessarily gaurenteed to work out. Nothing saying you shouldn't try though if you're interested, just keep in mind that a lot of depth and consideration is necessary, particularly in the area of whether anyone else is aware of these mental issues, as they're almost certain to take precautions about her presence at school if they are aware of such things for her own safety. It's an idea to consider but retain a lot of flexibility over I'd say.

Dropping my values to make friends!
Oh yeah this chick showed up on my door a few days ago and needs some relationships.

Gabriella 'Gabby' Parker

Not looking for any bands or musical allies or the like as as mentioned in there I already have a partner handler talked out, but Gabby still needs friends and folks to hang out with. Not mentioned in that concept but she'd typically hang out with the peppy crowd more than anything else, but if you have another sort of suggestion please don't be afraid to whip it in my face. No romances though please, scornful and hate filled or otherwise.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
QUESTION: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Ryan Banks: Still running, that's for sure. I'd really like to have turned it into something professional, but I still don't know if that's even possible at this point so I dunno.

Alex King: As a somebody. I'm going to end up as a somebody and don't you dare fucking question it.

Gabriella 'Gabby' Parker: Touring the country on stage with my BFF! At least I really want to stick with them all the way!

Question: Truth or dare?

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question: Congradulations, something has finally driven you mad. Now what do you do?

Ryan Banks: What, seriously? Well, I can't even think there'd be much left to do if I went nuts. Panic?

Alex King: Outdated question. Next!

Gabriella 'Gabby' Parker: Oh god! Run to my BFF so I can get help already, haha!

Do you consider yourself too early a starter or too late a starter?

V5 Concepts Thread
I'd personally say that sounds leaps and bounds easier to form a character around.

V5 Concepts Thread
Laure hun, I'm looking at Rachael and it's just occuring to me that for a girl who's traumatised so severely that she never speaks to anyone at all even a single word, she seems pretty much perfectly adjusted otherwise. Considering her active range of hobbies, friends and interests. In fact the point about her looking frightened a lot doesn't even seem to flow that much with the rest of the girl who I'm looking at, who quite honestly I could think was mute due to a physical reason rather than any social trauma if I hadn't known about it in the first place. If an event's going to have an effect on someone's life to such a severe point even years later it really should show in a few other aspects of their personality, at least I think so.

V5 Concepts Thread
Kay time to unveil concept #3 cause I've been toying with her for a while now like I do all my women.

Gabriella 'Gabby' Parker

Gabriella 'Gabby' Parker is a girl who lives for the stage. Graced with a fine voice and the chops to use it in front of a crowd, she has been partnered with her best friend [insert name that is yet to be made but handler is already confirmed] as her musical accompiant for some time now, the two enjoying a small amount of success in local open mic nights and the such. But Gabby isn't content to settle for just being a one night nomination the rest of her musical career, despite the dangers of stardom thrown into her face by her parents. Gabby wants to be the star! Even if she can sometimes unwittingly let the crowd go to her head and forget that she's a two person act, being up on stage with all eyes on her makes Gabby feel alive and she wants to live like that for the rest of her life!

oh there's a bunch of other details that would go in a proper profile but hey have a general overview. Anyone got anything to say by all means share it with me homies.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
In your own opinion, what is your greatest strength? Your greatest weakness?

Ryan Banks:
I'm pretty dedicated to my running, so I guess you could say that. As for my weakness, I'm not great at taking action at times when I should.

Alex King:
What is this, a fucking job interview? I'm smarter than the rest of you, and I don't get why no-one gets that or why people tell me to stop pushing myself so fucking much. Christ.

Gabriella Parker:
Okay, I know that I have a problem sometimes with hogging the spotlight and giving credit where credit is due, but I'm still trying to work on that so forgive me for now, kay? Besides, I make up for it by being able to make everyone happy with my voice!

If you could alter the timeline in any way, past present or future, would you do so? And if so what would you alter? No, the time loop will not alter itself to fix whatever you broke, for better or worse.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question... if you were trapped in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, which kind of zombie would you prefer? Slow ones or sprinter ones?

Ryan Banks: Well slow ones, isn't it obvious? I could probably outrun them anyway though so I'll survive hopefully.

Alex King: ...sprinters. Because why the fucking not.

Gabriella Parker: Well if zombies are here I'd be pretty freaked out but I'll take the slow ones! I'd be so dead if they could run!

Tick tock, time is going too slowly. What do you do to kill it and get through the waiting faster? Only one item of your choice is immediately accessible to you.

Dropping my values to make friends!
Oh yeah I was supposed to do stuff in here wasn't I.

teamsleep: Honestly sweetheart I'm not really seeing the two together. I don't really see Alex being all that sympathetic to Tim's problems enough to qualify him as understanding what real problems are like. Sorry =/

Manda: Love half of it
Love it
Love it it's so perfect for what I have in mind for Ryan.

Alex most likely won't be particularly friendly back to Nor, what with the asshole factor and all. Not necessarily hostile mind but almost certainly passive at the very best.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question: If you had to give yourself an alignment (D&D style... Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil, etc.), what would it be? For the purposes of this question, if you don't know all the alignments, you'll be shown a chart.

Ryan Banks: ...lawful good, I guess. *Shrug*

Alex King: Get that fucking nerdy D&D shit out my face. Ugh, true neutral.

Gabriella Parker: Chaotic neutral man, do whatever I want all the time!

Question: Faced with a challenge that can only be solved through wits, brawn, or charisma, which option would you take? However, whichever choice you make you'll lose any merit you had in that area forever!

The Song Game
Ryan Banks ~ Everything you want - Vertical Horizon

Alex King ~ Afraid - Nelly Furtado (but like kill the last few seconds of laughter cause what the hell mood whiplash)

Gabriella 'Gabby' Parker (Who none of you have met yet at the time of this posting) ~ California Gurls - Katy Perry