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And now I can say Happy New Year!

SOTF Sims!
Since I've volunteered to help out Leak with these sims, I thought I'd try out a few of my own.

Chadd Crossen
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Look, you can't find flat top haircuts anywhere; ok?

Simon Grey
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Mirabelle Nesa
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SOTF Sims!
I'm going to take advantage of your offer and request Janet Claymont.

I'll also going to take advantage and compliment your character recreation skills.

And now I feel like playing Sims 3.

You people and your warped time should wait another twelve hours.

Locked Door; Pants Down
She could still feel Rizzo inside her, thrusting away with in quick, sharp jabs. It was so wnderful, Janet could feel the pressure building up until she finally orgasmed.

Wave after wave of ecstasy and delight spread over the drunk cheerleader, as she groaned in pleasure and joy, the feelings spreading throughout her body tickling her every nerve ending to the point of unfathomable joy.

As she continued panting in happiness, she felt Rizzo bury his head into her neck, his hands still grabbing firmly hold of her breasts. The sweet feeling continued to emanate from her vagina and to move throughout the rest of her form, whilst she looked down at her consort who she had just unintentionally been fucked by. If she wasn't so intoxicated, she'd realise that she had just cheated on her boyfriend.

Still, that wasn't relevant right now: the momentum of the booze and the orgasm took its toll on the young woman, and she found herself passing out in a drunken stupor on the bed, Rizzo's member still inside her pussy.

Amber Whimsy
Name: Amber Whimsy
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Journalism; Soap Operas; Jogging

Appearance: Amber stands at 5'8”, and weighs in at 223 lbs; she is quite visibly overweight. Most of it stems from her stomach and breasts, and her arms and legs are only larger than usual by comparison.

Amber's hair is a dark brown colour, and is cut just below her chin. Her forehead is rather small, and carries a few spots across the border, and beneath that her green eyes are of average size. Her nose is quite narrow and smooth with small nostrils. She has thin, dry lips, and her teeth are slightly plaque tinted; her jaw is quite square, and her chin protrudes slightly.

When out in public, Amber will usually wear a variety of colourful blouses and matching trousers, with a practical pair of shoes on her feet.

Biography: Born to a middle class family in St. Paul, Amber grew up as a typical little girl would. She has one older brother by three years called Danny, and her family as a whole has a good, healthy relationship.

Whilst growing up, Amber always was a very jolly girl: she was able to keep people happy, and possessed a knack for cheering people up. As a result of consistently putting a smile on people's faces, Amber started to habitually check around her for people feeling down so that she could try to cheer her up, and has become a rather considerate woman.

Unfortunately though, Amber also grew up in a fairly sedentary lifestyle: her mothers fascination of soap operas spread to her daughter, who would spend many afternoons on the sofa with her mother over a box of chocolates, enjoying the latest TV drama. Whilst this served to greatly strengthen their bond, it did result in Amber gaining a weight problem as she grew older, to the point she's at today.

In an effort to combat her fat, Amber started jogging in more recent months, but sadly she does not possess the personal restraint to miss afternoons of sugar and television whilst watching actors suffer. Though she does not suffer any more abuse for her obesity than the typical overweight high school student, she does possess some insecurities about her appearance when the subject is brought up, though these stream more from a lack of self control than wanting to appear skinny.

During middle school, Amber was visited by her elder cousin who had recently become a journalist. Listening to him describe the stories he got to cover and the exciting events in his daily life, which were really embellishments on his behalf, gave Amber a great interest in the field. Upon arriving in high school, she was quick to join the school newspaper and continues to be an active reporter. She is also currently seeking out to overtake the position of the school advice column.

Academically, Amber is an average student, maintaining a range of Bs and the occasional C and A, but the majority of her As come in literary subjects, where she studies particularly hard in order to enhance her chances of obtaining a career in journalism.

At Bayview, Amber maintains a moderate amount of popularity: whilst she isn't the most known student at school, the majority of the people she's encountered view her as a pleasant woman who can be counted on for a pick up when feeling down.

Advantages: Amber is a good talker, notably so when it comes to calming people down. Whilst she may be obese, her regular jogging means that she is less likely to tire out whilst doing that than when taking part in other forms of exercise.
Disadvantages: Amber is significantly overweight, which will greatly hinder her physical endurance on the island. Her lack of exposure to any sort of violence will leave her unprepared for what she'll face on the island.

Locked Door; Pants Down
"I-I'm a virgin..."

Janet rolled her eyes, a chuckle emitting from her mouth: guys could be so sensitive about those sorts of things.

“Don't matter now, Ratty! Hurry up and make it official!”

Still, he insisted on groping her breasts at least once before he came inside her, as she looked down at his hands going up under her shirt and rubbing his palms over her tits. It felt good, but not as good as what came next.


The penetration felt excellent; she could feel Rizzo's cock inside her pussy, and she was loving having fun. Moaning once again in pleasure, she laid back and let him get to work, letting him moan in sync with her.

“Ratty my boy: you ain't a virgin no more!”

It wasn't unusual for Janet to be picking up her brother from the hospital, but it was unusual for her to be this late. Normally, she would've arrived promptly so that Joe wouldn't have to wonder where her or her mother was after finishing his check up, but thanks to an inconveniently placed arcade machine in her line of sight she had been distracted and wound up ten minutes later than she approved of.

“Damn it, Janet! What kind of big sister are you?”

Hospitals were not an unfamiliar sight to Janet, considering all the regular visits that went on in her family. The cold, clean air of steel was a familiar odour to her nose, and she barely batted an eye at the variety of patients and medical professionals.

“Good afternoon; I'm looking for Doctor Viber?”

The receptionist wasn't familiar to the cheerleader, but then she hardly made an effort of noting every face she talked to when she visited Regions Hospital.

Third floor miss; Room 2A.

That location didn't strike Janet as familiar, but then that's why she made a habit of checking at reception every visit, especially after a few botched attempts at memorising the location and winding up half an hour late.

Nodding politely at the man, Janet walked towards her destination. As she looked about the corridors, she felt an air of nostalgia for when her little brother was born.

”Look Janet, it's your little brother Joe.”

At first Janet was rather jealous of her little brother, thanks to all the attention he got from everyone, but as she grew older and understood the nature of his attention, Janet began to love and care for her brother as she felt an older sister should. Though she had to make a few sacrifices for herself, Janet was satisfied with keeping Joe happy, which in a way gained her own share of attention through her parents approval.

However, the nostalgia soon wore off when Janet saw a sign on the door:


Recovery? Wasn't Joe supposed to be here for a simple check-up?

Wait, what if it wasn't just a check-up? What if something had happened whilst she was at school that day?

“Oh God, Joe!”

Barging into the room, Janet looked around for her little brother. Unbeknownst to her, the receptionist was mistaken about the room: Joe was actually sat in Room 3, Floor 2A, wondering where his big sister was. Janet had no way of knowing that, though.

Instead, she was relieved to find that she couldn't spot her brother in the room, and just saw a single patient, alone. Whilst she was happy that her brother wasn't present, she realised how intrusive she'd been by barging into his room.
Her cheeks blushing up, Janet uttered an apology at the patient. She was about to leave, when the face registered in her mind.

Although Janet had gained a good bedside manner from years of taking care of her brother, Janet was also a slave to her curiosity. Moving over to the man, she looked at him with interest.

Was he a student at Bayview? He looked about the age, if not for all the bruises and bandaging; if he was a student, then he definitely wasn't on any of the sports teams, who she could remember quite fluently for the most part.

Still, she was sure he'd seen him somewhere before: maybe she sat next to him in one of her classes.

Once again she realised how awkward she was being, looming over him and trying to identify him without saying a word.

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to gawk.”

Smiling uncomfortably, she felt she had to say something to break the ice.

“Excuse me for asking, but don't you go to Bayview? You look familiar.”

Locked Door; Pants Down
The feelings were incredible: Janet felt Rizzo's tongue scrape up and around her clitoris, each sensation causing her to reel in pleasure and delight, her hand tightening its grip on Rizzo's head as he continued his work around the little man in the boat.

“Ratty, come on! Let's go for the whole bam!”

She cried out between her squeals of wonder, her eyes clenched shut as the alcohol running through her veins was overshadowed by orgasmic bliss. This time, since she was experienced, it was sheer heaven: she could see why people made sluts of themselves!

“Come on Ratty, time for the big finish! Bring your member up here already!”

Shunting his head back took some effort, considering the enjoyment it was delivering to her nerves, but she knew that there was a bigger picture to get to here, and she didn't want to wait any longer for his throbbing membrane to blow its load into her pussy.

Splaying her legs, she offered herself up to him.

“Get on with it, now!”

Locked Door; Pants Down
"You're so sexy..."

It was so pleasant to be reminded of the truth, despite her blissful ignorance of her presence in the dangerously uncontrolled situation.

As Rizzo moved down to her underwear, she laid back and felt her material go down her thighs, then past her knees. Smiling, she looked as Rizzo's head moved in towards her vagina.

Janet groaned in pleasure as she felt Rizzo's tongue acting on her delicate pussy. The first time she had done it, it had been so fast to get to the point; so this is what foreplay was like.

“Oh Ratty, you keep doing what you're doing!”

It was delightful, and yet she knew that the best was yet to arrive. Moving her hand down to Rizzo's head, she grabbed at his skull to move direct him at her clitoris. She had no clue whether he was new or not, but even in her drunken state Janet was aware on what he was missing.

“Come on Ratty, go for the sweet spot!”

She continued her moans of pleasure and ecstasy, awaiting her partner to get to the main performance of penetration and satisfaction.

Locked Door; Pants Down
As she felt her jeans get pulled down, Janet looked at Rizzo and his now exposed cock. Hanging between his legs, it reminded Janet of her first time. Of course, that time she didn't pay quite as much attention as she was now, since she was more occupied with remembering what she was supposed to be doing - (Just sit back and let them have their way, I guess) - but this time she could take the chance to look over the organ a bit more closely.

They sure did look different in real life compared to the internet.

I mean, they didn't look like an entirely different package all together: there was just a different air around them; Janet supposed it must be more special when its up close and personal.

It wasn't long before she found her jeans completely off. She slowly brought up her legs to take off her boots herself, unintentionally giving Rizzo a great shot of her vagina, hidden beneath her white panties which were starting to become moist and semi-transparent from the scenario. Fumbling with the bootlaces, she continued to smile up at her Ratty as she finally managed to kick the shoes off, flying into the wall behind Rizzo and knocking a lamp onto the floor.


She giggled again at her clumsy move. “It isn't a party until something gets broken!”

Moving her legs back down and around Rizzo, she moved her hands down to her underwear, before stopping herself.

“If I take these off myself, you'd have to move Ratty... You do it for me.”

She still hadn't stopped her slurred giggling.

The Questions Game
If you could be the opposite gender for a day, would you? If yeah, would you extend the time, and by how much?

Lucy Ashmore: I guess? I mean, it couldn't hurt to try it out I suppose. Not that I'm a crossdresser or anything though!

Janet Claymont: Eh, I do a lot of guy things already, I've been told; doubt It'd be that different for me.

Alice Boucher: I would have to have something between my legs? No thank you.

You've just found a solid gold ring in the gutter that you know Old Lady Maslow lost a while ago, and you also happen to know she'll die in a week. What do you do?

Locked Door; Pants Down
Janet continued chuckling at Rizzo as she saw him fall all over himself in an effort to find a condom. In truth, she had only asked because she was thinking about all those adverts encouraging safe sex, and wanted to be ironic.

Eventually, he did find one though.

"Yep. F-flavoured..."

She giggled at his tone; he was so cute! Cute, and sexy! The only thing that was keeping her from leaping all over him there and then was her inability to properly focus on him.

As she moved onto all fours on the bed, she slowly crawled over in his direction, leaning her head in towards his crotch suggestively.

“Here, let me help you with that...”

The cheerleader moved her hands up towards his belt, stopping only for a few seconds to catch her balance, and began grabbing at the already unfastened belt. Gently tugging at it, the material slowly slid out of the loops holding it in place, before she dropped it to the side. Moving her hands up once again, she lightly pulled down at his trousers, revealing his underwear and evident bulge.

It was such a cute thing, his penis; true, she had only seen one before, so she had no clue what to think of the size, but the way it was right now, shyly hidden behind the thin cloth:

It just made Janet even more excited.

“Come on Ratty, now you gotta do me...”

Moving back onto her back on the bed, Janet pulled her hands up to her head, leaving her lower half at the mercy of Rizzo. Her slurred grin continued to look up at the man, whilst she waited for him to return the favour she had just performed on him.

Really, there's definitely something wrong with this picture. What am I doing?

She may have been drunk, but there was still a voice in her head warning her to proceed. It was all but rendered mute however, as Janet once again looked upon Rizzo's revealed bottom half, his cock eagerly awaiting her acceptance.

Locked Door; Pants Down
((Janet Claymont continued from High Gloss Highs))

She was not in her right state of mind; not even close. Janet may have only had five beers that evening, but her lack of experience and low tolerance meant she was less sober than a meeting of first time members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

In any other situation, Janet would remain faithful to her boyfriend, Chadd Crossen; she may have been a wild, crazy cheerleader, but she was by no means cheap. She loved him, and she wouldn't do anything to hurt him. Yet, here she was leading a complete stranger up to an empty bedroom, more than ready to engage in a night of unrestricted sex.

She had no idea how much she would hate herself for this later.

As she made her way to the second floor, she passed by another room emanating the noises of another couple engaged in private shenanigans. Dismissing the closed door as impregnable, Janet soon wound up at the very room she had entered the party not minutes ago, the former inhabitants being scared away by her entry through the window; she moved over to it and shut it for that reason.

As she waited for Rizzo to enter in after her, Janet caught herself in the mirror. Slurred face, swaying stagger; she knew that there was something wrong with her, but she couldn't put her finger on it on her own.

Normally, I look a lot less dizzy...

Regardless, her concerns were smothered when the man she had dragged up with her entered the room after her. In her own intoxicated way, he reminded her of her love. Just a lot shorter. And a lot less muscular. And not her boyfriend.

“Shall we get up to our fun, Ratty?”

She giggled again, as she shut the door after him. Fumbling with the lock, she eventually secured the room from invasion, leaving just her, Rizzo, and an en suite bathroom for their use. For extra measure, she moved a nearby chair in front of the door in an attempt to lock it more, but in reality she just ended up placing the chair in a way that made no difference whatsoever.

As she staggered over to the bed, she flopped over and lay down on her side; she looked up at Rizzo, grinning.

“Do you have a condom?”

She chuckled.

Cat Nap
((Opening post of Alice Boucher))

Maybe I should just have all my food air dropped in whilst I'm here.

Not moments ago, Alice had been wondering around the local supermarket, eyeing the various products for sale with a look of disdain. They weren't nearly as appealing as any of the markets back home in France, but then she knew that this wasn't strictly something wrong with America: most countries paled in comparison to French cuisine.

That didn't mean she couldn't hate the food on offer here, though.

Whilst the ingredients were no different than what was on offer back in France - they were only ingredients, after all - the pre-cooked meals on offer made her uncomfortable. True, she knew that they had pre-cooked food back home, but the amount of obese customers lazily chucking them into their trolleys made her wince.

The quicker she got out of there, the better.

Paying at the counter, Alice looked around at the other customers. She had been in the country for just over two months now, and she still wasn't much further in her parents dreams of tolerance. To be fair, she had stopped spitting on the idea the moment they had come up in conversation, but she was hardly walking up to them and greeting them; she wasn't unhappy with that predicament, either.

If I can endure for a while longer, I'll be fine...

The sooner her parents could understand she just wanted to go back home and finish her schooling there, the sooner she could be out of the country and back on track.

Oh sure, her choice of university was a pretty sweet deal, but as if they wouldn't already let her do that! Money was hardly an issue, and with her cooking skills she doubted she'd have any trouble making the entry requirements!

Curse her obedient nature! Why did her parents have to raise her so well?!

As she exited the store, she stopped briefly to get her iPod; putting on Alizée, she plugged in the earphones before picking up her shopping bags: whilst she would have to walk through the crowds for at least twenty minutes before she'd get back home, she most certainly didn't have to listen to them.

But boy, was she tired.

Because of the difference in time zone, Alice always had to wake up early if she wanted to talk to her friends back in Nantes, and was usually asleep later than her uncle wanted her for similar reasons. She had been particularly bad last night, staying up till two am before finally turning off her laptop.

Covering her mouth as she yawned widely, Alice looked around for somewhere to stop and catch her breath. Spotting an open bench not but a few feet away, Alice made her way over and sat down, habitually bringing her feet up onto the seating as well.

"Just a few minutes, and I will go home."

There was no harm in taking a quick pause to catch her breath; if people needed a seat then they could just look elsewhere! Besides, it would be rude to sit down next to a complete stranger anyway, no matter how much weight they felt was being put on their calves.

As she left her bags down in front of her, she brought her hand up to support her head, her elbow resting on the bench next to her. Looking around at the customers strolling through the mall, her eyes grew heavier as she looked around. Watching them stroll about their daily lives, she smirked at the thought of them as her eyes slowly drifted shut, inadvertently sending her into a calm, refreshing cat nap.

Chadd Crossen
Sounds like a plan to me; I'll have Janet get misdirected whilst going to pick up her brother.

Would you care to start the thread, or shall I? I'd rather let you decide just how bad Chadd looks right now, but I'll write it if you'd like me to.

High Gloss Highs
She slurred her giggling as she continued stroking Rizzo's chest, as he looked up at her cleavage. In any other situation, Janet would've kindly dismissed a guy staring at her breasts, but at that moment in time there was far too much alcohol in her for acting normally.

“You know Ratty, I saw a bedroom with a lock on my way in; maybe we can take advantage...?”

Giggling once again, Janet's drunken eyes looked upon Rizzo as a hunky god of all her sexual desires, rather than the small, mousey guy she would usually see him as. She was about to take his hand and lead him upstairs, when she was suddenly ambushed from the side and grappled in a bear hug by Charlene Norris.

Of all the people it could've been, it was Charlene Norris.

Now don't get her wrong, Janet knew that she wasn't the most popular girl at Bayview, but she didn't return the disliking to most of the students. If they stayed off her back, she'd stay off theirs. However, she held a special place in her heart for her fellow cheerleader Charlene Norris:

The spot she would love to crush under her foot.

Charlene Norris was, in Janet's opinion, an attention whore who always tried to come off as so perfect that the people around her bought into it and treated her as perfect; it really pissed Janet off how she managed to be on both the cheerleading squad, the tennis squad, hang out with that bitch Charlie DuClare, even make snide comments about people, and still manage to attract at least a visual amount of attention and admiration.

People like her were just unreal; they seem to get everything even though they don't deserve even nearly that much. When Janet saw someone as spoilt by the universe as her, she couldn't help but hate them thanks to the universe not being nearly as kind to others who had to live with problems like famine or disabilities, just like her brother, as they were to them.

And here she was, clinging to her and Rizzo in a bear hug, and from what she could vaguely interpret was trying to join in on her and her new escort's fun. Janet may not have actually voiced her opinions before hand, but she had enough liquid courage in her system to speak her mind.

Shoving Charlene away from her, Janet looked at her fellow cheerleader unimpressed.

“Hey Charlene, if you wanna - “ she paused here to briefly hiccup “ if you wanna go grope someone, you should like, really consider groping elsewhere, and not here, because no-one, no-one here wants to be groped I'm sure.”

“In fact, you should take that skinny, skinny ass of yours and go somewhere else all together. I mean, anywhere all together. Because you suck. Like, a lot lot. Now if you'll, you'd be so kind to excuse me and Ratty here, we're going to go and do stuff. Yeah, stuffy, stuff...stuff.”

Turning her head away from Charlene, Janet began stumbling over to the doorway. Supporting herself on the wall, Janet turned around to Rizzo again, deliberately avoiding eye contact with Charlene.

“Come on Ratty, we gotta...we're going to have fun now.”

Turning back, Janet's booze laden laugh followed her as she moved her way up the stairs, oblivious to the huge mistake she was going to make very soon.

((Continued in Locked Door; Pants Down))

Chadd Crossen
If you're in agreement, then I'm all for doing a memory to cement Janet and Chadd as GF and BF.

I thought of maybe having them meet up at the hospital: Janet being there with her little brother for one of his check ups and Chadd being there for his injuries or therapy, but if you had ideas too I'm all ears.

High Gloss Highs
"Who ordered jello shots?"

Ah, there we are: something to keep her busy for a while.

Turning to look, Janet realised the speaker was right next to her, which would explain how she had heard him so audibly in the room. Either way, Janet turned to her left, looking straight at Rizzo: the bringer of Jello. Ratty clothes, ratty features, and short to boot.

“I shall call you Ratty!”

Laughing in her intoxicated state, Janet slid over closer to the guy, grinning at him with interest. If he brought Jello, then he would probably make for a good conversation in the party.

Not to mention, if you want everyone to look at you then you have to start one person at a time! Probably.

She wasn't really sure if that made much sense, but she wasn't really paying attention to her train of thought. Instead, she was idly slipping on her arm and giggling with each swagger whilst she kept a light hold on the beer can in her other hand.

“So Ratty, what's a cute little thing like you doing at a party like this? Not lost are you?”

Laughing once more, Janet finished the majority of her drink, before tossing the can onto the floor below, alcohol idly dripping out of the hole onto the ground and forming a small puddle.

At this point, she was completely smashed; although Janet liked to big herself up as nearly invincible, she was not one to hold her booze, despite what she may have thought.

“Ah, what do I care? I like you Ratty; you're sweet!”

She hadn't actually heard him say anything apart from his offer of Jello shots, but she had already formed a badly drawn mental picture of him as the cute little kid with a quirky attitude.

Moving in closer, Janet began to move her finger towards his chest with the intention of stroking it lightly.

“Maybe you and I should get to know each other over some Jello shots, eh Ratty?”

She smirked at the guy whose name she didn't even know, the beer going through her system impairing all sense of reasoning and common sense.

Chadd Crossen
Hmm, I potentially see my Janet Claymont getting along with Chadd fairly well, considering her fondness of adrenaline and such, and her big sister complex would probably work out well with the whole injuries thing in the form of caretaking and consideration.