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SotF V6 Visual Novel/Dating Sim
Question, do people whose characters appear get to contribute to the writing involving said characters?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Mafia
I will sign up, hoping this doesn't turn into walls of text.

SotF V6 Visual Novel/Dating Sim
I'm nominating Kimiko Kao for a gal route and you can't stop me.

Rivers in the Desert
More gunshots. Nate kept his face buried in his hands, gritting his teeth, muttering pleas to stop under his breath. They didn’t.

What was he supposed to do? Nothing he’d done until now had stopped them, nothing had stopped the killing. He was, as always, powerless. Weak. Helpless. Couldn’t help anyone. Couldn’t stop anyone. Everyone around him died, as he just sat there crying. He’d cry, and people would die.

Someone came by.

He looked up from his palms. Saw Min-Jae. Stared at him as the rain poured down between them. Heard his words.

Stood there.

“You don’t remember me?”

He kept staring, hesitating. He didn’t know what to make of it. Of course, he remembered Min-Jae, because Min-Jae had tried to kill him for no good reason. He was the sole person Nate had fought back against, because he hadn’t wanted to die. He still didn’t want to die.

And now, here they were, with at least one of them about to do so. That was how they got to go home.

Nate looked down at the gun he’d dropped a moment ago, still next to him. Lying there, glistening in the rain.

He grabbed it, and pointed it at Min-Jae.

SotF V6 Visual Novel/Dating Sim
I'm jiggy with you using Nate Turner, Vanessa Stone or Sandy Bricks.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Muy bueno.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Requsting another (non-butt) couple in Nate Turner and Matt Moradi, if you'd be so kind as to stick them on the queue?

I might one day be not lazy enough to create statistics, too
I heartily approve of this.

(Though some of the sheets might benefit from some more labelling)

Rivers in the Desert
Nate hadn’t taken three steps when the shots were fired.

It was the anthem of the island. He’d heard it so many times over this whole thing. He’d heard it in the halls. Out in the open. In his sleep. In his nightmares.

He’d heard it with Alvaro. He’d heard it with Matt.

He stood in that spot, because he couldn’t move from it. He looked down at his hands. Matt’s blood was on them.

“Stop it.”

Not loud enough. They couldn’t hear him. Between the wind and the rain and their violence, it’d just be drowned out. They’d still be killing each other.

He fell to his knees. Clutched his face in his hands. Even at this late hour, even when he knew it was going to happen, he couldn’t bear it.

“Just stop it already!”