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TvTropes Mafia Thread
On one hand, I agree with Toben that Flare's role seems awfully specific and not very useful to the town.

On the other, I'm of the mindset that since there's only two flipped abnormal roles that if I'm understanding correctly Yugi's power would apply to, his power becomes very niche and rather underwhelming.

Both of these claims can't really be backed up unless I'm missing something.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Let's break it down:

Espi is more or less the confirmed person in the game at this point.

Toben's claim follows from what I've said and what Goose says. That doesn't guarentee that Ascetic is a town role, but it's something.

My claim has been confirmed by Espi. Again, no guarentee, but it's something.

Goose was able to say that his investigation of Toben turned up nothing before Toben came forward, which is something. His other two results aren't very helpful, but whatever. Barring the two being in cohoots, it's reasonably believable.

This leaves Yugi and Flare in a state of ambiguity, neither of whom to my recollection have claimed yet.

Of the two, Toben favours Yugi for town more than Flare. I personally favour Flare more than Yugi.

If we go by believable claims as the current benchmark, that leaves us with two potential lynches today.

At this point just having everyone claim may be wise, as the night phase is dominated in terms of power by the night kill right now when you consider just how few phases there might be left in the game. Ergo, holding back for the sake of your role may not be prudent.

I'm not saying that everyone claiming will tell us who to lynch today, I'm just trying to get as much information on the table as possible at this point. Please disagree with me if you feel this is an unwise course of action.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
The time to wait for questions to be directed at you before you talk is long gone, guys. We may very well be in a LyLo situation now, so take some initiative and put ALL of your organised thoughts down. At the very least, you can do an analysis on the remaining players.

I meanwhile will give my opinions on everybody after work.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
The reason I didn't jump on RC quicker is because Grim was putting a lot of stoke in him in our private chat. I wasn't convinced to his innocence the same way Grim was, but out of courtesy to his opinion I decided to give RC a chance. Fortunately that all worked out for the best, save for a bit of egg on Grim's face. Again, Espi can confirm this.

My understanding of the Jailkeeper role came from RC's claims here and here. Rereading just now makes me realise that I misunderstood, though. In my head a jailkeeper would be keeping someone safe but also keeping them from doing anything or being targetted, but I suppose in hindsight that's more of a busser role, isn't it?

Regardless, we know the reason that my recruit on you didn't succeed is because of your ascetic role.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Quotes please? Because I legit don't at all get what you're driving at here. You didn't hunt RC that much harder than you did Decoy, and I generally liked your play in both instances except for the somewhat noncommittal nature of it.

Slam goes after RC on pretty good grounds. It's legit solid scum-hunting, and were this game not multiball would count for a lot more.

He goes after RC, which speaks to legit scum hunting.

He's super noncommittal about Decoy, hearkening back t his behavior with every prior lynch.

When he does fully go for Decoy, he does so because "we" don't believe him--it's a little thing, but a word choice clearly intended to lump Slam with the collective and once again disclaim personal responsibility.

I think this demosntrates where I'm reading your change of tone from.

That said, Slam, why did you assume you were blocked by Imehal specifically?

You've got a reputation in mafia games and that makes you a magnet for night one actions; it wouldn't be a huge stretch to assume that Ime targetted you on that night. I didn't dismiss the possibility of a roleblocker, but I focused on the visible evidence instead.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
(for instance, Ricky plays from the gut most of the time regardless of role, while I dig me some complicated breakdowns no matter what).

Do me next!

You've done a very good job of writing a plausible story, Tobe, I'll give you that, but I'm afraid that's all you have: a story.

A major point of your suspicion seems to centre around the fact that I do a lot of soft pushing except in a few cases. I think you're coloring me in a bad way there, as whilst some of those posts are certainly non-committal, you should know by now that I tend to take a fairly observant approach until I'm sure of myself, at which point I go hard. That's what happened with Maddie.

You suggest that I decided to go hard after Maddie because I assumed she was a godfather and felt no other option but to get a lynch on her. Why would I act so hastily? Maddie was hardly leading the game at that point, which is something I called her out on very much; I wouldn't have much reason to consider her a threat during the day phase, and killing her wouldn't stop kills in the next phase unless it finished off the mafia.

In addition, you raise suspicion because that's where my energy peaked, but I point out that that was a point where evidence was starting to line up. My points about Maddie's earlier play still stands, and I had every reason to be suspicious of players able to communicate in the night phase (Why you ask? Wait for it, wait for it...).

Half your argument says I must be Darth because I was scum hunting RC so hard, but then the other half of your argument says I tried to distance myself from the decoy lynch, which flipped on the same alliance. Why would I change my tactics halfway through? If I'm going to scum hunt for the sake of building credibility, shouldn't I be thorough?

But it's easy to throw around the soft evidence. Let's have some hard stuff.

I am the Mysterious Waif, The Neighbouriser.

My power lets me recruit people at night, who can then talk to each other whenever we want. As a tradeoff, my recruitment gives no indication of alliance, so I could recruit town or scum and not know it.

On the first night, I attempted and failed to recruit MurderWeasel. His ascetic claim would explain why that didn't go through, though my theory the few days before the claim was that Imehal's jailkeeper played up, after she flipped.

On night two, I recruited Grim Wolf, which went through successfully. That's why I was non-commital on him after that phase, because I had plenty of opportunity from one on one conversations to get a better read on him.

On night three, I attempted to recruit Imehal. Then they died, unfortunately.

On night four, I recruited Espi. He can confirm this.

On night five, I attempted to recruit Toben again, since I assumed Imehal wouldn't interfere. Failed again.

On night six, I recruited Un-Persona. Succeeded, but they dead.

This is why I was calling BS on Maddie's and Penguin's claim. I knew that I had the power to enable nighttime communication, so another town role with the ability made me skeptical. Compounded by their buddying all game, and it was enough for me to switch to go hard mode. The only reason I didn't push harder was because I knew I could coordinate with Espi to track one of them, and the evidence would've hopefully been to my benefit (or given me reason to back off, either or)

TvTropes Mafia Thread
The use of "have reason to believe" here is pretty suspect to me because it's implying Slam has some reason above and beyond what everyone else has. Why not just say he believes it?

Choice of phrasing; I tend to believe next to nothing for sure in mafia without hard evidence. My approach is very Schrodinger.

Also, you're assuming that Espi can only confirm me through tracking. Assuming he's able to respond before the end of the phase (which should only be delayed by RL stuff but let's not worry about that), then I can have him confirm me before the next night phase and, assuming his cooperation, intend to.

More than that, I actually never said anything about Slam performing the kills personally, and the focus on reading my statement as such is getting my hackles up further because it's an instance of directing a power role.

I believe now you're just putting words in my mouth. All I said was that you claimed the kills were lining up in my favour; I never said anything about who was responsible for them. That's not like you, Tobe; stick with the facts if you would.

I don't think your theory about Penguin and Maddie dying being entirely to my benefit lines up perfectly. It'd be drawing attention back to myself when the lynch was already moving towards Maddie, not to mention abruptly ending a talking point that could've gone on another phase.

What I DO find a lot more interesting is that you've specifically focused on Penguin's flip.

What that means is that if Penguin died and flipped scum, Slam would get town cred for having correctly identified and pursued scum. If Penguin died and flipped town, Slam would get town cred from having been town-read by a townie, without the risk of having that townie change their mind and label him scum later.

Any reason you don't think I could have been involved in Maddie's death? :)

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Oh good, you guys only left me two pages to get through.

(No that's actually bad guys listen to Yugi and say stuff)

First of all, I have reason to believe Tobe's claim as an ascetic. That does not mean I consider him confirmed as townie; it's a role I could see scum having.

Second, I'm curious for him to elaborate on his claims that the kills line up in my favour. I'm quite confident that I can counter it, and Espi can confirm it.

I'm also curious why he considers Yugi to be in a good spot, especially given my opinions on him in the last phase. Pushing for activity is great, but you have to push your thoughts out too at this stage.

Flare, you've put me high on your suspicion list, but not elaborated very much on why. Please do so.

You'll have to excuse me for post coming across as defensive; I think I'll find it easier to tie up my own train of thought once I know what everyone else is thinking. With only six players left, we have to move very carefully this phase, after all.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Ah'm back babeh~

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Slam
Dates Away: 23rd - 26th November 2015 (Hopefully)
Days Away: 4 ish.
Reason for Away: Moving to my hot new bachelor pad. Internet should hopefully be set up on the Thursday, but y'all know how these things can get.
Characters: Nate Turner, Vanessa Stone. (Also Mafia)

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Doesn't really do anything to dissuade a lynch on you.

Can I just remind us not to forget to actually hammer?

Smoke On Her Face
Vanessa instantly picked up on Coleen’s embarrassment over the nickname that had been used, though Coleen wasn't exactly making that difficult to do. A wave of awkwardness washed over her when she realised that, no, maybe not everyone wanted to be recognised by their messed up face.

She chose not to say anything, however, as Cameron went around doing introductions, though she offered a nod when she was pointed to. If Coleen had an issue with it, then she’d apologise immediately, but she wasn’t about to make a scene if Coleen didn’t. Just call it a social fuck-up this time, and move on. Maybe Coleen already had.

“Yeah, we go out in the desert and get inspired by all kinds of shit.” She answered for Cameron, getting up off the sofa and stretching out a little. She’d been lying there for almost an hour now. “I drive us out there, we hang around and practice or talk about music or whatever; it’s a pretty kickass way to spend the day.”

She approached the two, giving Coleen a friendly smile in the hopes of disarming any lingering tension. If offense had been taken over the nickname, then it needed to be fixed before it got worse. She wasn’t trying to make her feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, after all.

“So, what do you play, Coleen?”

Serena Williams
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TvTropes Mafia Thread
I'm pretty sure at this point that we don't believe Decoy. The fact that he's apparently only investigated one person who's already flipped also means that lynching him only loses us a player that none of us trust to begin with. Not loving the number decrease, but the evidence trail that Tobe's painted still sits behind Decoy and makes me reasonably confident in making the move.

Vote: Decoy

That puts us at one vote from a lynch, if I'm correct.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I am wondering why this information didn't become apparent at all yesterday when you were one vote away from being lynched. Presumably if you had results you would've wanted the town to have them.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Yeah on review I can't see the post I thought I saw that made me think you were flip flopping so I'll rescind that. Other stuff still stands mind.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
MurderWeasel: I will not pretend that I can ever get a solid read on Tobe. Combine the fact that his list of posts is a massive wall of text (<3) that makes for a hard paper trail to follow, and I'm leaving him null FOR NOW.

Decoy: We've all discussed decoy and I'm still not seeing any evidence to clear him.

Un-Persona: A bit quiet, so not easy to get a total read on. I think he's drilling the right people, but sometimes he comes off as a touch... non-commital? I have scummier reads, anyway.

Yugi: Yugi's raising some red flags. He posts a lot in his own defense and joined a lot of popular bandwagons, but hasn't actually contributed much in the investigative side of things. Smells of coasting to me.

Goose: Again, a bit sparse on information to get a good read of. I will note that he seemed to flip flop on defending RC a little, and he's seemed pretty content to say things without actually commiting. I think that's a trend with the current pool, actually.

Flare: At first I thought Flare was opportunistic, but after rereading his posts he's actually reading the most town to me by far. He's willing to back up his claims and follows good logic. It's nice to know there's still hope for this town.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I don't like the way he characterises their play as "refusing to engage" - not an accurate sentiment, in my view - and I'm curious as to his view on Seth now.

They flat out said they wouldn't continue the line of discussion with me. Idk what you consider refusing to engage after that.

Anyway, my view of Seth is that it's unlikely townies would lie about receiving information from him, so I'm willing to lump Seth in with the 90% confirmed crowd.

There's seven people remaining, outside the plausibly confirmed. If nothing else I think we (including myself, soon) can take a moment to list our thoughts on the other six.

V6 Final Apps, Coming Soon!
Hey everyone! Now that we’re several months into pregame, the staff team is announcing that we’ve scheduled January 15th as the approximate opening of the final apps phase.

We’ll be releasing more details when we reach that date, but for those of you for whom V6 is your first version, the final apps phase serves as a last chance before the game proper to update your character with any changes that may have occurred during pregame, as well as a second chance for the staff team to ensure that every character is fit and ready for the game.

In the meantime, we’re happy to say that we’ve got plenty of things occuring over the next few months as we approach V6 proper, so keep an eye on this space. We’re sure you’re as excited for the next version as we are, so we hope that the upcoming stream of elections, events and more sneak previews is enough to whet your appetite.

Until then, please keep on enjoying the site and V6 pregame. If you have any questions, we're always happy to help.

Maxwell C. Corletts
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