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NaNoWriMo 2012
Oh right I was supposed to do this wasn't I.

Well maybe next year I'll write 50,000 words. Or even just one.

Attention span, thy name is not Slamexo.

Loco's Character Indecision
I'd say stick with Joey, and use Jim for V6 or a mini. You already know you like Joey, and for all you know Jim might not end up your cup of tea. Joey's already canon to the V5 universe, so you can't recycle him, but Jim doesn't have that limit.

V5 Final Applications are Open!
Do we have a working number for the maximum number of students for V5?

A Session in the Bedroom
A genuine smile broke through the corners of Gabby’s mouth; the offer of a break was exactly what she needed to hear. Without a word, only a thankful but weary smile, she took one of Joe’s cookies and sat herself down on her desk chair. Her long legs stretched out far as she leant back into the seat, transformed from the poised neurotic to an adjusted slacker by her friend’s support, and sunk her teeth deep into a delicious blend of oatmeal and chocolate.

“Sorry.” She said with a mouth full of cookie, and just like that her calm was shattered. She had spoken with her mouth full; that was something her little brother’s did, for goodness sakes. She raised a hand, requesting a moment from Joe to finish her mouthful and to berate herself internally.

“Sorry.” She repeated with a mouth no longer full of home baked goodness. “I guess I’m just wound up.” That much was obvious, but that didn’t make it any less inexcusable. Joe was her friend, not some pity party there to tell her what she could put up with and what she couldn’t, nor was he someone for her to whine at non-stop. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust him, because she did, but she couldn’t bring herself to vent at him regardless. It was just rude.

She straightened herself back up in her chair, her smile turning wearier by the moment. She took a drink from her glass, the ice long melted by the sun's rays, as she started to get a headache.

Guilty Gear Mafia Signups
I'll step down from reserves then, let Maraoone give the game a try. (Assuming both slots get used)

Guilty Gear Mafia Signups
Reserve signing up~

A Session in the Bedroom
Joe didn’t agree with her. Even though she had an advantage, knowing him as well as she did, it wasn’t hard to pick up on the nervous disagreement that he tried to mask.

It annoyed her, but she was never someone to jump down someone’s throat for not sharing her opinion. She stood up from her bed and faced out the window, hiding her rolling eyes from Joe as she clenched her folded arms in frustration. Losing Joe’s support wasn’t ideal, in fact it was downright upsetting, but she could at least elaborate on her point and make herself understood.

“I mean, we’re both smart people. We already know these things.” she said toward the window, her voice growing sharper by the minute. “So why should we waste all our spare time working? I mean, it’s not like studying is bad, I’m not an idiot, but there’s such a thing as overdoing it, you know?”

And spending a gorgeous day like this in a bedroom was definitely overdoing it. Whilst having Joe there was pleasant, his nervous habits never getting in the way of his relaxing presence, the fact remained that they were usually so busy studying that the bulk of the words they shared were practice questions.

She groaned and rubbed her forehead, her skin still smooth from its rigorous upkeep. For a moment the light shut out, as she closed her eyes and lost herself in her thoughts. She was getting annoyed, there was no doubt about it, but she couldn’t ignore the fact that she wasn’t alone. If it was just her in room, then fine, she could be pissy all she wanted, but today she had a guest over. Even if he had been a complete stranger, rather than a close friend, she would never let herself lose her cool in front of another.

“Sorry.” She sighed, turning back and twisting her frown into a smile. “Do you want to run some practice questions, or something? Let’s just get our heads out of books; maybe that’ll help.”

A Session in the Bedroom
Gabriella paid polite attention to Joe whilst he answered, but her pained mind couldn't keep focused for long, quickly beginning to sulk back to miserable boredom.

Other people didn’t have to deal with this, as far as she knew. Other people would just have the occasional reminder from their parents, if that; the rest just got to set their own paces and work on the things they wanted to. If they had wanted to become the next big folk group, their parents would probably throw them a party for it. But not her: that wasn’t how she was meant to function.

Medical school, architecture like them, or some kind of engineering or science: anything that made money and nothing that kept her attention. As long as she ended up becoming her parents in twenty years, they’d be happy. Whatever she wanted was irrelevant, just something to shut down whilst claiming to do it 'for her own good'. When she'd decided to look at language schools, it had been a compromise between both parties that neither were particularly pleased with; she only took it because she was already pretty good at Hebrew and other languages came almost naturally, whilst her parents were just glad that she was heading towards an actual degree.

She had began to scowl as she wound herself up, only just hearing Joe’s question. She was losing her will to even respond at that point: Joe was just a reminder of what she was stuck doing, trapped in the exact same situation himself. He was a comrade in arms on most occasions, an ally in the on-going war with their parents and books, but he was still a reminder that the war existed in the first place.

“Well, I wanted to practice with Cho today, but, you know, we’re both stuck in here.” She said, her sarcastic words sharp and merciless with the world around her.

“This is really stupid, isn’t it?”