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Alex King could have trolled your blog for a fun while, but I suspect the two would've banned her connection from it or such before long ne?

The Great V4 Read-A-Thon!
I could use a good V4 looky about, two please!

V5 Concepts Thread
I am backtracking some concepts (like two) because I can and you guys can't stop me.

Jamal Farouk
Now see, from that summary I have a very good picture of what Jamal does and what strengths and weaknesses he possesses. Unfortunately, that's about all I can really get from that; we need a little bit more description in the personality department: what are Jamal's attitudes towards people? What are his attitudes towards himself? Is he a perfectionist? An elitist? Does he just have lots and lots of hobbies and pursues them all with equal determination? And whilst we're on the topic, Jamal's weaknesses seem a little thin. Obviously the point of SOTF isn't to make someone who will perfectly balance in ability compared to every other character, but it seems Jamal's only problem is he's going to have trouble finding a tech savvy ally on the island. Nein, don't think about what Jamal will be able to do on the island yet. Take what you flesh out with the personality some and then see if you can't find more personality faults that go along with them: for instance if he's a perfectionist, then the strength comes from his diversive abilities and the weakness just writes itself. If you have a character that's too strong, then you could well bump into some problems generating any real conflict for him in his story.

Alexei Zavlasky
Alexei runs into a similar zone with Ramal, that being his general lack of any weaknesses or information on his personality. Give us more ideas of what goes through his head and consider elaborating on a few things that'll give him obstacles to overcome as he lives out the rest of his days, and I'm sure he'll make for a super character.

Dr. Roy
If I had to give a realistic timeline guesstimate, I would wager somewhere in the 6 months - 1 year + zone would be a reasonable time frame for her to reintegrate with civilised society. As for what causes the rehibilitation, I'd only really object to B since it seems to clash with her pre-existing personality. Then again, maybe she just grew up and changed what she thought about things with more experience under her belt.

new kid on SOTF. help me out?!
Just a question that's been playing on my mind for a bit now: why would the counsellors or whatever psychiatric care was in charge decide to make Cassidy repress the memory rather than come to terms with it then, as a child, so she could move on past it in her adult life? I'm no psychiatrist or anything, but don't they usually go the route of dealing with grief rather than burying it? Especially since Cassidy at the age of four and traumatised by her parents' death wouldn't be in much of a position to say 'I want to forget it ever happened' or such and then someone approve such a request.

Again not a mental health professional or expert so my expectations might be totally wrong, but it's still something that I've been wondering about.

V5 Concepts Thread

After looking over my more updated Alex King mini profile, I have realised that she couldn't sound more like the dreaded pre-built player unless I gave her a fondness for manipulating others just for lulz!

Alex King

Quick! Is there anything we can do to reduce this mass of cliché before it becomes too much and [extended radiation analogy]? Cause I'd love you if you had a few tips on how we could make her a bit more developed or better reflect that we're going for very angry girl here, not homicidal girl. Though nice presumption to make of her, actually it fits. BUT WE DON'T NEED IT TO FIT YET PRE-MADE PLAYERS ARE BAD!

Dropping my values to make friends!
I've updated Ryan and Alex's descriptions a bit to better reflect how I'm planning them these days, so if you've scheduled anything with me you might want to double check to be safe.

Archie: I can see where you're coming from, what with Ryan and Jamal both being track team enthusiasts, but the problem is the entry in the V5 problems thread doesn't really tell me a lot about Jamal's personality, just what he does and who he interacts with. If you could flesh out how he interacts with others a little more, then I'd be more than willing to give it a looksy.
As for co-captains, I don't even think Ryan would win the elections for it with his personality: guy may be a great runner but he's not exactly masta charisma. It's more of one of those '"I'd love to try" but he's gonna fail' things in my mind and I'm pretty sure co-captains could only happen if there was a tie or a close second. But if that does happen hey by all means considered.

teamsleep: Actually, I'm kind of having trouble seeing the two getting along for long if Tim doesn't actually know a thing about anarchism still like I just read in the concepts thread. Though I can see the two getting along from unpleasant parental histories sympathising, but really that's kind of the only link I'm seeing now, though the Alex I had up there was rather out of date and would have meshed better so I see why you offered up. Mah bad on not keeping them more modern really.

Need a Track Team here!
Then let this be an expression of Ryan Banks' interest in captaincy.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition

Alex King: An airport so I can travel like a normal person.

Ryan Banks: Hawaii? I don't even know how to sail a boat anyway.

Would you have super powers at the cost of social acceptance?

You Know That I Could Use Somebody
Actually I was thinking along the lines of Alex being someone Max could date during the pre-game itself, rather than a past ex. Unless that's what you meant too, in which case hurray smoothness.

Though that said I am having a whee bit of trouble in heinsight justifying why she'd date anyone, or indeed why anyone would date her, considering her self inflicted bottom rung on the social ladder. Might be a better idea to disregard my momentary lapse in offering her there, unless Max enjoys a challenge in picking up girls and can penetrate her jade shield of cynicism and hostility.

So. Relationships. Fox needs 'em.
If Satoka does end up bullying people, Alex King might grace the corner of her mean eye every now and then. Girl has a knack for attracting bullies to her, though she does bite back so fair warning if anything happens.

I'm still all for Ryan and Brian getting along, both being on the track team and such, but I can also see Ryan developing something of a crush on Brian. Whether that's a thing you'd like to get down with in pre-game or just leave it to Ryan and his nights alone is up to you.

Alex King I can also, strangely, see getting along quite well with Jenna if the two have ever had a chance to talk with each other at length; she'd see her a person who's very straight forward and honest (as far as Alex thinks (And myself as long as I'm getting your mini profile down straight)) with her opinions and thoughts. Alex digs people who aren't fake.

You Know That I Could Use Somebody
Alex King of mine might make an interesting during pre-game dumpee for Max, if he can put up with her insanely cynical and jaded outlook on life long enough to do whatever it is he does with these flings that is. Girl needs a little affection in her life after all and having it screwed over right in her face would be a fun page.

Other than that Rachel Penn's dead now, so no gamer friend there for Monica any more I'm afraid.

Dropping my values to make friends!
Rachel Penn has since died in a tragic skiing accident for being bland and too similar to Amber Whimsy. A full page in the yearbook is assured.

Ryan and Alex are still on the looky loo for friends, enemies and all the rest however.

Oh look. Another one of these things.
Chase might get along well with my Ryan Banks, considering they're both level headed calm people and determined to improve from a mediocre-to-poor standing in their field (Ryan in his track, although he's quite good these days so it'd be more of a Knows how it is keep at it sorta thing (Though I doubt he'd ever really try to be a coach or anything, he'd respect Chase's own desire to get better)).

Really I should've checked my own friendship thread first, considering we've already had this conversation. Oh well, still happy to go with it if you are.

Need a Track Team here!
Ryan Banks is all over that track team over dar.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
What makes your blood boil? What makes you filled with desire?

Alex King: Idiots. Just, anything an idiot does. Or a violent bastard.
Never you fucking mind what makes me filled with desire.

Ryan Banks: Probably when people make fun of me behind my back. It doesn't really happen much any more, but you know it's just, urgh, why do it?
I really love it when it's coming up to a track meet, but a nice guy walking around the corner works too. Erm, when I say nice I mean friendly or something, okay? Not nice looking or cute or anything...

King or Queen of your favourite country for a day; things to do?

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Which celebrity would you like to hang out with for a day the most?

Alex King: Can I shit on them and make their lives miserable for that day? Cause if I can Lady Gaga. Her and her fucking fanboys everywhere, pissing me off.

Ryan Banks: I guess I'd say a track athlete, ask them to give me a few pointers and just find out what it's like in the pros. I should probably find out some names of a few though...

Scientific research discovers that the christian god does in fact exist and has existed this entire time, including heaven and hell and all the associated such. Your reaction?

Introduction Thread
Greetings new loved ones, welcome to our massacre. Please help yourself to a free shrimp coctail~

Europe Trip
Bath is full of cultural landmarks, and more importantly, me!

That or I drag my ass up to London to come find you, either works.

Europe Trip
What parts del England would you be visiting oh Aussie Ben?