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Slam's Creativity Thread
Man, I haven't touched this thread in ages. Maybe I should just close up shop...

Oh man, wooooah! *trips and throws a box of things in your direction in an absolutely convincing not-on-purpose manner*

Oops, look at the mess I made!

NaNoWriMo 2016
I've been toying with the idea of doing 50,000 words worth of short stories instead of trying and failing to have the attention span for something longer, but we'll see.

V6 BKA/BDA Voting: October 2016
Voting is closed. The winners shall be revealed in the next announcement.

Sunset Boulevard
She let out a quiet groan. Of course Alessio hadn’t seen her, that’d be far too easy. He didn’t have to apologise for it, though, and perhaps she’d been a bit too blunt. It wasn’t exactly an easy situation for anyone she’d met, after all, and it didn't take a genius to see that Alessio was not exactly Mr. Charismatic.

She was about to tell him not to sweat it when he interrupted her, whipping out his Rubik’s Cube as if the colourful puzzle would mean just about anything to her. Her apologetic expression quickly devolved into a confused one. “Uuuh...ok?” was all she could think to say. She didn’t remember him that well, but she was pretty sure there were nothing like this involved when they had last met.

She was starting to feel just a little bit exasperated, she realised. It had been a long enough day trekking across the island whilst dealing with the frustration of both not being able to find her good pal and the grim reminders that people were out for blood, and the hints of exhaustion had started to creep in when she’d settled down to rest. Now she was having to entertain Alessio, who’s train of thought was pretty much a big question mark to her? Ugh.

“Well, I still need to go find Cams, sooo….” she trailed whilst starting to approach the roof’s doorway, Alessio still standing between her and it. She had every plan to just shimmy past and be on her merry way; sorry for not being friendlier, dude, but time’s a wasting and you’re kind of really freaking awkward.

V6 BKA/BDA Voting: October 2016
Just under fifteen hours left to get your votes in if you haven't already.

Sunset Boulevard
Vanessa relaxed just a little when Alessio raised his arms. Ok, so he wasn’t about to try anything funny, that was peachy. She still wished he’d spoken up sooner rather than sending her heart beating a mile a minute with his silent watching, but whatever.

She also wished he’d hurry up and spit out whatever he’d come up to say, folding her arms to display her impatience. Ok sure, this wasn’t the most casual setting and yeah people were freaked out, but get to the fucking point out already. She wasn’t really in the mood to start entertaining someone who’d been spying on her for fuck knew how long and then couldn't put together a few words.

When he brought up Peyote Coyote, a light flicked on in her brain as she finally remembered who Alessio was.

He wasn’t really someone she’d given any second thought to, since he was just some random, if cooky, fan from in front of her locker, but here she was face to face with him on an asylum rooftop. Kind of an awkward position, not helped by his awkward choice of conversation.

“Two of them are safe at home, I haven’t found Cams yet.” She replied in as direct a manner she could; Alessio was an expert at making entrances that put Vanessa on edge.

“Have you seen her?”

Project: Wiki
To clarify, we asked that meanwhile only students undergo the same critique process as on-island characters specifically to avoid people putting in things that wouldn't fly in other profiles, so the precedent is already in place.

Project: Wiki
Whether or not people care about Meanwhile and Pregame isn’t the topic at hand here, and the fact that both sections have been perfectly active through V6 pretty much justifies that people do actually care about them.

The topic at hand here is that these are not the main focus of our roleplay. Our wikis and the tropes page are for summarising the characters who are regularly maintained and worked on through the game, which requires a fairly large amount of effort, and that’s why they get whole pages. Meanwhile characters, who by comparison do not require constant activity, get to be part of a smaller page to reflect that they are a smaller part of the overall version. They still get to be on the wiki and there’s nothing stopping their profiles being linked, they’re just there in a smaller capacity.

Once again, SOTF is about SOTF.

Project: Wiki
Not giving pregame/meanwhile only characters full profile pages and huge coverage on tvtropes is not the same thing as removing all mention of these things. It's instead avoiding pulling focus from the main action which is what the site's actually about and where the majority of the effort lies, by giving these things an appropriate proportion of wiki real estate.

Project: Wiki
Pregame is important because it lets people develop their characters and can often have events that become important to scenes on the island. (Two people have a fight in pregame -> two people have a bigger fight on the island, for example)

Meanwhile exists as far as I know more or less because people wanted it.

Project: Wiki
My opinion is that SOTF is about SOTF. Pregame informs characters in the main game, so it's relevant in that regard, but supporting characters from there and meanwhile events don't really have much of any direct influence on the island themselves and therefore are supplementary material, so they don't really need to have as much attention on the wiki or on tvtropes. A character's uncle might be really important to them and be mentioned frequently in their story, but you wouldn't give the uncle his own page, after all.

Sunset Boulevard
The roof had a nice view and all, but it didn’t make for either the most comfortable or safest place to spend the night. Vanessa roused herself from her state and stretched out, ready to head out again and see if she didn’t have more luck searching in the twilight. Maybe Cams would’ve bunkered down somewhere to sleep, which would mean she wasn’t a moving target.

Up on her feet, she turned around and headed- JESUS HOW LONG HAD HE BEEN THERE?

Vanessa almost fell off the roof to an untimely demise when she saw Alessia standing near the doorway, staring right at her. She was able to catch herself, fortunately, but the startled look stayed on her face.

“Christ dude, fucking say something next time!”

Vanessa didn’t really recognise Alessio off the top of her head, that awkward locker conversation a distant, trivial memory at this point, and that did nothing to relax her. After all, what kind of fucking creep stood there watching you sprawled out, trying to sneak up on you and all that shit?

Oh, right. That whole terrorist mass murder thing.

She grabbed her impromptu club of a chair leg that had been poking out of her bag, standing her uneven ground as she gave Alessio a cautionary look, like a rattlesnake asking you to kindly not screw around with it. She wasn’t going to let him try anything if that had been his plan, but it would be fan-fuckin’-tastic if that wasn’t the case.

V6 BKA/BDA Voting: October 2016
It's time for V6's second round of contest voting! Here's a quick recap of the rules for your benefit when voting:

Votes will remain hidden until the voting is done.

Votes are made anonymously, so you'll need to log out of your account and post as a guest.

You may not vote for yourself for either award.

Votes must come with reasoning, or they will not be counted.

As a reminder on points of courtesy: please be sure to read every kill and death before voting, please vote for your genuine favourites rather than just voting for your friends, and please don't campaign for awards in the chat or otherwise try to influence the vote.

Jasmine Reed, for killing Joshua Bracewell
Oskar Pearce, for killing Jane Madison
Nancy Kyle, for killing Sabrina Luz
Kimiko Kao, for killing Bradley Floyd
Nancy Kyle, for killing Sandy Bricks
Brendan Harte, for killing Jeremiah Larkin
Isabel Ramirez, for killing Danny Brooks

Ciel, for the death of Joshua Bracewell
Rorick Skyve, for the death of Jane Madison
Yugikun, for the death of Jasmine King
decoy73, for the death of Sabrina Luz
General Goosebumps, for the death of Bradley Floyd
The Slamtichrist, for the death of Sandy Bricks
Lolita, for the death of Jeremiah Larkin
Violent-Medic, for the death of Danny Brooks

Voting will run for five days, with the winners being declared in the following announcement.

Posted Image

Forget About What I Said
Nate looked between Matt and Ben as Henry asked about the food, feeling a pang of sympathy for his situation. It couldn’t have been easy being stuck in a situation like this and also starving all the while. He would’ve been the first to offer him some protein bars if Ben hadn’t cut him off.

“It’s ok,” he butted in, not wanting to miss the chance to help and not wanting his own generosity to go unnoticed. “he can have some of my stuff. I don’t eat that much anyway.” That was something of a lie, all that exercise did leave him quite hungry, but it was a reflexive fib to make the offer more palatable.

He smiled at Ben and Henry, though not at Matt, who’s reluctance to help out hadn’t gone unnoticed. It made Nate feel just a little bit disappointed that his friend wouldn’t be more selfless, but he chose not to dwell on it for too long. It wasn’t like Henry was out to do any harm, though, so it wasn’t really cool of Matt to hold out on him.

Ben had raised a good question though. Maybe Henry was a klutz who had just lost his stuff, but Nate supposed that was probably unlikely. If his classmates had started attacking, no, killing each other, then taking their food wasn’t exactly a huge leap. Henry was alive and looked well enough, but what if he had avoided danger by the skin of his teeth? Not nice to think about.

“Yeah, are you ok? Did someone try to-” he caught himself. He didn’t really want to ask it out loud and openly discuss the reality that they were trapped in; it was hard enough accepting that his classmates were out for each other in the first place. “You’re not hurt or anything, right?”

Sunset Boulevard
((Vanessa Stone continued from We’re Here Because We’re Here))

Productive mornings did not always make for productive days, it turned out.

Vanessa had spent the better part of her time looking for her friend, but to no avail. She’d been moving around the island relatively fast, but inevitably had to slow down to rest or catch a bite to eat, or occasionally just to freeze up a little bit when the sounds of danger hit. It had been eerily quiet, otherwise, but that was probably due to the lack of company that Jae had accustomed her to. Hopefully he was doing alright with his buds.

She hadn’t expected to find Trav and Cass still up on the roof, and that wasn’t why she’d come back up here, but it wouldn’t have hurt. She’d have liked to have apologised for freaking out on them yesterday, if she got the chance, but it would’ve been pretty weird for them to have stayed in this one place for a whole twenty-four hours.

Mostly she’d just come up here because she thought it might get her a better look, and because it was familiar.

It was pretty cool, having the whole roof to herself to watch the sun going down over the horizon. It painted the sea that stretched out from Asylum Island a killer orange, the sort of thing you’d see on postcards but a hundred times better. Cams would really dig it; Vanessa would have to bring her up here when they finally found each other.

She let out a long sigh, lying into the sloping roof as she tucked her arms behind her head and stared up at the sky.

“Christ, Cams, way to make this hard.”

We're Here Because We're Here
Vanessa just went along with it as Lizzie thanked her for the company. She didn’t think offering her fairly shallow ‘there there’s’ would’ve been that helpful, but hey, if it made Lizzie feel better about everything then it was a net win, she supposed.

She also went along with Min-Jae and his romantic reunion. She didn’t know that Jae had a girlfriend, but then she hadn’t known all that much about him before yesterday anyway. Was that a twinge of disappointment she felt when the two hugged? Well, it was whatever anyway.

So then he shot off (well, limped off), and she was left alone with just Jordan. Unlike the last time she’d had a one-on-one with a stranger, no-one had beaten Jordan’s face in, nor did he have a busted leg, so Vanessa had much less incentive to stick around.

“Sooo if he’s going off with her, and I’m guessing you’re sticking with her too, I’ll just bail to find Cams? Cool? Cool, peace.”

She flicked a casual V-gesture to emphasise her farewell, then picked up her things and headed off. Jae was in good hands, and now she could get to searching at full speed. Between making someone a little less distraught and reuniting some star-crossed lovers, she was being pretty damn productive this morning.

((Vanessa Stone continued in Sunset Boulevard))

Forget About What I Said
Nate stared at Henry as he rambled on about nothing, trying to think of the appropriate response to being reassured that Henry wasn’t about to try and jump him. “Thanks, I guess?” He finally said, as he tried to to crack a smile, with mixed results.

Nate wasn’t overly familiar with Henry, their interests putting them pretty far apart from each other. They were in the same grade, he knew that much, and Henry had never given him any particular reason to be wary. He didn’t seem to be the most outgoing person, but that was fine as far as Nate was concerned, as long as he wasn’t aggressive about it or anything.

“I’m not alone, though.” He started, before Ben cut him off from behind by appearing in the doorway. Nate turned back to his companion, stepping out from between him and Henry so that he could talk to them both at once. “Matt Moradi’s with us too.” He continued, turning into the room to point out his other buddy in a perfectly casual manner.

“Do you want to come in?” There wasn’t any reason Henry had to stand around in the doorway, after all. Ben seemed to know him and he seemed friendly enough, so there was no reason Nate couldn’t relax his guard. Besides, it was probably safer in the room with them than outside where people were starting to lose it.

V6 Third Rolls
Sandy is pushing up daisies. Because daisies grow out of sand. Cause he's in a sandy grave.

Nailed it.

Like a wounded, tired bull, Sandy didn’t pay much attention to what Nancy might’ve actually been doing as he charged her. He didn’t brace himself for a retaliation, or anticipate that she might’ve moved, or anything that might’ve saved his life. All he did was charge.

He screamed in unison with her as the distance between them drew to none, reaching out to grab something but ultimately doing nothing, as the tip of the screwdriver hit its mark and hit him square in the eye.

There was a sickeningly short combination of sounds: the cracking as the lens of his glasses shattered, followed by the sickly squirt of his eyeball popping, ultimately leading to the piercing of his brain like a steak-knife into a hunk of meat. There wasn’t really any time to react to any of it.

There was a moment before he fell, as if he might’ve still been holding on, before he finally dropped to the floor with a lifeless thud. He convulsed once, then went still.

And that was the end of it.

B025: Sanford Bricks - Deceased
92 Students Remaining

So intent on making sure Nancy died below the surface was Sandy that he didn’t even notice her grab for the screwdriver. Paying no attention to where her arms were going, so used to her batting at him to no avail by now, he had no warning when she finally stabbed him right in his gut.

His arms went as stiff as they could, still holding Nancy under, but his attention moved from her. He looked down at the invading tool with disbelief, seeing it sticking out of his abdomen where it clearly didn’t belong. After a brief but drawn out moment, he realised what had happened.

He screamed, pushing himself away from Nancy as if he could undo what she’d done, pulling himself off of the screwdriver. Blood poured out of the open wound, and everything swam for a moment as the pressure in his circulatory system dropped as sharply as a cliff-face. He almost fainted, his suffocating heavy thoughts suddenly turning light and groundless, but instead he barely clung to consciousness as he pawed at the orifice, trying to stop the bleeding to no avail.

That deep, heavy breathing of a cornered beast turned into rapid shallow pants, as his fight or flight instincts fought for control. He could feel himself growing weaker, his legs turning to jelly, and there wasn’t long left. Nancy was still there, though, still breathing, still not leaving him alone. He didn’t know what to do.

He couldn’t leave, but he couldn’t let her go. He had to finish what he started, because he didn’t know what else he could do. At this point, he didn’t know much of anything anymore.

So, with nothing else and no time to think, he threw himself at her one more time.