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TvTropes Mafia Thread
I'm not going to pretend that Lore's role might not be valuable. but I was willing to lynch RC regardless of his role and I'm willing to lynch Lore too. I don't really want us to go a lot of days without having the conviction to follow up on our suspicion and hang people, so I'm willing to put a vote on Lore. I don't know how this is going to flip, but I do know they've done the best to make themselves the most lynchable person today.

Vote: Loretta

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I get the feeling once again we're just waiting (or stalling) for someone to implicate themselves. Lots of people asking for people's opinions, but not a lot of people are actually going diehard on the people they're throwing suspicion at.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I'd also really like more in-depth thoughts from Slam: what little we've gotten is good, but not good enough.

Oh I'm sorry your majesty.

I don't really know what else to draw attention to apart from agreeing with Lore's general untrustworthiness. Ricky was a hard person to read from my perspective, and I can't honestly say I had any idea how he was going to flip before he did so. Still, two down in one day/night cycle, not too shabby.

Imehal I really hadn't given much thought at all to before they flipped.

I'm not entirely comfortable that Grim was apparently confirmed by RC who then flipped as scum. Considering my earlier observation that he tends to go for pushes that wind up being town, it's not a great vote in his favour.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Posts posts to read.

Lore's play doesn't necessarily strike me as bizarre or erractic, but it does still strike me as poor and a lot of the logic does kind of trip up on itself.

Idk if I want to lynch them yet but I could totally lynch them in the near future if something cool doesn't happen. I don't really see much point in keeping around someone who doesn't want to use their town role powers and is also attracting all kinds of suspicion to themselves. But on the upside I would prefer to force the scum to off Lore rather than using our lynch to do it, but that relies on Lore not being scum, which is not a safe prediction at this point.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I mean, even if that claim's legit, there's nothing stopping the scum from just blocking you if they want someone to die. We've already lost one protective role; I question how many the town would have still standing. At the same time, I don't consider a scum roleblocker an impossibly unlikely scenario, and even if that makes you a roleblock sink, it doesn't do anything to help the erratic nature of your playstyle in the day phase and general ease to distrust.

Also, it's quite convenient that your information claim was immediately dispelled by Bikri but then you wave your hand and say you must've been blocked. I'm not saying that's evidence by itself, but it kind of illustrates how easy it is to just make up the claim. Plus, you know, Bik's more credible than you right now.

So yeah, vote stays.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Yes, lynching is good, especially as our vig might be dead and we haven't lynched anybody the previous days. But lynching a town role doesn't really help. Like, how many people are we now? How far are we away from mylo or lylo? Like, the game might be over soon.

I don't want to undersell the threat or anything, but aren't you overreacting? I mean there's still eighteen alive, so it'd take like five+ size scum parties for a mylo to occur anytime soon.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I am still here guys I swear.

I'll say what I think of the players in this soirée. If I've missed anyone important, I'm sure I'll smack my head and remember soon if people don't ask me about them. But feel free to do so!

Anyway, I feel like people are running the strat of trying to prompt each other to say something unintended or implicating then nail them for it.


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MADDIE! I have something of a very slight scum leaning on, but I'm really not very sure. You tend to have quite an aggressive playstyle, but you've also hopped on some wagons that at this point we're fairly confident are town. I'd say that coming forward about the amnesiac role makes you less suspect, but then you'd probably just wind up looking stranger if the amnesiac person themselves called you out. You do make some good points about RC trying to redirect the wagon, though.

RICKY! I'd like to have a scummier read on you, but I can't push it above a null read. You sure do like to talk a lot and out loud, but I don't really think you've actually been all that commmitted to any point of view yet, instead just defending suspicion on yourself and commenting on other people's thoughts. I suppose that's actually a bit scummy, now that I think about it.

PENGUIN! I am incapable of objectively judging you but if I had to make an educated guess I'm actually on something of a town read. You're asking a lot of questions and trying to keep the game moving, but you are also quite focused on your own interests as well. Still, I'm not giving you the dirty eye just yet.

FLARE! I had you written off as not super active for the most part (da fuck is hypocrisy), but that last post of yours was quite well thought out and made sense. It's a good town sign, but one post does not make a complete case.

GRIM WOLF! You're tough. You have a really aggressive attitude, and you chase your targets with a lot of fervour. However, I tend to see investment in a case as more of a town sign than scum's detached nature. Plus you're also pushing for activity, which I also consider a positive sign.

BUUUT you've also gone after a fair few leads that I'm town reading. It could be that we just don't agree, or it could be that my gut instinct is trying to warn me.

RC! You are tricky too, but not tricky enough. I wanted to say that you deflected suspicion all the time and weren't willing to defend yourself, but then I found posts that suggest that there are cases where you are doing that. At the same time though, you're being really erratic and I don't necessarily follow you logic, and you ARE trying to deflect suspicion off yourself onto the easily targetted inactives. It's not a good read, and of all the people I'd feel comfortable lynching today, you're sitting at the top of the list.

Vote: RemoteControl

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pretty sure that's all the post I have in me right now.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Who said that?

The Fioraous One (This gets pretty insane)

Reagan Wolfe
This character has been abandoned at the handler's request. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler at any time.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Orite Maddie's post just said the thing about Frogue targetting Dea that I said was unlikely. i am pro you guys

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Who the fuck is the Fil-oh ok it's Espi hi Espi.

I'm actually a bit surprised by the Dea flip, given his terse posting nature and fairly sheepish gameplay. Frogue dying strikes me as more likely to be a scum kill than Dea, since Frogue wasn't really attracting much town attention in my opinion whilst still being a fairly vocal player. I also find it unlikely that Frogue protected Dea, but it's not impossible that Dea targetted Frogue (though I question why he would, my gut is saying to consider it).

I'm also failing to see how you're reading Tobe as being linked to these two deaths, RC.

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
Starting a new job today, and running 12 hour days until I can move closer to work (which should be in a fortnight). Expect me to be a touch shattered to keep up with what's going on.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Just finished Undertale!


TvTropes Mafia Thread

I don't really want to say I'm giving Grim a clean slate just because he roleclaimed, buuuuuuut I do feel that this role he's claiming to be leaves enough options that we can at least postpone the trial to consider further evidence.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Rawr rawr activity.

See at first I thought that Grim picking MK randomly on day one was odd, but then I thought 'hey their targetting of Penguin on day two makes more sense', but then I read over Penguin's posts again and I'm not actually sure I agree with Grim's reasoning. Penguin's more aggressive this game than I usually take her for, yes, but paranoid? That seems a rather coloring way to describe content that I'm not necessarily sure it lives up to.

To be honest, to me Grim seems to be going after players he percieves to be influential. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but his justifications for his choices haven't really lined up yet either.

Also I agree that

For the record, if I get lynched and flip town, please investigate the MK, Volt, and Penguin group for possible sugar mafia affiliation.

Is an odd thing to say and would like an explanation for why you've decided they're in the sugar party.

I'm still side-eyeing a few people (Frogue's logic still has me scratching my head in a few places, but it's nothing too concrete yet. RC seems to be flailing his arms over any information he has, but I can't really pick out anything that's necessarily raising red flags) that I think are worth paying attention to, but I'd rather pursue Grim for today.

I suppose that puts Grim at the top of my suspects list. Let's have a little pressure, if only to keep the information flowing rather than a dead-set confidence in a worthy lynch (so far).

Vote: Grim Wolf

TvTropes Mafia Thread
You seem a bit determined to convince people that there's a vig in play, Frogue.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Sorry, I'm still a little lost. Why are you so absolutely certain that SugarMafia targetted Doc, rather than a different killing faction? (what with the multiball and all)

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Uuuugh I need to say something but now everyone's said all the things that I might've thought to say and I got nothin' people.

Doc being targetted I'm like meh on becuase he's normally a powerful player. Suggests that the scum aren't totally reckless because they went for someone who didn't really do a whole lot but still has a reputation behind them, as if to avoid any potential docblocks whilst at the same time wanting their kills not to just be random potshots.

# of kills pondering has been suggested as only helping scum so I'm not going to go into it because you guys have covered the possibilities plenty.

Actual suspects right now I'm a little dry on, hopefully as the game phase goes on more characteristics will reveal themselves to me so that I can have a more meaty post next time.


TvTropes Mafia Thread
Now see, Tobe's logic I can follow. Maybe Prim is just a total mafia newbie and is going for a strat that they think would keep them alive. It's not a good strat, and evasive behaviour isn't a good sign, but I can see the logic behind it.

THIS meanwhile:

I'm not sure about the Primanalysis MW did. I mean, it's day 1. Why'd you analyse so deeply? Actually, that seems a bit scummy, pushing people that confident on day 1.

RC isn't a mafia newbie. RC's been in a number of games in the past, playing with Tobe in the process. It's a chainsaw defence, and that raises an eyebrow. I mean if anyone in this game is going to analyse deeply, it'll be Tobe. Prim pings me for the reasons Tobe outlined, but RC saying that is pinging harder for me now.

Why do you consider Tobe's reasoning to be scummy, RC?