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Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
Oct 31 2013, 08:29 AM
Also stop taking shots at my activity people, geez.

This would have made me think he was the vig even without the flavor cop investigation.
That was not me trying to crumb at all. Really, I don't think it ever crossed my mind to even try and hint that I was the vig, not that I could see how it wouldn't be a stupid move considering that the mafia could just as easily put it together.

Buffy Mafia Sign-Ups
Fuck it, /in

Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
Wait what? When'd I get outted by you Zab?

Also how was I supposed to know that the mafia would have the power of six men behind them when it came to claiming. What would claiming have even accomplished?

New League of Legends Thread
If anyone wants to trade mystery gifts, do be sure to let me know because I have a gambling problem ._.

No ignore that I've gambled (and won) enough.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
It's a bit unfair to state that my relatively quiet play until now renders my current activity null in terms of scumminess or not and then link that to us not hitting any scum yet, since apparently I'm damned if I do or damned if I don't. It's also incorrect to say that I'm only being active to defend myself: I'm not defending myself from anyone, except for Penguin, since no-one else has really bothered to give an actual justification for their scum read on me apart from 'he's being quiet and isn't usually'.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Incidentally, I don't believe in uninformative lynches. You could just as easily look at the people who didn't vote for Skraal as well as those who did, since scum have no reason to hop on to such a self-propelling lynch, if I might cite your example of Will in TV-Mafia. Without context, yes, it's largely useless, but that's why we have records of who voted for who in the long run.

Pretty sure I explained why pressuring Grim was a bad idea here. Thoughts still stand in spite of them now being dead, and I don't really believe pressuring them accomplished much in regards to their own identity, but generating posts is always a good thing.

As for Turtle's bad plan, I was referring to her mass claim suggestion. I'm not really sure I'd call a passive claim to be a plan, more of a weird move that has me taking a double glance.

Speaking of Turtle, I really would like to hear more from her. It'd probably even help absolve my opinions a little if she came to her own defence at this point.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
And you've been spending these past few days being awfully keen to deconstruct potential wagons and targets, but your actual commitment to a lot of them has been fairly non.

On day one you're very eager to stoke both the Skraal and the AMF wagons, yet on day two you considered Skraal to be probably not a threat when she turned up jester, whilst the vig executing AMF is obviously proof that you weren't the only one who considered him suspicious.

When Grim flips, and Decoy comes forward, you spend an awful lot of time still reiterating that they might be scum so it's still a good option to lynch them, yet I'm not sure I ever actually saw you drop a vote on them? Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sensing a lot of effort to convince other people to do the job rather than getting to yourself.

And today, you've decided to lead a charge at me after I call out Turtle for her bad plan? Rather convenient that you'd come to such a strong defence of her.

This is all just a quick few points of course, if people want to read all of your posts I'm sure they'll find something that rings true with them too, but I'm just saying your behavior rings awfully familiar with TV Mafia, where you took the opportunity to become a strong leader town side so that people had all the less reason to try and call you out in public in front of everyone else. Fortunately, we have enough active people this game that I don't feel like losing you would stall out the game. Of course MyLo would still be a risk, but I'm not too uncomfortable putting my money where my mouth is suspicion wise, unlike some.


Vote: Penguin_Alien

Also because Turtle has gone awfully silent since my claim at her and Penguin came in to save her, which doesn't give me much to work with but still adds to my suspicion that the two are in cahoots.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
No, but it does add to my suspicion piles on Penguin, Persy.

In the meantime, I'm going to let Penguin try and come at me with something better than 'he is behaving this way in this game and he did that when he was in a mafia in a previous game therefore CORRELATION EQUALS CAUSATION'.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah, pretty much anticipated a chainsaw defence coming from you, Penguin.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Don't treat me like I'm flying off the handle. This:

Slamexo - leaning scum, his posts are usually a bit more analysis heavy, but I'm not sure

is hardly legitimate. It is a flaky 'He's not doing that thing he usually does, but I'm not willing to weigh in anything yet'.

Instead of brief lists of people who you may or may not consider scum, how about people pitch in with their preferred target and really dig in at them so we can get something to work with here?

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah, I'm going to go and Vote: TurtleTyrant

Your explanation of the passive town claim is totally useless btw, because anyone can just say 'I'm town so don't get all zealous about my lack of activity'. I'm more concerned with this sudden suggestion for a mass claim, roles or not be damned. It'd be way too easy for the scum to slip some fake-claim in and just blend in with the crowd, and it would no doubt give the mafia some juicy targets if the flavor is anything to go by. That and your non-committal attitude to flinging a scum read on me is usually not a super towny attribute either.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Here's my read: the proximity of a potential MyLo warrants better use of our time than just picking on the low activity bunch.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Isn't it possible that my thoughts on the game are largely covered by what other people say, and I don't feel the need to just repeat everything?

Also today has been like, what, twenty four hours? Don't go getting ahead of yourself when you're discussing what people have discussed like it's a huge amount.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
As opposed to a passive scum claim? Again, context.

Yeah, I'm not really seeing the context, so maybe instead of throwing that word around you could elaborate instead? (Though if some scum DID want to passively claim, that'd be peachy).

As to Slam, I'm not sure I understand you're definition of "passive". TurtleTyrant point blank stated "I'm town".

By passive, I mean Turtle brought up the fact that she was town when no-one was even asking her, nor was there exactly a boatload of suspicion aimed at her. I consider that an odd thing to do.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Still doesn't really cover the whole passive town claim though.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
You're right it did sound snarky.

New League of Legends Thread
Goes 7/7/6 as Fizz against a lane Ryze and a team with all of one squishy.

According to Sivir, is feeding 101 report pl0x

Community Mafia: Game Thread
You don't find clear logic to be pro-town?

Also now that the night phase has passed and we have a whole day to discuss this:

Persy, you are in L-2. I am prepared to vote for you as well, but due to you being so close to a lynch, I first want to have you roleclaim. If you refuse to comply then I WILL vote for you without a second thought. Your logic has been screwy (even though I am town and have a PR, and I can sorta understand what you mean, Penguin is right when she says that mafia could make up PR's) and your lack of roleclaiming already despite being incredibly close to being lynched is odd.

Are we really not noticing the elephant in the room that Turtle claimed to have a power role completely unprompted?

National Novel Writing Month 2013
I am totally going to actually do it this year!

(he has said like four times before.)

Slam's Creativity Thread
It's close enough to Halloween that I'm allowed to do my annual treat of writing something scary, or in this case just taking a story I came up with last year and actually writing it.

The Cellar of Blood