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Ready Aim Fire: Round Two
Okey dokes sign ups closed, we have all our cool contestants:

Dr. Roy
The Sickness

Game shall start in a short while lovelies, no-one start PMing me before then.

Ready Aim Fire: Round Two
Roughly 16 more hours to sign up still if you fancy in~

Homestuck Mafia: Game Thread
*Takes a drag off of a cigarette*

Life, eh?

Ready Aim Fire: Round Two
Since it's been a while and trying to run one through the last thread risks being overlooked, let's get ourselves a new game up and running in the name of all that's beautiful and murder based.

Rules shamelessly pulled from banthesun's game:

Spoiler: click to toggle

Still no theme (Not that I'm really familiar with how it would work) for this game and sign ups are once again unlimited, lasting until 12:00am GMT Tuesday (So end of Monday really). The game will start later that day.

Each phase lasts 48 hours or until I have everyone's actions for the phase.

Missing a phase without posting in away (Though a quick PM so I don't miss that would be appreciated but not necessary) will result in instant deathy death.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question: What qualities do you look for in a partner?

Ryan: Someone who's considerate and thoughtful but can still have a great time if he's in the mood. No, if we're both in the mood. I mean he can have fun on his own but if I'm not in the mood then I'd like it if he'd be able to appreciate that and leave me to myself and not hold it to me or anything.

Alex: Not a complete idiot fuckface is the most important thing. And not a fucking nerd either, a cool guy who likes cool stuff but isn't a fucking nerd. And great in bed too, I guess.

Rachel: Umm.... pfft, dunno. Good income and great personality? Bland answer.

Question: Save all the animals in the world from extinction (though plants survive through adapted food cycles were necessary) or save the world from nuclear disaster that sends people back to the stone age?

Homestuck Mafia: Game Thread
I'm not going to vote for Cheshire because for all we know he might actually have a fairly valuable role that would make his typical but still hindering first game behaviour tolerable. Rocky can keep his vote because it's inconsequential anyway.

Homestuck Mafia: Game Thread
My advice: she lies her on the ground in a puddle of her own tears, wondering why her rejection was so thorough.

Homestuck Mafia: Game Thread
Cheshire my dear, since it's your first game let me give you a little advice and point out that trying to put that much justification and explanation behind your votes out loud is a quick way to draw fire towards yourself in day phase one; people tend to be quite trigger happy during that phase. For now you might want to reel it back in a little bit.

In regards to Tobe's statements, voting on someone simply because they're being mean really is silly. This is mafia people; if you don't like a little heat that's purely in the purpose of the game, well then it's tough toenails for you.

Homestuck Mafia: Game Thread
A lot of games start with night phase 1 rather than day phase 1 due to this explicit lack of information; it may be something the next host should keep in mind.

Homestuck Mafia: Game Thread
I can only half focus on all this back and forth due to a terrible head cold that's working its way through me, so I am simply going to just vote randomly for now as it's the joke phase anyway and nothing we do will be informed.


Homestuck Mafia: Sign-Ups
Role recieved.

Slam's Creativity Thread
So since it doesn't look like I won this totallyobviouslyriggedandfavouriteplayingstupidcontestomglamos I can post up this story I wrote ages ago for all to see~

The Bubble

Personally I dunno what I was smoking with the ending, but please thoughts, criticisms and opinions share all around.

Writings by Laurels
If constructive criticism is on the table, I would have to toss in that I did find the characterization to be a bit weak in here.

I definitely get that Lena's psycho, Liza's narcissist etc., but only really because Anette and the police were kind enough to point out those facts to us. Lena's attitude is pretty firmly confirmed in the final scene, yus, but everyone else doesn't really seem to live up to their reputation thanks to the immovable object in front of them, which I'm sure was the point of it all but it still serves to make the bullies just look rather pathetic for queen bitches, even if it's only because what they're up against is ungodly psycho super chick. A few recollections of past scenarios the girls undertook could quite easily add an extra image of horrible nastiness about them without Anette having to just state it out.

For that matter on Lena, having her be completely invulnerable more or less took out any doubt that something terrible was going to happen to the main girls, thus removing some more of the tension. Maybe giving her a moment of weakness or even just pretending to have one even would have served to make her sudden disproportionate payback more shocking; you could argue that Rachel getting the crap beaten out of her (I'm gonna have to agree with Iz on this one: Anette being able to summon thugs out of nowhere due to family really invoked a double take. Also, $10,000 just to beat up a girl? Those are some damn expensive thugs!) could be argued as her moment of weakness but because she's so displaced from the event itself it doesn't really serve to make her appear any less super mode.

Equally on par with the invulnerability with have Anette: I can see that she was meant to be innocent and just pushed along with it all, but in the end she did go along with some pretty damn horrible stuff and more or less got away with it. There was the arrested for conspiring an assault point but reminding her of that towards the end would have helped remind the audience that she wasn't getting off scot free, or perhaps even have her take up Brittney's punishment in the final scene (I was surprised that Brittney seemed to be considered just going along with it all, to be honest; she seemed pretty happy to think up new ideas for her suffering) If the intent was for her to be spared due to her purity, then well I personally just don't think she was being innocent enough to qualify for that privilege: bullied or not, she went along with everything pretty easily. Beyond being bullied as well, there really didn't seem to be anything at fault with Anette; you could probably swap her and Rachel's positions (Anette uses money, Rachel uses her position on the school council) in the story's quite effortlessly, and when our main character is coming off as friendly and good natured as the designated sacrifice, we're approaching levels of out of place without enough justification. Perhaps if she tried justify what she did whilst feeling intense remorse over her actions still, she'd fit in with the bitch clique some more whilst still being the most sympathetic.

I still found it to be an enthralling story from beginning to end, I tell ya what, but I felt that these character issues got in the way a little of how scary and meaningful the story could be.

SOTF Groundhog Day
If your character is the only one to recieve a second chance, does that mean you'd have to write out an entire V4 character line including other people's characters and any altered reactions they'd have all by yourself? For that matter how is this being written out?

Pokemon Mafia V2 Fallout Thread
It's called bullshitting my dear, and swinging it wildly is my favourite mafia passtime when evidence is on the low go.

Pokemon Mafia V2 Fallout Thread
Thirded on Elena and Tobe. PM Claiming is such a drab move.

Pokemon Mafia V2 Fallout Thread
What is a terrorist anyway?

Writings by Laurels
I found this to be a pretty enthralling story from beginning to end, I tell ya what.

Homestuck Mafia: Sign-Ups
In like a baguette filling.

Even though I know fuck all about Homestuck wazaaaah.