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The Throwdown
As the three other entrants talked amongst themselves about various details of the tournament, Janet kept her eye around for more participants of her rumble;, her grin turned into a pout as the other gamers in the arcade continued playing on their own machines. Apparently, people either hadn't heard her, or didn't care for what she said.

“Bah, it's their loss anyway.”

Turning back to the other three again, she looked down at her opponents once more for another quick sum-up. Of course, she knew very well that you couldn't judge people's gaming skills from their appearance, but hopefully these three guys would give her a decent enough challenge, especially since she'd only be going against two of them now.

"So... what is the grand prize? Is it a surprise prize?"

Her smile returned after that. Hmm, to reveal the prize so soon, or to add an element of suspense to the small challenge.

Wait, have I actually thought of a prize yet?


Better make it a surprise!

“Of course it's a surprise! It's more fun that way, after all.” Janet replied to Carol, winking cheekily.

It still would've been nice if she could've said that in front of a large crowd, but there was no sense whining about what she wasn't going to have any time soon. There'd be plenty more competitions in life, after all.

“Well guys, looks like this is everyone that's interested.” a slight frown resurfaced, but was quickly dismissed again, “But four people is better than no people, am I right or am I right?

Laughing slightly, Janet turned back to the machine; it was still on the character select screen, so it would only take a moment for her to go with her classic favourite: Julia Chang. Sure, she wasn't the highest character on the tier list, but she was the first one Janet tried out, and the first one she whooped ass with; if there was anyone Janet could win a game with, it was with Julia Chang.

Select a stage!

“Well Mikey, looks like it's you that's choosing a stage. Care to step up to the challenge?”

She grinned again; it may not be a grand tournament, but a fight is a fight either way.

Stephen Harley
Name: Stephen Harley
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Entertaining, mostly in the form of magic tricks; socialising with friends.

Appearance: Stephen is small for his age, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 126lbs. He does not have any visible excess muscle or flab; if anything he appears to be slightly skinny.

Stephen’s hair is a dark brown colour that he wears cut short; his fringe does not cover any part of his average forehead, which has acne spread across it. His eyebrows are slightly thicker than normal, and are the same colour as his hair; his eyes underneath are a light hazel colour, with a round, slightly large shape. His nose has a narrow, flat bridge, and a narrow base that sticks out slightly. His lips are dry and fairly large, and his teeth behind them are well kept.

When out in public, Stephen wears his older brother’s hand-me-downs. These usually consist of typical urban wear ranging from t-shirts to fleeces to jeans, but they also carry signs of use like stains and carefully patched tears. On stage, Stephen wears a distinctive black cape; black jeans, and a black shirt with a fake red rose sewn in just below the left shoulder.

Biography: The second eldest of a family of five children, Stephen always had to be grateful for what he had since he began his life in St. Pauls. Though his family was never strictly poor at any point thanks to his mother and father’s respective jobs as a nurse and a teacher, excess comforts were not a common sight in the Harley home.

His eldest brother by four years, Tom, was happy to have a younger brother; their parents felt that the two would get along well and together they’d have a good healthy childhood together. Two years later when their third child and first daughter, Alice, was born, the parents had to start being a little less lucrative with their money. As the children were still relatively young, the adjustment was a simple one, and the family home’s last empty room was taken. However, it was not to be the last birth in the family as three years later the parents were informed that they were to be expecting twins, Judy and Sarah. As loving parents, they were not disappointed by the news, but they were aware that they’d have to start getting very careful with their spending.

Thankfully Stephen’s maternal grandparents owned a moderately large home that’d been in the family for three generations. Offered a new residence, the Harley’s quickly moved to the larger accommodation across town. Elementary schools had to be changed for Tom and Stephen, but overall it was just another easy change for the children; as a sociable child Stephen had little trouble befriending his new classmates.

As the Harley’s lived in a large home, the friends that Stephen brought home quickly came to the incorrect conclusion that he was rich. Soon the rumours around school began to spread, and the misconception about Stephen has survived to high school, still following him to this day.

As he got older, the children around him turned to teenagers, who in turn became more aware of the resources made available being rich offered. Eventually more and more people tried to befriend Stephen, who was painfully aware of their real motives. However, after an incident where he falsely accused his girlfriend of wanting nothing more than the money he didn’t have, he made himself promise never to assume something about people’s motives again.

A tradition in the Harley household was Friday Family Night. On this evening, it was each member’s responsibility to alert the others to their weekly happenings, as well as to entertain each other after dinner. On one evening, Stephen’s little sister Alice decided to try a magic trick she had seen on the television. Whilst she was relatively unsuccessful at recreating the disappearing coin, Stephen found himself performing the illusion himself whilst trying to help his sister figure it out. Realising that he was interested in magic tricks, he soon became the regular magician on Friday evenings.

This talent developed over time, and Stephen began regularly participating in various talent shows at school and occasionally around town. He even began to help out at birthday parties of the children of his parents’ friends, and volunteering in the retirement home. This has become a part time job for him, in a way, as he usually gets a generous donation for his efforts.

Since Tom left home two years ago, Stephen is usually the delegate of responsibility from his parents around the house. Though Alice is now fifteen years old and capable of looking after herself, Stephen usually finds himself in charge of the twins. However, as the family is quite close, his sister will frequently stay to lend a hand in such matters, and the evening is seen as fun rather than a chore.

Around school Stephen’s friendly nature from his childhood has developed, and he is quite a charismatic figure. Able to befriend people that aren’t hostile towards him fairly easily, Stephen is actually quite popular at Bayview Secondary School. He can frequently be seen joking around with his friends when not in lesson, although he does occasionally get reprimanded for distracting other students in class, as a result of taking life a little too carelessly at times.

Stephen’s carefree nature has gotten him into trouble on a few occasions though. After once mistaking a jock’s frustrations over failing grades for anxiety over the upcoming football game, what he believed to be a harmless joke led him to be quite bruised, battered, and left to limp home that night, his lack of any real exercise making him less than a challenge for the large, physically adapt athlete. As such, he can become quite reserved around larger guys, especially if he knows they’re on the football team as the jock from the incident has led the other members to think of him as a cocky little punk. Since he’s short, this fear applies to most large men at Bayview.

Stephen also has an irrational fear of using public transportation. This stems from an incident in his youth when he tried to take the bus home alone after one of his friend’s birthday parties to save his parents the trouble of picking him up, and he wasn’t found again until eleven o’clock that evening in the bad part of town, after a stranger offering to help him find his way home almost succeeded in abducting him before Stephen managed to escape. As such, he becomes visibly nervous and tense at the possibility of having to use a bus or other form of transport with strangers.

Advantages: Stephen has very good manual dexterity and creativity, both being necessary to successfully pull off his magic shows. He is also generally well liked amongst the students of Bayview that aren’t on the football team, due to his natural charisma. This also makes him good at befriending people he hasn’t met before. Being small also means that Stephen is more capable of hiding himself than others, a skill which has been slightly enhanced by the need to conceal certain parts of himself during his magic tricks.
Disadvantages: Stephen’s only experiences of real violence have been as a victim, and as such is definitely not prepared for the bloodshed in the game. His uneasiness around large people will also definitely work against him in the game, as it will reduce his ability to befriend a significant portion of people. Being small also makes him more of a target. Stephen has no notable physical skill, and as such will be easily taken down by the more athletic players. He also refuses to judge people by their initial appearances to him, which will make him much more susceptible to deception.

The Throwdown
Janet gave Mike a polite nod, signalling him the ok to play around with the controls briefly. After all, what fun is there in beating someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing?

As she watched him go through selection, she smirked at his final selection of character. Raven, eh? It’d been a while since she’d gone against a decent Raven player.

This will be fun.

”Hey. Can I play winner?

Without even looking at her opponent, Janet’s grin widened once again; Looks like all it took to get a few games going was to shout out that she wanted one!

Turning round (Talking with your back to people was the height of rudeness, she believed.), Janet looked up and down the new arrival. He definitely had that rough presence about him, but Janet had found that made little difference in fighting games. Truth be told, the geeks were the best opponents.

Oh well, this will still be fun!

“Of course you can; I’ll be done in just a few moments!”

Laughing at her own joke, Janet smirked in her own friendly way at the new arrival. She’d seen him around Bayview too, but then she’d seen most people at Bayview. Being a cheerleader, she was one of the more well known people, which worked in the reverse. Didn’t really matter that she was known as a cocky, violent cheerleader: infamous is still famous, after all!

Suddenly, she noticed another face was lingering behind the new guy: another guy, the shortest one yet, although this one seemed a bit more girly than the last two.

"Do you mind if I stay here and watch? Heck... I could play with one of you guys once this one is over!"

Awesome! This will be fun fun fun!

“Sure! We’ll have a little tournament!”

Then it struck her.

Little? Why little?

Let’s have a HUGE tournament.

Grinning her biggest grin yet, Janet, cupped her hands around her mouth and called her booming voice all around the arcade, with little regard for the ears of those in her immediate presence.

“Attention, gamers and gamer-ettes! The first annual official Saint Paul Tekken 5 Tournament will begin in one minute! Test your skills for the grand prize! Be here, or be queer!”

Very satisfied with her plan, despite how many people actually heard her over the noise of the gaming centre, she turned back to the other three members she had already accepted into the tournament.

“Hope you don’t mind waiting a minute, but don’t you think we should have as much of a blast with this as possible?”


This will be FUN.

The Throwdown
”I heard that someone wants a challenge here.”

Aha! An opponent appears!

”Maybe I’m not a master in this game…”

Bah. Well, a fight’s a fight, either way.

Turning away from the screen, she looked at the challenger who had braved her shout. Short, at least by her standards; light build; ponytail; victim!

”Hello there! I’m Mike by the way…”

Grinning at Mike, Janet took his hand and shook it firmly. Even though she had every intention to drive him into the dirt in a few moments, she always appreciated a little courtesy and civil discussion with her opponents.

“I’m Janet; nice to meet you Mike. Shall we?”

Continuing her large grin, Janet reached into her wallet once more, and for the last time considering how she was out of coins now. Turning back to the screen, Janet was struck with an unexpected sight.

Game Over.

What? How did that happen? She couldn’t have lost when she was fighting; she remembered wiping the floor with that computer!

’Oh wait, these games don’t have a pause button do they…’

Realising how she had inadvertently left herself at the hands of the machine, Janet couldn’t help but chuckle as she lost for the first time that evening.

“Well, that’ll be the last time, that’s for sure!”

Laughing rather loudly at the video game, Janet turned back to her new opponent.

“Don’t think you’ll get so lucky, Mikey!”

Still grinning eagerly, Janet looked over her opponent once again. Now that she thought about it, he looked familiar. Hadn’t she seen him around Bayview once or twice?

“Sorry, have we met? You look familiar.”

Momentarily reducing her grin to a friendly smile, Janet’s memory banks reeled. She’d definitely seen him, maybe at a gymnastics competition? No, that wasn’t it…

Oh yes! He was on the soccer team!

“Yeah, that’s right! You’re the goalkeeper on the soccer team!”

He was pretty good, as far as her standards could tell. With any luck, he’d be as good at video games as he was at stopping the ball! Sure, she might’ve not had the best perspective will balancing on top of two people, but she had still been able to see him catching a few tough calls.

Of course, soccer and video games were pretty different things!

“Well Mikey, don’t think that just because I cheer you on out there means I’ll cheer you on in here! Prepare to be slaughtered!”

Returning to her former laughing grin, Janet rolled her last quarter of the day into the machine, lighting up the screen as the game shot into motion.

Choose Your Character!

What the hell is this thread?

The Throwdown
((Janet Claymont's Opening Post))


Janet grinned widely to herself as the loser moped away in his defeat, unable to match her skills at the fighting game. The unwitting young person had foolishly came up next to her not minutes ago, claiming “Nice skills for a rookie, let’s see how you fare against a real player.” and slid a quarter into the machine, sealing his doom at the hands of Janet's expert level technique.

Taking another coin out of her ever shrinking wallet, Janet rolled the hunk of metal into the Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection machine, beginning a flurry of movements which could’ve just as easily passed for mashing buttons to the untrained eye. In less than fifteen minutes, she was already paying for another go.

The young woman could occasionally be found amongst the flashing lights of the arcade in the afternoon, whenever there was no gymnastics or cheerleading practice. Nothing gave her a bigger rush than when some foolhardy opponent’s face went white at their sudden defeat, and skulked away with their tails between their legs. Too bad none of 'em ever cried.

She tended to forget the fact that most of these people were twelve year olds.

As time flew by around her, more and more people slipped in and out of the gaming centre. Clubs closed; work finished; and people just genuinely moved throughout the place as part of the daily browse. During this time, Janet continued spending her afternoon on the games machine. Her mother was home with Joe that evening, so she didn't have to worry as much about being there any time soon. Instead, she could just whittle away the hours beating up computer generated strategies and the general mook of a player who thought they were at her level of skill.

It was a bit boring at times though; trying to find an opponent who put up a decent round.

Taking out the eighth quarter of that afternoon, Janet started up the game once more. The first two fights didn't even take five minutes, and boy was Janet getting restless; impulsively, she blurted out a challenge at no-one in particular.

“Come on! Isn't there one of you out there who can put up a decent fight at this game?!”

Guess who's back?
Presently: zilch, outside of pregame.


Welcome back either way.

Idea accepted!

However, as I can't think of a reason for Janet to play an online game, and I've grown very fond of the arcade thread idea, I'd quite enjoy making that be Janet's opening post In fact, I may do just that rather soon unless Kami kamikazes in here screaming 'Oi! Hands off my thread idea you communist Russian!'

Then I will smack him for inciting that I am a communist.

And then I will sit and twiddle my thumbs whilst waiting for him to do such a thing if he denies me persmission to do so myself.

And then I will cry.

The Board Conversion

Nyaah, it's alright really.

Tending the Flowers
'"No", C.J said. "What you're doing here is fine.”'

Phew. Seems like he wasn't about to shove her face in the soil of her efforts, and a flower might actually bloom.

Odd way to phrase it, Lucy.

As he talked, Lucy found herself able to make eye contact; he seemed nice, even if he was a little intimidating on the outside. Quite muscular, dark skin and a round face: the sort of thing that even a normal girl might be put off by. But then this is why people tried talking to new faces, and it actually seemed to be paying off!

“I'm Lucy; nice to meet you.”

It sure had been a while since she'd introduced herself to another student. Apart from a flopped attempt to make friends with her chemistry partner (which failed spectacularly when she dropped a dish of copper sulphate over her, ruining the girl's favourite skirt), she couldn't remember the last time she'd needed to tell her name to someone.

“Oh, you're the person who writes the advice column?” to her surprise her eye contact didn't waver. “I quite like that section: you give good help.”

It wasn't really a lie, since she did read it every now and then; it just wasn't her favourite section (that was the jokes section, as silly as it sounded.).

“I was thinking of writing in for some advice a while ago, but I guess I never got round to it.” that bit wasn't a lie, since she really had been meant to ask about how to approach a guy she had been having a mild crush on for a fair while now.

As she spoke, she felt her heart rate slow back to normal. It was really happening; she was having a conversation with someone without being called a nerd or a geek, or accidentally blundering in a way that ended up humiliating her. It was just a calm, simple conversation down by the flower beds.

For the first in a long time, Lucy gave a sincere smile to a stranger.

The Board Conversion

The Board Conversion


Meh, I'll adapt like a leopard. Or was that something else...

If you do go arcade, I happily volunteer to work with you with Janet. Gives me a chance to get out that love of fighting games she has as well as get her some RP acquaintances (Or enemies, depending on how the shiza goes down.).

I also agree with you on the non-gamer interactability of it there, since people have a habit of drawing the eye to people who do particularly well in arcades on a regular basis. And nothing says 'Public Assessing' like hushed whispering or outright criticism. (Quote Life is a Game)

So, yeah; I'm in if you want folks for it and all. Big ol' thread in around town of the local arcade, people show up, react and such and such, and voila, a thread with character exploration.

Edit: Oh, and look at that: Carol likes fighting games too. I believe that's what should be called a golden oppurtunity right there.

V4 Character Relationships
Janet Claymont ~ Looking for the various cheerleaders and a few other folk who're willing to roleplay as pals with Janet the fellow cheerleader. PM me up if you're interested!

You know, sometimes it really helps people to read a post like this, and when they do there's nothing else but to thank them for the happiness they recieve.

Rose, thank you for making me smile.

Things you would have done different
So far my only regret is how I first was writing Lucy Ashmore. Lacked so much personality on her behalf I might as well have just been writing it from someone else's point of view, as it were. Thankfully she seems to be picking up nowadays though.

Only the second thread she's in, but hey.

Janet Claymont
One of these days, I swear I'll spell Dyeing right.

Overprotective was really just added due to a worry of her disadvantages section being a bit small, so shot that one out of a cannon and out of the profile now.

Those other two edits have been added into the profile.


Tending the Flowers
“Right, if I put some mulch around here later, these daisies should bloom right back up, and then I can get to work on these poppies...”

Directing herself in her mind, Lucy continued her working on the various greenery surrounding her. After that, she would start seeing how much trimming the trees could take to get the plants some more sunlight, and then follow up with -

“Hey, Whatcha doing there?”

She turned her head around to the side, then up slightly into the eyes of a rather large faced stranger. She thought that his name was B.J., or something, but she couldn't be a hundred per cent sure. She didn't know him that well, but then she didn't really know anyone here that well.

Oh right, he's still there.

Well, she couldn't just stare at him, but then to ignore him would be rude. What to do, what to do...

Now come on Lucy, we were just remembering the library, remember? Just say something calmly.

Swallowing the pit in her throat quickly, Lucy uttered a small smile at the guy sat next to her, but subconsciously shifted her look back to the plants.

“Well, I'm just tending to the flowers. I sorta do it sometimes in my free periods...”

She slightly scrunched her eyes behind her glasses as she snipped away a stray leaf, more out of discomfort than anything. Saying something like that, he'd probably start laughing at her and call her a freak, which would put her back at the start of this attempt to converse with people.

She turned back, righting her face, to look just below C.J.'s eyes, unable to look straight at this new person sat down next to her.

“I'm sorry, I guess you think think it's a little silly...”

She tried to utter a small chuckle, but if anything, it was more of a small whimper.

Janet Claymont
Name: Janet Claymont
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Gymnastics; fighting games, but particularly the Melty Blood franchise; cheerleading.

Appearance: Janet stands fairly tall for a woman her age at five feet nine inches; her physical frame is quite muscular, as well as no visible fat and a fairly standard bust size: 34B. In total she weighs 142 pounds.

Her crimson hair contains visible brown roots, evidencing dyeing, and hangs to just below her shoulder blades in the back and just above her breasts in the front.

Her face is of a normal proportion to her body, with a fairly average sized forehead revealed by her side swept hairline, and possessing a sharp, pointed jawline. Her nose is slightly larger than usual, with down turned nostrils and a wide bridge. Her eyes are quite large in contrast to the rest of her face, and are a vivid blue in colour that results from contacts she wears out of disdain for her real eye colour, and are actually unnecessary. Her actual eye colour is grey. Her mouth is an average size, with her lips being slightly thinner by proportion, with well kept teeth underneath.

Janet typically wears a simple white t-shirt, blue jeans and black trainers. On colder days she has been known to wear a red jacket over a black top.

Biography: Born to a middle class couple in Minnesota, from an early age Janet was a rather lively child. It wasn't that she was hyperactive, she just had a bit more energy than the average youth. As a result, she quickly became known amongst her circle of family friends as a noisy girl who could be a handle to take care of.

She was eventually forced to calm down at the age of four, however, when her little brother Joe was born. Diagnosed with spina bifida that rendered him mildly learning retarded and permanently incontinent, Janet began having to use her excess energy to help her parents care for him as she grew older. Her father, realising that she was growing frustrated, signed her up for gymnastics class, which she began working on when not looking after her younger sibling in her spare time.

In her later years at elementary school, Joe began to be teased by the other boys at the school. Not even stopping to consider the risks she put upon herself, she immediately challenged the boys insulting Joe, and a brief scuffle broke out, Janet proving to be the victor through kicking, scratching and biting. This was the first of many accidents to occur throughout her school life, and on many occasions has received a suspension because of it. The only reason that she hasn't been expelled is that she would only start attacking when her brother was threatened, and due to the age gap these years were far and few between.

At the age of fourteen, shortly after entering high school, Janet discovered the Melty Blood franchise. Loving the competitive nature of that, and fighting games in general, Janet soon began using the time leftover after gymnastics practice, looking after Joe and school work to play the game with online friends from around the world. Around this time, she also started entering gymnastic competitions, and went on to win two of them. These two things, along with her streak of winning fights, led to her developing a very competitive nature.

In high school, Janet has become very well known for her refusal to resist a challenge, and as such many people see her as very arrogant and cocky. Since Janet is personally secure with herself, she shows no signs of being bothered by this, which only added to her negative reputation. However, the people that have gotten to know Janet have learnt to see past her loud nature on the outside to her kind, considerate side which comes from years of being a devoted big sister, leading to her smaller than average group of close friends.

Janet is also less intelligent than most of her classmates. Whilst she isn't disabled in the same sense as her brother, she is bad at spotting obvious solutions or making logical conclusions. Therefore, she averages a C in her classes; only enough to maintain her membership of the cheerleading squad.

Janet has also joined the cheerleading squad, along with the gymnastics club at Bayview, to help further release her excess energy. This has amplified her reputation around the school, but mostly in the sense of an arrogant cheerleader. Since her brother started at Bayview in her current year, she's also started to develop a reputation as a violent girl, due to the increased amount of work she has to do to teach people the message: No-one touches Joe Claymont.

Advantages: Janet is in very good physical condition from her years of gymnastics: she is stronger and more agile than the average high school student, and has even more stamina thanks to her natural reserve. She also has a good deal of experience in hand to hand combat in the form of dirty fighting (groin attacks, hair pulling, scratching and biting, etc.). On top of this, she has practically no insecurities about herself or her abilities.
Disadvantages: Janet has a largely negative reputation with the majority of the student body as an arrogant and violent person, which will be a large obstacle towards the people who aren't in her group of friends. Her confidence can easily lead to her overestimating her abilities, resulting in unfavourable circumstances. She is also notably less intelligent than the average student.

Tending the Flowers
((Continued from One Pen Two Pen Red Pen Blue Pen))

She sat alone; surrounded on all sides by flowers.

Lucy was avoiding the hustle and bustle of other students on the campus a few feet away; preferring instead to work on the plants which had sat untended in this corner for many months now. As the head of the Bayview Gardening Society, it was her job to make sure that such things were dealt with as soon as possible.

Well, to call it a society was a bit of an overstatement. If anything, it was just her helping out the Groundskeeper during her free periods; there weren’t any other members to speak of. However, she felt a small satisfaction from referring to herself as the head of the society, and smiled slightly as she played the name over in her mind.

“And let us thank Lucy Ashmore, our current head of the gardening society!”

Of course, vanity wasn’t something she liked to get sucked into, but Lucy didn’t see a problem with imagining a little praise and appreciation once in a while. After all, people like Benjamin Smith Barton and Augustin Pyramus de Candolle are still getting praise for what they did, so in theory she shouldn’t feel embarrassed for bigging herself up a little in her head.

Taking some of the tools she had borrowed from the shed, she clipped away at the stray weeds that were beginning to peek through the otherwise unspoilt flower beds.
“I’ll have to do something about those later.” Lucy thought to herself, gently propping up the flowers which were beginning to droop from their strangled roots, only for them to flop back down again when her delicate touch was released, much to her dismay.

She sprinkled water around the greenery, refreshing their withered bodies whilst she wiped her sweaty brow. As the drops of liquid hit the ground, Lucy’s thoughts flickered back to the previous day.

That time in the library…

That was so embarrassing for the girl: causing a huge stir; disrupting all those other people; being left alone to fix her own problems and receiving only a brief offer of help, before it was cruelly pulled away from her before she could even reply. Even that girl, Jacquard, who had set in motion the chain of events only helped out so she could get her highlighter quicker. She hadn’t given it back yet either.

She sighed. True, it would’ve been nice to get some help in the matter, but she could hardly start pointing fingers. It was hardly a difficult request anyway, and she was just plain silly for reacting so badly. There was no sense in accusing others for her own clumsiness.

Suddenly she realised she had been watering the same spot for the last twenty seconds. Scolding herself slightly for her carelessness again, she returned to the rest of the garden, placed alone in the shade of the trees.