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I concur that Jane and Vanessa could've crossed paths at parties, though I don't think they really have much in common outside of that, and their shared desire for everything to go their way may lead to actually not getting along. Hard to say right now, really. I agree that Nate and Candice would know each other from theatre, though Nate knows jack all about the Kardashians and would most likely politely smile and nod.

IN THE MEANTIME I feel like I need someone to actively pick on Nate soon. Everyone's so damn polite and friendly with him in his threads so far.

Mad Dewey Dash
Nate could definitely relate to Lani feeling pressured by her mom to do well. At least, he thought he knew what it felt like to be pushed to do better in subjects he didn’t like, but maybe he couldn’t totally relate to feeling pressured to go on to higher learning.

“I don’t know if I’m going to college, to be honest.” He shrugged, that trademark self-doubt not showing up in the words this time. “I’ve got four brothers, and only one of them went to college, so it’s not something my parents have said I have to do or anything, you know?”

“I don’t think I’d go if I could, though. I don’t really like any subjects that you go to college for, except maybe English, and I don’t want to be a writer or anything, so I might as well skip all the debt, right?” he continued, the pile of math books continuing to remain untouched at his side. “I did think about becoming a pastor when I’m older, but I think most of them go to college? I dunno, maybe I can just be one of the ones that doesn’t have a degree.”

Truthfully. his mom had been the one pushing the point that further education was important to joining the clergy, in another attempt to promote his independence. Nate wasn’t aware of that motive, but at the same time it did mean that he and Lani were in fairly similar situations after all.

As he’d been talking to Lani, Joshua had appeared. “Hey, Josh!” he smiled, lifting a hand in a small wave. “Congrats on the election.”

Ah, that was right: he’d said he’d get out of the way when Lani’s tutor showed up. Though, at the same time she'd said it was ok if he'd stuck around, hadn't she? Still, Nate was too polite not to at least ask.

“Sorry, you guys probably have stuff to do; should I leave?” he asked, motioning to stand up and get his things, whilst once again making those puppy dog eyes that quietly pleaded not to be made to go and forced to think about studying again.

Smoke On Her Face
“The fuck is that supposed to mean?!”

When Cameron spoke without thinking, her true thoughts were usually what came out, and this wasn’t the first time Cameron had pissed Vanessa off in this manner. But this particular thoughtlessly barbed comment had stabbed her right in a sensitive nerve with merciless accuracy.

Vanessa was proud of her singing. She liked being a frontwoman, and she was confident in her skills as the face of the band. The fact that it was now coming to light that her best friend disagreed, and felt so strongly about this that she considered the unholy lovechild of the bride of Frankenstein and Shakespeare to be the perfect replacement for her?

Fuck that!

“You got a problem with my singing Cams, then come right out and say it. Don’t fuck around with this whole replacement singer cutesy bullshit!”

She had been shouting this whole time, so of course everyone could hear her. Didn’t matter right now, didn’t matter that Coleen could hear; this had to be settled before anything else, and Cams could be straight with her for once without having to go braindead for half a second to do it.

Bananas Draws Sometimes
I also really like the sketch. Dandy art across the board, though~

Mad Dewey Dash
“Heh, yeah, you and me both.”

Already Nate was starting to feel a little better, thanks to Lani’s generous efforts to relate over their shared mathematics gripes. Even if he was going to bomb on this test, it was always nice when other people leant him a little reassurance that he wasn’t alone in being lost in the world of numbers and formulas.

He did smile more sincerely when Lani said that he wasn’t being in the way, which was something he liked to hear. Hopefully Joshua would feel the same way when he showed up; Nate had voted for him after all. Now that he thought about it, sitting down and studying with the vice-president would be a new one; he’d probably be a pretty interesting guy to talk to.

He had to take a moment to remind himself that it was only the student council that he was thinking about, not an actual president.

“Why do we even have to do maths anyway?” he asked, thoughts going back to Lani as he added a little filler to the conversation with a question that, really, he knew the answer to. Academics was pretty big in his family, and his brothers for the most part had all done pretty well in school, certainly better than him. Even if he didn’t like maths, that didn’t mean it wasn’t important and kept them in the black. That was one of things his dad had tried to tell him when he’d asked him to help with his homework a few months back. It had not been a productive session.

Whatever, he didn’t need maths if he decided to be a pastor, right?

“Oh, unless you were going to do something with it in college, or something?”

Gary Kwan

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
From a staffers perspective, I think profiles that manage to be succint but still convey all the necessary information are vunderbar, since they're easier to read, which means it's easier for other people to get an understanding of your character, whilst also making for easier and therefore faster critiques. At the same time, more detail USUALLY means richer characters, so I would never say to people 'don't put down this interesting background fluff just cause you want to keep the profile short.' provided it was generally interesting. 's a fine balance really, in my opinion.

course I prefer to write total doorstopper profiles when I can so who am I to judge.

Mad Dewey Dash
“Yeah, yeah.” He chuckled an awkward chuckle, taking the free seat whilst dropping his pile of texts down with an audible thump. “I’m pretty dumb after all, so gotta hit the books.”

He grinned at his own remark, but of course it was a pained grin. One of those 'Please take pity on me' kind of looks, at its core. He didn’t want some kind of encouragement that he wasn’t an idiot, he was pretty used to that idea, but anything Lani might’ve said to try and perk him up would’ve been appreciated.

“It’s kay though, I’ll leave when your tutor gets here. Don’t want to be in your way, or anything.” The fact that Lani was seeing a tutor at all surprised Nate just a little: this wasn’t the first time he’d seen her hitting the books in the library, but unlike him she seemed to have her head wrapped around stuff more often than not. Maybe it was seeing a tutor that helped her keep the edge? Maybe seeing a tutor was what he needed?

Meh, that was probably a bad idea. Waste of their time and his money, most likely.

For the moment, he could just talk things over with his friends or get his dad’s help, or ask Toby or Paul. At least, he could if they weren’t busy or too tired from work, which they often were.

“I bet with all the studying you do, you’re not worried about the test at all, eh Lani?”

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Feel so beloved.

Mad Dewey Dash
((Nate Turner continued from The Theatrics Formula))

Nate Turner was collecting a small mountain of textbooks in his arms, far more than he could ever hope to get through in one sitting. As was usually the case when he was worked up, Nate had not thought things that far through when he'd been pulling books off the shelf like they were going out of fashion.

Earlier that day in math class, they'd been informed of an upcoming in-class test. Nothing major, mind, more of an evaluation and recap than anything, but that part had more or less gone over Nate's head. As much as Nate hated maths, he hated tests even more.

Not only were they a great way to be reminded of how terrible he was at schoolwork, but then he got to look forward to that awful grade staring him in the face a few days later, and he knew everyone else could see his reaction, so then they knew he got a bad grade too. So, not only did he get to know that he was an idiot, but everyone else got reminded of it too.

So yeah, Nate was trying to make sure that that didn't happen by cramming as much information in as he could between then and now. Not that it would help, nor that it ever did.

As he rounded the shelves, satisfied with his pile of literature to cross-reference his own notes with, he immediately scanned the room for someone to study with. Studying in groups was much better than studying alone, because pretty much everyone understood this stuff better than him. The fact that the other person was usually quick to tell him not to worry so much and that he was being too hard on himself was also a huge perk, but not one that ever crossed his mind. Not consciously, anyway.

He spotted Lani over by the window, and was already heading in that direction as the nerves immediately began to ease up just a little.

"Hey, Lani! How's it going? Mind if I join you?" he asked, not moving to take a seat until she gave the ok, but very much ready to when it was recieved.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
This is great and I love it.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I mean I'd be happy if you guys killed me but I also think that Vyse is untrustworthy and obstructive and I don't want you all to get distracted tomorrow because night phases make people forget their priorities.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Because Vyse has never lied before.

Softball Captain Election
At a tie vote, the position of captain has gone to rolls. The result of this is that Sandra Dyer is the new softball captain.

Roll log

Tennis Captain Election
Sandra Dyer has withdrawn from the running. Therefore, the new tennis captain is Joshua Bracewell.

Track Team Captain Election
Sandra Dyer has withdrawn from the running. Therefore, the new track team captain is Junko Kurosawa.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Vote: VysePresident

For both being a liar and also because it would be nice if we could actually stop having the thread get so bloated which makes it that much harder to notice genuine info.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I would like to point out that if the thread gets too large from the million images and posts then it could bork up like the random thoughts threads do.

Ready Aim Fire: Round Three
You people are horrible at statistics.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
After sifting through three dozen pictures of Joey Wheeler's thumbs up, I have my opinion on Aura:

People jumped on him really quickly. Like, yes, Aura wasn't leading the charge at the start of the game, but people seemed to decide that made him a good lynch candidate way too soon, I feel.

He's a little bit over-reliant on flavour when it comes to identifying Doc as a cult leader, in my humble opnion.

He does tend to summarise a lot later on and shows signs of hopping on bandwagons. Not great.

Conclusion: Aura has signs of scumminess, but it's not really ironclad. I'm more interested in why Dea has been so eager to lead two bandwagons based on fairly insubstantial evidence, at this point.