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Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
I made the falseclaim last night phase when I believed it was a new day phase that no-one was talking in cause people can be out of ideas. I repeated my post because some people who are still alive had seen the accidental one before it was deleted and I like to keep things fair, despite the obvious disadvantage it put me at. Honor before reason and all that jazz. I received the ability on the second night in the row, which occurred after I had made the accidental post.

People seemed to be coming to their own conclusions on the claim anyway, but we still need to worry about the mafia running around, so I thought I'd remind people. Again, what more can be said apart from what I said in the original post; if people want to ask questions then ask away, information is information.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
I didn't explain to you because I can't see what more you want me to say that I didn't explain in the first post. By all means, ask more questions.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
IN THE MEANTIME we need suspects for today. Now that we actually have some night kills, let's have us a looksy on the interactions with Namira and Deamon and see if it gets us anywhere.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
IN THE MEANTIME we need suspects for today. Now that we actually have some night kills, let's have us a looksy on the interactions with Namira and Deamon and see if it gets us anywhere.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
For those of you that did not see, I was a moron last night and talked during the night phase. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this caused to anyone with a night action due to the content of my post, which to avoid bias of knowledge I will now repeat in full (Give or take a few words I don't have a photographic memory).

Information vacuum will be the death of us, drastic measures must be taken yada yada yada.

I am the Town Cop. I can confirm that the mass blocking was only affecting night kills as I have so far turned up results for investigations on night one and two, but none on night three as I assume I was role blocked (As I was again last night, I assume it has something to do with the whole night speaking fiasco.) On the first night I investigated Namira, who turned up as Town. I investigated her because she is a valuable player, but I have wasted time in the past pursuing her relentlessly (see the pokemon mafia) so I wanted to avoid a repeat of that situation. On the second night I investigated Hollyquin, who turned up as Not Town. I investigated her because of growing suspicions throughout the day.

Now I am not going to add in the vote on Holly because obviously matters have changed since then.

Obviously the Namira death reveals a few inconsistencies in what I said last night. I will come out right now and say that what I said was an information gambit aimed at making the mafia trip up and hopefully reveal more than they wanted. In actuality I suspected both Namira and Hollyquin of being mafia, though I was more suspicious of Holly and thus was willing to throw her under the bus first. Frankly I was going to come clean as innocent before she even died just because the important thing was what everyone said during and who came to her defense, which would still be valuable information.


Now I happen to have a little gift from the gods in my sleeve that actually can make me a cop. Thank you whoever gave me this crew pass, I shall be sure to use it well and discover the allegiance of whoever I fancy tonight. For that reason I think you may want to consider letting me live at least one more night phase, but if anyone has any other ideas then by all means speak up.

Dinner Date
Ryan had been looking absently across the counter through the kitchen’s window when Brian arrived, failing to notice another customer entering the busy restaurant until he called out for him across the ambient din. “Oh, hey Brian.” he said back, smiling when he saw who it was. “I'm good, just getting some lunch.” he said, tacking a small shrug on as he did so. Since they were both on the track team, Ryan had seen Brian plenty of times at practice and the two got on okay. Brian was an easy enough guy to talk to and he was a good runner too, so he made for a good race out on the track. Outside of that, however, Ryan really didn't know him all that well.

“What are you having?” Ryan asked, a fan of pretty much everything on the menu, as he moved down the bar to sit next to Brian. Whilst he may have liked eating alone at the diner, the solitude whilst eating being a lovely atmosphere to him, he decided that talking to Brian would probably make for a fun change of pace. He’d talked to the regulars at practice plenty of times, but he was always far more focused on training than he was on making friends. Talking to Brian here might let him get to know his fellow team mate outside the track a little better; it could be interesting.

Dropping my values to make friends!
Dropping Alex for reasons of cast similarity. Apologies if you had any plans with her.

Dinner Date
((Ryan Banks Pregame Start))

One o’clock: lunchtime. Ryan was sat alone at the counter, an appetising plate of gammon and fries in front of him. The time meant that there were a lot of other customers, but for the most part the rest of them had filled up the booths, leaving him sat there by himself. He didn’t mind it at all.

Ryan had a ritual of coming to the Around The Clock Diner for lunch on a Saturday, his routine all but recognised by the staff after keeping it up for so long. He wasn’t on a name basis with them, there was no reason to be, but he barely even had to say his order anymore these days. The food was affordable here and, more to the point, it tasted better than it was priced as far as Ryan was concerned, whilst the portion sizes satisfied the growling hunger his morning runs always gave him.

The food hadn’t lost its oven fresh warmth as he bit into it, the first bite always the best. He began demolishing the pile of fries, glancing around the diner in the midst of chewing and his mind began to wander as it always did. A constant rambling accented the room as the other customers talked amongst their groups whilst Ryan sat alone. None of the faces he recognised, but that was hardly unusual: it was a popular place, so there were always new customers crossing through. Even if there were any other regulars, however, Ryan wasn't the type to take note of them anyway, too focused in enjoying his own meal every time.

As his thoughts deepened, his eating slowed. There was only half a year left of high school, and he still hadn’t been offered anything for college. It was a thought that often hit him lately, especially after the winter term ended, and one that he came back to in a quiet moment like this a lot. He knew that he would have to talk to his coach about it again, regardless of whatever priorities he may have had that weren't Ryan. The thought that they might exist hadn't even crossed the young man's mind.

His fork interrupted him, hitting the bare crockery with a loud clink. The empty plate confirmed that he’d already eaten the entire serving without even realising, but his stomach still growled underneath the bar for more. He waved at the attendant behind the bar, silently getting his attention. “Another gammon and fries.” he stated simply to the man who couldn’t be much older than him. Whoever it was, they hadn't started working here until recently. “Please.”

Slam's Creativity Thread
Two in one day? Good God I must be on drugs.

Does Not Yet Have Title

I'll probably turn this into a serial.

Slam's Creativity Thread
Glad you like it dawg

Slam's Creativity Thread

Bouncing up and down
The flowing river in my heart abounds
But when I turn around there it is
And I can swim.

Winds in the trees and a gentle breeze
It’s the day I wanted for months and weeks
Now it’s here and I’m out in the clouds
Wind in my hair, wind in my gown

Everything is going perfectly
Life is everything I want it to be
Except I turn around and look behind me
And there’s one thing not there.

A beautiful, clear horizon rolls in front of me
Grassy meadows, grassy hills
Clean, green, completely sheen
This empty landscape is all I need

I look around across the world
Every little detail now unfurled
All to myself, all to me
This barren land is all I see

Peaceful solitude of perfect silence
Mine alone, mine forever

Introduction Thread
Hola new people, me llamo Slamexo. No hablo espanol. Best wishes about your now joining the site!

Battle of the Bands!
Exactly the sort of thing that the not-yet-existant Gabriella Parker would sign up for.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
If we were to look at lurkers then the bottom five posters are in this order, from most to least.


So whoever anyone would like to poke at here, or if anyone at this point actually has another suggestion by all means share it. However, because I'd rather not we end up with a random death, I am going to throw an objective vote in for the lowest poster who has not displayed evidence of a post restriction. Doc has technically contributed less still, but since I'm sure there's people who are curious as to why he's not speaking I'm voting for the other choice in their interest. I personally can't imagine what sort of restriction would have this much payoff unless he's the one nullifying night kills or actions, who knows which, and I've already explained my position on that.

Vote: TDS

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
We still have some time, but this may be another day when we have to do in another lurker. If the mass role blocking can run three nights in a row, I am going to raise some hell I tell ya.

V4 Endgame
That was one entertaining endgame, I tell ya what. As is to be expected from such great writers.


*Zen stance*

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
I really doubt the innocent child would suddenly come with all these passive powers. The innocent child being a declared innocent is, after all, enough of a power in itself.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
It just seems really weird that someone would have the power to mass roleblock two nights in a row, is all. Either Jeff Probst is fucking with us or there's something we're missing here, and if Jeff is fucking with us not cool brah.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Though if it is a result of multiple roleblocks (night kills are randomised if not sent in) that does mean that if the roleblockers came forth we could potentially have the identity of everyone with a killing role in one turn, which at least gives us the mafia hitman and serial killer assuming the hitman doesn't have role piercing again. Though that said we'd need another party to come forth and claim that they had an ability work last night, and there's no guarentee that people didn't kill anyone last night because everyone held back or yet another possibility.

So it's kind of too many variables and too many roleclaims a move to take, really. I dunno, whatever you guys wanna think.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Right, I've just read through the entire thread again and my strongest suspicions are pointed at:

Vote: I haven't got a fucking clue.

First things first. Whoever's stopping all the night kills is officially banned from stopping any more night kills. If they do then we will kill you instead. The lack of night kills may seem to be in the town's favour, but it's also reducing pressure on the mafia to act faster because so far any chance of hitting them is relegated to random shots landing on them. I think. So in that sense it's kind of possible that they're remaining quiet and haven't said anything more lately because they don't need to draw attention to themselves. So in that sense we should probably look at lurkers again. But then lurkers are lurkers anyway.

Second things second. Well actually, that's all I got.

Shit, we need something good here people.