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Stranded in this Shopping Hell
She smiled in the silence at the table, as the awkwardness wasn't a concern for her: she was just there to get the scoop! Whether these two were comfortable around her or not was irrelevant.

However, she'd never get them to spill if she couldn't actually get them to talk.

Now think: what's the best way to get these guys to open up?

Perhaps a casual conversation about what's going on right now?

“Have you guys tried these nachos? I swear, they're divine!”

Taking an innocent nibble accompanied with a cat-like smile to reinforce her statement, Amber sat there whilst predicting her next move.

I can't just open up and start talking even more; perhaps I should wait for them to make the next move.

It would be important to let them think they were in control: that way she'd be able to quietly change the topic to the sex makings without them being suspicious of her!

As for the matter of introducing herself, that would be easy as pie.

“You guys remember me right? Amber Whimsy?”

Skype / Interwebs Roleplaying
I may only have skype, but I'm a fan of Tabletop RPGs and I enjoy Skype comminuqué.

So yeah, jus' saying. :ermm:

Stranded in this Shopping Hell
Amber had let her imagination get the better of her: rather than write down what she knew about the scoop, she had done as she occasionally did and let the scoop write itself. She had already spun in a weave about failing marriages and uninhibited imaginative sex in order to keep the family together so as to not cause their mentally unstable son a breakdown when she actually decided to start listening again.

”They weren't going home. They were going furniture shopping."

It was even juicier! Not only was there some kinky sex going on with this guy's parents, they were doing it in public! If she could find out which store they had gone to, perhaps she could even some photographic evidence!

Actually, that thought was kinda gross.

Taking her pencil away from her stream of notes, Amber continued her eavesdropping. However, it was no use: she needed to know some names if she wanted a good article! Her experience had led her to know no-one gave a rats ass about 'anonymous couple', they need some names dropped! Sure, it had led to more than one controversy over her articles, but it was a noble sacrifice!

Time for another investigative technique!

As the two blathered on something about school, Amber took it upon herself to reach into her phone, and open up the settings; the trick with this one was to make it seem like you were being called from somewhere else, so as to give you an excuse to look around!

One fake call later, her maneuver was initiated.

“Hey Jen! Yeah, I know. I'm in the food court, where are you?” It was at this point she began to look around, making eye contact with the faces of Rizzo and Aaron after a few seconds of glancing around, and even throwing in a look of fake surprise for good measure. “Oh really? That suck. Okay, I'll see you later!”

Putting her phone away in her pocket, after hanging up from the one sided conversation, she turned around so that she may as well have been sitting at their table.

“Hey guys! Long time no see! I didn't realise you were sitting right there!” A fake laugh accompanied her attempt to put herself on the same base as them; if she could make them try to remember her name, then they'd have made an approach at her, and she'd be in the perfect spot to begin infiltration.

"Eh... Mind numbingly boring... Plus the beds here are so uncomfortable."

Yep, that sounded about right; whenever she visited Joe in the hospital, he always complained at her about how dull it was. Usually she’d help him out of it by playing cards with him for as long as she had the time.

Then she noticed Chadd: he noticed him wincing as he held his rib. Poor guy, he looks to be in pretty rough shape. Looking down at him with concern, she was about to ask again if he was okay before he cut her off.

“Well, I'm guessing you've at least heard of me. I'm that kid that flipped his car over on the 68 in that race.”

She raised an eyebrow in interest; she thought she’d heard something along those lines, but in truth she’d been too busy with gymnastics practice for the upcoming tourney to really be that observant of what all the other girls were gossiping about.

Still, if what he was saying was true, then he was a street racer, and he must’ve been a pretty bad one at that if he winded up in this shape. On the plus side, he didn’t seem to be dead; pretty good outcome, if he really did flip his car over.

” Actually, I am kind of curious what kind of treatment I'll get when I go back..."

I guess it was understandable to be worried. After all, if the rumours really were about him, then he would probably have a swarm of girls chasing after him, begging to sign his cast; a bit embarrassing, really.

Maybe she could do a little bit of a favour and dim the flames a little for him, so that he’d not have too huge a hassle when he got out.

"I'm not sure if I'll even be able to go back this year. I'm stuck here for six weeks. And I've never been the best at book work."

Well, she wouldn’t have to worry about those flames then: after that long, no-one would even bat him an eyelid unless he went right up to them and waved his casts around. Sad, but true.

As someone who’d never been all that smart at learning things, Janet could appreciate a concern about not being able to keep up with the class work.

Chuckling lightly, Janet joked at him:

“I’d offer to tutor you, but I’m kind of a moron myself; I might end up flunking this year too, unless I suddenly jump ten IQ points.”

Finishing her chuckle with a small smile, she looked down at him again. It must suck to be so young and end up confined to a hospital for six weeks. Imagine how boring it’d get real quick!

“Six weeks, eh? That’s pretty crappy. What’ll you end up doing that whole time?”

She was embarrassed again; how could she forget her cue? The music was right there! Sure, he played beautifully, but that shouldn’t have meant she couldn’t follow a piece of paper for the love of Christ!

“Sorry…sorry…” she mumbled under her breath as she scoured the piece of paper, pretending to be looking for her cue; she knew where it was really, but with any luck she’d be able to pull it off as not being able to recognise it.

And then he’d think she couldn’t play, and then she’d be back to where she started, again.

Suddenly, she noticed the finger pointed at her forehead. ‘Dummy’, she imagined him calling out to her, as he picked up his sheets and kicked her out the room. Please, don’t take too long doing it…

"Your head's in the clouds, isn't it?"

Looking up, she saw that warm smile once again, and her fears began to scurry back into the dark corner of her thoughts; he wasn’t some big brute who was going to smash her dreams in for screwing up, and he wasn’t some Mr. Lyzan who got way too caught up on perfecting the E Minor note. No, he was just a really friendly guy.

Good girl Lucy; now relax.

Nodding with a small smile as he directed her to her cue, Lucy looked at him again; he was so kind. As he stooped down to look in her eyes, she tensed ever so slightly. Was he about to spi-

Be quiet.

"...You're nervous. I don't think it's because of the music either. Is there anything I can do to make you less nervous, Lucy?"

Anything he could do?

“No, I'm alright now.”

Her confidence began to grow, as a warm, sweet smile spread across her face.

“Let’s play.”

Stranded in this Shopping Hell
The perfect entry.

The Slip 'n Sly: A guide for amateurs

The first step to successfully pulling off this infiltration maneuver is to observe your tagets; if there's more than six, then this technique is probably not needed: they'll be far too busy talking to each other to notice you!

Secondly, make a conveniently placed distraction for use in step three; dropping something small, like that phone we just saw, is an excellent example. Whilst you're doing so, be sure to be covert.

Step three: Loudly draw attention to yourself whilst interacting with your distraction. Now kids, this may seem counter-productive, but did you know that studies have shown people are eighty per cent more interested in things that they don't spot by chance?

If all of those steps are successfully completed, you should be able to safely approach your target within earshot, and eavesdrop away!

It may have made her look like an idiot, but that didn't stop her from slipping in unnoticed!

Whilst she ran over her memorised plan in her head with a side order of ego indulgence, despite already having successfully pulled it off, the salsa dripping off her nacho and on to her leg (staining her favourite pair of jeans; damn it!) reminded her that she was there on a mission!

"Maybe they're fucking. Is it their anniversary? Or one of their birthdays?"

A huge grin spread across Amber's face.

Pay dirt!

This required some extra records! Reaching down into her pocket, she pulled out her ever reliable notebook and pencil, flipping over past her incessant doodles to a blank page.

Wild Couple Engages in Rampant Sex Romp!

Catchy, but a bit technical for her tastes. What else?

Wild Couple Engages in Rampant Sex Romp!
Sexy Hijinks at Saint Pauls!

Oh sure, if she wanted to make it sound tamer than a circus lion.

Wild Couple Engages in Rampant Sex Romp!
Sexy Hijinks at Saint Pauls!
Who's Wearing the Pants at the Shopping Center?

...what the hell was that meant to mean?

Hrm, what was the headline she sought...


Unstoppable Orgy At Bayview Mall!

Perfect! Just the title to attract readers for her blog! Or at least it would be, if she hadn't been reported already and had it taken down. First amendment her foot!

But that wouldn't matter at all if she couldn't get herself some more details! Further listening was in order!

Leaning back in her chair again, Amber kept her pencil at the ready to jot down any more incriminating notes for her personal exploits whilst listening in on her two targets.

Keep it coming, fellas!

Lonely Soup
Despite her attempts to tell the giant to shove off, he seemed insistent on annoying Alice as much as humanly possible. Clearly he was also a retard, or else he would’ve understood that she was telling him to get fucked, rather than explain how he wasn’t on about a specific seat.

Maybe he had some pituitary problem, or something. Either way, she became even more irritated when the guy decided to go take a seat nearby anyway. This wasn’t the only eating area on the whole campus!

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he was still insistent on talking to her, as he asked how she was, but not before being kind enough to go and introduce himself; like she gave a rat’s ass who this guy was.

And to make matters worse, during this whole whirlwind of displeasure, the other girl ended strolled over and dropped herself down onto the grass like it was nobody’s business.

“I don’t want to you to sit on these seats, but you have to use seats.”

This was probably why people were so pissy when she brought her shoes up, but at least shoes were made for getting dirty! Jeans and skirts were made for only getting slightly dirty as a result of people like this cow being stupid and sitting on the floor!

More to the point, why the hell was she still here!? Or either of them for that matter!

Downing the remnants of the soup in her cup in one, not nearly satisfying gulp, Alice screwed the cap of her thermos on, ever so slightly looser than she intended. Getting to her feet, she glared at the two with distaste at the strange behaviour, regarding their questions for a moment.

Rude, rude questions.

Poor manners, it was, to come up to a stranger and start asking them questions, even ones as minor as how they were doing. In her world, people were more respectful of such things.

“How I was? I was good before.”

Her scowl turned into a slight smirk; she couldn’t bitch to herself, but maybe she could have a little fun with knocking these two down a peg. Or six.

“Now? Now I am bad.”

The Questions Game
If you could be any movie or television character, who would it be?

Lucy Ashmore: Wonder Woman, maybe? Superpowers would be cool.

Janet Claymont: Bond, James Bond.

Alice Boucher: ...why would I want to be a fictional character? I'm great as I am.

Amber Whimsy: Hmm, that's a tough one. I guess I'd have to say Harriet the Spy, because for a little kid she sure knew her way around people's rooftops! Think what she'd be like at my age!

Life's got you down: kids are screaming; bills are piling up; spouse is cheating on you; and your fired from your job for the other guys' mistakes. How do you react?

Stranded in this Shopping Hell
The air on that table was definitely heavy: in Amber's opinion, the guy on the right looked to be nervous about this strange person opposite him; meanwhile, the other one was more worried about whatever it was that was on his mind. What developments awaited, she wondered?

Unfortunately, her eavesdropping was interrupted as a large group of people decided to take up seating in the table behind her, their amassed conversations projecting much louder than the two targets of her spying.

Darn it; don't people appreciate it when someone's trying to spy on people any more?

Not one to be denied her story, Amber tried to ignore the noises coming from behind her, and instead focus on her original target; whilst the large group of friends could quite possibly be discussing any number of exciting rumours, it was far more interesting to pay attention to these two shady figures!

Or at least it would be, if she could actually get some of that listening done!

Seeing the noises come out of their mouths without hearing a word they were saying was torture to Amber; further actions were needed!

Sliding over her tray of nachos, Amber took her phone out of her pocket; this was a trick she had learnt whilst watching an old spy film! Flimsily pretending to accidentally drop it on the floor next to her, Amber practically shouted:

“Oh dear, I seem to have dropped my phone!”

Getting up and moving over around the corner of her table, Amber retrieved her deliberately lost mobile, before taking a seat that was practically adjacent to Rizzo. She even leaned over to the two, quite obviously, just to be sure she could hear the details.

Now, let the show recommence!

Stranded in this Shopping Hell
Amber smirked as she watched the two guys opposite each other. From the look the guy on the right was giving the other one, it seemed neither of them were that familiar with each other, so why sit with each other? The mystery in the meal was starting to show its features!

As the two sat across from each other for a moment, without saying a word, Amber felt the tension crawl over in her direction; one of them seemed oblivious to the other's presence, whilst the other was trying his hardest to work out why he wasn't paying attention, or at least wondering why, giving him those eyes.

Finally, one put down his burger and spoke up:

"Oh, excuse me. I didn't notice you there. I didn't mean to offend you by not saying 'hello' and just sitting there eating and ignoring you. I mean, that'd be pretty creepy."

She laughed to herself; he seemed a little nervous to Amber, and now he was trying to cover it up with a weak attempt at pretending not to have noticed him, before saying stuff that just sounded weird; he sure didn't look comfortable.

Awkward situations always made for a good laugh.

And for added fun, the little guy seemed to finally notice that he wasn't alone at the table, as he blinked dumbly at his fellow table sitter. Maybe he was distracted, so that's why he didn't notice anything?

Distracted with some juicy story, hopefully!

Her mind began conjuring up all sorts of long-shot gossip as the two continued talking: maybe he was in trouble with the cops, or he was a shoplifter with a coat full of stolen CDs! Or maybe he just found out he's got some terminal illness, and was trying to maintain some sense of normality in his quickly declining life!

Bit of a fetch, that last one.

Now quite excited, Amber took a bite of another nacho, eagerly watching the pair in front of her.

Who knows what she was about to find out!

Stranded in this Shopping Hell
((Debut of Amber Whimsy))

"Hmm, it's kinda dull lately."

Amber had arranged to go shopping with her friends that day; she hadn't gone shopping in weeks, and she'd heard a rumour that a sale was going down that very day!

Sadly for her, those rumours turned out to be false. Whilst she took pride in her ability to find out the details on what's happening around St. Pauls, it was true she still made mistakes on the odd basis.

And to make matters worse, it turned out that all her mates cancelled on her: one's Grandma was in the hospital; one had to write an essay she'd spaced out on; and one had told her she was broke and decided not to come, but in truth she was actually just blowing off Amber out of revenge for spying on her when she was trying to ask out her crush.

It was a pretty disappointing day, overall.

Giving up her plans of finding some good clothing, Amber had decided instead to go to the food court and eat away her sorrows with a tray of nachos. Oh sure, 90% of the time she was supposed to be on a diet to watch her figure, but it was okay to have a bite when things went badly.

Paying for her snack, Amber ended up sitting just across from Aaron's and Rizzo's table, possessing the two of them in her eye sight. Whilst she wasn't deliberately trying to observe the two strangers, she enjoyed the opportunity to have a look at what these two ended up talking about. Who sat on the same table as someone and didn't talk to them, after all?

Casually dipping her snack into the free sauce, the nosy girl nibbled on the end whilst her eyes drifted around, before quickly ending up on the pair in front of her. With any luck, this would end up in some juicy info on people, even if she didn't have a clue who they were!

A meal with a show: exactly what she needed!

As Daniel slid the sheet over into her stand, Lucy felt her cheeks blushing up again. Dummy! How could you forget something like that? Now he definitely thought she was a moron!

Shut up.

"There's a trick to this duet. There's a repeat within a repeat here.”

Looking at where he was pointing, Lucy noticed that there was such a thing after all. Good thing he’d pointed it out too, otherwise she would’ve probably skimmed over it, and then he’d look at her like she was some idiot who couldn’t read a music sheet, and then he’d laugh, and then-

”I've played this piece with other students and most of them don't seem to spot it.”

Oh, ok. So she wouldn’t be the first to make that mistake.

”Of course, this sheet music is old and almost faded."

Lucy breathed out a sigh of relief, oblivious to his presence. Looks like he was trying to relax her, or at the very least stop her from worrying. Then again, maybe she was just hoping for the best.

Then, he squeezed her shoulder lightly; a wave of relief spread over her. If he was trying to unnerve her, would he give such a comforting gesture?

Unless, maybe he was unstable on his legs or something, and he was grabbing her for suppor-

Moving on.

"You'll be fine. If you mess up don't be afraid and stop playing.

Right, don’t be afraid. You probably won’t mess up on something like this anyway; it’s simple enough. Just calm down, and let your fingers do all the work.

”Just play what you feel is right. Kind of like improvisation."

Nodding at him, slightly less tense than before, Lucy waited as he moved to the piano and began his tune. The melody was sweet; calming even. She felt her nerves subside, as she listened to him play, losing herself in the tune. He was so big, and rough looking, yet he played so beautifully.

Then she realised she’d missed her cue.


Lonely Soup
"Um, what, oh, well, nothing really, I was just saying hi. And, so how are you?"


You know, Alice could appreciate the irony that she had just been wishing to meet a nice foreign person, but wasn’t she just being a little direct? I mean, how much could they have talked to each other if she couldn’t even remember her name? It’s not like she was the only person in the school she could’ve talked to, after all.

Frankly, she was glad to see Clio’s smile fade slightly: maybe she’d get the hint and leave of her own volition.

“I’m go-“

"Do you mind if I sit here? The building is a little too crowded for eating inside."

Another person had snuck up on her whilst she was distracted trying to get rid of Clio; some big guy. Some REALLY big guy. Huge, even. Looming over her, Alice tensed her grip on her cup of soup slightly.

Alice wasn’t a fan of big people, and it seemed that this school was teeming with them. She could barely see where she was going in the hallways, sometimes!

And now he was trying to approach her too? Why’d everyone want to be her friend all of a sudden!?

Ok God, you can stop now.

Looking around quickly to be sure of herself, Alice turned back to the giant:

“There are many chairs here. You do not have to use this one.”

It’s not like she had ever tried talking to this guy, or if she had she’d not given it a second thought. It figured that this would happen when you only give people the simplest responses necessary.

"You don't have a problem with that, do you?"

Yes, yes she did. She was trying to enjoy her lunch, not reach out to the ‘Needs-a-hug’ club. Why weren’t these people talking to their own friends, anyway?

“I do not know him; I would not like to eat my lunch with him.”

Taking refuge in her foreign language, Alice vented her frustration.

“Give them a taste of Alice, and suddenly everyone wants a piece of me.”


Amber Whimsy
Name: Amber Whimsy
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Journalism; gossip; online games

Appearance: Amber stands at an average height for a girl her age, at 5’ 5”, and weighs in at 123 lbs. Her frame is light, and her body appears to be lacking in any visible muscle whatsoever, and her skin is slightly lighter than usual.

Amber’s naturally ginger hair is cut to a moderate length, ending just above her shoulders, and is kept behind her ears with two light blue hair clips. Her forehead is of an average size, although it looks larger due to the her hair being kept to the sides, and her eyes are rounded, of indistinct size, and dark green. Her nose is fairly sharp, although it is larger than usual and sticks out of her face quite significantly, with it being slightly upturned at the base. Her lips are quite thin, and her teeth are slightly yellow tinged. Her cheeks are quite gaunt.

Typically Amber will wear whatever clothing she pulls out of her wardrobe that day, which consists of t-shirts, jeans, jackets and woolly jumpers for wearing on colder days. Her footwear of choice is always the same pair of white trainers.

Biography: Born to Madison and Tyler Whimsy in St. Pauls, a receptionist and a floor manager respectively, Amber is the youngest of two daughters, her elder sister being Jenna Whimsy, currently a physics student at University. Apart from a brief separation that arose due to stress from both of their jobs, Amber’s parents have always been happily married and the family as a whole is respectably close.

Growing up, Amber was quite a nosy girl; she would constantly listen in on the conversations of her classmates, and even managed to learn the odd secret in doing so. Whilst she usually noticed very quickly, the girl gained a thirst for finding out things about her peers in her pre-teen years, although this has diminished slightly as she’s gotten older.

It was this curiosity and conversations that she overheard her elder sister talking about with her friends that led to her starting to get interested in journalism. Always eager to hear about the events going on in the area and the world in general, Amber would quickly grab the newspapers when her parents were finished with them, and read any articles that jumped out at her. Whilst she found many of the broadsheets to be quite dull, she took a particular shine to tabloids, thus becoming more interested in the eventful, light hearted scoops, rather than the serious toned ones.

Growing older, Amber never stood out much at school, which for her was a double edged sword.

On one hand, it meant she was not as popular as the girls she read about in her magazines, which created some insecurities in her appearance, especially her nose. This led to several attempts to boost her image, even trying to convince her parents to let her get a nose job, which quickly failed. Whilst these securities have subsided with time, Amber still has many issues with her nose, deeming it a ‘zit on her face that just won’t go away.’

On the other hand, it allowed her to remain subtle in her collection of gossip about the other students, thus satisfying her lust for knowledge. Because of this, she was able to pick up a lot of information about some of the more popular students, which she keeps locked away in a journal under her bed. Whilst she has considered using it for blackmail, she’s too afraid of the consequences if she made a mistake to follow through with it.

Amber is not a physically active girl, either. Although she has a high metabolism, so excess weight is not an issue, she usually spends her days lazing around on the computer if not out with her friends, browsing the internet and playing various online games with friends she’s made over the internet. Whilst she has told herself many times that she’ll get more active, she has rarely pushed through with this intention.

On one occasion when she was fifteen, Amber did try to partake in the sport of parkour with one of her friends at Bayview. However, she quickly took a fairly big fall off a wall, and whilst the worst of her injuries was a sprained wrist, she has sworn off the sport as too dangerous and scary for her taste. She has also developed a small fear of heights over the incident.

Academically, Amber maintains a B average in most of her classes, save for English which she has an A- average in, which she maintains through cramming heavily before most of the exams. Her parents try to make her revise more, but her attention usually gets distracted elsewhere.

Currently, Amber intends to become a journalist once she leaves Bayview; she is an active member of the school newspaper, especially when it comes to taking pictures to go with stories. Her biggest problem with the newspaper though is that they often prevent her from printing a lot of her stories for being too invasive of student’s private lives and not looking at the school enough; she has been warned on a number of occasions that if she does not stop being so nosy then she will be kicked off the newspaper.

Amber’s group of friends is small, but close, and aside from that she maintains a passing acquaintanceship with a number of students; she is not a reserved person, but she is shy when it comes to approaching new people, especially in regards to men she has a crush on. As such, she is currently single and has never had a boyfriend.

Amber retains a bubbly, if sometimes annoyingly curious personality, and tries to keep on the good side of people. She likes to think that she’s optimistic, but in truth she can become quite depressed relatively easily if things don’t go her way. She also can become annoyed easier than normal, but she tends to calm down a lot quicker as well.

Advantages: Amber is quite good at being subtle when it comes to following people and remaining unnoticed, due to her practice at finding out things about people without their knowledge. She also possesses a large supply of knowledge of other students secrets, which she may be able to use on her enemies if she can muster up the knowledge to stop worrying about the consequences.
Disadvantages: Amber is neither physically fit, nor is she exceptionally intelligent. Her personality is not at all suited to the atmosphere of the island, and her lack of experience with any violence whatsoever means she’s very unlikely to cope with the amount of stress placed on her. Her fear of heights could also work against her, should it come up.

Locked Door; Pants Down

She could relax slightly; at least it wasn't some AIDS riddled sex hound who'd given her genital herpes or something. So, all she had to worry about was the fact that she'd slept with a total stranger, and that he hadn't used a condom to stop her making babies.

The hangover beat into her skull with a resounding thud; despite her intentions to keep calm in the situation, her headache was massive from the combined alcohol after effects and the massive amounts of stress, and she was still mad on the inside.

She sighed again, as she once more cupped her head in her hands.

”You were my first. But, we never actually kissed though..."

Fuck, he still didn't get it.

Little fucker.

“I'm pretty calm right now, you little asshole; please don't make me more pissed off than you already have.”

Hey, it was a fair warning; who was he to start moaning that he hadn't gotten to make out with the drunk chick he'd ploughed?

Why was he still there, anyway? Shouldn't he have ran off or something the moment he'd woken up with her screaming at him? At least then she wouldn't have to sit there and listen to his crap.

“We're done now, kid. Get out of here, and never mention this to anyone.”

She felt so dirty, calling him a kid, but then what else could she call him? He acted like a horny twelve year old, and she was acting like a complete retard.

Slumping down, she sat on the bed with her head still cupped into her hands, and let out another long sigh.

For Janet Claymont, things were pretty fucked up.

((Janet Claymont continued in Enjoy the Movie))

Locked Door; Pants Down
Okay, think; you've got to work out what you're going to do next.

Janet continued pressing her head against the wall, as she sighed deeply trying to work out the situation. The priorities were clear, at least:

- Chadd doesn't find out
- Ratty, or whatever his name was, gets out of there ASAP
- She gets herself a pregnancy check

"I... I won't tell anyone... If you don't want me to..."

Well, at least he managed to get priority number one. Without taking her head away from the wall, Janet started to talk:

"Good, you're not a total idiot after all..."

Turning around at this point and looking straight at Rizzo, she wanted to be sure she was making eye contact to put her point across further.

"You don't breathe a word of this to anyone; absolutely no-one."

Her hangover was still pounding at her head, so she paused briefly to cup her head in her hands in a futile attempt to quell it.

"Fuck, this thing kills..."

Remembering priority three, Janet raised her eyes out of her palms to look at Rizzo again.

"At least tell me I was your first."

Lonely Soup
As she drank the lunch, Alice let out a sigh as she flexed her had back behind her. It was oddly empty on the campus, considering the warm temperature. Admittedly, she had gotten out earlier than usual to start her lunch, so perhaps she’d only have some alone time for a few more minutes before the place became crowded with the noisy populace of Bayview.

She had a lot of alone time these days.

Taking another sip, she shut her eyes as she thought back to her life in Nantes: normally, she’d have just finished maths at this time of day, and then she’d head with her friend Juleen to meet up with Nichol and Diahna and the others for lunch, where they’d talk about their nights before and laugh at the losers and freaks, whilst she’d enjoy whatever meal she’d made the night before.

Sadly, she was only enjoying one element of that fun these days, and she could tell you that bitching by yourself just makes you feel weird.

Still, her thoughts were interrupted and her eyes forced open by a noise addressed at her:

”Hiya Alice!”

Looking over at the source, Alice saw some girl walking towards her.

Huh. God acted fast.

Whilst she was surprised by the unexpected greeting, she was still wary of the stranger; what sort of person randomly greets you in the middle of campus for no good reason, especially with that much enthusiasm?

And whoever this girl was, Alice had most definitely not invited her to start calling her by her first name; she hadn't invited anyone to call her by her first name since she'd been shipped over. Didn't these people know some of the basic courtesies when it came to addressing others?

Well, she seemed to know her name anyway, so Alice reasoned that she must’ve talked to her on one or two occasions. However, she couldn’t have been that interesting to talk to, as she still didn’t know for the life of her who this girl was, and she wasn’t exceptionally eager to puzzle it together either.


She replied, her mandatory response laden with her thick accent.

Now that she was closer, Alice could start to guess that this girl wasn’t a natural born American, given her complexion and facial features. Then again, she could’ve just had foreigner parents and be a local herself; it was far too early to tell.

“What would you like?”

Lonely Soup
((Alice Boucher continued from Cat Nap))

It was a warm time of the day, so Alice had decided to eat her lunch outside. The sun shone down on the grass around her, as she pulled her feet up onto the bench she laid calmly on, looking into her bag.

How many times have I told you, Alice Boucher, not to put your feet on the chair when you’re wearing shoes?

She rolled her eyes as she thought back to the many times her parents had lectured her over her preferred seating position; why would it be her problem if a little dirt got on the chair? Who knows what the people who used it had sat in before?

As she looked around the campus, Alice pouted with irritation; it was bad enough she was stuck in this country; why’d her uncle have to live so far from the school as well? If it wasn’t the case, she would’ve gone home to eat lunch every day, rather than having to wait until she could have a table to herself.

Pulling the thermos out of her bag, the girl thought back to her previous night in the kitchen: the tunes of her iPod and the smell of the ingredients wafted beyond her imagination and into her senses, as she remembered all the pleasure she put into every little dish; now it was time to enjoy the soup of her labour.

Unscrewing the top, the chilled cucumber soup filled up the container, its green tinged substance eagerly awaiting Alice’s excited taste buds; it was the perfect lunch for a warm day like this.

Still, it’d be nicer if she could’ve eaten it with her friends.

She sighed as she thought of her pals in France; why couldn’t there be anyone like that over here? All these Americans were so…American. Lazy, stupid and arrogant Americans. Would it be such a bad thing if God shoved a decent exchange student in her way?

"Just one would be nice."

Moving it up to her lips, Alice continued having an unpleasant look on her face as she tasted the concoction slip down her throat.


Locked Door; Pants Down

Janet had grown bestial in her rage; she was more angry than she could remember being in a long time. Only hate went through her mind as she leapt across the room.

Rizzo fled from her assault though, running for his clothes and crying apologies at her. It would've only taken a few seconds for Janet to cross the distance and continue trying to throttle him.

But then, her rage was filtered when she really looked at him: he was terrified.

"I-I'm sorry! I thought y-you wanted it!"

He wasn't some egotistical punk, who'd taken advantage of her and was only crying because he could tell she was pissed, he was some guy who just saw a hot girl like herself coming on to him and was too caught up in his own penis to think the situation through carefully.

Slowly, Janet unclenched her body.

“Ah, fuck.”

Fuck, she had lost it; she was ready to claw his own face off for what he'd done; not one of her proudest moments.

But fuck, it was still a fact that she'd fucked him.

“Fuck, fuck fuck fuck!”

Crap, why couldn't Chadd have been there? Or someone else who would've kept an eye out for her?! Why did she have to get wasted and plough a complete stranger!

Clenching the bridge of her nose, Janet leaned against the wall with her elbow, narrowing her eyes as she continued to curse under her breath:

“Shit; fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Damn it Janet, for fuck's sake! Fuck!!”

This was NOT a good situation.

Keeping her face against the wall and taking a deep breath in, Janet spoke again:

“You can stop worrying now; I'm not going to rip your throat out.”

Unless he did something really stupid, that was.

"Yeah... I do. But where do I know you from? I don't think it's the concussion talking, but I don't seem to remember every talking to you... Maybe it is."

That was true; where had she met him? She definitely hadn't talked to him in any extended conversation, and now that she thought about it she probably didn't sit next to him in any of her classes either.

Well, whatever the circumstances, Janet couldn't help but look at him with sympathy. After all, here was a young man sat alone in a hospital ward, covered in injuries and forced to stay in a bed for who knows how long.

“Sorry, I guess my imagination must be playing tricks on me.”

Smiling down at the stranger, Janet found herself still curious about the cause of his injuries; how would someone end up in a state like this? Sure, she had seen worse when she came to the hospital, but she wondered just as much about them as she was about him.

"I'm going to assume I don't know you... The name's Chadd.

“Janet; nice to meet you Chadd.”

He sure was friendly, considering her abrupt entry. If anything, Janet was slightly surprised that he hadn't already called the nurse!

She watched him rub his temples, wondering if he was stressed or bothered; considering the situation, she'd hardly be surprised if he was. She was about to offer to go get him something, when he spoke again:

"You go to Bayview too, I assume?"

“Yes, that's right, I'm a junior.”

It was an odd conversation to be having with someone she had met not seconds ago in a hospital ward, but Janet knew from experience that a little company can go a long way in recovery; couldn't hurt for her to stick around for a little.

“So, how's hospital life Chadd?”

She was eager to make up for her discouraging approach, and she wasn't about to leave some guy alone in a hospital room without any sign of imminent entertainment.