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V7 Questions Game!
Question: You know what you did, so do we. We even have it recorded. We won't share it if you tell us why. Why did you do it?

Roxie- ... What did I do? Is this the time I rec'd Poultrygeist as a joke? I mean, it's gross and offensive, so I can totally understand why someone would get upset. But not sure how blackmail-able that is. I did it because... well, it was painful for me, and I had to share the pain.

Bree- Urgh. Look, that was a one time thing. And I did it because he was obnoxious. So yeah, that was why I ditched him at the theater. *crosses arms, frowns*

Question: Weapon of choice?

V7 Questions Game!
Question: What's the worst thing you've ever had to eat?

Roxie- So... hospital food. It's kind of like bad cafeteria food, but you're also in pain times a gazillion. Yeah, when I was in the hospital, some of it wasn't bad. But then there's stuff you can tell was pre-made and probably spent the past year in the freezer or something. Word of advice: avoid the meat. I remember that a few times, when I had people over, they'd give me some food. So at least I was fed in other ways?

Bree- Oh my god. I've never eaten it, obviously, but I read online that there's this dish in like, Asia or somewhere? Basically, they'd take a live fish, right? And then they'd boil half of it. Like, alive. Then they'd serve it while it's still alive, and people would eat it. It was one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard of in my life. Not only is it gross, but... look, I'm not PETA or whatever, but there's eating meat, and then there's sadism.

... Also, don't drink gas station slushies. They're sugary and full of mold.

Question: Do you have pets? If not, what would you like, if time, money, or effort weren't an issue?

V7 Questions Game!
If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you want to be?

Roxie- There are a lot of places I want to go someday. The world's full of interesting stuff, yeah? I've always wanted to go to a Universal Studios park, though. I've never been, but it looks fun. And their Halloween events are the bomb. Seriously, I follow what they've had planned every year. Y'know, read reviews, watch videos about the houses and scarezones, all that. I'd love to go in person someday. Universal, any time of the year, would be my answer.

Bree- Um, Chattanooga Aquarium, I guess.

Question: What's your favorite movie?

Slacker Needs Friends Badly
What does Reuben think about 80s/90s pop culture and horror media? I have a girl, Roxie, who is into both.

I think she'd utterly despise Kenzie, though. She's a drama geek too, and she'd find her obnoxious. Roxie wouldn't go out of her way to make it obvious, but she might kinda roll her eyes a bit.

I also have a pet lover girl in Bree. While she's more of an aquatic pets person, I'm thinking that she does have a part-time job at a pet store, so maybe Jeff's come in while she's working? She's also kinda a mean girlish type who's also on the swim team, so maybe that's influence how they'd see each other. I don't think she'd hate nerds/geeks too much, though, as she likes to occasionally livestream games.

I might come back with more later, but thoughts?

The Choo-Choo Train of Relationships
Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I've updated this thread, I know. I've updated the OP with some of the relationships that were discussed. I might add more I've forgotten, or more that's discussed. Anyways, on to the the relationships responses!

Aloha- Yeah, I can see this happening! Roxie's more of a YouTube person (both watching and creating), but I imagine that she might be interested in following a horror podcast if she likes the concept behind it. She might pop in to listen to some of Isra's own, too. They're also both hard workers, which Roxie would appreciate. And they're both jokey people, too!

Bree and Alison: to be honest, I can see Bree poking fun at her "prudishness", but it wouldn't go any further than just that: poking. But they are both sporty popular girls, yeah! I imagine Bree's kinda-sorta mean girl attitude might cause friction, considering that Alison is privately opinionated. But Bree would at least consider her a good choice for President. : D

Malloon- I'm sorry, but to be honest, it's not something I'm comfortable with. I don't feel it's within my writing ability to portray the effects of antisemitic bullying in a fair manner, and it's somewhere I just don't want to go, at least not without significant amounts of discussion in private. It's just not a subject matter that makes me comfortable, or one that I have any interest in.

Saulty- As long as Kelly likes fish and other aquatic animals, Bree's cool with her. She might get a little envious of her new money background, largely because, while her family isn't dirt poor, they've still had trouble after the divorce. Though, she'd also think of her interest in working at animal shelters and being a vet noble, since she cares about animals too. Overall, though, I'd imagine Bree would be affectionate towards her!

Z- Oh man. I can see Myles pissing off Roxie in so many ways. At the same time, though, they do have a lot of similarities. Maybe a vitriolic frenemy dynamic where they piss each other off both intentionally and unintentionally, but they are friends anyways? Something like that could be fun. It helps that they're both into film design/special effects, as well. O:

Dolly and Roxie, though, would probably be cool with each other. I'll have to think about how exactly Roxie feels about occult stuff; on one hand, she's meant to be a bit religious. On the other, I can see her doing those spooky ghost games like Bloody Mary and the Elevator game, at least when she was somewhat younger. I'm also thinking that she'd, at least, find it interesting. I did mention that she's into supernatural creatures and cryptids, after all! So I think that'd be her answer on that, at least for the time being: she actually thinks it's interesting. Overall, though, the spooky kids definitely need to unite. : D

Bree would tolerate Myles... but just barely. She'd talk gossip and sass about everyone else with him, yeah. But, she'd sometimes get annoyed with him, and not in the same way as Roxie. So, yeah, probably not too close, but she'd talk to him.

Okay, there. Thread's bumped up, OP's been edited some, time to pay attention to this thread again.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
May I request Emma Luz?


v7+ concepts
I'm not a mod, but I have some thoughts to put in.

I'm gonna be honest; part of the reason why we don't like pre-made killers is because, um, they're kind of boring. We know he's a sadist, we know he's a rapist, we know that he's the type to shoot up a school. Suddenly, he's in a death game. We then know how this is gonna turn out: he's gonna start playing. It doesn't matter how competently he'd be at doing it. There's no tension on whether he's gonna play. Part of the fun of SOTF is not knowing who is gonna become a killer and why. For example, someone could look at my Roxie, go "Well, I don't think she'd become a player for this reason". However, it could turn out that it'd actually be in-character for her to play right off the bat. Conversely, that same person could look at Bree, and say "I think she'd become a player because of this reason," but later be proven wrong when it turns out she'd start an escape group. One look at Eric's concept, however, we know what he's going to do and why he's going to do it. There's no tension on what his thoughts on killing his classmates are, and why he'd commit murder.

There's some elements there that do work fine. If you just keep it at "survivalist/prepper type, likes guns, hunts in his spare time" and remove all the sadist/rapist/school shooter elements, it'd work better. Make him pretty average, and no elements of that whatsoever. Then, when game time comes, you could easily come up with an IC reason why he'd play, and then maybe you could have your incompetent player. That's just my idea on how he could be improved, of course.