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V6 Concepts Thread
Make a kid who is completely different from what you've written about in the past. Like, if you make a lot of girly-girls, make a tomboy or a manly-man. If you make a lot of geeks, make a jock. Something like that, you know? It's something that kind of helps me personally, really. O_O

V6 Concepts Thread
Oh man, that has to be the worst.

Getting internet infamy you didn't even know about because someone wrote a thing where you get raped with a vase without telling you. That is the stuff of nightmares. O_O

V6 Concepts Thread
I'm still not sure if I'm gonna join V6, but I do have concepts in mind. Might as well post them.

Junko Kurosawa- Junko is a little adrenaline junkie. As a kid she had seen an episode Jackass and tried to come up with her own stunts with her friends similar to the show, only to get punished and told not to do it. While she doesn't do that anymore, she still loves being athletic and a bit of a show-off. She practices parkour/free-running, rollerblades when she's not doing that, and I'm considering putting her on a sports team (most likely track). Generally, if it involves stunts, being fast, or just being physical she goes "Sweet, sign me up!". While she doesn't do the whole Jackass thing anymore, she still has a bit of an adventurous and thrill-seeking personality.

Junko is the adoptive daughter of a lesbian couple, and as a result of both this and personally identifying as pansexual she is sensitive about LGBT issues. I'm thinking she is a member of the school's GSA (if there is one), and is open about her support of LGBT rights. Homophobia in particular tends to rile her up.

When she isn't being an adrenaline junkie, she has a few geeky interests. Junko likes comic books, video games, and animation (both anime and Western). Her favorites tend to be more or less action oriented; Junko plays a lot of fighting games, is fond of Dragonball Z, and likes superhero comics.

Personality wise, she's, as you might expect, tomboyish. I'm thinking she's somewhat cocky and a bit of a show-off. One thing I can see happening is her pulling herself over a waist-high fence parkour-style to see a friend on the other side, as casually as possible like it's nothing weird. Might have a bit of a temper too.

She's not super fleshed-out yet, so some of this may change.

Second concept- I'm honestly not sure if I should post this here, but I do have another concept in mind. However, I need help with it, so I'm asking about the topic like I did with Lana way back when.

I'll hide it behind a spoiler tag just in case, due to the nature of the topic.

tw: contains descriptions of abuse and its aftermath

Thanks in advance. Sorry if it seems like I'm being dumb or whatever. It's a topic I want to write about, but I want to make sure it's treated well.

Only two right now. I may post again later.