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Do you sneak some of your own traits into your characters?
To be honest? Most, if not all, of my kids share at least one personality trait, interest, or whatever with me.

Kami (the Program v1 character) is pretty obvious; she's a direct self-insert. But the others are somewhat more ambiguous. Some share some weird personality quirk, while others are interested in something I'm interested in, even if vaguely.

I could probably sit down and find something I share with any one of my characters. Though, I probably won't do it, since that'd be weird. It's less that I keep making self-inserts inadvertently, mind, but more that I keep making "individual personality trait" inserts, if that makes any sense.

In addition, many of my characters tend to be, in some way, autobiographical. Kami and Simon are the only ones based directly on anyone in my life, past or present, but everyone else does share something in their backstories and/or presents that resembles either something I've been through or something that I've going through now, or they are in some way similar to someone I once knew or currently know. I usually don't do it on purpose, but I end up doing it anyway. While I make almost everyone from my imagination, well, a lot of my kids are pretty much one or the other.

In short? Yes. So very much. X_x

Slasher Film Role Play?
Sep 20 2012, 10:29 AM
I'm really sorry, but I completely forgot about this with school starting and all. I'll have a post up in the next few days.
All I can really say is...

Same. X_x

The Realism Litmus Test Revived
Miranda ended up the most Sue-ish out of my three (at thirteen points). I guess it's because she's kinda supposed to be a bitchy popular girl? XD

The other two? Alex got six points, and Lana ended up with seven. I might take this again, though, because I might have messed up.

How I Spent My Suspension
Alba seemed cranky, and asked if he could just go back to his game.

To this, Alex smiled, and said:

"Yes. Just letting you know that was fucked up. We'll be on our way."

Well, with that, Alex knew they could keep going, since Alba was clearly trying not to get in another fight. Again, maybe he did learn his lesson. Which is somewhat surprising, but you know. In any case, it was smart to just go about your business as usual. You know, play a bunch of games with Sean and Geni-

Wait, what was this now?

Sharon was asking a question directly to her, relating to her standing up to bullies.

Alex gave a quick glance at Sean, then Genie, and turned back, a look of confusion on her face.

What was she doing? Why was she asking this all of a sudden? Alex didn't know the answer to those two questions. And honestly, it was slightly hard to put into words the answer to the one she asked.

To put it simply: it was a nice thing to do. No, it was the right thing to do. She couldn't just sit there and watch people run around pushing people into lockers and taking lunch money. That'd be horrible if she just stood there and watched. She'd dealt with bullies before, and honestly? Things like, say, tossing a former team mate onto a table is kind of awful. And sitting back and watching injustice just... well, it just ticked her right off.

She tried her hardest to answer the question. It was difficult, but she managed.

"It's... kinda the right thing to do? Like, I dunno, I really hate seeing injustice in the world. Don't you?"

Stars and Bucks
Dave was clearly excited, Lana could see. And the second he noticed her, he burst into a large grin. Yup, he was happy. And he made it clear what it was.

Prom. Lana couldn't help but be happy too. She wasn't particularly excited for it herself when it was first announced, and she wasn't sure at first if she was even going, but she still couldn't help but feel happy for him. It had seemed like he had been worried for a while that he wouldn't be able to go. Poor guy was freaking out about the whole thing, really.

Lana released a genuine smile. Really, she was glad.

"That's great, Dave", she said.

Then he asked, and Lana couldn't help but feel awkward.

Did she have anything planned? Well, she did. But usually, when people asked that, the next question was going to be "Do you want to go together?" or something along those lines. Which would be all fine and dandy... except... well, Lana had already made plans. It wasn't supposed to be a date-date, but she and Mike Whaley had discussed it a bit. Lana, in that brief second, wondered if Dave was going to ask that, and if it was, it was going to be... well, it would be awkward.

Very much so, may she add.

"Well... I do have plans with someone", she started. "Mike and I kinda discussed it over, and we said we'd go as buddies, so..."

Deep breath.

"What about you? Do you have any plans?"

Please let this not end up awkwardly. Hopefully she was just being oddly worried, and maybe he was going to say something else. She kept the smile on all the same. Really, again, she was glad he managed to find a way there, since he was rather nervous about it.

Scarlet Darlings
((Sorry everyone. X_x))

A few beats.

Then she heard Mara call down.

Maid was out? Slightly odd, based off what she knew of Mara and her home. Perhaps she needed a break, though. Sometimes the help needed that. Either way...

The door was unlocked. Might as well go in.

Miranda opened the door, seeing the inside. Well, they were upstairs, so might as well head up, right? Right.

"Heading up!" she called out.

Her heels gently clicked as she went up the stairs. Hopefully they were ready. Though, they still had time to prepare, correct? So they were probably just getting ready, and probably hanging out a bit as well.

Miranda poked her head in. Mara was there, obviously. So was Summer, and a second later Naomi came back in as well.

"Hey", she softly said.

She smiled.

So, less than an official away rather than an apology once more.

I'm sorry that my posting rate has been slow, and I think they're a little shorter/briefer than usual when I do. I've been in a major spot of writer's block recently. In addition, I haven't been feeling too great emotionally, due to a number of factors. I've also had to deal with school related stuff, since I've just started the semester, and I'm still sorting certain stuff out.

So, my apologies. I'll try to get at least a good portion of posts done this week, I promise!

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question: About how many piano tuners are in the city of Seattle?

Alex- ... Huh? Do you need your piano tuned or something? Uh... hang on. *pulls out laptop* I'll find something, and see if there's any place you can have it done.

Lana- Pardon?

Miranda- Why are you asking me? Weirdo.

Alex- *still fiddling with her laptop* Oh boy, there's a lot. Maybe I could ask my parents on recommendations. They're kinda music nuts. Oh, wait, were you just curious about how many there were?

Question: Favorite superhero?