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My people need homies!
Bumping this back up to tell you blokes...

Alex's retooling is done. She FINALLY has a last name and everything. And before you ask, I Googled it prior to choosing it, and the most famous person to come up was someone who wrote a Gone With The Wind fanfiction. No anime characters this time. : D

I also expanded a bit on her characterization, as well. Might do it for the other two sometime in the future, actually, since I feel I didn't get to expand too much on them in comparison. For now, see the first post for the updated version.

So, yeah. She has a last name and is no longer being retooled. Come and play, boys and girls.

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
Bit of an update, since I was thinking last night and sort of came to a decision.

I have decided that, despite the fact I was mildly worried that I took her lines too far, as I said in the Killer Toaster thread, I will most likely be bringing Sidney Rice back as well as Carol Burke. There is a possibility that I might change my mind and bring someone else back, but... well, I feel Sidney didn't receive enough character development before she died. Plus, I do have an idea in mind for her reappearance in SC. In addition, admittedly, she's one of my favorite characters I've played on the site. :3

So, there's a good chance she'll be back. Only ask for her if I change my mind.

But the others are still available!

I'll put up another quick list for anyone interested.

Aileen Borden
Notes: Just keep her IC. Also, if you have her in Sandbox/pre-game, please write her better than I did for the love of god. Very unlikely that I'll bring her back if I change my mind and not bring Sidney back. I had her pretty much from the minute I started SOTF until very recently, and I want to focus on other people.
Edit- Taken! She will be written by Pippin.

Anna Chase
Notes: As I've said two other times, this is the character I'm most hesitant about giving away. The reason why is because I feel most handlers would have trouble keeping her IC. I do genuinely like the character, it's just that I feel that her character arc went nowhere and I feel that I personally had trouble keeping her IC myself at certain points. So, be aware in advance if you ask. This is probably one of my options if I decide against Sidney, but I'm wasn't sure if I should due to her being a co-flagship (shares title with Aileen).

Remy Kim
Notes: Please ask Sky, Limi, and/or whoever adopts Josée (if there will be anyone) as well before bringing this guy out. Josée's a major character in his backstory, and you'll have to figure out if she'll appear and if not, what to do if she doesn't. Otherwise, just make him more interesting. Again, another one of my options if I decide against Sidney.

Holly Chapman
Notes: Just write her better than I did. Nothing really to say here.

Kami Steele
Notes: Keep in mind that it's my self-insert, so think about what I'd do if you take her. Also, this is just personal preference, but I'd like her to remain somewhat incompetent. Again, just personal preference, so you can do whatever you want with her as long as it seems IC for either the character or me in general. Otherwise, be my guest!

Kaede "Katie" Tanaka
Notes: You honestly have a snowball's chance in hell here. Not because I don't want to give her out, but because she hasn't even debuted yet. If she does manage to die prior to Second Chances, go ahead!

v5 Rules of Thumb
Just thought of one.

- If you have killed someone, are planning to kill people for any reason, or your name has shown up in an Announcement for whatever reason, don't introduce yourself to new people using your actual name. Once you introduce yourself to someone using a name that has been on Announcements, people will be at the very least wary of you, and in the worst case scenario, attack either out of perceived self-defense or vengeance, even if you are not planning to kill them. Same goes if it was announced you did something to piss the terrorists off (example: Liz Polanski). Use an alias whenever possible, and use a consistent one each and every single time you give it out. It won't help with classmates who know you, but it will help if you encounter someone who you haven't talked to/met before.

Project: Wiki
Usually they're final comments from Danya and such, in a similar vein to the profile's "conclusion" segment. Not sure how it'd work now that Danya's dead, though. Maybe Greynolds or another terrorist, then? But anyone can write it I think.

An entirely optional suggestion.
Actually! Some people do exactly that, or convert pre-existing characters that they've written into SOTF characters. Or most often, both, if they were pre-existing OCs.

I myself have done this; see Anna Chase as an example. Holly Chapman on the Mini site was also created in a similar manner. So, it's not like there aren't people who reuse characters. There's plenty of them, once you get down to it.

So yeah! It does happen.

The Bad RP
Shitsuki waz being a hobag again and claiming that she killed her terrorist bf bacuse ahse was a slut and fucked everything that moved. And then the little squid thing killed two civialisns who want to her school that she happened to hang around just because. Seh didn't have many friends in truth

"BITCH" Raven yleled, about to shoot her with her fifle but then was suddenly in a desert!

"WHAT THE FUCK WHERE AM I" she screamed, pointing her gun around at the area

and then a bad guy cactis attacked her and threw spines at her

"DIE MOTHERFUCKER" she backlflipped over it and karete chopped hit in half

The Bad RP
"Whatever bitch I have bettr things to do because oh look a terrierist is riiiiiiight behind you" Rave mentioned, shooting the head off a terrorist that had been standing behind shitsuki and did a backflip over the neko to get to more terroriztz.

She shot at all the terrorists with her sniper rifle that could reload itself and used it as a club whenever she got bored with that she wasn't a big fan of high school antics and the pretty princess crap only bitches liked that stuff she bet she couldn't even fight without clomplaning about a broken nail.

"SHITSUKI! THE ONE WHO KILLS TEH MOST TRERORISTS WINS!" shje smiled as she ripped the head off a solider and threw it at his best friend shooting him afterwards. She kljnew that she wouldnt fight well

The Bad RP
((no way don't kill me charater she is the best character here and you know it.))

The Bad RP
"Oh shit"

Ravne's house was on fire after a terrierist came out with a flamethorwer and burns it

"NOT MY FUCKIN HOUSE YOU ASS" she backflipped over the terrorizt and broke his nek with her bear hands. She then tossed the corpse to the flames

"Yes burn you!" she squealed herrioicly, watching the corpse be reduced to ashes she was probably goin to find a new house soon but ho well.

And then a tornado came and killed a guy with a gatling gun. Some pirate peson had send a tornado to kill anemies.

"Nice work!" she yelled sincearly, then kissed Angle back because she liked making out with girls anf stuff

Teh steet was on fire and there was a bamf taking care of the remaining terrorists with a bug gun and Raven shot more twerorists with her gun as well.

The Bad RP
"no dont hurt me" the second terrorist yelled.

Eh was tied up to a chair with rope and he struggled and astruggled and struggled.

"Silence freak! You are a bad person!" Raven yelled, kicking im in the stomach teh trerorist vomited up blood.

"all you want is to torture and steal from innocent people! How could you" she screamed some more, grabbing the gun

"I WANT TO LIVE" the terrorist belowed, but awas shot in the head by the bullet

"Another villain killed. There's still pleinty more" Raven said, going outside

It was a hunt and she was the panther that hunted fr horrible peeple and had a gun she was going to fight every single thing that allied wit the terrorists. All she needed to doo was find the rest of teh rebels and fight wit them but they had to make sure that they left some for her to slalter.

The Bad RP
Name: Raven Melody Firehawk
Age: 18
Appearance: (pic)

(get ride of teh bow and rplace with a GIGANTIC sniper fifle ;) )
Bio: Raven was born in an abusive househld seh was always beten by her dad she took up martial arts to defend herself. One day she killd him just because she was bored. She then joined the rebelion against the Black Mamba and became a strog rebel
Weapons and Skills Sniper fifle. stong, knows matial arts, smart


Raven was at ehr computer, reading her email. She got a message telling her that there were ENEMY TERRORIZTS IN THE BASE. She sent out a message to eheveryone she she could, telling them the bad news.


She tehn grabbed her gun and shot a terorist that was standing behind her in the head.

My people need homies!
Where is Allen's profile, Paradise? O_o

Laz- So wait, he trolls people for being furries but roleplays as reptiles with others? That sounds humorously hypocritical (which I approve of). And he could probably be the one to expose Miranda as well. :3

How do you come up with your character names?
Oh boy. Sometimes I go for names that sound normal, but other times I go for names that have some sort of in-joke in them. What can I say? If there's a joke that can be made in names, if it's realistic and it works, I can do it. XD

Now, to list the name origin thingies.

Aileen Borden- This one has many possible meanings if you look. Borden sounds like "boredom", while with a few letter changes Aileen can be switched to "alien". In other words, her name can be "bored alien", which fits her snarky loner persona. There is also such a thing as Borden Rifles. Finally, she also happens to share her first and last names with two different notorious female murderers, which is ironic considering she was the one character who was obsessed with escaping.

Carol Burke- Normal name. However, coincidentally, in slang terms, to "burke" someone is to smother them to death with a pillow, the term coming from William Burke, someone who did exactly that to people. It's humorous when you consider that she has a fear of drowning and how she ends up dying, considering that all three are forms of asphyxiation.

Anna Chase- Honestly don't remember this one. Probably a normal name? I do remember almost calling her Beatrice, though. I'll edit once I remember more.

Remy Kim- Sky suggested a French name, and that's what came to mind. Humorously, as noted on the wiki, the name Remy is similar to Remus, which fits his backstory and his relationship to his sister. Kim is just a common Korean family name (about the same level of popularity as "Smith", in fact!)

Holly Chapman- Honestly don't remember this either. Probably a normal name. I'll edit once I remember more.

Kami Steele- It's me. Nothing really to say here.

Sidney Rice- Normal name. I wanted to give her an androgynous given name, since I couldn't see her having a more feminine one (I knew her personality and such before I figured her name). I didn't want to name her "Sam" or "Charlie", since those seemed obvious, I already was planning a character named "Alex", and "Pat" was a "hell no" the second it popped up. I eventually settled on Sidney, since it worked like a charm. Rice was just a relatively common last name I thought up to add to the end. Coincidentally, as noted at several places, it also happens to be the name of a (male, African American) football player, which I swear to god wasn't intentional. But I guess it fits, considering she's a troll, and it seems like a troll would give out the name of a sports player as an alias (though it is actually her name!).

Kaede "Katie" Tanaka- Kaede is a common Japanese name that I like. It just so happens to mean "maple", which fits with her being in the so far only SOTF (Mini or otherwise) where the kids are from Canada. Katie came about when I almost nicknamed her "K.T.", after her initials in Western order, but then thought that when they were said aloud they sounded like "Katie", so I used that instead. Tanaka is, again, just a common Japanese family name.

Miranda Millers- Admittedly, I briefly considered naming this character "Mary-Ann Monroe" just for laughs, but came to my senses soon after. Miranda is just a name I like, and been wanting to use on a character for a while. I wanted to give her kind of a "poshy" name that also started with an M, just for alliteration. It was down to Miles or Millers, and I eventually picked "Millers", at least for the time being.

Alex, whose last name is totally NOT Anderson- Alexandria was another name I like and wanted to use on a character. Her original last name was actually meaningful; it was a reference to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, who in Victorian Times was the first woman to qualify as a doctor. Her first name might be another historical reference as well; it can be interpreted as a reference to Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, or it could be a reference to Queen Victoria, whose full name was Alexandrina Victoria. The reason why I changed it? Well, I had an itching feeling something was wrong with the name... and I finally found out what was wrong, when I was casually searching TV Tropes one day, minding my own business, and see the name "Alexander Anderson". Then I remembered; it's the name of a Hellsing character. Of course, there are other people with that name, but how could I forget? Yes, I've seen Hellsing, read a bit of the manga as well. And somehow I forgot this. So I'm changing it, for all you "WHY IS SHE NAMED AFTER A HELLSING CHARACTER?!" folks.

Lana Torres- Another normal name. I wanted to name a character "Lana" for a while, and went with this for her name. I don't know, somehow it fit. Torres was because I had decided after a while to make her at least part Hispanic, and went searching for common Hispanic names. Torres/z was one of them, so I said "Hey, that works!" and used it as her last name.

So yeah. Now you guys know!

v5 Rules of Thumb
I don't know guys. Maybe it's just me and my love of weird meta antics, but I actually don't see this being too far out there. The main one I see being a little "huh?" would be the trip one. If they're not going on the trip, how are they going to be in the game? Also, v5 will be a couple of years in-story after v4, so I think people would only be a little worried at the most around this time. Sure, you will probably get security precautions put in place for a while because of it, but I think most people would say that the commotion would have died a bit by then, no? Unless the character was THAT paranoid, well, I'd accept that actually. But the trip question still stands. Then again, Zubin's buddies might have went "Hey homie, let's go on the trip! Stop being paranoid, it'll be fine, hon-OHOLYSHIT". That seems like a reasonable explanation, actually.

The rest, though, work if the guy got abducted and went "oh shit! I'm in this place! Quick, think of a survival plan!". They seem like smart things to do, even if you haven't watched SOTF. After all, some people are going to figure these things out, and if we're striving for realism... well, actually, it's not far out there for someone to say "Okay, what has happened on these programs before, and how can I avoid them?" if they got abducted. It could potentially be annoying if it was overplayed, of course. For example, if he overly referenced the events of previous versions, if it got too meta, or if it became the main focus of his character. So, be careful! But the concept could potentially work if written correctly. After all, a similar idea popped up in v4's Ericka Bradley, in that her father's reaction to the events was to educate her and her siblings about survival skills, so it has been established that people would do this in-universe in a way.

Good luck!

Good Morning Mr Danya
Chase loved English class!

No seriously. She loved it. She was far from the best writer. But she got to write about people getting killed. You didn't get to write about that in English every day. If she tried it in other classes, she'd get in serious trouble.

There were a lot of scenes Chase wanted to do. A scene where someone gets sliced open with a sharp object and guts spill everywhere, someone getting impaled through the stomach with a shovel, decapitation with a sword execution style, someone committing seppuku, a scene reminiscent of SAW, and so many others.

But she had to pick some and leave the others.

The shovel thing, she wanted to do with Charlene Norris. But she didn't want to work with Ms. Boobies on this now that she thought of it. Maybe she could ask Rosa, if she could manage to avoid being hit on. Or maybe Dawne, but she'd expect a "FUCK NO" from her. But someone had to be impaled with a shovel! You know it had to happen!

Maybe when her person died, though, Chase could have her find a sword and do the seppuku thing. Seppuku was another thing that needed to happen. Especially if it was actually traditional seppuku, with the second person and everything! Maybe Brendan could be the second person. She'd have to ask him.

She wanted to write about the Ishidas being creepy psychotic twins too, but they probably had plans of their own. Ah, well. Maybe another set of twins, then. Like those two that hated each other or whatever. What were their names again?

Oh man! She was having too much fun with this! Danya better like the final product! Because she was going to try to make things as creepy as possible. Wait, wait! Maybe Garry actually thought he was a werewolf and attacked people, feasting on their flesh? She'd like that! And all she needed to do was to run up to him and tell him about it!

Of course, most of her ideas would be shot down anyway, she guessed.

She looked to the side, and... that was Garry's boyfriend, wasn't it? Maybe she could ask him if Garry would approve of being a flesh eating cannibal that thought he was a werewolf? He had to. Guy was obsessed with werewolves. Personally, Chase preferred vampires and zombies, but werewolves weren't bad.

But he seemed busy. Like his work was frustrating him. She couldn't blame him. Only her problem wasn't writer's block, but an overflow of ideas. Ah well, she had to get back to work. Wait, maybe her idea could give him inspiration!

She got out of her seat, and stood behind Saul. He had barely written anything!

"Hey... uh, Saul, is it? Do you think Garry would approve of... uh, b-being a flesh eating cannibal th-that thought he was a werewolf? I can't seem to find him..."

((... Yeah. This was what came up while I was writing))

The Waiting Room Bar and Grill
So, what was there for her to do?

Paige had ran off with Jacob, and... well, Carol had decided to give them privacy to say the least. She didn't see Ben, Amber, Reika, or anyone else she could talk to.

So after the commotion at the screen, Carol had gone back to her seat, and continued drinking her soda. She would have liked to talk to people, of course. But for now, it seemed no one wanted to talk.

Maybe she should speak up! That's how you get people to chat! But what if they didn't want to talk?

She still wasn't sure why Ethan was upset at whatever Polanski (that was her name, right?) was doing. She didn't kill anyone, correct? Was she doing something silly, then?

In any case, she sat by herself.

Occasionally she'd stare at the screen. Not very often, though, as she had obviously figured out that they were showing scenes of her classmates dying. She'd almost completely stopped around the time when Sarah cheated on Reiko with Bridget Connolly. Sometimes it was easier to just ignore that bad things were happening. Sometimes it was easier to just look away.

But Carol, being Carol, still worried about Reiko, even after what happened. She knew she was supposed to feel anger towards her. It was probably expected that she wanted vengeance.

But she didn't want that. That wasn't what she wanted.

She wasn't sure what she wanted to happen at this point, to be honest. But she still worried about what was going to happen to her. Friends have arguments, sure, but Reiko was still a friend, despite what happened. Carol wasn't sure what she'd say if she saw Reiko again. Should she apologize to her? But what then?

Just one more look at the screen. She couldn't resist herself.

Boats? Pretty much everyone alive was there, by her guess. Reiko, Bridget, and Sarah were there. Did Reiko know? Sarah was arguing with with what appeared to be someone older.

Then it hit her. Escape boats. She was right all along! Carol felt a small sense of glee at this, and a small smile appeared on her face. See? Reiko didn't believe her Carol thought, but she was now seeing for herself. Everyone was going home. Things were alright now.

That's when she noticed what was happening, and what they were arguing about.

They were denying Reiko.

Sarah was screaming at the man.

They were denying Reiko, because of...

Because of her.

She turned away as quickly as possible, her hand gripping the cup tight. Her smiled had faded.

And without warning, Carol got out of her seat.

"Excuse me. I... I need to be away for a while."

And with that, Carol stomped away towards the toilets, slamming the door behind her.


He was dead.

Only... not.

Weird, huh?

He guessed. Remy wasn't sure how he felt about it. On one hand, dying sucked. On the other, he was kind of a maniac out there, to be honest. Threatening Cisco. Murdering Alex. Stabbing that girl. He... was far from a hero, and he knew it. And he only realized it at the last second.

He must have scared Sarah.

Remy tried to keep low the minute he arrived, but it was a bit of a difficult task for him to accomplish right now. You see, Remy's favorite clothes in life was when he was in a production of A Christmas Carol. Meaning? He was now wearing a vaguely Victorian get-up, complete with top hat, jacket, and vest covering a button-up shirt. In a way, it helped but it also didn't. That sort of outfit attracted attention, but at least no one would recognize him.


He hoped.

Just keep your head down. As always. He was always the kind of shy guy at school. And he just... needed to go back to playing the part. And when he wasn't being shy, he had to admit; he was kind of a douche. Remember that incident at the mall with Reiko and whoever that was? Yeah.

He didn't want to talk to anyone right now. Because he wasn't sure how they'd react. Not Alex, not Gloria, not Sarah, not Cisco, not Josée, and not Reika.

Especially not Reika. He wasn't sure what she'd think. She probably hated him.

That would hurt the most.

For now, he had to be the strangely dressed guy at the bar. That was all he was right now.

He had been interrupted from his thoughts by a loud opening of the entrance, and Remy fell from his seat with a loud squeak.


Aileen had introduced herself to the bar by slamming the door open as loudly as possible.

Unlike Remy, she wasn't even trying at staying low. She didn't care about that, not right now.

This... wasn't the library she expected.

Why a bar? Aileen wasn't a drinker. And she doubted that many of the students were even old enough to drink. If they were, that'd be a problem. So, again, why a bar? It just seemed really inappropriate that everyone goes to a bar when they died. Were they going to stay there for a long time? Oh great, dealing with drunk people for the rest of her afterlife. Joy.

So in stomped Aileen.

She'd never been to a bar, actually. So what was there to do? She didn't drink, for one. She doubted that she could read as always, as she wasn't sure whether or not they even kept reading material in places like this. She could play pool or foosball, but with who? She could watch the screen over there- BAD IDEA. Aileen saw her own dead body on screen. Lovely. Like she really needed to know what it looked like. Thanks, afterlife bartenders. Thumbs up for that. Stay classy.

Quickly whipping her head away after feeling queasy (she wasn't even aware that was possible after being dead!), she looked around at the people in the bar, and sighed.

She preferred to be off by herself, as usual. So she sat down in an empty booth off to the side, loudly plopping herself in.

Aileen drummed her fingers against the table.

Once again, her only solace? Very soon Aaron was going to be here. Normally Aileen didn't wish for death on people, but he deserved whatever was coming to him. She had made sure to get rid of that notebook before she died, and no one would listen to him at this point. And if she saw him here?

She was going to give him hell.

Because hell was what he deserved.


Maybe she would see some of the other people who got victimized by him here, or maybe someone like Reika, Trevor, or Melissa. Perhaps. Well, at least she was with her classmates. She had missed them. She was unable to express it in a way that wasn't... like Aileen, though. It was like back in old days, actually, which was kind of funny. If such a thing could be funny.

If they wanted to talk to her, then they should speak up.

The Eleventh Announcement
Well, it looks like...

*puts on shades*

Aaron gave Aileen the book!


Loyalty Rewarded
Okay, he knew what to do, right? She gave him options. Three of them. He knew what the smart options were, and which one was the stupid decision. Aaron was smart, certainly. He was capable of making decisions. She had tried to appeal to his logical side, telling him that killing her would put him in a bad spot. Of course it'd put him in a bad spot! He'd be alone, and then what? Oh hey, let's go manipulate the shit out of Reika's sister or someone along those lines? Kill everything?

So she left him to make his choice. Aaron could figure this out.

Of course he would.


Wait, why was he saying "goodbye"?

A cracking sound.

Aileen felt herself fall over to her side before she realized what happened, her cheek hitting the wet wooden dock. A sharp pain had hit her in the right side of her chest, and she reached up, only to notice that there was something warm and wet there. A rapidly spreading red shape had stained her light purple blouse.

So that was the choice he had to make, then?

Aileen felt herself tremble out of fear and pain as she held the wound, her heart struggling to pump blood. Her eyes were full with tears. This was it. He just went and shot her. She was... she was, for all intents and purposes, dead. Only a miracle would save her now. And those didn't exist. She knew those didn't exist. Some part of her wished that she would be rescued at the last minute by some sort of boat like earlier, but she knew that wasn't going to happen.

She'd... she'd lost. Aileen had allowed herself to be manipulated. She had allowed herself to be controlled, used, and tossed aside. He'd managed to get her to murder someone and to indirectly endorse murder without her realizing it. So he didn't care about them after all. His behavior was just some warped justification to get what he wanted.

She? She was an idiot. She had fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

But Aaron wasn't going to make it any farther than this. No one would trust him. He wasn't going to find anyone else to manipulate. Who would there be?

That was her solace, to know this. The one thing that gave her hope in these last minutes. Aaron would be brought to justice. He wouldn't get away with his hands clean. This was a fact.

One thing she could do in her last moments was to make sure this happened.

The notebook lay in front of her head after she dropped her. Right behind her was the ocean, still purring in rhythm with her heartbeats. Aileen slowly reached out and grabbed it, and soon pushed it towards the ledge of the dock behind her as best as she could.

It fell into the water with a plop.

"Look. Bad move, Aaron", she whispered, her voice coming out with difficulty.

There. He wouldn't hurt anyone ever again.

But oh! She didn't want to die. She didn't want to die. What would happen? Aileen wasn't sure how she felt about the afterlife. Did it even exist? Aileen hadn't figured it out for herself. If she saw everyone who died, what would happen? Would Milo forgive her? Would Charlie, Tom, Lily, and Richard be happy to see her? What about Reika, or Trevor, or Melissa? Or Sarah, for that matter?

Would she see Dad again? Would he forgive her for this, too?

Seeing Dad again. That would be nice, actually. She missed him, so much.

She missed everyone.

But who will miss her?

Aileen wasn't sure about how to answer that question.

Maybe it was the thought behind her actions that counted. She was just with the wrong person at the wrong time. Maybe that was her purpose, not to be a pawn, not to escape, but to do the right thing.

Dad would be proud. So would Mom if she saw this.

Her vision darkened significantly, and she closed her eyes.

There had better be a good library in the afterlife.

G022 Aileen Borden- ELIMINATED

v5 Bitch Squad
Aaaaaaaaah! So sorry everyone. I am now coming back to you!

Yes! Caroline and Kat could easily be members! More members means more business and stuff. : D

Winston can be a honorary member. Just because he needs to be.

Laz, what's a "counter-bitch"? Is it someone who is a bitch right back whenever the bitches come up, like a counter-troll? That does sound interesting. And someone who spreads shit about them would be interesting as well!

Slam, looking at your relationship thread, she seems perfect to them to bully. : D

Loyalty Rewarded
Oh look at him! Smiling all smugly while pointing a gun on a woman! Yup, true hero material there. What made Aileen trust him, again? And seriously, he forgot announcements. And the fact that, again, must she repeat herself? He ran out and shot a girl who was probably minding her own business before they got there. Even if she was a player, there was still the fact that his name had been on the announcement, and it was going to be on there once more if he actually pulled that trigger and managed to kill her.

He wasn't even being subtle about the gun anymore. Instead he was directly pointing it at her. Kind of typical of him, now that she thought of it.

And oh look. He was insisting he wasn't a villain, because Aileen had killed someone too! Never mind that someone manipulated her into it. Plus, you know, the issue of the fact that the announcements had alluded to it being a collar removal attempt, if she remembered correctly. There was no time to check, but Danya had gone out of his way to remind everyone that collar removal won't work if memory served right. Running out and randomly shooting a girl and then killing another for yelling at you compared to trying to remove a collar would be completely different in most people's eyes.

Well then!

Things had to have been said.

"Aaron, kill me and you're on your own. Honestly. Who will you manipulate after this? Who will save your ass? Will you just... kill everything in sight once you're done with me? That makes you no fucking better than, oh let's say, Lombardi! Yeah, remember him, ran around the island killing everything apparently? I'm guessing that will be you after you kill me! Am I correct?"

A thought popped into her head, and she lifted the book up so he could see.

"Okay, I'll strike you a deal. One! I'll stay. We'll get rid of this notebook and I'll be in charge. You keep your mouth shut, and I'll protect you. We'll find a way off that doesn't involve killing anyone else. Two! I leave without trouble, taking this with me, and you'll be off on your own without killing anyone. Or three! Shoot me! Shoot me and then go on a killing spree since all your allies are dead and you put yourself in a bad spot because of it! Or whatever it is you'll do!"

She prayed to god that he didn't take the third option. Her heart was racing from both fear and anger, and sweat was pouring down her face. She was mad at Aaron, and yet, well, she had a gun pointed at her. Of course she'd be scared.

"Make a choice, Aaron. Go on, do it."