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So What Do We Do Now?
Her eyes slowly closed.

Hopefully no psycho was going to interrupt her dozing. Chase knew very well that she had sleeping problems when she was stressed out, and that this island probably wasn't going to let her rest for very long. It was probably a good idea to rest while she could. Maybe once it got dark, she could check for that shelter thing. Again, maybe a building of some kind.

Soon enough, she was clearly to some extent in a light doze, her chest lowering and raising in a slow rhythm. Yes... sleep was good...

However, said sleep only lasted... oh, about five seconds.


Chase's eyes opened right away at the extremely loud screeching sound. Okay, what was that? Clearly, someone was nearby, and they were shouting things, of course. So, why did they have to interrupt her well-needed rest? Were they some sort of psycho, too? Not another one, hopefully. Chase was really getting tired of this already. She did not need Meredith Hemmings shooting a gun while shouting "Death is totally goth!" or some other psychotic-acting student right now.

She lifted herself back up into a standing position, and looked around her.

No one.

Either that, or that other person (people?) was very well-hidden. Which wasn't a good sign, at all. They could be literally anywhere at anytime.

Was it worth talking to them?

On one hand, they could be someone actually helpful, and not just talk while she is being attacked. On the other, it could be... well, someone like Mr. Russian Mystic. Hopefully it was the former, and not the latter. She could still remember what Robert looked like... the way his eyes looked... and Chase didn't want to join him, either. It was a miracle of god that she didn't throw up or something.

So, what was the right thing to do, then? There were multiple choices here. She could run, hide, fight, or try to talk to them. All of which could result in her death if she wasn't careful.

She hesitated, and then shouted back, cupping her hands around her mouth just like yesterday.

"Who is this? Person shouting about the... uh, playing? It's Anna Chase!"

A brief pause. Should she say it?

Yes, maybe she should.

"I'm not planning on doing anything like that, promise! Iwasjustsleeping!"

So there. There were multiple outcomes here. One, it turned out to be some sort of psycho that would promptly rip her to shreds, slice her skin off, use her skull as a drinking cup, and have sex with what's left. Two, it was someone she knew very well and trusted. Three, it was someone she didn't know, but would be willing to be an ally. Four, said person just goes about their business, leaving her be. Five, it was a hallucination or something like that. And six... damn, she couldn't think of any more outcomes.

In which case... then what?

She looked back at her backpack, wondering if it would make a good makeshift bludgeon in the scenario that it turned out to be the skull cup using kind of student here. She wasn't planning on being a skull cup, no siree. So she lifted it up, and held it to her chest. Sure, it might damage the contents inside it (she never really completely checked the contents just yet), but it was something. Plus, it might prevent a Nancy type scenario in the future.

All this to prevent becoming... Robert.

God, even if people didn't get her up, just that alone would keep her awake. She could vaguely remember the distant smell, the whirring sound of the chainsaw, the sound of shouting. It was still vague and a blur, but she could remember what Robert looked like very vividly. It continued to bring chills down her spine, even just picturing it. But, she kept reminding herself that it provided a good reason to live.

Please not Rasputin. Please not Nancy. Please not... oh hell...

Missing Those Lost
Everything seemed to be a blur as she rubbed her eyes across her face.

Oh god, they really were dead. Gone. Killed.

But what was there to do? What would happen if she met Kris or Rob? What about Reiko? If she met her, would she still be the same person that she was before? Reiko was a good person. She wasn't a cold blooded murderer!

Yes, that had to be it.

Reiko was defending herself, most definitely. The Reiko Carol had first met on the first day of school wasn't the type to be going around killing people at random, even if they were Sally. In fact, if anything, she was off looking for Reika. But... Reika was gone, and...

Carol sobbed harder.

Never again. Never again would Paige and Amber talk about gossip with each other. Never again would Reika play music. Never again would Carol talk with them, just hanging out. They were gone, taken away from her and everyone who ever cared about them.

None of them deserved it.

Sure, Amber could be annoying at times, but in the end, she was a good person. So was Paige and Reika. And Reiko. And now... Carol couldn't save them. She couldn't save any one of them.

She was too late.

And the only thing she had worried about hours ago was some water. Some stupid water that she was freaking out over, while people she cared about were getting murdered. If she hadn't freaked out as much, could she have saved them? Maybe she could have met up with them before it was too late. She had a good weapon, she could have easily fought Kris or Robert off. And then everything would have been fine. Everyone would live.

She was only vaguely aware of someone whispering Kari's name. Where was she?

But, soon an arm wrapped around her.


Carol looked up, and stared at him with tearful eyes.

No one needed to die...

"I'm sorry..."

But for what?

Was she embarrassed that she was crying? No... she couldn't save the Ishidas, Amber, and Paige like she wanted. What would happen if her new group died, just like them? What about Ben and Jacob? Where were they? They were still alive, right? Alive... and not killing.

And what would she do if she met Kris or Robert? What then? Could she avenge their deaths? But she knew very well that she couldn't kill.

And her group.

She had to keep them alive, too. She... just had to.

My Kingdom for a Plan!
The newcomer just looked surprised, and shrugged and ran off.

Well, that was weird.

Aileen couldn't help but wonder what would happen if he got killed. But god, she really needed to learn not to be a bleeding heart for every person she encountered here. Everyone here could turn out to be a killer or rapist, and she was sure that they would have no mercy on someone like her. She was just the snarky chick who sat in the library reading books. To most people out of upwards of 200 students, she was guessing, there was probably no reason to keep her alive. But what about the rest of the people in this group? To be honest, she didn't know most of them very well. But, that didn't mean that she wouldn't mind if they died. Quite the contrary, actually. So what if he...

As she stared at the boy running away, Aileen sighed, and then said "Do you guys mind if I get some water? I'm kind of dehydrated, and-"

Oh great, someone new.

As she turned to face the new person to approach, she saw that it was a girl this time. Said girl was noticeably attractive, like she had stepped out of a magazine or something. But, as she started talking, it became clear that if there was indeed a god, it gave her those looks to compensate for a lack of intelligence. It was either that, or that she was so far up into denial that King Tut was probably still alive and well to her. Apparently, she thought that they were still at the campsite. At least that other kid could have meant anything when he was asking what was going on. Here, she seemed sure that they were going to be at the campsite, and everything was going to be okay.

To be honest, Aileen envied her ignorance.

Tom, however, immediately seemed to snap at her. God, and she thought her oh-so-charming wit at that other guy was horrible? He was really taking a beating at her. Aileen looked at the new newcomer, checking to see what was going on in her mind. And so, Tom stormed off, muttering to himself why was he surrounded by idiots.

Oh god damn it. He was going to die out here if he wandered off alone. Fortunately, he invited the rest of them over, thank goodness. Thing is, though, it probably wasn't a good idea to have people storming off like this.

Aaron followed, saying that if the new girl wanted to join the group, she had to hand her weapon over to Aileen until the announcements. If she did... great, another weaponless person they had to defend. But, Aileen might as well comply.

She went to grab her things, and once she had her daypack and duffel slung over her shoulder, she called out to the other girl. "Hey, uh... god, I don't know your name. But it's probably a good idea to... well, you're stuck here, okay? We're all stuck here, and we are going to die, most likely by our classmates. Uh... check your daypack. I think it had a guide made by Mr. Douchey that explains it."

Turning to Lily and Richard, she sighed. God, with Aaron, Tom, them, and whoever this new girl was, she was starting to feel like a battered babysitter or mother. Who knew that this trip would involve getting her classmates out of trees, chasing after wherever Aaron and/or Tom went off to, and snapping people out of their denial? When her mother always told her to "socialize", this probably wasn't what she had in mind.

"Guess we should follow them, then. Come, guys, if you want to stay with us..."

And so, she turned and went on her way.

She doubted that she would be able to keep track of them and stick up with them for this long, but it was worth a shot.

((Aileen Borden continued in Where Do You Go From Here?))

Ishida Hunting
And soon, the other person revealed themselves.

Josée seemed to recognize the other girl. And he thought he did, too. Why, it was... well... what was her name again? Katelyn! That was it!

She called up, saying she just had a megaphone and nothing else. Remy felt himself calm down. A megaphone. What was she going to do, blast their ears until they bled? It was a silly thought, killing someone with a megaphone.

And Josée seemed to know her, too. He never thought he would ever say this, but that was a good sign. He could remember Katelyn too, now that he thought of it. She was one of those people you either loved or hated, based on what he knew of her.

Remy slowly put his knife back into the "resting" position, and placed it in his pocket. Thank goodness Josée actually knew people. Of course she would. He wasn't surprised. Again, she had that OC kid, too.

Josée immediately started drilling Katelyn for information, just like she had drilled Reiko just some time ago. God, how long was it since he had woken up and meet up with her? Probably a few hours, at the most.

Oh god. Josée just reminded him. Some sicko out there was probably watching everything, and laughing about it. Heck, they were probably having a chuckle over how he threw up, and then minutes later had an episode over the Ishidas. Why would someone like such a thing? It was weird. Actually, it was beyond weird. It was disturbing as hell. He could remember some of his classmates talking about the show and wearing T-shirts and stuff like that. He shuddered. What kind of mind would find this entertaining? It was practically a snuff film! He hadn't thought too much of it before the island, to be honest, but now that he was here and thinking about it, it brought him the chills.

But, in a strange, sick way, it was exactly what he wanted. He always wanted to be in film, right?

He sighed himself, hoping that it was indeed a megaphone. But a close look did tell him that was it.

Did they have themselves an ally, then?

For now, Remy let Josée do all the talking. That was really her area of expertise, it seemed.

So What Do We Do Now?
((Anna Chase continued from Break Up And Break Down))

She sat with her back against a tree, resting as calmly as she could.

Of course, "calm" here meant "not freaking out as much". Each time she closed her eyes, she could see Robert, or rather, what was left of him. By god, she still wondered what was going on in Mr. Mystic's head to get the idea to eviscerate someone with a chainsaw. And by the sound of things, he didn't do anything to actually deserve it, as far as she could tell. He could have been just innocently walking along, minding his own business! Sure, there was shouting, but Chase couldn't make it out, or at least couldn't remember what was said or who was saying it.

Yesterday was a bit of a blur, now that she thought of it. She knew that Nancy had held her hostage and taken her daypack, and she could remember Robert and the sound of the chainsaw more than she would have liked to. But, everything seemed to blur together. Did she blank out at some point? How long was she on the ground hiding?

But oh god damn everything to hell, her neck hurt. Of course it would, after Nancy pulled her hair and how she was on the ground for god only knows how long, both before she woke up and during when she was hiding. Chase lifted her hand to massage the back of her neck, only to touch something metallic.

Her hand lifted away as quickly as possible once she realized what it was. Her collar.

Even though Chase really wasn't into SOTF in the first place, she had heard from people who were that these would explode if you tamper with them or go someplace you shouldn't. And this was confirmed by... Danya? Was that his name? Anyways, he said that not only if you go into a "danger zone" or if you mess with them, but also if you attempted an escape, they will take your head off.

Escape wasn't an option, it seemed.

But, there had to be a way out somehow. Danya seemed pretty confident that escape wasn't possible, but there had to be a loophole here somewhere. After all, it was always the confident men that would overlook major details. Chase however, wasn't even going to think about removing that thing like that one guy did.

So, for now, attempt to survive rather than escape. That meant three things she needed to find. One, food and water. Presumably the bag Nancy took had such things in it. But, since it was with her, that meant Chase needed to find such things. She had looked inside her remaining bag, and found a water bottle and a small lunch, consisting of a tuna sandwich and what appeared to be a cupcake, packed for the bus ride. She could remember her dad telling her that it was a good idea to keep water on you when you're off camping, so he insisted on her packing water. It had been full when she opened the bag previously, but by the time she rested here, the contents, along with the sandwich, had disappeared down her throat. What could she say? She was hungry and thirsty. But, since she was going to be like that again soon, it was a good idea to find food and water. Chase wasn't some camel, after all.

The second thing she needed to find was a weapon. Nancy had left her pretty much weaponless, for the most part. But, to be honest, you could kill someone with anything. If there was any lesson she received from all those graphically violent movies she watched, it was that one. She had heard stories of someone on the program attacking people with a dagger made out of a dildo and toothbrush, for example. On the "shank" line, Chase could remember seeing a website about how people in prison would make knives out of various objects they could find in prison. It didn't even have to be a knife! She could just find a large, thick stick, like a walking-type stick, and use it as a bludgeon for a while. This place seemed woody enough, she could probably find such a thing quickly. Chase could also easily get a weapon off someone else, either someone handing it off to her, or taking from those who... couldn't use it.

Oh god, her mind was turning to what could easily be described as grave robbing, wasn't it?

Chase shook her head. What was up with this game? It made people chainsaw others and consider stealing from the dead. She hugged her arms around herself and shuddered.

She just wanted to go home. Home was warm, with a soft bed that had her name on it. A nice shower was only a few steps away, and she could easily wash up and soak her body with her favorite strawberry body wash and shampoo. She could rest on her own bed, hugging Howell, her favorite plush Husky from when she was a kid, and going to sleep in her own room. Mom and Dad would be downstairs, talking to each other about various events and clattering around the kitchen and living room. Then once she was rested, she would go downstairs, chat with her parents, and watch some horror movie or anime. Or maybe she would talk to a friend on the phone.

Oh god, she was never going to experience that ever again, wasn't she?

No, don't think like that.

She had vowed to stay alive as long as possible, after all. But, what about Jon, Dawne, and Brendan?

Which lead into the third thing she needed; allies.

Chase could remember what had happened at the fair. Kitty had acted like she wanted to help Chase. But, once trouble kicked in? She and that other person had just left her to die. Left her. All they did while Nancy had her grip on her was talk. In the end, they couldn't help her. And it was almost as if they didn't even want her to live.

Did anyone want her to live?

Normally, she would say "Of course! Brendan, Dawne, Jon, Lexie, my parents..." and continue on that list. But, ever since prom, things had taken a turn for the worse in her relationships with most of them. Lexie wasn't the only one who disapproved of her dating Jon. Brendan, although not as severe as Lexie, had shown his displeasure in the past. Apparently he thought Jon was going to beat her or something. And let's not even get started on Dawne. God, Chase could barely look at her as normal nowadays.

But, here's the thing. She had to find them. It was really the right thing to do, after all. Jon in particular wasn't exactly popular. As far as she could tell, everyone knew him as the creepy kid who liked gory movies. Of course, everyone viewed Chase the same way. Jon, however, was a loner and admittedly had a snarky streak. Not many people thought highly of him, so someone could easily take his life without thinking. And some supposedly "Christian" fundamentalist could find Brendan, remember that he was gay (well, actually he was bisexual, but the "bi" part wasn't common knowledge), and decide he needs to die. And what about Dawne? Oh god... Dawne...

Chase pulled her knees up towards her chest. She had to find them soon. Any number of things could happen to them. None of the mental images popping up in her head about how each of them could die were very pleasant. There had to be a way to prevent each of their deaths. Hopefully Jon, Dawne, and Brendan were holding up well. Maybe Dawne found Rekka. But what then? Oh god, that was another person who needed to live. He had the capability to do so. The outdoors was always his forte. Unlike Chase, who hated the outdoors with a burning passion and preferred indoor activities, though she wasn't exactly a couch potato. And now she was going to pay for it.

Plus, she was so tiny and skinny, with no fighting skill whatsoever. She was no match for someone like Craig Hoyle, who as far as she could tell was on the football team and was a giant.

And that's when, in spite of everything, she burst into laughter. Not the kind of laughter crazy people would make, but the kind of laughter you would make when you had a funny mental image. And this mental image was Craig wearing a hockey mask and chasing Rosa Fiametta and Jen Romita, while they were in their bra and panties, with a machete. She had no clue why that popped in there when she was thinking about her friends dying, but it did out of the blue.

As she calmed down from her laughter, she sighed. God, it was strange, wasn't it? Even after seeing her classmate's organs splattered all over the ground, she still had the ability to laugh over the things she normally would. Maybe it was her way of coping with it. Some people drank, some smoked, some went crazy... and Anna Chase laughed over the mental image of Craig Hoyle as a slasher villain. And maybe this is why people thought she was weird.

But, maybe everything was going to turn out all right, after all. That image of Robert Lerger wasn't getting out of her head very quickly. However, it gave her a good reason to survive. Thing is, though, surviving meant fighting, and fighting meant killing.

Could she do that?

Chase had always been seen as a creepy weird kid by the rest of Bayview, judging by what things people said about and to her. But she wasn't the type to just kill someone so easily. Heck, people would probably expect her to want to play with Robert's organs or something, for some reason, even though it wasn't true. But, even now, even just the mental image made her upset. Again, it provided a good reason why she had to live.

She had to survive at any cost. Any? Did that mean murder?

Chase had to defend herself, at least.

Sighing again, she laid down, placing her head on her bag like a makeshift pillow. Chase hadn't gotten much of actual rest since she woke up at the Fun Fair, and combined with all that walking, it meant that she was pooped. Maybe she would allow herself to doze off, but what if some weirdo like Nancy or Rasputin would show up and attack her while she is sleeping? Maybe she could try not to fall asleep completely, and if someone approached, she could make a run for it. Hopefully, though, she would find something of actual shelter by nightfall. She wasn't going to spent the night on the ground, not at all. Did this place have any buildings aside from the stalls at the fairground, if those count?

Maybe a cave, but judging by the announcement that wasn't a good idea. Apparently, there were bears here. Great, not only crazed students out to get you, but bears as well. Chase had to be careful, which meant keeping a close eye on her food once she had some, and making sure she doesn't upset the wildlife. After all, that meant her death if she upset a bear. Chase could remember a horror movie about a bear. Heck, "a" horror movie? There were lots of them.

As she stared up at the trees' canopy as she laid on her back, she couldn't help but notice it was a nice day out. Sure, she was the one person who hated the outdoors, but everything looked so pretty. It was a shame that it had to be ruined by death and destruction. Maybe, though, if it rained, she could catch the water in her bottle so she wouldn't go thirsty. It didn't look like it was going to rain anytime soon, however. And even if it did, it pushed the shelter issue just a bit more.

God, her life had been rough recently. But right now she needed to rest for a little bit.

Missing Those Lost
((Carol Burke continued from Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be))

Carol had calmed down and although she was still scared for her life, she had almost returned to her energetic, optimistic self. She had not spoken much as they hiked, but it was clear she was getting better. Of course she was.

She knew very well she was going to make it, of course. Her and her friends.

And she did have a reason to live.

"Hey Carol?"

She looked up at the other three teenagers. As they ate their breakfast at the airport's McDonalds', one could notice a sadness in the air. Her three friends had decided to see her off before she had gone on the trip, and so they helped her family with luggage and things like that. Very soon, Carol and her family would be on a plane trip to St. Paul, to start a new life. It was because of her parents' work, and she knew very well that she had no say in the manner. So, her things were packed, and they were on their way.

But... her friends. She knew very well that she wasn't able to hang out with them anymore, aside from talking to them online, on the phone, and other methods. But, she wasn't sure if she was ready just yet. She had been alternating from watching her friends eat the processed breakfast food to staring at her own food and poking at it with her food for the past few seconds.

"Yes, Whitney?" she looked at the girl in front of her.

"I just want you to know..."

Carol listened in with nervousness, wondering what she had to say. It was as if Whitney didn't know what to say, but wanted to say it.

"... You've been a good friend. All three of us will miss you."

Whitney attempted a smile, but it came off sad. It struck Carol to the core, seeing her like this. The other two looked up from their meals, and added their thoughts in.

"You're returning to Nevada, once... you know... right?"

Carol, without realizing it, gave a sad smile to one of the boys looking at her. "Yeah... graduation..."

She stared down at the plate again, as if there was some sort of entertainment to be held in mass-produced eggs and hashbrowns. But, the other boy spoke up.

"Hey, don't give us that look! It's only a year, right? And aren't you like... planning to go to a college here or something?"

Carol looked up again, and in spite of everything, smiled. Oh Alan. He had always been the trickster sort. And even at a time like this, he always had something to say. Always. And right now, he had almost a playful grin on his face.

The previous boy piped up again. "Fuck, Alan, it's not like the girl is happy to go", he mumbled, giving him a playful nudge on the arm.

"Whatever you say... Dad."

See? Just like old times. Alan and Jake always "argued" like this, but in the end, they were good friends. Just like they were with her and Whitney.

Whitney spoke again, to prevent yet another one of the pseudo-arguments these two had. "Well, don't worry Carol. We'll contact you on IM and such, okay?"

"Okay..." she smiled.

Once it came time to go to the airport, the four teenagers helped get the luggage out of the car, and soon everything was set. As it came time to go into the terminal, Carol found a pair of arms wrapped around her.


As the smaller girl looked up at her, Carol saw that she was crying. That really said it all.

Eventually, though, the Burke family had to board the plan. Carol waved behind her as she left, and soon she was in the boarding area. After presenting her ticket and boarding the plane, she placed herself in a seat next to her parents. After a bit of waiting, a flight attendant appeared, and the captain began telling the passengers about the emergency exits and such. But Carol only stared out of the plane's window. And soon, it took off, leaving Carson City looking like a small model with ant sized cars.

She missed her friends. So much. Sure, she loved being part of the Entourage, and she had talked to them each day, but she wanted to hang out with them again.

But, she still thought she was going to make it. There were a lot of reasons why it couldn't work a fourth time. She didn't know much about Survival of the Fittest, but logically, it wasn't as if the government didn't know anything. The broadcasts were coming from somewhere, and there was more than enough information being put out. Danya was going to get caught, and then imprisoned for his crimes.

Heck, she wanted to find the rest of the Entourage, and with Kari, Simon, and Rein, plan an epic escape. He had said that if he saw someone planning to leave, he would kill them, but it didn't mean that his system was foolproof. There was probably a flaw somewhere, anywhere, that could be exploited to their hearts' content. But where?

As she passed through what appeared to be the remains of a forest, she suddenly heard a banging sound. Was that gunshots? No, it sounded like... clapping?!

Suddenly, a voice came on, presumably from an intercom system of some kind. Oh god, she recognized that voice. It was the same one that had... you know... it was the one that had put them here in the first place. Carol froze on the spot, listening as it mentioned that 19 people had died.

As the announcement ended, Carol stood on the spot, looking like she had been frozen in time. No... it couldn't be...

Reika. Was fine. Paige. Was alive and well. Amber. Was up to her old antics. Reiko. Wasn't a murderer...

That was the way things were. It was the way things always were. It was the way it was supposed to be. They couldn't just get killed heartlessly by Kris Hartmann and Rob Jenkins! And Reiko was never the type to just kill two people, even if one of them was Sally Connelly. Sure, Reiko had harsh things to say sometimes, and she knew about how Sally and Reiko had a rivalry. Heck, of course she would know. But, Reiko couldn't just stab someone and kill the person who was helping her. Reiko was a good person at heart. Carol had always thought that way of her, and always trusted her.

But... why did Paige, Reika, and Amber... hell, it wasn't right. This trip was supposed to be everyone hanging out with their friends. And they were gone... vanished... hell... she wished desperately this was some sort of mistake they made, and they were safe and sound. They had to be waiting for her someplace. There was no way that...

Carol slid to her knees and dropped her things. She put her heads to her face, noticing a moistness.

No... not them... please not them!

And suddenly, that's when she broke into a sob.

They took three people she cared about away... and made one a murderer. It wasn't fair. She just wanted to see her friends again. Why did it have to be them? None of them deserved it!

Break Up And Break Down
Whir. Whir. Whir.

The roar of the chainsaw continued for a lengthy period of time, until eventually it stopped.

What had happened?

Did... someone die?

Chase only had two close, actual experiences with death in her life before getting abducted. The first time she ever experienced death, she was nine years old. Her family had gone to a fair with a few close friends, and she enjoyed the rides, attractions, and games. She and one of her friends her age had played a game where they had to throw ping pong balls into a certain cup, and win goldfish. And so, the two children had gone home with a fish each. Chase tried her best to pamper her fish, always making sure to feed it each day and keep its tank clean. But after a few weeks since the fair, she had found the fish belly up and very much dead. And, of course she was devastated, especially when her mother explained to her that it had to be flushed down the toilet. Later that evening, her mother had taken the opportunity to tell her about death in a way a child of that age would understand and not be afraid. The second time she ever experienced death was when her father got sick with his heart condition. She could remember the phone call that her mother gave her to tell her about it very vividly. And since then, she often worried about her dad, often visiting him when he was in the hospital, helping him out when he needed it, and so on.

And so, Chase was not prepared for even just the sound of someone getting chainsawed to death just a small distance away from her.

She could hear someone approaching, and picking something up. The sounds had gone from feeling very distant to sounding like an elephant.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Wham! Something had been thrown at her, and landed straight on her back, rolling right off. It should have hurt, but her mind wasn't focused on the pain.

Someone noticed her, and threw something at her. That was not a good sign, at all. What if that someone was the guy with the chainsaw? What then? If there was any death she didn't want, it was death by chainsaw.

She couldn't think, though....

Everything was getting dark...

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Chase lifted her head at the sound. Was someone clapping? It sounded a bit too loud, though.

But, Chase got her answer. A voice- the same voice that had introduced her to this hell- started speaking. It told her, and presumeably everyone else still alive, that nineteen people were already dead.


She put herself back up in a sitting position, and listened to what it said while placing her head in her hands. It started to list who died and who killed them, making fun of them all the while. One had apparently tried to remove his collar, one had gotten impaled on a fence, one had been burnt to death... it was very unsettling to know that her classmates really were dying.

And then the bastard told her that someone had went "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on someone else.

Chase looked up at this. Someone really did die here. She didn't recognize the name of the victim (Robert Lerger, was it?), but the murderer was Alex Rasputin. She never knew him very well, but she couldn't have ever pictured anyone to be a chainsaw murderer. Sure, she often pictured her teachers and such as slasher villains, but those were daydreams she would think up during class. But, never would she have expected someone like this Russian monk fellow to be that kind of person.

The voice continued without a beat, describing a girl getting attacked with a saw, Amber Whimsy, the snoopy newshound, getting shot... oh god.

Chase put her head back into her hands again.

None of those people were ever particularly close to Chase. And yet, their deaths still impacted her. Each one of those people were those she had walked the halls of Bayview with and shared classes with. She could remember Amber trying to get dirt on each and every student. She could remember Ivan something-or-other, one of the apparent killers, being the captain of the tennis team. She could remember Reiko Ishida having a little fanclub or something, and how Sally Connelly was known for having a rivalry with her.

All these people she knew or heard about, either being killed or becoming murderers.

It chilled Chase right to the bone.

And so, the voice ended, saying that it will see the ones still remaining in 24 hours.

So that was that.

Nineteen people killed. And some of her classmates had turned into cold blooded killers.

But, at least Chase herself was still alive. And she didn't hear about any of her close friends getting killed...

Oh what the hell.

Even if she didn't know any one of those people personally, their deaths were extremely upsetting to hear.

As she started to shake again, she lifted her head out of her hands, and saw what had landed on her earlier. That was a bag? Her hands moved to it, feeling it. She needed supplies, right? Taking a deep breath, she searched for the zipper, and once she found it unzipped it, praying to god whoever had it didn't mind that she was looking through it.

Her things that she had brought on the trip were inside. It was extremely blurry, but she could tell.

Yes! Her things! Which meant that her glasses were in there!

A bit of searching (which was difficult with her nearsightedness), and Chase could feel the shape of her glasses case. Lifting it out, she smiled and opened it. She swore to god a heavenly choir was playing right now. Chase took the glasses out and placed them on her face, granting her the ability to see clearly once more. Oh god, these things were never getting off her face ever again! A quick look at the bag, and it was confirmed it was hers. Chase put the now-empty glasses case back, and zipped it back up.

So, now what?

The announcement made it clear. Either she was going to have to kill her classmates, or she herself would be killed. And neither sounded very pleasant. It was probably a good idea to get out of here, since she wasn't sure if the Russian monk fellow was still around, chainsaw and all. She looked over the side of the stall, and saw the "tower" she was looking at earlier. Yup, that was indeed a carnival she was at, judging by the ferris wheel. It wasn't so implausible after all, it seemed.

A quick look to one side.

A quick look to the other.


She couldn't focus on anything else once she saw it. Heck, a pink elephant could have danced right at the top of the ferris wheel and she wouldn't have noticed. But, once she did, she quickly slid back down with a squeak.

When she heard the sounds of the chainsaw and the announcement some time after, she had assumed that it would be at worst someone getting their limbs sliced off one by one. But, it was worse, much worse.

Even though the sight disturbed her, she had to look again.

His torso was bloodied, and seemingly torn apart. What appeared to be various organs were shattered around him, climbing out of him like some sort of wild animal that had been living inside him. His eyes... so cold and lifeless, as if he had been in pain when he died. She could see the eyes, seemingly looking straight at her. Chase slid down once more, feeling a little ill, which wasn't helped by the fact that she was hungry and somewhat dehydrated. Oh god, this Russian monk bastard was sick. She placed her hand to her mouth, hoping she wouldn't throw up. Even as she wasn't looking at it, it stayed in her mind like it had been imprinted there. Oh god, why would someone do such a thing?

Out of here. She needed out now.

Chase quickly placed the strap of her bag over her shoulder, and lifted herself out of the stall. Everything seemed to be on autopilot, and soon, she was running away, out to the exit and not paying attention to anything else.

DeadchainsaworgansdeadRasputinRobertfuckfuckfuck!, her mind screamed as she ran.


((Anna Chase continued in So What Do We Do Now?))

Ishida Hunting
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His sister lifted herself off the ground in a very... irritated manner.

But, soon enough she went to check it out, taking out her weapon and asking what the person in there wanted. Was that a blackjack she was holding? Sure. Looked like it. This was the first time he really got a good look at it, but there it was. At least he had an idea of what it was, now.

Should he take out his own weapon?

A quick glance at Josée's expression, and, well, it practically screamed "YES!". And so, with a hurry, he quickly removed the switchblade from his jacket pocket.

"Look, whoever's down there?" he called down. "We're both armed, so, you know. It's not a good idea to uh... attack us?"

At the word "attack", he flipped open the blade, causing it to slightly gleam in what little light there was. Okay, what just came out of his mouth sounded kind of pathetic. Remy prayed he didn't have to use it. And what if the other person had some kind of ranged weapon, like a gun? Then again, what if it was one of the Ishidas after all, or Sarah.

Sarah. Oh SHIT. He spent all this time worrying about the Ishidas, and not one second about her. To make matters worse, although the Ishidas could easily fend for themselves, Sarah was a bit of a... space cadet, shall we say. And he could remember the first day they met, when they dissected that frog in Bio a few years back. The poor girl had ran outside to vomit all over the ground. And that was a frog. She really wasn't going to react well to a real human corpse, judging by that. Heck, even though he didn't vomit, he didn't react well to that either.

So, she was another person to look for.

Easy, boy. Don't try to save everyone in one sitting. You'll find them... right?, he reminded himself.

In any case, right now he and Josée had to deal with however the hell was shining that light outwards. Oh god! He hoped it was someone who wasn't playing!

The age poll!
I'm 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years old.


Okay, I'm 17.

My Kingdom for a Plan!
So down went the bag, falling into Tom's arms. However, the poor bastard, with the combined weight of his pack and Richard's, was clearly having trouble.

"Oh! Careful, careful!" she shouted almost on instinct, but a quick glance back at the tree told her that Richard was almost to the ground.

Okay, so he's out. Now what?

Tom started on asking what she and probably everyone else wanted to know; namely, what Richard was doing in the tree like some confused housecat. But, he cut himself off mid-sentence with a "My gosh!"

Aileen began to suspect the worst, judging by his reaction. Monty Pondworth with a chainsaw... that white supremist kid she always heard about waving a gun around in their direction... hell, any number of things could happen. But, as Aileen whipped around to what Tom was looking at, she saw Aaron and Lily, with some kind of... gun? Yeah, that was a gun. But Lily was giving it to him. Was this the Lily he was referring to after all, then? No, judging by the snippets of conversation and Tom's reaction about the other girl named Lily, probably not, or at least, she hoped. Apparently there was "another" Lily. The one at the gazebo? Probably, which had always been her first guess.

Though, she had just realized there was something else problematic with this Lily (and anyone else being brought to this team, for that matter) giving Aaron her gun. If she wasn't indeed the insane one, there was going to be a problem with her being able to protect herself, which meant the group would have to protect her personally. Aileen had her hammer, Tom had his sword, Aaron had taken her gun, and Richard, if they were going to be part of the group, had god knows what (she couldn't see any guns or anything on him just yet). Which left Lily defenseless. Maybe they could make some MacGuyver-style weapon or along those lines out of their supplies for her to use. Aileen could vaguely remember something in the "introduction" about making your own weapons, though for some reason they showed a picture of what appeared to be a shiv made out of a dildo and toothbrush. Then again, she was too busy being scared shitless to tell if that was what it was. If it was what it looked like, somebody had issues. Though...

Aileen was interrupted from her thoughts when she heard someone ask what's going on. It wasn't from anyone in the group, though. Turning her head, she could tell that some guy had approached.

Okay, who is this douche, and how long has he been nearby? Aileen thought, frowning.

A quick glance over, and Aileen sighed. They had not encountered anyone "psychotic" just yet, unless you count Other Lily and whoever the hell was running around dressed as someone in the Probihition era (she had already forgotten his name), and even those were arguable. After all, Other Lily also seemed like the type to skip into a danger zone without any thought, while Depression Dude had just said he was playing, which to be honest could mean any number of things.

Well, might as well humor him.

"Okay, we're stuck on a deserted island, forced to kill each other, and he-" she pointed at Richard. "-Was stuck in a tree. Please tell me what else that looks like?"

For a few seconds, she realized that it came out particularly harsh, and then spoke again.

"Look. I guess he was just stuck, is all."

Was it a good idea to tell him about the plan? Probably not. Unless someone else knew him... for now, she was going to see how the others reacted.

Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be
Carol couldn't help but smile at the sight of everyone working together once she looked at Kari and Simon. Truly, it was glorious. They were helping each other. Sure, there was a bit of suspicion here and there, but it was working. They were going to go to the fight church thing, and then to a warehouse, it seemed, then. Well, it was a really nice thing to have going.

She went to grab her things off the ground, unzipping her daypack just a bit to place the gun inside, though it could be seen sticking out. Once she had them over her shoulder, she looked at Rein.

They were a team, right?

Carol wondered if anyone had someone they had to look out for. Carol had the Entourage, as she remembered, but there was another reason she had to live. She made a promise to her friends back home, that after graduation she would return to Carson City to meet them again. She was still curious as to whether or not they were watching her.

Did they find out where she was, at all?

Carol could almost imagine their reactions, and almost winced at the thought. She never liked to see her friends upset, and to know that they would be concerned for her... it was kind of heart-breaking to think about.

But, she didn't think that she was going to live. She knew she was going to live.

Danya wasn't going to get away with this for much longer, right?


As she slowly and shakily approached Rein, he told her to take his hand and close her eyes if the water was bothering her. Carol complied, and reached out her hand. As she closed her eyes, she could still hear the water, quietly swooshing around, with the occasional sound of a seagull.

The water was still bugging her, but she knew she had no reason to be afraid.

She was going to make it.

((Carol Burke continued elsewhere))

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Break Up And Break Down
Chase continued walking, until...

Was that shouting?

She looked up, to see a green, smokey looking blur several feet away, and if she really squinted, extremely faint humanoid shapes could be spotted. By the sound of things, it was a fight. She could hear what seemed to be a guy, threatening someone else.

Oh shit. Chase, run!

Chase quickly looked around, finding a tall wooden object right next to her. A stall of some kind, like in carnivals or marketplaces? Yes! Perfect hideout for the time being!

She quickly ran to it, placing her foot on the front, and hoisting herself over, only to fall on her face. However, Chase just laid there, holding her hands over her head, her face buried to the ground, and starting to tremble once again. She had to urge to lifted herself off the ground and look to see what was going on, but at the same time she just wanted to lie there until everything was over. It had to end soon, right? Soon it would be safe to come out again. But when? Will it ever be safe?

More shouting, and... was that a motor of some kind?

It took a few seconds before Chase could figure out what that was.

A chainsaw. They gave some psychopath a chainsaw, of all things.

In the past, Chase would joke around about such a thing as someone getting killed with a chainsaw. It had always been part of her nature, to be honest, to make light commentary of such things. But, never in her life did she ever expect to actually be this close to a chainsaw murder. Heck, she had been expecting to witness this thing only in some of the movies she watched. Chase would often call the chainsaw a "badass weapon", that made everything awesome.

It was funny how your perspective changed so easily, wasn't it?

As Chase laid there, all she wanted was for this to just be some kind of nightmare, conjured up by her own imagination. She would be woken up by Dawne or Brendan or some other person back at the bus, and then go on with her life. Oh, how she wished this was some sick dream her subconscious thought up. Things did seem to have that surreal feeling, and she still felt kind of numb, disoriented, and disconnected from her own body; just like a dream. Every part of her wished that was so.

And yet, Chase knew that it wasn't so. This was happening, right here, right now. And she told herself she was going to live, and that she will make it happen. All by herself if she had to. Right now, all she needed to do was stay where she was until it was over, right?

And so, Chase remained on the ground face first, clutching her hands to her head as if expecting a bomb to go off. It seemed as if centuries were passing by as she found herself listening to the shouting and the whir of the chainsaw.

Ishida Hunting
Close by, he could hear his sister yelling at him.

His head whipped around, looking at Josée with a mixture of confusion. According to her, Reiko was long gone.

Long gone?! She can't have gone off so easily! She shouldn't. She mustn't. She could have stopped to rest, or placed herself in another house, or-

Remy felt that warm sensation around his eyes again.

So close... they were so close...

And Josée was just sitting here, reading her map as if nothing was wrong. Didn't she have people she cared about? Like that OC guy, for example. Remy was never sure if they were dating or something, but in any case, he always hung around Josée like a large puppy. Why wasn't she worried about him? Did she think of him at all? And she didn't seem to be worried about the Ishidas either...

His hand cletched into a fist. Oh, it was so tempting, to strike Josée across the face right at this moment. But, he quickly decided against it. Things seemed fine right now, so there was no use reacting out of anger. Plus, the last time he did something like that upset Mom. So, he resisted the urge, and looked back.

So, now what? The tunnels were clearly not safe, were they? And so, he noticed something strange. A light? It was very small, like a flashlight.

Someone was in there.

But who?

Remy hoped it was one of the Ishidas. But, what if he accidentally attracted someone else? Someone who was going around, shooting people like it was nothing? What then?

"Uh... Josée..." he whimpered, staring off into the tunnel.

If someone could see his face right now, they could see a trail of tears starting to form.

SOTF Characters (Taking Requests!)
The panties in the stoner pic are a nice touch. XD

Also... Kenny is adorable. <333

My Kingdom for a Plan!
Aaron had described what was up, but said he didn't want to say in front of the cameras to prevent everyone from getting blown up. Well, of course he wouldn't. Danya had said that he didn't want people to try escaping, so he was going to detonate the collars of anyone who did actually try. It was a wonder that Aaron, Tom, herself, and those other people were still alive.

Where were they, anyways? Oddly enough, in spite of that oddball girl and that oddly dressed freak's suspicious nature, she didn't want to see them get killed, to be honest. Aileen could be pretty spiteful at times, she had to admit, but she wasn't the type to actually wish death on other people. Plus, it didn't help that despite all odds, she had a bit of a... protective streak that popped up from time to time, weirdly enough.

But, first things first. Deal with this, and worry later.

She couldn't help but be concerned, though. Now that she thought of it, that girl back at the gazebo could just as easily not be a potential murderer at all, and easily run into the line of fire. What then? Would it be their fault? How much of it would be her responsibility? Did she have a family, friends?

Aileen was interrupted from her thoughts by more talking. A male voice- presumably this "Richard"- had started shouting, calling out to Tom, and saying it sounded like Aaron had a plan. Aileen stepped forward, and got a more clear view.

It was indeed a different girl from the one that had been in the gazebo. Different looks, for one, and she did not have that unnerving calm that the girl in the gazebo did. But where was "Richard"? After a while, she realized what was going on, after a quick glance towards the nearby tree.

"Richard" had climbed up the tree because... well, she really did not have a clue. Nothing her classmates did ever make sense. Maybe he wanted to hide out, or... something. Again, no clue. Now, the girl was asking for them to help get him down.

Was it a trap of some kind?

After all, this "Richard" could be easily up in the tree with some kind of weapon, waiting for someone to walk by, while "Lily" could have been an accomplice. After all, Aaron did say that "Lilly" could possibly be insane, and she did say that was her name. But, Aileen couldn't help to get a closer look at the tree, despite the amount of fear and suspicious coursing through her.

Well, know what they say. Curiosity killed the cat...

And once she was at the foot of the tree, she got a more clear picture. A boy was indeed stuck up there, complete with daypack and everything. Again, how he got up there in the first place, she really had no clue.

Tom had said that he should throw down the bag first, and then continue. Aileen agreed with this thought.

"Alright, put the bag down first. Make sure you step on or grab only strong, sturdy thick branches", she called up to the boy. In the end, the part of Aileen that genuinely did care about others had won out, despite all common sense. Aileen put the handle of the hammer within the band of her skirt, making it somewhat awkward, but keeping it close by. She reached her hands out wide. "Once you're low enough, we can physically help you get down, or catch you if you fall."

Oh god, if this turns into one of those trust exercises where someone leans back and everyone has to catch them... damn, this would be a weird day. It's weird enough already, she thought, a frown forming on her face.