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The Questions Game
Question: Do you like to try and make yourself stand out in the crowd by being unique in some way? If so, how?

Aileen Borden- .... I don't like bringing attention to myself. I just like to watch what others do, is all...

Carol Burke- Standing out? Heh. Lotsa people say that I stand out just by being myself. I don't really know what they mean. But, guess that they think that I stand out just by being... Carol Burke? Yeah. I tend to stick out in the crowd already for some reason. Hee hee.

Question: What bands/musicians do you like?

V4 Moderator Selections
Congratulations everyone!

May you do well in your jobs!

*tackles* <333

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales
Nice name...?

Aileen honestly didn't like having it. But, some people's tastes were different from hers, just like they didn't have the same amount of knowledge. Aileen herself was fond of the name Cassandra, for example. But, this person wasn't Aileen Borden.

Oh wait. What was she shopping for?

Why did she want to know? All that she was shopping for was a formal dress, really. Was... was... was... she trying to be friendly? To Aileen? Really?

There had to be a catch. After all, no one would be this friendly to her without any reason, right? What would the reason be, though? Perhaps someone had asked her to talk to her, to get some kind of information out of her. What kind? Well, perhaps the other person was someone who...

Wait, she was being paranoid, wasn't she? After all, not everyone is like that. There were some genuinely nice people out there, who just wanted someone to talk to. Sometimes, they didn't have a goal in mind. However, some... did. Sometimes there were people who had other motives. Sometimes people were... people.

Ah well. Might as well answer her question.

Lifting her head away from the cup she was staring into a few seconds ago, she found herself speaking again.

"Ah... prom dress. I'm going, it's just that... you know."

Aileen's eyes had a slightly untrusting look to them, and suddenly head tore to look at the other side again, as if she had been slapped across the face. There was still nothing interesting at the Hotdog on a Stick place, but for some reason Aileen kept looking there. Damn, that was an annoying habit! She really needed to keep her eyes on people she was talking to.

She also felt herself grip the cup the ice cream came in, and holding it tightly. Why was she doing that? Was she nervous? Probably... she was. Definitely a little nervous. That had to be it. After all, she didn't really talk to other Bayview students that often. Mostly she just sat and watched what they did around each other. She had seen some pretty strange stuff these other people would do, things that made her raise her eyebrows. But, here was a normal conversation. Why was she nervous, then?

In Loving Memory of Jerred Guillen
Holy shit...

I never really got to know him well enough, but damn. I kind of regret not having enough conversations with him. What if I would be able to say something that would have...

Oh dear. I really don't know what to say. I'm shaking.

We all will miss him. He must have done a lot for this community.

The Questions Game
Question: If you were to have one person by your side in a zombie apocalypse, who would that person be?

Aileen Borden- ... My mother. I've got to make sure she is safe. No one wants to see their mother reduced to shouting about brains.

Carol- Errr... I'm guessing someone who can fight them off easily, but won't treat me like an idiot. I guess I'll have a friend nearby, one that is good about fighting things off. I'd have to be able to protect them sometimes too, in a way. Heh.

Question: What are you thinking about right at this moment?

Test of Courage
Just as Carol was brushing herself off, she heard someone... talking to her?!

Uh... oh.


Carol found herself screaming so loud, it would be a wonder if no one nearby had their eyedrums busted. She wasn't alone after all! There was someone else here, and they noticed her! If it was a bad person...

Alright, Carol, time to fight for your life, your money, your honor and your dignity! Time to fight for-

Wait. Someone from school? They (or rather, he) thought that she was someone from their school?

Swiftly turning around, she looked at the boy behind her. Well, he didn't appear to be a rapist. In fact, it was indeed someone she knew from school. Laurence Haver, of Bayview Secondary School. As far as she knew, he wasn't a rapist. She didn't know him that well, but she knew that he was fairly decent.

"Oh! Hiya!" she smiled, waving at him.

It would seem that he wanted to know what she was doing here. Well, better tell him, right?

"Just a change of pace... I was just leaving, and I saw this exit. And then I wanted to go this way, because I wanted to... er... do something different! And it was quicker to get home this way. I hesitated because of the things you listed, but I gave in due to curiosity!" Carol found herself quickly blurting out, her smile somewhat turning into an awkward one.

Damn, she probably made herself out to look like an idiot. Oh well.

She heard a small rustling sound nearby, from a trash can a few feet away behind her. It was very subtle, but she could hear it. Yup, rats. Sure, she had seen pet rats owned by humans, and they were such cute creatures. But... wild rats? Weren't so pleasant. She heard somewhere-didn't know where- that they tended to spread germs. This was how the Black Plague apparently started, according to her source. Wild rats were filthy no matter what, though. Ack.

After listening to it for a few seconds, she then commented "This place gives me the creeps, though... it reminds me too much of certain games I've played."

Carol kind of shuddered, and then spoke again.

"Say... what are you doing here, yourself? Same reason?"

She kind of fidgeted on the spot, a little nervous due to the atmosphere. Creepy, creepy! This place was creepy!

The Questions Game
What's one thing that really turns you on in a person?

Aileen Borden- Intelligence. I want any lovers to be somewhat... smart. Doesn't matter what exactly they are good in, just that they are intelligent, if a little what you guys call "geeky".

Carol Burke- Ooooh.... to be honest, I like the rugged bad boy type. I don't know why, but even though a lot of them are pretty mean, I find the whole "badass" thing so attractive. Because we all know the guys that try to be badass are softies deep down. Well, most of them. Am I right? Sure hope so. However, I'd like them to be mentally stable, for obvious reasons. I just like the more badass ones, not the abusive unstable assholes or anything. So, yeah. No complete assholes, just the more tough guy front people.

Question: What is your favorite TV show, that you turn in for each week?

The Questions Game
What's the worst film you've ever watched?

Aileen Borden- Batman. And. Robin. Now, I'm not a big Batman person. I'm not a big movie person, either. But, it was... illogical, shall we say. I don't wish to go on.

Carol Burke- Manos: The Hands of Fate. So, there is this family driving around, out on a vacation, right? And then they come across this house, with this guy with strange looking knees. He starts rambling on about this Master person thing, and then they decide to spend the night. And then knee guy hits on the wife, while their dog is killed. And then they find out the Master sleeps in this tomb thing, and he likes to collect women and make them his wives. They try to escape, but for some reason they come back, and... I won't give away the ending!

Wait. There's also a huge catfight in the middle of it, and a couple that just sits in the car and makes out, and police officers that don't do anything, and... and... and...

Yeah. Whitney, my good friend from Nevada, and I were watching it once around Halloween. And, trust me when I say that we were laughing our butts off the entire time. And yes, this is an actual movie!

Question: What concept brings shivers down your spine each time you even think about it?

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales
Aileen noted that the other girl seemed surprised at the fact that there were animals that huge. She had known that for a while, herself. But, everyone doesn't know the exact same things you do, right? After all, everyone knows at least several things others don't know about.

"Yeah... it's pretty huge. Endangered species due to whaling, sadly."

Melissa Li... sounds like something she could remember for once. Knowing Aileen, she would probably forget it by the end of the day, but at least it was something that was easy to remember, right? After all, some names were easy to remember. Some... weren't, to put it simple and sweet.

Oh, her own name needed to be said, too. Well, why not? It wasn't as if it could hurt to know...

"Aileen Borden, also senior at Bayview", she found herself mumbling.

She honestly did not sharing her name with others, for a variety of reasons. But, couldn't hurt, she thought to herself as she swirled the ice cream in the cup with the spoon. There was only a few bites left, and it seemed the Kit Kat pieces were only at one or two pieces left. Aileen must have deliberately scooped up the chocolate before the ice cream. What could she say? She liked Kit Kats. It was her favorite food, actually. Aileen knew she shouldn't eat them every day, for obvious reasons, but... they were delicious. Like heaven on her taste buds, really.

"Almost gone..." she muttered to herself in a low voice into the cup.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
First off... well, let's just say that Kami here bleeds and feels ill about once a month. XD

Second, well, it was just a throwaway statement of mine. I just honestly thought that Lee wasn't as suspicious as I initially thought. And if I told the reasons why, you people would stare in disbelief at my thought process. So, ignore me. I'm being silly. ^_^;

I assure you, though. I am on your side. Go ahead and lie detect that statement if you want. I'm telling you that I am not in any way a Killer. Nor do I support their actions. But, yeah. I'm Pro-Town. XD

The Questions Game
Question: What's the most painful thing you can imagine?

Aileen Borden- I read a book on torture, once. Let's just say that I woke up screaming for several nights. I think the worst one was the one where they would tie you down and place a metallic cup with a rat in it on your stomach. Then they would heat the container, causing the rat to try to escape, and claw at your stomach... yeah. That part was so charming. You don't want to hear about scaphism, either.

Carol Burke- Errr... I think getting tied up and raped to death would be a horrific way to die, don't you think? I also think getting strangled might be painful, as well. Also, what about getting your fingers cut off each time you answered a question incorrectly? And once they're done with the fingers, they start on toes? On second thought, can we not talk about this? It's kind of scary!

Question: What was your costume the last time you dressed up for Halloween?

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales

The other girl had asked her about whales. Whales... well, they floated in the ocean, had fins and tails, but weren't fish, rather mammals, and some eat fish while others ate krill. Blue whales were also the largest animals on Earth, and apparently they ate four tons of krill a day. And... well, she had the book right in front of her if she needed more info, right?


Her mind pressed on which facts to share. Why was she asking, anyways? Perhaps she was trying to start up a conversation? Anyways, most of the facts Aileen knew weren't that interesting.

"Well, blue whale eats four tons of krill a day. That species is also the biggest of any animal that's ever existed. It's pretty much the size of a Boeing 737."

That's the most interesting thing you can come up with, Aileen? Come on, isn't there anything better?

Aileen frowned, almost as if she was annoyed at her own choice of words. There were lots of interesting things about whales, why couldn't she find one?

After a few seconds' beat, Aileen returned to her book, turning the page to learn about humpback whales.

The humpback whale is one of the larger rorqual species, at around 39 to 52 feet long. It is well known for the male's whalesong, which lasts around 10 to 20 minutes and repeats for several hours at a time.

After a while, she lifted her head again, to eat a few more bites of the ice cream. It was already partway melted, and almost a milky mess now. Aileen frowned, and scooped up a bit more, hoping to finish it before it was just milk and chocolate. After all, it was no fun if it was melted.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Hmmmm... interesting turn of events.

So, Vole has admitted to being the psychopath? But is trying to catch the Mafia. Huh.

I'm going to go out and say... well, I doubt Lee is a Killer, now, to be honest. If I told you guys the reason why, you might doubt what I have to say. I'm just saying, maybe he isn't a Killer. Though, I could be naive about this. I'm not completely certain; there is no way to be completely certain. ^_^;

If you want to keep Vole alive, well, I'm not sure we should keep a Killer around. But, if that is the plan, let us try it. I'm willing to follow through. So, I won't vote for him, at least at the moment.

The Questions Game
Question: How would you react if you woke up one morning to find the entire world completely devoid of humans, save yourself?

Aileen Borden- Paaaaaarty. Though, it would get a little boring partying by myself.

... On second thought? No. It would be... depressing if everyone were to die. Also, who is to say that whatever killed everyone else is gone, and won't hurt me? I would die alone and miserable.

Carol Burke- No people? Man, that would suck! I'd rather die with everyone else than to spend the rest of my days completely alone without other people! It would be much better! So... yeah. I would NOT be happy!

Question: Who is your favorite superhero?

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales
The blue whale can ingest up to 4 tons of krill a day, with its baleen that works as a strainer in the water.

Aileen's eyes glanced at a diagram of how a whale's set of baleen works to catch its food. Turning the page, she did not notice another girl sit at her table, until she started talking to her.

"AH!" Aileen's head jerked up, surprised.

Her eyes then turning to the girl in front of her, she hesitated, wondering if she should talk to her. She had asked about whales? Whales? Oh yeah, the book in front of her.

"Uh... yeah. Whales are pretty."

Aileen found herself glancing off to the side again, towards the Hot Dog On A Stick Stand. There was nothing interesting there (just a guy doing his job serving customers), but Aileen had a small habit of glancing to the side if she was talking to another person her age. She... really needed to stop that, too. After all, it was kind of weird.

After a few beats, she quickly put her head back down into her book, feeling a little shy. She was really having problems with that, recently. Aileen usually had problems talking to others, but recently, it was ridiculous. Most people didn't want to hurt you, right? Though, there were a few nasty people out there, most aren't going to stuff you into a trunk and toss you into a lake. At least, as far as Aileen knew. Then again, most people have a degree of evil to their natures.

Damn it, Aileen. Stop being a coward! It's just a person your age!

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales
((Aileen Borden continued from One Pen Two Pen Red Pen Blue Pen))

Aileen sat at a table in the food court, with ice cream in front of her from one of the shops. It was her favorite; Kit Kat bars grounded and mixed into vanilla ice cream. But, even though she was eating something she enjoyed, she had a frown on her face.

Damn. Still no sign of a store that sells prom dresses.

Aileen had tried again to find a proper prom dress, but no success had been made. Was there even a store here that sold that sort of thing? After all, it was a big mall, but it didn't have everything. Aileen still didn't think there would be anything here that would be of value. But, it was worth one last shot, right? It could be here...

She held her spoon in her left hand, and stirred, staring into the cup. It was partially melted. Just how long was she sitting there, thinking to herself? She had better eat it now, or else it would be just a milky drink with Kit Kat pieces.

Scooping up a bit of the ice cream, she then put the plastic spoon in her mouth. After a few more bites, she fished out the book she had checked out from the library. The picture of the humpback whale on the cover looked almost gleeful. Well, she was getting a little strung like last time, so reading a bit might help.

Flipping to where she was previously, she read a paragraph about different species of whales' diet, being careful not to spill ice cream all over the book. She was borrowing it, after all. And it would not do good to damage it.

Aileen kind of liked whales. They were.... beautiful. It was a shame that people were endangering many species of them, really. Thoughts like this made Aileen a little resentful of humanity, for destroying such things. But, there have been attempts at saving them, at least. That was good.

She briefly removed herself from the book to check the time. 5:15 pm. Plenty of time, really. She just just... sit here and read about whales for the next few minutes. She was in no rush, after all. Sure, Prom was coming up, but... she could check at a thrift store tomorrow.

And so, she put her head down to continue reading about whales.

One Pen Two Pen Red Pen Blue Pen
Aileen diverted herself from reading about different species of whales, and how some used baleen to eat krill, after hearing a crashing sound.

The girl that Jackie had asked had dropped a ton of school supplies, and was now on the floor picking up various pencils and other supplies. Aileen stared as she did so, her brows furrowed.

Damn it, this was a library. It shouldn't be so noisy and so... crowded. Sure, on some days it seemed like the entire school was in the library, but others, it was entirely empty. Aileen preferred the days where very few people were there, and the only sound was the turning of a page. It seemed so peaceful most of time, even though it was a little lonely.

At that point, a thought popped into her head. Hey! Shouldn't I be helping her?

Lifting herself out of her seat, she padded over to her, and started speaking.

"Excuse me, do you need any help-"

However, the cranky boy had already asked, and just as suddenly left. Aileen turned her gaze towards him as he left for a few seconds, and then moved her eyes back towards the girl.

Aileen fidgeted on the spot. Too many people here... it was starting to get her nervous, for some reason. Maybe it was because she wasn't a people person. In any case, she kind of wanted to leave, and find someplace a little more... isolated to read.

Deciding that she should check out the book, she went back to her seat to get her things, and walked over the the library checkout area. Aileen felt kind of bad leaving that poor girl to pick up all those things by herself, but it seemed she had it under control.

Once it was checked out, she headed towards the door, book in hand. Before she completely disappeared from the library, she could be heard muttering to herself "Okay... return this book in about two weeks. Remember".

And soon, she had disappeared as quickly and quietly as she had arrived.

((Aileen Borden continued in Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales))