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Pet Help
Sadly, I don't know much about dogs and seizures from personal experience. ):

However, I did a quick Google-search, and I did find a bunch of sites that give advice on the topic. Here's one. and another, and one more, if you haven't found them personally.

I hope your dog feels better. Sick pets are never fun. D:

V6 Questions Game
Question: Who is your favorite movie villain?

Junko- I like Marvel film Loki. I know, I know. But I'm not one of those Loki fans. I just find him interesting, damn it. He's kind of sympathetic, but he's also a massive jerkface. He is the God of Mischief, after all, and... well, I like mischief in my villains.

Emma- Oh, oh gosh. *thinks for a few seconds* Does Elsa count as a villain? I mean, she's one of the main characters, but I heard somewhere that she was meant to be one until Idina's recording of "Let It Go" and the script was changed because of it. I guess you can call her an anti-villain? Did I get that term right? If Elsa doesn't count, then... *thinks a bit more* ... dang, I haven't seen many movies recently- *face lights up with realization, snaps* Hannibal Lecter. Anthony Hopkins is creepy in that movie!

Question: Favorite Disney movie?

Pool Slingshot
Junko continued to tread water, still with a grin on her face.

"Wow, Mia, you really..." she paused for effect. "... Rose to the occasion, didn't you?"

Again she laughed.

What? She liked puns. She didn't get why they were considered the lowest form of humor. Sure, there were some corny ones, but some do hold water. Junko had never drifted away from puns, and probably would never. They weren't a particularly deep brand of humor, but she loved them.

Right. Anyways.

"Yeah, we should get going", she said, taking another glance at Parkinson. Currently he was gazing right at them. "I don't wanna get into hot water with the coach."

With that, she went back to her front crawl. Of course, she paid attention this time.

V6 Questions Game
Question: What's the one thing in your room you just absolutely could never live without?

Junko- I'm gonna cheat and say "bed". It would suck if there wasn't bed.

Emma- Would my phone count, since I charge it in my room? It's almost literal. Okay, maybe not. I'm not going to die without it. But I keep my schedule both in it and a paper planner. I also set alarms on it. You have no idea how efficient it is to set it to ring at 6 AM and place it under your pillow. It makes my life a ton easier!

Question: What do you like to eat for breakfast?

V6 Questions Game
Question: What one song currently on the pop charts (let's say it's right before the island kidnapping, so this would be Aprilish?) do you have to admit you guiltily enjoy? The answer can't be 'none' or any smartass derivation thereof. Figure something out.

Junko- So... you know that "Animals" song, right? Yeah. I heard it on the radio and in that one car commercial, the one with the sexy hamsters. I thought it sounded cool. Then I paid close attention to the lyrics and saw the music video, and... *makes retching gesture* Who needs "Blurred Lines" when you have this creepiness? I know the video is kinda supposed to be creepy, but Jesus Christ. I still think it sounds kinda cool. It gets stuck in your head. But I can't love it as much as I did. That's my answer. I think? I don't pay attention to pop music. If you don't think it counts as a guilty pleasure... uh, how about "Blank Space", if only for the music video? Yeah, it has Taylor Swift being psycho, but at least it's funny.

Emma- Guilty? What is there to feel guilty about? I mean, they're not exactly high-brow, but there's nothing wrong with enjoying music. You know, if you want to know my favorite, it would be "Style". I've actually been teaching myself how to play it on piano. I adore it.

Question: Do you play video games? iPhone games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds count, as do flash games.

V6 Questions Game
Question: Which of your achievements are you most proud of?

Junko- I'm damn good at sports. Track, skating. Even parkour. I'm getting good at parkour. And I had the record for 400m for a while, remember? Not anymore, but that's something to be proud of. Not taking pride in what you're good at is dumb, so of course I like it.

Emma- Well, I'm a good student. And I've always been involved in my community, you know? Especially student council. But I work a ton on school and extracurricular, and, well, it can be a little difficult for me sometimes, since... you know. But I feel proud that I'm good at school.

Question- Favorite class? Least favorite?