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Loyalty Rewarded
There were a lot of questions that needed to be asked.

Aaron had started telling some sort of story about how apparently Milo was talking to himself about how he was plotting against them and how he had to lie to spare their feelings. Yes, because she hadn't been beating herself up over electrocuting a guy to death! And to be honest, lying to them was bullshit! Especially since he basically manipulated her into killing someone! God, why did she fall for it? It was beyond stupid and nasty. How did she not spot that he was this manipulative before?

In the past, she would have bought this story. Maybe? Actually, she didn't know. But in any case, whether or not she would have fallen for it before, now she wasn't buying it.

To make matters worse, apparently he lied to them about Tom as well, judging by the fact that he also mentioned him as well. According to him Tom was also a psychopath. So this was it? He had been lying to them the minute they got here? Okay, this was now reaching a new low. This supported her belief; she had to get away from him. She no longer felt in any way connected to him. He was in a way just as bad as those actually killing.

And it was sickening.

Heck, now he was even using their first meeting on the lawn that day, with Sarah and a bunch of other people, to make shit up. Apparently he had "taught" her you have to lie to help people. Oh really? All she remembered was Dungeons and Dragons and how Sarah was passing out. There had been no such "lesson" to begin with.


Unless he had been lying to them even before they stepped onto the bus!

As he went on, Aileen's face contorted in rage even further. How dare he... HOW DARE HE...

She closed the book, making a small thud.

"Alright, I have a bunch of questions that need to be asked. First off, why did you have to solve the problem of Milo by manipulating me into KILLING him? That's worse than telling everyone the truth by FAR. Second, since when was a dehydration crisis a so-called lesson on lying? Third... third... why the fuck would Milo talk to himself about his plans?! He was far from smart, sure, but I think even HE would know better! Fourth, she only got hurt because YOU had went in and started shooting at Raidon, killing that girl and letting her die, so how was a lie supposed to protect her from that? Same goes with Lily and Richard! And finally.... what the fuck happened to Tom?"

Her voice had raised, and soon she was panting and seething.

"Damn it Aaron. I trusted you. I even thought of you as a friend, which is saying a lot. But you know what? This is bullshit."

She waved the book around with one hand.

"Do I have to look in here a bit more to find the answers?"

Loyalty Rewarded
There seemed to be a message to her in the book.

Aileen read it over many times once she opened the book and spotted it. She was a fast reader, certainly, but now she wished she wasn't. The grammar was atrocious, and the writer in her, if it said anything other than what it actually said, would have torn its hair out. Too bad it was something rather horrible. She wasn't even sure if she should even flip one more page.

Over and over.

Over and over.

The words were ingrained in her mind very quickly.

But she couldn't believe it. Now she knew everything. He'd been lying to her. He intended for that one thing to happen. Here he was, trying to save his own ass, while plotting horrible shit like this. If she had known this earlier she would have expected what happened recently ages ago. Heck, she would have left a long time ago, long before the boats had shown up. It became apparent what he was thinking. He... he was batshit. He was just using her.

The book shook in her hands.

She had to keep this away from him, continue reading what other kinds of horrible shit was in there, and then... get rid of it so he couldn't do what he had been doing to her and everyone who had joined up anymore. Or maybe she could confront him, and call him out on his bullshit, and then get rid of it. Either way.

Here she was, just following along like a naive little sheep. But no more. Here was where she drew the line.

And from behind her, she could hear Aaron. He had realized that she'd been reading it, and wanted it back. And the tone was as if he saw nothing wrong with what he wrote.

Slowly Aileen turned, barely concealing the amount of rage she had in her. But oh, one could tell just how mad she was. Because she wasn't going to tolerate this any longer.

"No. You're not getting it back", her voice came out quietly. But the tone had a layer of contempt.

She lifted herself onto the dock. Turning the book facing Aaron, she pointed an index finger towards the line in question.

dont worry, ailleen. milo was going to betray us. this is for all of our safety. its not out of control. i knew this would happen.

"Read this out loud. Do it. And then fucking explain. Now."

Loyalty Rewarded
((Aileen Borden continued from Failing To Reappear))

And now Aileen wasn't sure what to think.

No really. She wasn't sure what to think.

As she moved behind Aaron, she was in a daze. That scene back there had taken a good deal of liveliness out of her. Her framed green eyes, once full of emotion, even of the cynical sort, had taken a glaze in them and seemed to stare off into space. She staggered by, her facial features looking even more pale, making her freckled face look like paper dotted with specks of blood.

What was there to say?

Aileen found herself feeling quite ill since earlier. She was feeling better, but still. Once they had made it to safety, she had thrown up again due to the stress and the impact the flashbang had on her on their way here.

And DuClare- Charlie- hadn't made it. Raidon had killed her. And this time it was clear; it was Aaron's fault. He murdered that girl, and in turn Raidon murdered Charlie. Now that she'd calmed down, she was... more than a little annoyed at Aaron, to make an understatement. But most importantly of all, she was scared beyond belief. She wasn't sure if she should stick around any longer. There was no progress. They only succeeded at killing Milo and leaving a large part of their group to be murdered. They didn't even make it to the boats, just because of one suspicious belief that Aaron had. This sort of thing had been going on for a while. He would never make sure everyone got out alive. Richard, Lily, Charlie, and probably those people at the gazebo had died that way. He never took those five seconds to make sure everyone was safe.

To be honest, she wanted out after earlier. Maybe she could make progress on her own. She probably couldn't get the collar off, but she could probably put up some sort of subtle signal. Maybe starting a fire on the beach like in Lord of the Flies, or perhaps use some kind of mirror or similar object to put up a glare. Perhaps someone would notice. And heck, maybe Charlie was right. Those boats knew where the island was. It was probably no longer a secret.

It was possible, wasn't it? When she first woke up on the island, she doubted that something could have been done about her situation. She doubted Aaron when he said he wanted to escape, but trusted him anyways. But she understood now. It was possible. She was just doing the wrong thing. Aileen could probably accomplish a lot without him around. He did a lot of really dumb shit that cost them many of their team mates. What's worse, was, he really didn't seem to give a shit.

So here they were, at some kind of docks. Aileen stared into the water after placing her things on the wood.

Aaron called out to her, saying that she needed to see something. She looked and... a damaged dock. Really now. It was like he wasn't even trying anymore. It was as if he was stalling for time or something.

"Oh good, a damaged dock. Have fun", she mumbled, as she sat down, her legs hanging over the water.

Thing was, the reason why she hadn't left him yet? Because she still felt like she had a friend, or at least was part of something. And to be honest, she was scared to go off alone. She remembered the one clip of SOTF that she saw. She shuddered as she recalled that clip of that boy ripping apart that girl's throat with his teeth after violating her. When she had first seen it, it gave her nightmares until the start of senior year, it was that disturbing. With that and everything that she had seen here in mind, it was clear that dying here would be a horrible thing. And to make matters worse? Apparently she and Aaron were among the last ones left; the numbers were now in the twenties. That was a horrifying thought. It meant that they were losing. Too many people had died.

She didn't want to die. Dying was a horrible thing, obviously. And what about her mom? She remembered what her face looked like when Dad died. She'd be all alone. Her mother was always protective of her, and if something happened to her... well, she didn't want to see her reaction. And all those people had families too.

Aileen never thought she'd say this, but she missed her classmates. Mom always told her that she would miss them when she graduated. She was right. She would miss them. Just not when she graduated.

Aileen opened the bag next to her to look through her supplies so she could see what she had, and spotted it. Aaron's notebook. She never gave it back after all. Now she was curious. What was in there? She lifted it up and investigated it. Up until now she hadn't thought of looking through it. Maybe she should. Perhaps Aaron would have been hiding things from everyone. At the very least, she'd be figuring out what he was writing the entire time.

And then she did an action she'd quickly regret. She opened it to a random page and started reading.

My people need homies!
Hmmmm... double-posting, because I just had a thought and I really don't think it deserves its own thread. XD

You know how I said that Miranda is secretly obsessed with anime and stuff? I kind of want her to be "outed" about this over the course of pre-game. Like, someone finds out somehow and the rest of the school does soon after. Like, maybe someone borrowed her laptop or something similar, only to notice something otaku-y on it, or maybe it was something she said that let an experienced person in on it (for example: using the phrase "moe" in front of someone who knows what that means). I think it would be kind of funny, seeing Miranda freak out and go "SOME KID MADE ME LOOK AT THAT" and everyone else's reaction be things like "I can never take you seriously again because of this", "Dude, who really gives a shit what you watch?". or whatever would be IC for said character.

So, anyone want to screw with Miranda and her hidden weeaboo-ness?

The Eleventh Announcement

Erm, hero/null please? You don't have to, though, but I'd like it. T_T

If not, send ideas my way. I have no particular ideas so far, so if you want her, ask.

Friends, Enemies, and Everything in Between

*tackles and strokes hair all creepy-like*

I missed yooooooooou~. DON'T SCARE ME EVER AGAIN. T_T


Miranda and Jasper? Must have some sort of interaction. She's kinda sorta in a similar situation as him, you see. She's part of the "in-crowd", but she's a closeted lesbian. I can see some sort of humor coming out of their interactions, even if it's in the "I get the feeling I shouldn't be laughing but I am" sort of way. Perhaps Miranda gets all hypocritical and mocks him for it? And then... hm, how'd he react to mocking in general?

My people need homies!
Taga- Maybe like "Hey let's have an offline meeting!" "Okay!" "Oh fuck it's you!". And yes, it would be even funnier if their characters killed one another or something. That would be gold, and I get the feeling things would get even more awkward if one of them started playing or something. "That person who I met off the Internet is KILLING PEOPLE. D:"

ScatlessClue- I can see Alex and Tom getting along fine! I can see them chatting about all sorts of movies, yes. They could be buddy-bud quite easily! Not sure about how well she and Zach would get along. I see her getting annoyed at him sometimes due to his attitude, of course.

Elena- Ah yes! Naomi and Lana do seem to have similar temperaments. They can probably get along nicely in the scenario that they meet. I can see Miranda teasing her for being a girl on the football team as well. It seems somewhat IC for her, actually. Same goes for Keira. She would be a delicious treat for Miranda to poke fun at, even if she won't react much. : D

Keaka- Awww! But wait! New girl seems to work too. Miranda would love to pick on a new kid. It'd still work, as there is still material. Yay!

Handler: KamiKaze
Dates Away: 8/19-8/21
Days Away: Three at the most
Reason for Away: I'm going out of town again tomorrow. I'm not sure what the Internet situation is, but I will at the very least not be around as much. So yeah! Hopefully I can get on if you guys need me.
Characters: Aileen Borden (main site), Kaede "Katie" Tanaka (Virtua-SOTF)

Failing to Reappear
Aileen was too distracted by the dead body that she wasn't paying attention to the sights around her.

But as a bright light hit her eyes, she instinctively covered them. The cracking sound was so loud, as well. Did... did he throw a bomb at them? Shit shit shit! This wasn't going well. They had murdered someone and now they had things being thrown at them!

She heard a gunshot, and the sound of physical violence. Aileen couldn't concentrate. As she moved her hands away, everything seemed so blurry. At first she presumed that her glasses had fallen off, but a swift touch to her face proved otherwise. So a flash bang, presumably. Great.

Aileen wasn't sure what she could do. Here she was, freaking out over a dead body in the middle of a crisis. She wasn't sure what was happening, but... she didn't want to be here. She was supposed to be at home, graduating or something. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair. Aileen felt so numb. She didn't feel like existing at the moment.

And then Aaron's voice.

He was calling her name. Presumably he was running away after all the chaos he caused. Hopefully Charlie would be right behind him. Aileen lifted herself off the ground with some difficulty, and followed what she presumed to be Aaron's shape out. She wasn't sure it was him. But the shape suggested it was, despite the blurry, tearful vision.

As she ran out, she could hear Charlie mumbling some sort of explicative. Well, she felt the same way. Of course Aileen would feel the same way. But she couldn't focus now. She couldn't even reply back right now. All she was focused on was leaving.

Was there still hope? Maybe. But if hope still existed, then she wasn't sure if it would come to her. After all, they killed someone again for no good reason. Again, Aileen, which side are you on? Really now? Maybe you should let Raidon shoot you. Oh man, wouldn't that be swell? Just shoot everyone and render the whole mission moot. What a way to go! After all, they killed someone who may have been close to him for all they knew! Of course he would want vengeance.

Maybe she was losing it. But she didn't care for right now.

((Aileen Borden continued in Loyalty Rewarded))

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I believe Alex and ROJ are both in the buddy group, actually! And overall they seem like they would be chummy-chum together! I can also see Lana being on good terms with him as well.

Both Hayden and ROJ make pretty good choices for Miranda ex-boyfriends. Hayden's an ass, and Miranda thinks she has to be an ass as I've said, so that'll work nicely and have an interesting dynamic in present day. Meanwhile, it would be interesting to see her briefly paired up with someone who in the end has the same issue regarding their sexuality. So both work. :3

As for Fiona, yup. Miranda, and by extension Bitch Squad (can't speak for every handler with a character in it though, so it's just my guess), will probably bully Fiona on some level.

Oh that's right Taga! Someone already has similar interests to her! Oh dear. Sorry about that. But yes, they would probably get along nicely. I think it would be funny if they were online buddies and apparently didn't know that they went to the same school until like the end of pre-game or something, now that I think of it. But that might be too contrived.

Ooooh! Another lawnut, Fio? Great! They can talk about law-y things, and everyone else would be all ".... WHY IS THIS INTERESTING TO YOU FOLKS?". So yes, we could have them like... chat for hours about that sort of thing. XD

Happy birthday v4!



Anyways! It's kind of baffling to know that v4's lasted this long and stuff. Here's to another year folks!

Failing to Reappear
((Aileen Borden continued from Lies lies lies))

As far as one could tell, Aileen was exhausted.

What could one say? She wasn't athletic. She was far from athletic. And all these chaos over the past week had been more exercise that she normally handled.

But she had to keep going, she must. DuClare was way ahead of her and Aaron. Yes, Aileen could do this. Just go into that building with those two. Simple as that. Just head in there, hide out, maybe see if DuClare and/or Aaron had anything planned. At this rate, DuClare seemed like a better person to trust. More rational and less secretive, which was a bonus over Aaron. But none the less, she had to stick around. She had to defend them, and besides, they would probably done all sorts of things that would have been bad if she wasn't there. As noted, Aaron was far from rational from time to time, and it cost them a lot of things in the long run. Missing out on the escape was only just one episode in a long line of them, looking back. Like when he thought it was a good idea to shoot at Rob. Or when he thought that they could get collars off by electrocuting them (to be fair, it wasn't just him, but looking back...). Or running ahead of the group all the time. Maybe he was finally starting to figure out that some of his actions were ridiculous, and that was why he seemed quiet and submissive lately, like he was expect her or DuClare to lead.

But most importantly of all... most importantly of all... she didn't want anymore death. Yes, she kept saying it, but it still happened. Had to make sure her team was safe, and wasn't doing anything irrational. Irrationality was what got most of the group killed. It made her kill Milo. It made Lily and Richard be separated from the group and be killed. It probably played a part in Tom's death. And what if those people from the gazebo genuinely wanted to come along? Even if Other Lily was psycho, or if Rocko just came off as acting like a player... what if they could have genuinely helped?

In any case, it was her job to protect them and make sure they didn't do anything stupid. They had already made enough stupid mistakes here.

So how about we follow them into the building? Sure. Why not? Okay, now to just wander in. Wait, there were voices. Whose were they?

As DuClare opened the door, Aileen could see at least two people in there. One appeared to be a male. That was someone from the chess club, right? He looked familiar... except it took her several seconds to realize who he was. Aileen wasn't good with names. This was a fact everyone knew by now. But she was able to figure out his name much quicker than usual. That was... oh fuck. Raidon Naoko. Not good. Yes, he was from the chess club, that she could remember. And from what else she could remember, he was a player. To say that wasn't a good situation was an understatement. There was a girl with him, but she didn't know who. And judging by the small snippets of dialogue in there, there may or may not have been a third.

DuClare, however, didn't realize the danger. It made itself clear when she started to ask about the boats.

Aaron, however, cut her off. Apparently he didn't learn his lesson from the incident with Rob. Apparently he didn't understand why it was a bad move even now. But he did it. It seemed he was doomed to repeat history.

A loud crack of gunfire burst in front of her. Aileen threw herself to the ground, initially thinking that she was being fired upon. But as the sounds continued, she quickly figured out that Aaron was doing it all over again. Damn it, he didn't learn. You just don't fire on killers like that. They're already potentially psychotic, and if they lived they could, you know, have reason to hate you on top of it? And what if he killed someone? What would happen then?

Aileen covered her ears as best as she could as the sound continued, and then it stopped. Alright, either Aaron killed someone, even if he was worried he was going to kill them, or they now had a pissed off murderer on their hands.

Her heart raced, while her ears rang from the noise. She couldn't possibly look up. Looking up meant knowing what was the outcome of the shooting. Either way, it wasn't good. It wasn't good at all.

But slowly, she lifted her head, and from where she was lying, from behind Aaron and DuClare's legs, she could see a shape. It took a few seconds before she realized what it was, and when she did her eyes widened behind her frames, and slowly she pulled herself to her knees to confirm it, shaking as she did.

Aaron had hurt someone. That girl, who now tried in vain to cover a wound with her jacket. Within seconds, she was clearly gone.

Aileen couldn't think of what to say. They had now killed someone who was clearly connected to a known multiple time killer. Aaron had killed someone.

This... this wasn't supposed to happen. They were supposed to be out of here. They could have gotten on those boats. That girl, for all they knew, could have gotten on a boat. And what did they do? Just... just fire on her.

Aileen let out a small sound. She wasn't sure if she was chuckling a bit at the irony or on the urge of sobbing a bit over it. It all was so horrible. Heck, maybe they had the potential to be just as horrible. Maybe they were more like the players than they thought.

Oh Aileen, which side are you on? Which fucking side are you on? Maybe they should just let Raidon shoot them all or something out of self defense! It would be so horribly ironic, being shot by some killer because their leader ran around shooting people and said killer was upset that he killed his girlfriend or whoever that girl was!

Lies, lies, lies
((Aileen Borden continued from Altering The Deal. Mild GMing of Aaron approved))

So here they were. No one was swarming yet.

Which was good. Aileen didn't want to deal with any more psychos running in and asking about shit like whatever it was. She didn't want to recognize any more faces, either, and realize that one day that person was going to die.

But then the announcement came on. But the voice wasn't the same obnoxious voice she had grown familiar with. It sounded... different. More official and serious, she guessed. Someone else was doing it. But why? Danya was "taking a break", apparently. But it meant something was up.

As the voice went on, it revealed that Fiametta and Charlene were dead. She had only known Fiametta from the rumors, that she was a promiscuous sort. And Charlene, she knew, was a member of the "in crowd". It also revealed that Nick Reid had been killed. That was... Tom's murderer, wasn't it?

And then the big whammy.

"Next up... well kids, let's just say that this next part is why you don't try and escape the island, alright? The following individuals were killed trying to make a break for it."

Cue reading off of names. Aileen only sat in horror, her eyes widening. Did this mean... the boats were... oh... oh shit. And to make matters worse?

"-rah Tan, Bridget Connolly, Sarah Xu, Bren-"

Sarah. Sarah Xu had tried to make a run for it. She wasn't in any way held back from jumping on the boat, at least, from what she could tell (she could remember something about her dating Reika's sister, so at the very least that was the main thing that would prevent her depending on the circumstances, but beyond that...). But she was on the boats, and either something happened on the boats or the terrorists were claiming everyone was dead so that things wouldn't get out of control.

Either way, it didn't look good. They were now cracking down on things, and Sarah may or may not be alive. That didn't paint a pretty picture.

But most importantly of all... they missed their chance. If everyone on those boats were still alive, then they could have missed their only chance of making it home safely. Aileen would give up anything to just make it home. Presumably Aaron and DuClare would, too.

Aaron started fidgeting, saying that he was sorry about everything. He'd also lost people. Alice and... oh god, that Bounce girl too? Jesus christ almighty. But most importantly, it was his fault. It was his fault that they were still here. He had chickened out at the last minute, and didn't notice the boats or missed them or something. His actions were why they were still here. She wasn't sure if he even acknowledged that entirely.

Aileen stared at the ground, her hands clenching and relaxing like a heartbeat. It... it wasn't fair. Life wasn't fair. Aileen figured it out a long time ago. But now? Now? It was beyond unfair. She guessed that maybe it was hopeless after all. Maybe.

But DuClare, on the other hand, had an idea, and Aileen lifted her head back up. She believed that there was a chance the boats would return, and that they still had their chance. She even tried to drag Aaron along. And even drag her along. She felt like they deserved to live and find the boats some day. Maybe she was right, maybe they still had their chance.

But she ran out. And in any case, they had to run after her. Aileen stood up, grabbed her things, and quickly headed towards the exit.

"Aaron, c'mon. Let's go after her."

Aaron had started to say something, but Aileen cut him off.

"Now. It's your fault we're still here, at least you can make sure she's fucking safe, got it?"

And quickly the two teens ran out after DuClare.

Maybe there was a chance after all. She hoped. Maybe Aileen was being too optimistic again, despite supposedly being the cynical one. It seemed to be happening a lot lately.

((Aileen Borden and Aaron Hughes continued in Failing to Reappear))

Homestuck RP

Maria is the Witch of Diamonds. O_O

Well, I signed up. Seems fun, mates! I'm pretty excited for this.

The Reputation Thread
My turn my turn!

Miranda Millers- Kind of a snooty bitch, like those in teen comedies. But she probably has a few fans, in part due to being to some extent charismatic and quite the social butterfly. Part of the "in-crowd", so she's probably not completely hated. But she does try to make herself out to be the alpha bitch, if that makes sense. Overall, a "cool kid" at the school but kind of a bitch at times. Most likely not as bad once you REALLY get to know her.

Alex ????- Energetic and friendly. A bit of a geek and proud, but she's decent. Her temperament (of being easily angered and being energetic all the time) might get on the nerves of others, but for the most part, while not being a "cool kid", she does have people who like her, most likely. Often enthused and passionate about things. Overall at worst just a loudmouth, energetic girl with a fascination with science fiction and law enforcement.

Lana Torres- Kind of quiet. Not necessarily a loner, but she doesn't talk much. Probably mostly seen as just a member of the wrestling team who may or may not be a furry. There may be some people who treat her differently because of her condition, either in the form of trying to help her with things she doesn't need help with or poking fun of her because of it, but most of the time people don't notice her unless she says something. So generally an athlete with a physical condition who's kind of on the quiet side and may be a furry in most people's eyes.

Hmmmm... I'm thinking of a minor running gag type thing, where if Alex sees him light up she simply snatches it out of his mouth, saying "No smoking. It's bad for you." If that's alright.

Otherwise, she's not that upset by it, or at least isn't puritan about the topic. XD

From this thread.

Alex (????; formerly Anderson) Note that I'm retooling this character a bit, so nothing is official.

Alex is a bit of a steampunk/science fiction nerd, and will cheerfully talk about it with anyone who asks her to. She's a little on the fiery side of temperament in that she does get angry easily but otherwise she's actually pretty nice and friendly, even outright energetic. She's also a bit obsessed with law enforcement, even if no one else is; along with her science fiction she also loves herself some courtroom dramas, CSI-type shows, and similar things, and she also likes reading about various laws. Alex wants to get a job in law enforcement when she gets older, since she feels that is her passion.

She likes online roleplaying (oh the meta!), as well, but it probably won't have too much impact on her character development either. I was thinking that she'd be on the marching band/orchestra that Casey thought up, but I haven't decided what kind of instrument does she play (thinking sax, but not positive).

In any case, it's very likely she has a fair amount of friends! Mostly those with similar interests. Though enemies are not impossible. She's the only character I have a basic idea of what I want to do with her in-game, mind, but I won't be revealing it publicly right now. As I said, she's still being retooled, and if you have any ideas on interactions tell me so I can flesh her out!

So to sum it up:
- She's a science fiction/steampunk nerd.
- Alex is also a bit obsessed with law enforcement.
- There will be a good chance that she'll be part of the school band.
- She does roleplay online a fair amount.
- Temperament wise, she's fairly energetic and friendly, but she does have a temper. Overall, she's quite the fireball type.

So, yeah! Hopefully she'll mesh in nicely with the others. Hopefully.

Altering the Deal
She thought that they weren't going back to the little town. The place was swarming with people, as she and Aaron would remember from the second day. But now they were going back, for whatever reason. Apparently he wanted gas. Gas? Now where were they going to find that? Even in the village they would at least turn off the gas. She never really thought that there would be gas here. Why would there be? It had to be a pretty huge chance that there would be something there.

But she had to follow them at least. Who knew what Aaron would get up to next time? He'd probably make another death trap on accident. She had to be there in case something dangerous happened again, like what happened with Milo. Because frankly, she had lost enough friends here, she didn't want to-



That wasn't a term people used very often in regards to Aileen. She was usually the loner bitch, always sitting by herself reading. But could she call them friends? Was Reika a friend? Was Trevor a friend? Or Sarah? What about Melissa, or Tom, or Lily, or Richard, or heck, even Milo? It felt weird to end up using the word "friends" in your thoughts. But maybe it was time to face it; she either wanted to be friends or was friends with some of the people at school or met on the island. Was that really it? Aileen had given up on friendship a long time ago. Or at least, so she thought.

To make matters more confusing, Aaron had thanked them for being there. He was thanking them. It also felt odd to be thanked, to be honest.

It was time to go.

And Aileen nodded.

Despite all the horrible shit that had happened so far, she still felt like maybe she did have friends. Maybe it was precisely because of all the horrible shit. Perhaps she was deluding herself, though. She didn't want to be deluded.

Besides, there was still things worth fighting against, right? Even after her moment of despair earlier, even after having all her wishes dashed, she had to admit. There was still a grain of hope.

One more thing that felt weird. Aileen was being the optimistic one.

((Aileen Borden continued in Lies lies lies))

I know you were looking for mostly guys, but can Alex be a part of the group?

She and/or Naomi could be like the token girls or whatever! O_O!

And Alex needs some fleshing out. So I volunteer her if you don't have any issues with her.

My people need homies!
Ah yes. I remember pointing out how the Bitch Squad was probably going to make fun of Stefan when you asked to critique your peeps over PM. XD

But yes. Miranda will go "... What the fuck are you wearing?" whenever she sees him. Yay! People for Miranda to mock!

And I can see Alex and Owen being buddy-bud as well, too, since they do have similar interests. :3