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Ishida Hunting
((Remy Kim continued from Wake Me Up))


Remy had looked everywhere around the mines with Josée, but with no luck. The tiny Asian girl had literally disappeared, and was no where to be seen. Remy had spent god knows how long calling out her name while cupping his hands to his mouth, wandering around.

Right now, it seems Remy was at the outside of what appeared to be a cave of some kind. No wait, was that a mine? It seemed to be, something told him that was the case. Did she go in there? A quick glance inside just a few seconds ago made him question the possibility. It was dark, just enough to be a problem for people to just wander in. After all, it would be a lot easier to be killed, a lot more...

No. Reiko was going to live. He was sure of it.

Her and Reika.


Was she alright, as well?

She had to be. No one had reason to hate her, right?

But, Remy knew he had to look for her and Reiko. Heck, finding Reiko was a start. Why did she have to run away? Josée had bombarded her with questions, sure, but she didn't know Reiko that well, now that he thought of it. Then again, Josée was... Josée.

How long could he trust her, anyways? She had a reason to keep him alive, as she pointed out, but what if something were to happen, and-

No. Don't think like that. Paranoia was going to be the end of him, wasn't it?

Remy dropped his things, having picked them up in the process of looking for Reiko, but he had quickly regretted it, as his shoulder was starting to ache. Rubbing it, he walked to the entrance of the mine, looking into the darkness.

Was Reiko all alone in there?

He cupped his hands to his mouth once more, and took a deep breath. It was unlikely, but it was worth a shot.

"REIKOOOOOOO? Are you in there?"

His voice echoed from within the mine, as if there was another him in there. No response so far. Remy sighed. It wasn't too late for Reiko, was it?

SOTF Characters (Taking Requests!)
Hey Little, I'm sorry to add to the pile, but I think I might request another one of my characters.

Would you mind doing Aileen Borden for me, please?

If the braids are too much of a problem, feel free to show her with her hair down, if you like. I wouldn't mind. XD

Break Up And Break Down
In some part of Chase's mind that wasn't replaced by fear, she could hear Kitty and the other guy arguing. It sounded very distant, but she could hear the other guy saying that he didn't attack Nancy for some noble purpose, or because she was a specific target. She could hear him rant at Kitty about how throwing a smoke bomb wasn't going to help.

So that was it, huh?

The revelation hit her like a bat over the head.

She wasn't going to be saved at this rate. Kitty and that other kid were busy arguing. And one of them seemed to care more about the gun more than her well-being. Chase was going to die here...

No! She can't die here!

She had a family, a home... friends! And it would be, well, she wasn't the type of person to get killed this easily! She didn't want to! And she did not want to give up so soon!

Not now. Not ever.

If she gave up so soon, she would be a coward. She had already done some pretty cowardly stuff in recent history, she had to admit, but it didn't mean she was going to allow herself to die!

Chase had so many things to live for. So many things to see. So many things to say. So many things to do.

She had to live.

For Brendan.

For Lexie.

For Dawne.

For Jon.

For herself.

Chase had stopped struggling for a few seconds, but soon after she noticed Nancy had stood up, she started up again, just as defiant as ever.

She was going to live, at any cost.

Nancy was talking again. Chase could barely make it out. It wasn't that Nancy was far away, it was that fear made it hard to process. It was as if some other part of her brain was listening, while her conscious self was elsewhere, curled up in the fetal position in the corner of her mind. What was Nancy saying? Something about her voice seemed... just as scared? No, couldn't be.

Chase felt herself being dragged away, in spite of her protests. She really had no clue what was going on. She knew she was being dragged past the kid who had attacked Nancy, but that was about it. It also seemed that Nancy had reached to pick something off the ground. Chase continued to struggle, until they went around a turn and...

Nancy let go?

Chase found herself looking at her attacker with a mixture of fear and confusion. What was happening? Chase's heart rate went even faster, pounding in her chest like a drum.

Then the blurry form of Nancy uttered an apology, and started running away while holding what appeared to be a bag of some kind and her gun from before. Chase could only stare in confusion, watching Nancy run off.

She only wanted the bag...?

Her bag. Nancy wanted her bag. "Your bag". Her specific words.

And then it hit her.

Nancy had her daypack. That was what she was putting her hands all over just before Kitty approached. Why didn't she realize it sooner?

A feeling of dread passed over Chase. Oh god... that had her weapon and stuff, didn't it? She couldn't defend herself now, especially while being unable to see. And what if her glasses were in there? What then? She was blind, truly alone, and completely defenseless.

"Nancy, come back here!"

She ran a couple of feet towards the fleeing blur of Nancy Wainright, but it was too late. Nancy was already far off, and soon she was only an extremely faint blur, that Chase could only see if she squinted very hard. It was no use, really. Nancy could see, had a gun, was much bigger, and seemed more coherent right now. Chase, on the other hand, was a petite girl who couldn't see, didn't have a weapon, and not only did she have a headache and couldn't see straight, she was scared out of her wits. One of the things that people found surprising about Chase was that in spite of her seemingly meek temperament and speech impediment, she was a lot more stubborn than she let on. However, even in her current state, she knew very well not to attempt a fight she was almost guaranteed to lose.

Chase just stood there in place, in shock. That thought was coming again... she was going to die very soon. Some a-hole was going to take advantage of her nearsightedness and lack of weapon, and then she would die some horrible death, aired for the viewing entertainment of people all over the country. This was how she was going to die, at a young age, with all opportunities taken from her. A shudder passed over her body. Not like this! If anything, she wanted to live a long happy life! And that was gone. Everything was gone.

Chase felt the tears build up again. It was so tempting... just to collapse and cry, waiting for her eventual death. Oh, how much she wished she could do that. But, even though she was barely trying to stop herself, they weren't coming for some reason. And so, Chase continued to stare off into the distance, trembling quietly.

No. She couldn't die. She refused to be killed.

She knew she wasn't prepared to kill, but even in this state, she knew that she was going to have to do a better job of defending herself. But how? No weapon, no eyesight.

And Nancy's parting words made no sense. Good luck? How? She took her stuff! How was she supposed to have good luck without anything? It only made her confused even more. Why did she seem so... afraid and apologetic? She had basically mugged her.

There was only one option she had now, and that was to return the way she came. Chase turned around, and stepped in the opposite direction.

As she walked, Chase felt as if she was a zombie. There was a certain feeling there, but she couldn't place her finger on it. It was as if nothing right now was real, and she was in a dream or was in a trance of some kind. Chase felt herself continue to tremble as she slowly walked, looking towards the ground.

What was there to do? Hopefully the contents of her backpack were intact, and not with Nancy. Hopefully she would encounter one of her friends very soon. Heck, even Jon was peachy. And hopefully, there was a way out.

There had to be a way out.

Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be
((Alright, fixing the post order. It should go me-Grim-Rattler-Sky. Change it and I will eat you. XD))

Soon enough, discussion started on where they should go.

Kari had asked where to, and soon enough a map was pulled out. Carol looked over her shoulder, and looked at it. Simon had done the same thing, of course, but Kari was closer.

"Uh... anywhere where there isn't water would be nice..." she said, for lack of anything better to say. Really, what was she supposed to say? She didn't see anything that would be okay hide-outs...

Ah! The warehouse! Of course. It might have some supplies in there, if the terrorists didn't take everything out, and it was nice, big and probably crowded with boxes, perfect for hiding. Simon had also mentioned the tunnels and the forests, but said that the tunnels weren't a good idea since he had just gotten out of them. Carol briefly wondered if he encountered anyone "bad" while there, but immediately afterward he started on the forest, saying they should also be avoided.

Then Rein mentioned there being a church that they could stop and take a rest at. A church... it was just like when in a movie, game or something, the final climax would be right near the top of some cathedral or anything else "religious" based. In a way, Carol had found those scenes awesome, even though there was usually no reason why they were fighting in "God's House"; it was just to be symbolic, she was guessing. In spite of herself, she smiled.

"Okay... church... then warehouse? Good plan?" Carol looked around at the group.

Carol jumped as she felt someone hold her by the shoulders. A quick glance behind her told her that it was Rein, asking if she was alright and needed any help.

Did she?

Carol slowly closed her eyes. The water was still threatening to come close, any second now... any second now... she was still feeling a little unsteady... her heartbeat and breathing wasn't any better...

"Okay... just let me get my things, okay?"

Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be
The two boys did not seem to like that she had to ask. Of course, it was kind of a stupid question, she had to admit. After all, if a crazed psychopath ran up to you, they wouldn't answer honestly.

Then again... there were probably no crazed psychopaths at Bayview. Everyone, as far as Carol could tell, was nice. Well, not everyone. Monty was there, and there were a few other nasty people. But, most people at Bayview were nice. Other times this has happened it was because there were horrible people at those schools who wanted to kill. But no one at Bayview was like that. Hell, only Monty and maybe a few others would participate, right?

Carol smiled, in spite of still feeling a little disoriented from all the water nearby.

"Carol", she responded to the questions. Pointing and glancing behind her, she said "That's... that's Kari..."

She could vaguely see the ocean as she glanced towards Kari.

The ocean. Big. Wet. Cold.

Carol felt her heart racing again, and she looked back at the two boys, her smile fading.

"We... we were planning on getting out of here soon... I don't like the water... I'm kind of... it scares me, alright? I don't like big bodies of... you get the idea..."

She rubbed the back of her neck with her free hand, looking down.

"If you guys want... you could join us. I believe that you're not bad people. Very few people in this school are..."

Carol looked up, and took a deep breath, feeling as if she was about to burst into tears. Again, she couldn't see anyone in her school actively killing, since close to everyone at Bayview was a nice person. But, she wasn't sure if she could kill her friends if it came to it. Friends were supposed to be good to each other, not kill one another. But, if she saw her friends, killing wouldn't be the first thing that would come to mind for any of them, right? Amber, Paige, Ben, Jacob, Reiko, they all were good people, and none of them would kill their own friend. And of course, Carol wouldn't kill them either.

In fact, they could all just be lucky and someone would come in and save them, like the coast guard or something. After all, the government had information, they were probably getting close. There was no way that they would get away with something like this a fourth time, if she remembered correctly.

"I think that the government will put a stop to this, right? They can't get away with SOTF four times over. I mean... they must know something... anything... I think I need to find my friends, though..."

After a few more seconds, she looked back up at the two, and said "I really don't think either of you are bad. And I don't think we should go off alone... but, it's up to you if you want to tag along. I just... need away from the water..."

Taking another deep breath, she turned and started walking towards Kari again, still feeling a little unsteady. Everything seemed to spin around her. Overall, she felt dizzy, and maybe once she got away from the water, she would lie down and take a rest. That had to be the first thing she did once she got away from the beach. Just lay down, think this over, and everything should be alright...

Wake Me Up...
Was she serious?!

After all this time, she was going to help him?

How odd. It seemed genuine, though. Was she really bullshitting him? Didn't look like it. But, it was her... it didn't make any sense!

But, here she was, saying that they had to find the Ishida twins. And, well, she wanted to help? But she hated him. She said that one of them had to get home, though.

Mom... she would be upset if one of them were to kill another, right? After all, despite the rivalry, they still shared a mother. Remy's hand wandered back to the blade in his pocket. If he killed her, Mom wouldn't understand and forgive him, right? Same would happen if the other way happened and Josée killed him.

So, it wasn't logical to kill one another, since their mom would disapprove.

Maybe it was indeed to be a good idea to team up with her?

He had to find the Ishidas, though, of course. Josée really was going to help him with that, huh?

Ah, screw it.

Josée and Remy were going to find the Ishidas. Together.

There was no use being all suspicious, after all.

And so, Remy made his decision. He was going to follow Josée.

((Remy Kim continued elsewhere))

My Kingdom for a Plan!
Aaron had been writing something down, and soon enough he showed what it read.

"Hey, I think Lilly is a bit crazy. she has that gun, though, so we can't get rid of her. if you get a chance when she's distracted, try to take it from her okay? we'll all be a lot safer then."

Lilly? Was that the girl from the gazebo who was acting all happy about bloodsports and how Aileen was running around with a hammer? And they gave her a gun? Aileen felt the urge to do her trademark palm-to-face gesture, but stopped herself. She swore to god, if she snapped and attacked everyone with that thing, they were screwed. On one hand, it might be counterproductive to be so suspicious of everyone. Aaron had said so himself, after all, so he was probably aware of this. On the other, she had absolutely no clue if this "Lilly" had always been like this, or if she had become that way ever since arriving on the island.

Well, better to cross that bridge when they got there.

Aileen glanced back at the other boy, who seemed to shrug. A few seconds later, before anyone could react, more shouting could be heard. Was that a girl? She was asking who was there, and something about people named Lily and Richard. Oh god, if it was that girl from the gazebo, they had to be careful. But, it didn't sound like her, at least. Maybe she just thought gazebo girl was Lilly, and in actuality Aaron was referring to someone else.

The other boy had stepped out again, shouting out his name. Tom Guthrie? Apparently. He told the voice that they meant no harm, and started to explain that Aaron was already thinking up a plan to get off the island.

However, a number of scenarios popped into Aileen's mind. One of the most prominent was a deranged classmate jumping out from the bushes with a gun, a smile on their faces and having blood all over their clothes. Well, there was no use thinking like that, but sometimes Aileen's mind had the better of her.

However, she called out "As he said, we mean you no harm! There are only three of us here! And we're trying to get the hell out!"

Oh god, please don't be psychotic after all, please don't be happy little murderers, just please! Be someone who isn't into the whole killing thing!, her mind raced, as the hand holding her hammer trembled noticeably.

Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be
((Was skipped. T_T))

Carol was brought to her feet, and before she knew it, she and Kari were in a hug.

"Kari..." Carol said, again, in a low voice.

She wasn't sure if she could accept this. This had to be a sick joke, right? They had to be able to get out of here. Maybe the teachers were playing some kind of joke on them, and any minute they would jump out and say "Surprise!". It wasn't as if- Oh hell. It had to be real. They were stuck here, and supposed to kill their own friends with their bare hands. Carol couldn't do that. She never saw herself as hurting her friends, either. She always saw those she heard about in the news or in the media she played or watched as horrible people, that did not deserve her sympathy. No good person would do that to their friends.

Of course. Her friends would never hurt her. They had no reason to, and they were, of course, her friends. They would all try to help her, and she would help them, of course. Carol never saw the other members of the Entourage as horrible people. How could they be horrible? Sure, they had flaws, like most people, but Carol adored them so.

But, how many members of the group had gone on the trip? All of them, she could remember. Reiko, Paige, Amber, Jacob, Ben, they were all on the bus. Every single member of the "Entourage" was there, which meant they were here. Oh god, they were going to die too.

She heard another person call out, and Kari released her grip. Carol could see two people standing on the beach, looking concerned. Two boys, by the look of it. One's name was on the tip of her tongue... who was that? Red hair, glasses, kind of chubby... damn, she knew who it was, but she couldn't quite grasp his name. Who was it? The other one was a blond guy, and one she could have only seen around a couple of times.

Who were they?

Kari didn't seem to like them, for some reason. She told the two boys that Carol needed some space, and that the two of them should just go. At the mention of a daypack, Carol looked around her, and noticed two bags lying on the beach just where she had woken up. Carol staggered towards the bags, her heart racing as she tried her best to avoid gazing at the water, and looked down.

Unzipping a dufflebag, she noticed that her things that she had packed inside the trip were inside it. She quickly zipped it up, and went to the other, a bag with her name and "G015" written on it. Was that also hers? It was sitting on a stick or something. Wait a second, that wasn't a stick...

Carol moved the bag aside, and her eyes widened at what it was. She had seen such things in the games she would play, and very often, the heroes in many movies would use such a thing to gun down some baddies. In the games, she would just shoot the zombies or whatever it was she had to fight with sheer delight, while in the movies, she would consider the scene where the hero shot the bad guy to be "badass". But, now that she was looking at a gun, she wasn't sure what to think. It was definite proof that she was going to have to kill people just to survive, of course. It wasn't as if she was just itching to try it out, of course. Sure, under other circumstances, she could have used it at a firing range or something, just to see how it worked. But, here was not the case.

She picked up the gun, moving it around in her hands. It was black, and appeared to be made of metal. Carol looked back at the two boys. Were they... good people? They seemed worried about her, at least. But, they were her classmates! They couldn't hurt her! It wasn't as if the entire class was made of psycho killers, after all.

She gripped the top of the gun by the barrel using her left hand, and slowly approached the two. Even if Kari didn't like them, they were still good people, right? No one could jump to killing that easily, especially the people she knew.

As she walked, it was as if she was learning how to all over again. Her legs seemed very weak, and could possibly give way again any second now. Normally, Carol was the happy sort, always remaining cheerful and carefree with a big smile on her face. But, if anyone who had met her before had seen her now, they would be surprised at how scared she looked. All that cheer had been replaced by all the water and the knowledge that she was going to have to kill her loved ones somewhere along the line.

Carol stopped a few feet away from them, just standing there holding "her" gun. She took a deep breath, and, with a slight waver in her voice, said "You... you... you aren't bad people, right?"

She looked at the redheaded one, and suddenly his name came to her. "You're Simon... right?"

Break Up And Break Down
Chase felt her foot connect with Gracie's shoulder, very hard. She knew it would hurt, but right now all she was focused on was escaping. Oh god, she should have run the other way, she should have watched where she was going, she could have done any number of things!

People in the movies she watched, they always ran from the bad guy and would trip over something, only for them to be caught up with and murdered. Chase had always rolled her eyes at this trope, as not only was it tired and cliche, but it could be easily avoided by just looking behind her. But now? She had no reason to laugh, seeing as it was happening to her. Oh shit! She could have easily avoided this, she could have just gotten back up, she could have just done a better job at keeping herself alive!

Chase continued swinging her leg around, not knowing what was going on or anything like that. Eventually, though, she felt something sharp at the back of her head, and she realized that Nancy was tugging on her hair. Oh shit! She had her by the hair!

Nancy had apparently sat back up, bending Chase's neck back painfully. Her face contorted with a mixture of fear and pain, turning red and scrunched up. It hurt and she was going to die and she was blind and those people who always watched this were going to laugh at her and god knows what else! She couldn't die here! She had so many things she had to do, so many things she wanted to say! Chase wasn't a victim! She wanted to live!

Nancy had shaken her head a bit while still having her fingers intertwined very tightly, causing Chase to be disorientated further. She could hear her shouting to the boy who had attacked her if he could hit her a second time. She could hear Kitty talking, saying it didn't need to get messy, and talking to the guy who had hit Nancy, asking what was the bright thing to do in a sarcastic manner. Everything seemed to blur together even more, as if it was a dream she was having where Nancy Wainright was robbing her after they all had been abducted. Was that it? All a dream? No, it wasn't, the pain in her head and neck was telling her otherwise! Chase was even having trouble breathing from the odd angle her neck was at, for crying out loud!

Chase squirmed and struggled inside Nancy's grip, moving her arms and legs rapidly in an attempt to escape. After all, they were free! She wasn't sure if it was any use, though, as the grip Nancy had on her was very tight and the grip on her hair combined with her own movements only made things hurt further. God damn it, she was having trouble breathing, and her heart was beating like a drum!

"Let... let GO!" she managed to shout, trying her best to struggle her way out. Her voice came out in a loud, hoarse, and almost inhuman screech. "HELP MEE!"

Wake Me Up...
It wasn't fair... it wasn't fair at all...

Why did it have to happen?

He just wished he could be back home... that this was all just a dream. Why their class? Why did the teachers have to die? Why did Josée have to scare her off? Nothing made sense right now. All he wanted was to be back home.

Remy heard someone walk up to him, and soon enough, a hand was resting on his shoulder. Remy jumped right away, and looked behind him. Josée! Right behind him! Fuck, she was in the perfect spot to just shoot his head open or something. She could literally do anything to him. A number of images of what that black thing was popped into his head. Was it a gun? A knife of some kind? It could be anything, and she could be just itching to use it on him!

She asked him if that was a friend of his, and Remy opened his mouth to tell her that yes, that was his friend, and you just scared her off. But, apparently he looked scared of her? Well, he did know that if they were both playing, he was essentially fucked. But, the main person he was frightened of was, of course, Josée. After all, unlike Reiko, she had every reason in the world to take his life. Right?

Apparently not.

Apparently, she wanted them both to live. But why? She had multiple reasons to just shoot him. What was the point of keeping him alive? What was going on inside her mind right now? Seriously.

Wait... mother had to have one of them back home? Mother, she was aware of how Remy and Josée were sometimes. Was she worried that one was going to kill the other too?

But, was Josée serious? Was she the type to just lie to him, just like that? What if she really was going to kill him at the drop of the hat? What would he do?

"Josée... you sure?" Remy looked over his shoulder, trying his best to look at her.

He quickly glanced back, and stared off into the distance. Reika and Reiko were out there, somewhere. What if one of them had already encountered a psycho? What then? Would they be able to defend themselves? They were small, but Reiko was athletic. For Reika, that probably wasn't the case, but she was nice and calm, and could talk her way out very easily. They both had advantages, so they couldn't just die like that!

But, Remy knew he had to look for them. It was really the right thing to do.

"We should go find them... her and her sister..." he said, staring out into the distance.

Remy needs buddies.
Alright, sorry I haven't been posting here for a while. XD

But, bumping this back up.

It seems we can't do anything for pre-game anymore, but if you guys want to do something for ingame, like have Bob Everyman walk up to Remy or any other of my characters and go "Thank GOODNESS you're alright!", then go for it. Just PM/talk to me in chat/directly ask me if you're still interested in having a character know Remy and/or any other of my characters.

Again, I apologize. Completely forgot about this. And thanks in advance. XD

Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be
Kari had just sighed, and acted as if she wanted to explain something.

What was wrong? Carol was freaking out here, and all she could do was attempt to explain something? What was going on? Why was she holding a gun? Why was she acting all hesitant? What the hell was the matter with her? What's with all the water? Absolutely nothing made sense here!

She could vaguely hear someone shout out asking if they needed help, but she couldn't focus on it. Hell, Carol couldn't even see the guy who was saying it. All that was going on in her mind right now was water, water, and oh, did we mention water? Seriously. If only she could just get back to where everyone else was, that would be dandy.

Then Kari finally mentioned that they weren't in Minnesota anymore. What did she mean, "not in Minnesota"?! As far as she knew, they wouldn't take them so far out of the state! Why would they do that? Carol noticeably tensed up even more, and the rest of Kari's speech she could only get bits and pieces of.

Something about evolution... something about lakes and oceans... home... auditorium... teachers getting shot... her mind could barely focus on it.

And that's when she remembered.

That boy in the video they showed, he just shot and stabbed that girl like it was nothing! And she was his friend as far as Carol could tell! Friends weren't supposed to do something like that! Friends were supposed to be nice to each other and help each other no matter what! Why would he do that? That was horrible!

And they were expected to be... just... like... him.

The teachers were dead. They weren't coming to save her or punish those responsible for leaving her near a body of water. They were gone. Every last one that had come on the trip. That wasn't supposed to happen! Carol was supposed to graduate and go back to Nevada to meet her friends from home! Were they watching this? What was going on in their minds?

"Kari..." she whimpered, her eyes widening. Carol's body was now shaking all over, and her vision seemed to be dimming. No! They couldn't be here!

Kari had extended her hand a second time. Grabbing it, in Carol's eyes, meant that she had to accept what was happening. But, could she?

Carol lifted her arm to take Kari's hand, but it seemed unsteady. One could easily see that it was shaking, and that she was hesitant. But soon enough, it had become close enough to her hand, and Carol went to grab it.

"I need... away..." she tried to say. Every single thought in her mind was replaced by fear, as if she couldn't form coherent sentences right now.

Lunch on the Lawn
Sarah apparently hadn't sleep that well in recent history. To this, Aileen frowned. Ah, the typical cramming that people did before major tests and such. She was all too familiar with that. Pretty much everyone seemed to do it. Hell, despite reading being one of her hobbies, Aileen did it from time to time, too. It was an easy trap to fall into, to be honest. Everyone wanted to pass, after all. Okay, actually, there were those students who didn't give a care in the world about their grades, and expected to not work for their future, only to end up on the streets or unable to contribute to society.

"Sarah, make sure you get enough sleep tonight, okay?" Aileen said, and if one listened closely, there was a tinge of concern to her voice.

And with that, the topic turned to Ericka. They were suggesting hiding it, and just accepting the thing that Ericka brought back. Before Aileen could add her contribution to the conversation, Ericka appeared, with a bottle of water.

Okay, let's see what happens.

Ericka immediately shouted in glee that Sarah was okay, and that she guessed that she didn't need the water bottle after all.

"Well, that turned out nicely", Aileen noted.

What time was it, anyways? They had been here for a while, so she guessed that it was coming up on the end of lunch. Even if it wasn't, Aileen still had business to attend to elsewhere. Maybe she should go?

"Uh... if you guys don't mind... I think I'll get going. I think there is things I need to do before class starts", she said, and so, she lifted herself off the ground, and started brushing off her skirt. Taking a quick glance at Sarah, she asked "Are you sure you're alright? If you need anything... you can come talk to us, alright? I genuinely mean it."

Nodding towards Aaron, she then said "I'd love to play Dungeons and Dragons someday. Sounds interesting."

Aileen scooped down to grab her things, and so stepped away. Turning around, she smiled and waved to the others.

Well, that wasn't so bad. But was Sarah alright? She prayed to god she was.

But, that turned out better than she expected.

((Aileen Borden continued in v4))

Here you go sir.

I remember mentioning Chase and Carol in there, heh. Carol is here, and Chase is here. I'm still up for something involving either one, though Chase's thread is currently crowded, while Carol's only has three people. XD

A Special Thank You...
Yay Little! Congratulations!

*tacklehugcuddles out of love*

And you deserve it little one. <3333333333333333333333333

The Questions Game
If you had to give up one major sense (sight, hearing, or touch), which would it be?

Aileen- ... Seriously. Sight, hearing, or touch, huh... tough. No, hearing. That way, I won't have to listen to you folks.

Carol- Uh... uh... but I need all three of those! Fine, hearing. I could always use closed captioning whenever I watch TV right? Heh...

Chase- Sight? I al-already have vision problems... so I might as well pick vision. After all, my vision's already whacked up, but the other two is fine...

Remy- Touch? I think I can live without that. Seeing and hearing I do need, touch is a lot easier to live without... am I right?

Question: When's the last time you've accidentally grossed someone out?

Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be
Water water oh god water get me out get me out get me OUT OF HERE!

Carol tried to lift herself off the ground, but to no avail. Her knees kept giving way, as if they had turned to jello. Oh god, whose bright idea was this, leaving the aquaphobe nearby a large body of water?! Whoever did this had to be punished somehow by the teachers. Maybe they would be sent home, or have to sleep outside, or hell, just excluded from some of the activities!


Someone was shouting, but she had no clue who. Who was that? Was that the person who left her here? They had a lot to answer to. Mr. Kwong wasn't someone you pissed off. He was a very stern man, and very few of the students hadn't ever seen him actually happy. So he was going to be quite upset, of course! Yes! And the other teachers were going to put a stop to whoever did this as well!

She could see the speaker approaching. Was that Kari Nichols? Carol did not know her very well, but she was in a few of her classes. Did she do this to her? But she was saying get away from her, so someone else was nearby, right? But who? Pondsworth? Yes! He had to be him, he treated everyone at the school like crap! It was only a matter of time before he targeted the new kid that was afraid of water!

"KARI!" Carol cried out, and then began shouting very quickly. "Kari, I just woke up here and there was lots of water and I think Monty did it since he had to screw with the new kid before everything is over and I don't know where I am or if the teachers are looking for me or OHSHITWHYDOYOUHAVEAGUN?!"

Carol had just noticed that Kari currently had some sort of gun on her. She had seen guns in many of the video games she would play and in movies, but to be honest, she had never actually seen the real thing before. She did not recognize the build or anything. What was Kari doing carrying around a gun?! Wasn't that banned from the trip? It wasn't as if they were going hunting, and the teachers didn't want to have to deal with psychos running around! Heck, someone could get hurt! What was the point of the gun? What was the point?! All it was going to do was get her sent home early, for crying out loud!

Gun... Kari... water...

Carol stared at the thing, and found herself freezing once again to the spot. Oh god, she was trapped between one of her classmates holding a gun and a body of water! She didn't even know why she was carrying a gun! All she knew was that there was water and there was a gun! Should she run away from both of them? But... but...

Hell... what was going on?!

Wake Me Up...
Josée had stopped, and after noticing Reiko, had placed herself in front of him.

What the hell was she doing...?

Remy had absolutely no clue. It could be any number of things, really. What if she was trying to get Reiko to leave? What if she was-

Wait, she was asking if he knew her, and if she could be trusted?

"Josée, it's someone I know from-", he started, but Josée cut him off, deciding to ask her directly.

Reiko seemed surprised, and began explaining that they met at the ice skating rink a while back. Remy wanted to say something, anything to Reiko. Nice to see you... come talk to us... save me from my sister who's most likely to kill me the moment she had the chance... anything.

But, Reiko immediately reacted, saying she understood, and soon she was running away. Josée had scared her off, apparently.

No! She can't run off now. What if someone got her? What if she died out there? What if- oh hell, a lot of horrible things could happen. And Josée just scared her off like it was nothing!

God damn Josée! She always ruined everything! If Reiko died out there, it would be her fault! Sure, Remy wasn't sure if Reiko could be trusted either, but at the same time, he wanted her to be safe. And Josée... she just started ranting at her! That was not good.

"Reiko?" he shouted as he watched her run away. "Reiko, come back!"

Remy found himself running towards the disappearing shape that was Reiko. He can't let her get away. He just can't! But, soon enough she had disappeared completely out of sight, and Remy stopped.

She was gone.

Reiko Ishida, the first person he saw that could help him, was gone.

And he was stuck here, with Josée, and god knows what kind of weapon she had. Remy was going to die, he was sure of it. And Reiko was going to die too. Oh hell, many of his friends were going to die, and all he could do was let himself be shot to death by Josée or some shit!

Remy clenched his fists as he felt his eyes water up again. Josée always got in the way... she always made things worse for him... god damn it! Now what was he going to do? Remy was alone and scared. He doubted Josée would want a nice little tea party or some shit, and any moment someone aside from her could just pop a cap into his skull or something. There was no way he was going to live out here. All he had was a knife. It could defend himself for a little while, but it was nothing against a gun. And what if Josée had one? What if someone nearby had one?

Oh shit, it wasn't his time to go yet! He had to live, for his mother's sake! What would she do if he died? He had to make it, just for her and all his friends back home! And what was going to happen to Reiko? She was going to... oh god, they got Reika too, didn't they? Fuck! Now they were both out there... waiting to be killed... and he didn't want either of them to die! Heck, Reika didn't deserve to die, and he had to go find her too. He just had to. Or else some psycho would come up and... no! He must not think about that either!

My Kingdom for a Plan!
((Aileen Borden continued from Death is not a Game))

Although she did not realize it right now, Aileen was a mess.

A few auburn strands of hair had fallen out of her trademark braids, and while her face was normally pale and freckled, there was instead a redness to her face alongside said freckles. There was also a certain disheveled look to her clothes. She had been wearing long socks on the day of the trip, and although when she had woken up they stayed at full-length, as of right now the one on her left leg was down to her ankle, while the other was only just falling down. She usually did not have a problem with knee-socks falling down, but they had started to while she was walking, and she had not bothered to stop and fix them for a few seconds. Add in the dirt on her clothes and how her glasses were slightly smudged, and she did not look her best.

She had tried her best to follow Aaron. Unfortunately, she was one of the non-athletic kids at Bayview, and so she had walked a long distance, without stopping, and that meant only one thing; she was exhausted. How far away were they from the gazebo? It was quite a distance, actually, but she had no clue just how far away they were.

Also, how many people were coming? Aileen did not check, now that she thought of it. But, she was sure there were others. No one had encountered a psycho, hadn't they? How many had decided to kill? So far, everyone she had encountered was more focused on escaping rather than killing.

But, oh look. She had caught up with Aaron and that other kid. As of right now, Aaron himself was leaning up against a tree, and taking a sip of water. Where was everyone else? Was she the second person to show up? Was she the only other person that had decided to join him? What if someone had decided to come, but another student... got them? What then? It couldn't just be her, that other kid, and Aaron! There had to be other people, right? But who? Let's see... there was that oddball, that other girl, that strangely dressed man...

They all made her feel nervous, to be honest. She knew that Aaron and that other girl had said that if they did not trust each other, then the whole thing would go flat. But, what if Aaron lied? What if- deal with that later. Aileen had a hammer, she could defend herself if someone attacked her, right? Whether or not she could kill, that was another question. But, the hammer was nice and blunt... perfect for a getaway, and could probably be used somewhere along the line for other purposes, like if something other than a person needed to be hit at for whatever reason. But, did Aaron want to take it? She'll find out.

Aileen placed her bags on the ground, and stumbled towards the two. "Ah... there you are..." Aileen mumbled.

She looked around, noticing that she felt kind of thirsty. She would have to take care of that in a few seconds.

Aileen rubbed her right shoulder, noticing that it ached after all that walking and carrying heavy stuff around. This was going to be her life for the next few days, wasn't it? This gave her a pretty good damn vision of what was to expect. Okay, maybe she could expect to see a few dead bodies lying about, but none yet, at least, that she could see. Which actually was a good thing, in a way. It meant not many people were dead yet. Yet.

As she glanced at Aaron, still breathing heavily from exhaustion, she asked "Is anyone else coming?"

Just then, she heard something thud to the ground, causing her, despite all the exhaustion, to jump. A few seconds later, a muffled shouting of some kind was heard. Was that a girl?

"Hey guys..." she whispered. "Did you hear that?"

She glanced at the other boy, and then noticed he was wandering off, presumably to check out the sound, judging by his gestures. As he went to check it out, Aileen went to one of her bags, and quietly withdrew the hammer, just in case. Again, she was not planning on killing, but if she had to defend herself...

The boy came back a few seconds later, and started gesturing again. What was he doing? Aileen raised an eyebrow, and attempted to decipher it. There was someone nearby, of course... were they threatening? Damn it, she did not know much about sign language or charades or anything else he could be doing! Aileen frowned, still trying to figure it out. She stepped out to him, a confused look on her face. Aileen pointed at her head with her free hand and shook it, indicating she didn't understand. Seriously, what was he doing? This wasn't some god damn circus act they all were participating in!

Death is not a Game
She could hear more talking from the gazebo directly. The same girl who had made bloodsport jokes was now complimenting the newcomer on his clothes, and Aileen herself on her hammer. Again, she really wasn't sure if it had anything to do with the conversation. She glanced at the girl with the tangled blonde hair, assuming that to be the source. Well, this one was an odd cookie, wasn't she? Could she be trusted? Could anyone be trusted?

The newcomer had sighed, and said that he guessed he was playing. That set off an alarm bell in her mind. Did he kill? Or was it that he was indeed a student here, or what? Aileen found herself gripping the hammer in her hand, as soon enough he took off his hat and introduced himself while bowing.

Rekka Sa-something-or-other, apparently. He seemed to be the politely sort... but he directly said that he was participating. What he said could literally mean anything!

But, then she heard whispers between Aaron and the other guy. Aileen really couldn't make them out, though. What were they saying? Were they talking about her and this "Rekka" person? Most likely. It wasn't as if either of them had been here this entire time, of course.

Aileen glanced at them, and soon after the other girl had mentioned something about lowering weapons and how she wanted to be a team. Aaron responded a few seconds later, going on a bit of a speech. He was saying things like how they needed to find a better spot, and apparently there was someone on the island who knew more than everyone else. "Bounce" or something. They also had to be cautious about recruits, and take their weapons for a while to see if they could be trusted.

Aaron then invited them to follow him if they trusted him, and so, he was on his way.

The group had to make a decision then?

Aileen exited the gazebo, and walked back to where she had woken up. Her daypack and duffel were still intact, as far as she could tell. She placed the hammer inside and zipped up the daypack, and stared at it and the duffel.

Could she trust them...?

Aileen was never really the trusting sort. Heck, she had reason to be. In her eyes, very few people liked Aileen Borden at school. It was a fact of life, and she just had to deal with it. But, now she had to make a decision. What would happen if she went with Aaron and the others? A number of things, really.

Could she deal with the death of her classmates if the terrorists reacted?

Could she deal with the threat of her own life being taken away if they noticed something?

What was really the best option?

Aileen stared at the name and number on the bag. G022... that was her, wasn't it? Or maybe it was the number of the... well, anything, really. In which case, she had to make a decision, and fast.

But, she made it. Lifting a bag over each shoulder, she grimaced at the weight. God, this shit was heavy! But, she made her choice.

She looked, and saw that Aaron hadn't actually gone too far yet. Aileen ran as fast as she could with the two bags, trying to catch up.

"Hey Aaron, wait up!"

Some part of her knew that something bad was going to happen because of this, but this was really her best option.

((Aileen continued in My Kingdom For A Plan!))