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The Questions Game
Q: What would your dream home be like?

Aileen Borden- My dream home was like my regular home. Except Jack Torrance lived in our attic, and chased us around the house. And then he killed me with his ax. At that moment, I woke up.

... Fine. I'll give you a proper answer. I want a room with tons of books on each shelf, so that I can never be bored finding something to read. Maybe a fish pond outside? I'd want it to be away from the rest of humanity, so I can go look at nature. Doubt I'll get any of those things, though.

Carol Burke- Dream home? I want a nice kitchen. You know... a nice big kitchen, with all the things it needs. No spice should ever run out. And it would have a collection of cookbooks, for any recipe you could possibly think of! I'd want it to be in the city, too. And I want to have a nice living room for gaming. I don't want a wide screen TV that takes up the entire wall or anything. In fact, just a small TV will do. I kind of like the color blue, so I kind of want to be that color. If it isn't, I can paint it, right?

If you had to be transformed into an animal, which one would it be and why?

Test of Courage
((Carol Burke pre-game debut))

There were many vermin out and about in the back alley. Sometimes, there would be a rat scurrying about, looking for a nice bit of fast food that someone abandoned. Other times, there would be a few shady looking individuals, discussing a few unsavory topics.

Carol Burke, however, was neither of these things.

Carol had spent the past hour looking through GameStop and buying a drink at the nearby coffee shop at the food court. And it showed; in one hand she held a white plastic bag, with a couple of used games for her to play once she got home. In the other, she held an iced coffee, with whipped cream and grounded chocolate chips in it.

The reason why she was here was something she felt somewhat silly about, but she gave in anyways. Just a few minutes ago, she had decided to leave the Promenade, and saw that there was an exit to the alleyway. And, she had the urge to exit through there, since she had never been in the alley before.

No... don't be silly. There are rats and rapists running about that sort of place, Carol had told herself.

But, soon she decided that she was feeling a little brave. After all, if she got out of the area without something bad happening, she could tell her friends. Heck, she could even find that there was no one there, and it could be a daily thing.

So, she soon gave in. Curse her curiosity. If something happened to her, it would be all her fault, she had told herself upon a few feet in.

She walked a bit, until she stumbled into a bunch of cardboards boxes that had been set up. Literally.


Carol fell to her stomach, dropping the plastic bag she had in her hand. In addition, she felt her other hand grip her coffee tighter, as it didn't leave her hand. But, the way she was currently holding it now looked a little... well, uneven at the bottom.

Just at that moment, she heard a small, somewhat robotic sounding version of Dies Irae.

"Call?" she said to no one in particular.

Carol sat up so that she was on her knees, and fished out her cellphone, answering.


"Carol, where are you?" Her father was at the other end, clearly concerned.

The teenage girl frowned. "Dad... I went shopping. I got games and coffee."

"Well... it's getting late. Do you need to be picked up?"

"Nah, I'm good" Carol answered. "I'm just leaving the Promenade. It's not too far of a walk."

Then a couple of beats of silence. After a few seconds, her father then spoke again.

"Okay, Carol. Just call me if you need a ride. It will be dark sometime soon, and it might be a little scary walking out all by yourself."

Carol smiled. "Okay Dad. I'll talk to you later."

"Bye sweetie!"

With that, he hung up.

Carol sighed, and placed her phone back into her jean pocket. Upon doing so, she noticed that there was a bit of dirt on her jeans, and a tiny bit more on her favorite red hoody. Drat, she was going to clean that up, soon.

She lifted herself off the ground completely, and picked up her bag of games. Hey, if I encounter rapists or muggers, I can use this as a make-prov weapon!, she suddenly thought. Sometimes, such thoughts popped into her head at random.

One thing she wasn't sure was a relief or a thing to worry about, though, was that there was no one in sight. On one hand, she wouldn't have to use her "improv weapon". On the other, it was creepy. It kind of reminded Carol of a few games she had played, actually. And... for this reason she was creeped out.

God... I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of monster would pop up, and I would have to fight that thing off, she thought.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Not really, it's pretty unprofessional and does point the FoS at you for this very reason. Then again, it's been known for mafia to kill off someone and then frame it on another person just because they don't like them etc. etc. you know the drill.

Ah... I see.

I was just talking about what I know from experience from playing Mafia with other people in the past, is all. However, if someone in the Mafia were to do such a thing, they would try it at an later time, to lower the suspicion level. That is what an experienced player would do, if they chose to do such a thing. I kind of doubt that is the case here, however. Heck, "kind of"? I HIGHLY doubt. XD

I did not notice Lee's double voting, however. Interesting... Dropbear, I still have my eye on you, but for now...


Board Mafia - Game Thread
I'm looking at you, Kaze.

Sorry, I just forgot about this for a bit. Please don't hurt me. T__T

Alright, I have no clue who exactly I should vote for...

Let's see... RSL hasn't testified yet. Has he been around, lately? Because if he refuses to make a comment, it could be a sign of his guilt... or maybe even his innocence.

However, I have another suspect.

I kind of suspect that Dropbear has a role. For one thing, he voted for me last time, on the basis that I voted for Mimi. However! It was the main vote at the time, and I was in no way the first person to do it. Why me, then? It raises plenty of questions once you think about it.

There is also something a little... odd regarding his behavior. I can't put my finger on it, but he seems a little... frantic in some of his posts. I guess it's that instinctual feeling. However, that feeling has never worked for me in Mafia, so...

I'm not NECESSARILY accusing him of being a Killer. For all we know, he could be a cop. But, the possibility of him having a role, and/or having plans, is there. I won't vote for him just yet, though. However, I will keep an eye on you, mister.

On another note... is there anyone who could have killed the victims out of a grudge of some kind? I mean, I know that sometimes in Mafia there are people who kill out of revenge of some kind. Even if it's a joke kill, like say "Rawr! I am going to kill this person because they think that llamas are gods!" or something like that. Is there anything like that we should consider?

One Pen Two Pen Red Pen Blue Pen
((Aileen Borden continued from Shopper's Hell))

Aileen opened the door, quietly as usual.

There always seemed to be a group of students studying in the library, and today was no exception. This time, it was... well, she didn't know their names, either. Man, even though she was probably either going to forget or not have to use them in the future, knowing her, sometimes this sort of thing was... important, shall we say.

However, it would seem that the one named Jackie or something like that had asked for a highlighter, judging by what she could pick up in the current discussion. Aileen swiftly walked past them, and went to go see what kind of books she wanted to read today.

At first she wanted to read about domestic breeds of cats, but then she got side-tracked and started looking a bit more, eventually choosing a book about whales. On the cover it had a huge drawing of a humpback whale, just rising out of the water.

Well... I guess reading about whales could be nice, Aileen thought to herself, heading back towards the tables.

Placing herself at a seat, she flipped open the book, and looked around. There was also a guy who seemed cranky for some reason. Why, she had no idea.

Glancing at him for a few seconds, she turn back and muttered to herself, in a low voice "Well... it's none of my business why he is like that."

With that, she returned to her book, and started reading the foreword.

V4 Character Relationships
I might as well bring up my characters. ^_^;

Aileen Borden

Aileen usually just reads to herself, and rarely talks to others. She usually tries to almost completely avoid the other students, and has a bit of a snarky attitude towards them when they attempt to talk to her at times. So, she just sits there reading unless someone says something directly to her, and makes sarcastic comments when she answers half the time. She's kind of emotionally distant from those around her, really. However, she's not entirely a bad person. In fact, she has been known to be kind-hearted to those she cares about, in her own little way. Aileen can be very protective of her loved ones, even while keeping her snarky tone.

Other things regarding Aileen is that she is a writer, and plans on being published. She also likes 90s music, and is particularly fond of the Spice Girls.

What Aileen needs is a few of the type of people who attempt to open her up to others. I know from experience that in real life, people like her always have someone trying to talk to them and overall be friendly with them, just because they are always alone, even if they want to be that way. Not too many, just at least one of those types of characters. She could also use a few enemies, as well. Perhaps she could still be harassed in the present day? I don't see her dating, though. She would have a crush on someone at the most, and never mention it.

Carol Burke

Carol originally was from Carson City, but moved to our current setting sometime before the school year started. She has a fondness for both video and card games, and often plays with others. Another one of her interests is cooking, and she desires to actually become professional. Carol also enjoys ice skating, and practices quite a bit.

Personality wise, she is friendly, and almost always cheerful and full of energy. However, she has been described as being a "space cadet" and "having a sheep mentality". She tends to space out, and not pay attention, often hurting herself while cooking or ice skating. Carol also tends to just do what the rest of the group is doing, as well.

Carol was just approved yesterday, so she's pretty "fresh". I haven't even posted with her so far. What she needs is fellow gamer friends. Not too many, just at least two different characters who share her interests and regularly talk to her. With all that energy, though, she's bound to annoy a few people, even just a few. Unlike Aileen, I can see her being in a romantic relationship.

If you have any characters you feel would be good for them to interact with, feel free to contact me, either by PM, Chatzy, or likewise. I'm on each day, and lurk quite a bit. I'll try to contact you as soon as possible.

Carol Burke
Name: Carol Burke
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Video games, cooking, card games, ice skating

Appearance: Carol keeps her hair in a short boyish style, and dyed black. Her natural hair color is a light brown, and can be seen in her thin eyebrows. However, in the past it has been dyed various other colors, some of which don’t occur in nature.

She has a rounded face, with large, wide brown eyes, that seemingly become wider thanks to her mascara. Carol has a small, round nose, and she normally wears makeup, including the aforementioned mascara, and lip-gloss on her thick lips. Carol also has both ears pierced, and usually wears star-shaped stud earrings.

It would seem that a lot of Carol’s outfits are hand-me-downs, as she is often wearing baggy shirts and jeans that apparently came from various family members. Sometimes, the sleeves of her shirt are too long for her, and as a result her hands become obscured. However, her older sister gave her a plain red zip-up hoodie for Christmas one year, completely new. It is her favorite article of clothing that she owns, and she wears it as much as possible. She also wears slightly worn out sneakers.

Carol is 5’6, with a weight of 150. Also, notably she has been mistaken for a male on a number of occasions, despite her having a mostly feminine appearance (this is possibly due to her hairstyle and outfit choices). This does not seem to bother her too much, as she seems amused whenever people confuse her for a boy. She has a light pink skin tone, as well. She sometimes has a few minor injuries on her hands (mostly small burns and cuts) from cooking.

Biography: Carol was not born in St. Paul, but in Carson City, Nevada; the second child in her family. Her older sister (by three years) often played card games with her once both of them got old enough to understand the rules, and Carol herself often insisted on showing the other kids at her school how to play the ones she knew.

Carol made three good friends at school, and the group was very close-knit. It was rare to see them separated during recess, or to see a week where they were not at each other’s houses. As always, Carol insisted on playing card games, but would play video games with the other children, soon developing a fondness for those also.

She was particularly fond of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and would occasionally take the control and try to figure out how to fight a boss, or solve a puzzle. Sometimes, they would find a few arcade game machines, and put quarters in it to play. Carol and another girl in the group were particularly fond of fighting games, and would challenge each other to a fight. Eventually, her parents decided to give her a game console of her own when she got older; a PlayStation 2, with all the things it needed (up to this point, she played at a friend’s house). She and her friends played on it very often, as one would expect. Although in the present she has played other consoles, PlayStations remain her favorite.

Another thing she grew fond of was cooking. Carol took a culinary class over the summer in 7th grade, and found that she liked working in the kitchen. To this day, she’s always looking for new recipes, and often cooks for her friends and family. Her favorite thing to make is deviled eggs, and often has them as part of her lunch. Another thing she likes to make is homemade pizza, with pepperoni and olives.

In 8th grade, her family went to Lake Tahoe, and Carol felt she needed to show off, by swimming far out into the lake. However, she found herself too far out, and started drowning. It took a lifeguard several minutes to get her out, as she was panicking, and had trouble calming down, even several hours later. To this day, she has a fear of swimming, to the point where she used to sit out when other students were in the pool. However, in recent history she once gathered up the courage to get in the pool, but remained firmly at the shallow end, and rarely went underwater.

At the end of 11th grade, she found out that her family had to move to St. Paul. Carol grew somewhat melancholic at the idea of leaving her friends and everything she grew up with behind. But her optimistic nature kicked in, and she told herself that St. Paul might turn out to be a good place for her to be in the long run, and she could try to keep in contact with her friends.

When she told her group of friends about the matter, they all grew sad at the idea. But, they had a small going away party, where they did something unusual, but it meant a lot to Carol. They took the Joker, her favorite card, out of her main deck that she liked to use, and each one of the group, Carol included, wrote their name on it, with “BFF” at the bottom. She now smiles whenever she uses the deck, and sees that card as she’s playing.They also all made a promise; once they all graduated, they would make attempts to see each other again, and socialize like they used to. Carol plans on following through with this, and hopes it can be achieved.

Although she still grows nostalgic whenever she thinks of Carson City, she started socializing normally in St. Paul. Carol was a little shy at first, but she soon made a few new friends at her school. She is not exactly “popular”, but she is friendly, and well liked by several students. However, she has stayed in contact with her childhood friends, through the use of phones, instant messaging, and various online games that they would play with each other, Maple Story being a favorite. Sometimes, she would play with both her classmates and her old friends, introducing them to each other. She still has her love of both card and video games, and still likes playing them with others. Carol sometimes references games she’s played in normal conversation, and loves asking if other people have played the same games she has.

She has also acquired another interest in St. Paul. Carol started taking ice skating classes on a whim, and although she fell down a lot initially, she has shown progress. Sometimes, however, she does not pay attention, and falls down, occasionally taking other people with her. She spends a fair amount of time practicing, in hopes that her skills will improve one day.

Carol can be considered an optimist, as she always tries to look at the better side of life when she’s feeling down. She is almost always cheerful and energetic, to the point where it sometimes spreads to other people, and they get the same amount of energy, as well. Carol also tends to speak a little fast as a result of her energy, and sometimes it becomes hard to figure out what she’s trying to say. However, she is not always this happy; she has been known to show rage and frustration when playing a tough spot in a game she is playing on occasion, and sometimes snaps at others even if they are trying to help her out of that spot.

She has been known to be a bit of a “space cadet”, as the term is sometimes used to define her. Carol has been known to not pay attention, and lose track of important details, such as class work that needs to be done. As a result, she often requires the help of others to remember what needs to be done, and what doesn’t. She has also been known to hurt herself on accident because she was thinking of something else, as well. This has annoyed some of her classmates on occasion.

Another trait of her character is that she believes in always standing up for your friends, and that good friends will be there for each other no matter what. Multiple times people have tried to tell her that things don’t always work out, and sometimes people get manipulated. But, she keeps this belief, and hasn’t been confronted by the reality of it, whether it is true or a lie that she tells herself. However, she has been referred to as having a “sheep mentality”, as she sometimes just follows the group and does what they are doing, without thinking about the consequences.

Carol is making plans to go to a culinary school, and to become a cook. As of this moment, she is looking at what kind of schools teach the culinary arts, and what she needs to go there. She hopes that she can succeed in her goals, and not have to worry about doing something in life that she does not desire to do. Currently, she works at a local movie rental store, and although it tires her out fairly often, Carol actually seems to enjoy it, to some extent.

Carol currently lives with both her parents, along with her cat, in an apartment, while her older sister is in New York, studying to be a lawyer.

Advantages: Carol is an optimist, and often sees the good side of everything, while remaining cheerful. In addition, she is very friendly, making it easy for her to acquire allies as a result. She is also remarkably loyal to her allies.
Disadvantages: Carol tends to space out and not pay attention, which can prove to be a problem in the scheme of things. Also, although her loyalty to her friends can be helpful in some scenarios, she believes true friends will not betray each other, no matter the circumstances, and may allow herself to be easily manipulated and/or betrayed. She also has a fear of drowning, and in the rare case where she might have to swim she could have problems.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Received role, and now voting!

Vote: Mimi

That giraffe is EVIL. Evil I say! Giraffes will kill us all! *joking*

Shopper's Hell
Someone... is talking to me.

Aileen snapped up, almost as if she had woken up from a nightmare.

Jesus, did she fall asleep? Or did she just space out for a while, until someone called attention on it? Either way, she was out of it for a few seconds, and didn't see anyone she recognized making attempts to talk to her.

Glancing in his direction, she noticed that it was someone she knew from school. God, she really needed to remember names a bit more. Sure, sometimes she wouldn't talk to the person again in the future, but... now that she thought of it, maybe it was time. She did remember that she thought of Christmas when she heard his name being mentioned once, but there are a lot of Christmas-y things out there. What was it then? Santa? No... that definitely wasn't it.

Also, he was asking about shopping. Aileen sighed, and quickly glanced away.

"Oh, just a prom dress."

Oh crap. And she was worried about people learning she didn't have a dress? Aileen quickly placed her head down, as if she didn't want to talk to him. Would he even be of help? After all, he was male... they don't have knowledge of lady's formal wear very often, right? At least, not that she knew of.

Aileen suddenly stood up without thinking, and found herself shouting.

"I think I'm fine though!" her face was flushed with embarrassment, and suddenly, she burst into brisk walk in the other direction.

Damn it, self... why are you running?! He won't hurt you... But... what if he tells the other students that he saw you here? What if...

Aileen paused. It was about time for her to go home anyway, right? Her mother was going to be worried sick. Sure, she was eighteen, but she had looked long enough.

Turning around, she shouted at the other student.

"Going now. See you at school!"

With that, she stomped towards the elevator and pressed the button, stepping in once it opened.

((Aileen Borden continued in One Pen Two Pen Red Pen Blue Pen.))

Shopper's Hell
((Aileen Borden continued from Prom Panic))


The elevator door opened to reveal the second level: the teen clothes area.

Aileen sighed, almost out of mild frustration. She had spent what seemed like hours looking through the Promenade, trying to find a decent prom dress. She wasn't even sure if this level had something, but hey, you never know. Sometimes, the most unlikely of things popped up in the strangest of places.

But, Aileen wondered if nothing can be found here today, that she could go to a thrift store, or a store that specialized in this sort of thing.

Heck, she hoped that even if she found a dress, she would be able to pay for it. After all, prom dresses can be expensive, sometimes ridiculously so. Which brought another thought to her mind: why were they so pricey? Aileen guessed that it was the materials involved, along with the fact that they were formal wear.

Stepping outside the elevator, she looked at the stores' windows, hoping that there would be something. Passing by Abercrombie and Fitch, she glanced at some of the things she could see from outside. They had such nice things sometimes, and Aileen, on another day, would just casually take a peek inside.

However, she had more important things to do at this moment. After all, no one should get side-tracked, right? Damn it, she had a goal to complete, and she was going to complete it, no matter what happens! With that, she trekked on forward, looking at various other stores.

“Come on come on come on...” Aileen muttered to herself, clearly at the point of desperation.

After a few more minutes, she placed herself on a nearby bench. If she just knew where they sold this sort of thing, then she could just find a good one, and be done with it. But, nope!

Removing her bag from her shoulder and placing it beside her, Aileen sighed once more, this time out of exhaustion. At least there was a bench she could place herself on, right?

Another thing she was glad for, was that she didn't see any classmates. Aileen pictured them snickering over her failure to get a prom dress, while they all had something to wear. However, just as that thought appeared, she quickly shooed it away. No good was going to come out of thinking like that, right? After all, some of them probably didn't have anything yet, either.

Flipping one braided pigtail over her shoulder, she stared at her surroundings, still trying to figure out where exactly they sold that sort of thing. Eventually, though, she placed her head down, almost as if she had gone to sleep. Boy, was this girl tired.

Prom Panic
Aileen stopped humming, and peered up from her book once more, to see the two others still talking.

Huh. It would seem that the girl had no plans, either. Though, for some reason Ben looked a little... shy. Raising her eyebrow again, she flipped through the book once more, and placed her head down.

What was he so nervous about? Is talking about the prom really that horrifying? After all, it wasn't as if they were talking about some horror from another dimension that drove him insane just from looking at it. It was just a high school prom, with dancing, music, and dates, right?

Perhaps he wanted to ask the other girl out? That might be it. Or perhaps he didn't have plans either, and felt bad about the fact, not wishing to tell others that?

Was it even her business to be questioning all this? After all, she barely knew the guy. Sometimes, people needed privacy, and sometimes it wasn't a good idea to eavesdrop.

Rearranging her glasses for a few seconds, she stared at a paragraph about how Germany invaded Poland in 1939. After a few seconds, she raised her head once more, looking at the clock on the wall.

Upon realizing the time, she closed the book with a loud thud, and got out of her seat to put it back. Once she placed the book in its proper place, she made a mental note of what the title was, and where exactly she found it.

Heading towards the exit, she turned her head towards the two, and actually spoke for once.

"Alright, I'm going now. I have things to do elsewhere. You two... have fun drawing animals, or... whatever that was."

Aileen made the same facial expression as before, at the memory of thinking that the elephant was something else. Placing her hand against her mouth again to prevent herself from laughing, she placed her left hand on the door's handle.

Sure... sometimes my fellow high school students annoy me, but moments like this? They kind of make me feel happy. Don't know why, she thought as she slowly opened the door, stepping outside.

((Aileen Borden continued in Shopper's Hell))

Prom Panic
Aileen looked up from her book for a few seconds to see the runner girl holding up a piece of paper with a few notes and something that, from Aileen's exact position, looked... odd drawn on it.

Her eyebrow raised, she stared at it for a few seconds. Just... what was that? Hopefully, it was something school appropriate. She prayed to god that it was something that can be shown around at school. Otherwise, what if a teacher saw it, and then took it away-

Oh. Based on Ben's comment, it was an elephant. As in, the land mammal with a large trunk.

Aileen made a facial expression that looked as if she was holding back a laugh, complete with her hand covering her mouth. How silly of her to think that! She really needed to stop that sort of thought process, or else she might slip up someday.

By the look of things, they were discussing prom. Or, at least, Ben was asking about it. Aileen didn't know exactly what she was going to do for prom, herself, but she knew one thing: she was most likely going alone. After all, no one would ask her, and even if she managed a date, it would be most likely out of pity. Eh, no matter. She didn't even see why it was so necessary at times. She could have fun without making it a date, right?

One thing she did need, though, was a dress.

After school, she made a mental note to herself. If I forget, it's my fault.

Nodding to herself, and trying to make sure she would remember, Aileen flipped the page, humming what sounded suspiciously like "Spice Up Your Life", without realizing it.

SOTF Board Mafia - Sign ups
Looks fun.

May I participate in this one? I've played Mafia before, and it's always fun. :3