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Taking Requests for Character Art
Jennifer is adorable. Thanks. <3

If it's alright, may I request my recently dead girl as well? Here's her description for reference.

What Emma looks like!

V6 Nineteenth Rolls
Maybe she'll meet the rest of her family in the afterlife. Maybe she'd forgive Lily. Maybe she'd forgive everyone. Maybe she won't. Who knows?

Family Reunion
A long time ago, Emma had hopes and dreams.

She’d always been somewhat ambitious, so she knew what she wanted ever since she was little. She wanted to be a doctor, she wanted to help her community, and live a good life. So, she pushed hard for it. She’d kept her grades up, she ran for class president, she tried to improve the school any way she could.

However, the truth was, as determined as Emma was, she also suspected her life would be normal. She’d graduate Cochise, go to college and then medical school, maybe meet someone, maybe start a family with them, maybe go back to living on the Luz compound with her relatives. And then she’d grow old, and eventually die. Of course, there’d been a few times she wondered how much of that was still possible, even back home. Her illness, for example, probably made a lot of that trickier.

It was funny what you think about when you’ve fallen to the floor from a gunshot wound to the torso.

Emma tried to lift her head up, her vision blurring even with her glasses. Her entire body throbbed with a kind of numbness. However, she’d knew what’d happened. She’d been shot, she’d fallen on her back, she was… bleeding. From multiple places. Her face was probably scratched up, or perhaps worse. Her leg still had debris sticking out.

She tried to pull herself back up. Put her hands on the floor underneath her, try to sit up. Try to get away. She knew it’d make her injuries worse, but she had to get back up, try to escape. Fiyori and Alba were likely planning on finishing her off-

She was done for.

No, she wasn’t. She still had hopes, things to do, even here. She was supposed to bury Sabrina, she was supposed to live. She still had things to do, things she wanted to do, things she was supposed to do. People could survive all kinds of things, right? Right? People could live through anything if they just knew what to do, had the drive to-

But could she live through injuries like this?

Emma kept trying to push herself up. She sobbed, she breathed, she gasped. Each time, her arms were weak, too weak, to pull her into a sitting position. It wasn’t even like the usual numbness. It was cold-

It was cold. Her heart was pounding impossibly fast. Her skin felt sweaty. She knew her chances were low, even with her racing thoughts.

But she had to keep trying.

A few more tries of getting back up. She dripped blood onto the floor as she did, a puddle forming around her torso and leg. But a few seconds later, her limbs didn’t respond at all. She was left looking at the cold gray ceiling, her vision fading in and out. One second it was pure darkness, only for the ceiling to fade back in. She heard her own sobs, felt her own tears.

She had no idea what Fiyori and Alba were doing. If they were going to kill her, if they’d run away, or what. But she had to stay awake, keep going. She had to stay awake, she absolutely had to stay awake. Please let her stay awake.

A few more seconds later, and Emma went silent. She stopped struggling. Her eyes, once filled with desperation, slowly dimmed. Emma lay still, her sister’s body laying just a few feet away on a gurney.

If you saw the look on her face alone, you'd think she'd just woken up from a nightmare.

Female Student #022 Emma Luz- ELIMINATED

Family Reunion
Alba went clattering to the ground. With it, a loud cracking noise filled the air, and-

Emma felt her left knee give way. She let go of the gurney, and fell to the ground.

At first, she thought that the gunshot had made her limbs go weak. That the reason why it hurt was because she fell on it funny. But she had to look down, and saw it. At first, Emma wasn’t sure what it was, but it took a few seconds to realize. Those few seconds made her heart pound more and more.

The first thing she saw was that streaks of red were pouring down her leg, staining her jeans. The next was the source: two pieces of tile, puncturing her knee. Emma gasped at the sight.

She looked back up. Alba was still sitting on the ground, staring at her. Emma growled, and grabbed for the sword. Her hands shook, and the usual fatigue was replaced by nausea.

She didn’t want to die, not like this. Hopefully she could deal with the wound later, but for no-

Another crack. More debris flew in the air. Emma flinched, but that wasn’t enough. It felt like something cut across her cheek.

It was enough to stop her in her tracks.

Family Reunion
They kept pushing the issue. Alba had gotten closer, and closer, until she was right against the gurney. Emma felt her eye twitch. However, she also felt her heart pound. She had no idea why they kept pushing for it. There had to be an ulterior motive. Maybe they were looking for a quick kill while her guard was down. Maybe they wanted to take something off her, trick her the same way Kaitlyn did. Maybe it was something else. She didn’t know. But maybe it was best to get out of here.

“Please, stop-“

Emma pushed forward. She felt the gurney hit something. Something fleshy.

Family Reunion
She physically withdrew a bit as Alba stepped closer.


Emma looked back at Sabrina, as if she’d have something to say on the whole thing. She was still motionless, still resting under sheets.

“It’s my… my sis- sist-“

She couldn’t get the words out. It was funny. Back home, she got words out easily, didn’t she? Sometimes, even when she was tired, she still could say stuff easily. Didn’t she have a leadership position? But she couldn’t just tell them she was her sister.

Were they genuinely trying to help? Did she find someone who had a few scraps of decency left? For a second, Emma thought about what she saw this morning, before she… found Sabrina. There’d been a list of rules for pacifism, she guessed. Was there a chance that even someone like Fiyori could be genuinely helpful?

Her facial features softened at the thought. But they hardened a second later.

No, they couldn’t. Some part of her wanted it to be true. But, she couldn’t take that risk.

“She isn’t on that list.”

Emma gripped the gurney tighter.

“I’m sorry.”

She hoped that it was enough. Maybe they’d just walk away. But her eyes flicked towards the sword yet another time, just in case.

Family Reunion
Why were they looking for a bunch of killers plus… Bryony? Bryony was a shy girl who was artistic, Emma vaguely remembered. But did she kill too? But there was a theme to that list, and Emma didn’t like it. Why would Bryony be on that list if she wasn’t a killer?

Emma gripped the gurney tighter at the mention of Jae’s name. She’d seen him, all right, a few days ago. She… wished she didn’t. The memory of Lily’s broken body came back, and Emma grimaced at the thought.

She tried to think of a good response to that. Should she tell them that she’d seen Jae a few days ago? For all she knew, they’d decided to team up. Dot and Fiyori were both there to kill Isabel, weren’t they? And Dorothy… she’d been unstable. Horrible, even. Some part of her doubted Fiyori was any better.

Before Emma could answer, though, she got another question. Emma’s eyes flicked towards Sabrina for a second.

“Yes,” she snapped, before repeating in a quieter tone. “Yes. Is there a reason you asked?”

Even if her voice wasn’t as snappish, she still felt tense. She had no idea if Fiyori or Alba would do something, but it was safe to assume they would. But Emma’s eyes again, flicked, again towards the sword.

Family Reunion
The door opened, and Emma flinched and opened her eyes.

She turned her head, to see two people standing in the doorway to the Art Therapy room. She tilted her head some, trying to parse them out. They both appeared to be girls, but one was tall and slender. The other, however, wore her hair in a ponytail. Emma’s tired eyes looked them over. For a moment, she even wondered if she was hallucinating again. But, then it hit her.

It was Fiyori and Alba. Fiyori was a killer. She honestly didn’t remember anything about Alba on the announcements, but she got the impression that it may have come up. She didn’t know anymore. What’s worse was that they had guns. Alba was holding a rifle, and it looked like Fiyori may have had something too.

And Fiyori chuckled, while looking right at them. As if there was something funny about it.

Emma’s eyes flicked for a second towards the gurney. She’d left her sword and bag on top, next to Sabrina. It made things easier for her. Emma considered grabbing it for a moment, before letting her eyes dart back to the other two.

She kept her hands tight on the gurney, and her feet placed tightly on the ground. She felt herself grimace.

“W… what are you doing?” she began, but tried again. “What do you want?”

Her eyes flicked back to the sword.

Family Reunion
((Emma and Sabrina Luz continued from Deep Below Ground, Where Memories Sleep))

A long time ago, Emma had a sister.

They were close to a year apart in age, but they’d always been in the same grade. No one skipped or anything, but what happened was that they were close enough in age that the school system decided that they were in the same grade. Emma had been born in the fall, but Sabrina had been born over the summer. It’d always been slightly odd to some. She remembered once that someone thought Sabrina was her twin sister. But, because they were in the same grade, it did play a role in how close they were. They’d almost always ended up in the same class together growing up, and even when they went to Junior High, they still found themselves taking the same classes at the same periods. It was something a little odd to think about now, to be honest, but she couldn’t help but think.

Her memories got more and more distant, but she remembered them. She remembered that Sabrina liked Gordon Ramsay. Emma stopped in thought for a moment, to remember who exactly he was. He was the angry British chef, right? The one who shouted, and came up with creative if cruel insults. But he had somewhat of a reason to do that. He’d won countless Michelin Stars, so he probably knew what he was talking about. It wasn’t like Emma didn’t pay attention to what Sabrina liked, it was just… she wasn’t sure of what exactly she remembered and what happened anymore.

Sure, she could remember a few other things. Sabrina had always been worried about her after her diagnosis. When Emma collapsed in... Freshman year, she thought it was? When Emma collapsed, it’d changed a lot of things at home. But Sabrina had been there for her, even then. Sometimes, she’d feel a little guilty that she’d insist on doing things like driving. Emma had always been a bit stubborn, she had to admit. And, well, she did like her independence. But, on the other, looking back… she missed Sabrina.

She wanted to miss everyone.

A lot of people had become monsters over time. They’d become cruel, selfish, and unfeeling. Emma was ashamed that they were part of her school. At the same time, those memories, dim and distant and fading as they were, were still there. She remembered little things. Singing along to songs from Frozen after a concert, but she barely remembered the words. Discussing ways to improve the school with the rest of the student council, but she couldn’t remember what they talked about. But, she remembered. It didn’t make her feel better. It made her feel worse, and uncertain.

Was she any better, either? Even now, when she closed her eyes, she saw Keith. But he was acting suspiciously, wasn’t he?

As her footsteps got slower, Emma leaned against the gurney a bit more. Walking felt automatic. A few times she closed her eyes, only to realize she’d moved a few feet ahead.

She wanted to remember Sabrina. But each time she did, Sabrina’s alive, happy face was replaced by the bloodied, putrefying body in front of her, covered by sheets. She wanted to remember the rest of her family. Tina, Lizzie. She still wasn’t sure if she was ready to forgive Lily, or if she’d ever be able to. She wasn’t sure where exactly she was taking Sabrina. Emma had been hoping that the beach would be a good spot. It was a nice place, but she remembered what happened there.

She stopped. Her legs still felt weak. Her eyes felt heavy.

They were close to the entrance now. There was a sign to her left that said, “Art Therapy.” She’d seen that same sign on her way in. For a moment, Emma stared off into space.

She wondered if she could find the bodies of the rest of her family. She knew where Lily’s was, and if it turned out it wasn’t a danger zone, she could go get it. It’d be a matter of finding Lizzie and Tina, then. Maybe that’s what she should have been doing. Not wallowing in anger and wanting revenge, but instead putting everyone to rest.

Emma closed her eyes, letting herself rest for a moment. Taking Sabrina up the steps and then carting her around had taken a lot of out of her. It’d only be for a moment. She hoped that moment would be enough, and that no one would come across them.

Deep Below Ground, Where Memories Sleep
((Emma Luz continued from Late to the Party))
((Chronologically takes place before Talons. However, if it creates odd continuity situations, lemme know.))

For the past few minutes, Emma had tried to put her hair back into a ponytail. It’d felt uncomfortable and greasy, so she’d taken the elastic band out to comb it a bit. She didn’t have a brush, so she used her fingertips. It felt brittle and tangled to the touch, she’d noticed. It was kind of worrying. However, the worst part was trying to get the band back on. She’d stretched out her fingers and tried to feed the greasy, unkempt hair through the loop. However, her hands didn’t cooperate. Multiple times, it’d slip out of her finger tips because her hands got numb. Emma would slam her fists against her thighs to make them less numb, to no avail. Rinse, repeat. Eventually, she decided against tying her hair back, leaving her stringy strands to fall around her face.

Obviously, she wasn’t doing so well. Maybe sitting down next to the steps was a good idea. Her head still swam a bit, but at least she could think a little better right now. But not by much.

She decided to stand up after a while, and, after picking up her bag, looked down the steps. They were dark. Bag went down, flashlight went out, bag went back up. Sword in other hand. She still had a bit of power, so it’d be easier if she could see what’s down there.

Emma stepped down the stairs. Something about them seemed familiar.

Once she was at the bottom, it hit her.

This was where she started.

This was where she’d first woken up, and ran into Amanda, Lucilly, and Jaime.

Her knees shook when she realized. She distantly remembered that she argued for leaving it, because it wouldn’t do good if they hid somewhere that was dark, cold, and wet. And yet, she was back here. There was something funny about that.

The basement was still cold, damp, and smelled of mold. This time, however, a now familiar smell had been added. Emma took another deep breath, letting the stench enter her lungs. But, she stepped inside, the dim flashlight darting across the signs.

Water treatment, huh? Emma knew about hydrotherapy. Nowadays, it was an alternative treatment where you’d soak in water for a period. However, her dim memories of her Psych classes told her that in asylums they’d strap you in to a tub for several days, or spray you with cold water. The poster, the one of the lobotomy, was still up, still hanging in the corner of her eye. Combined with the sign that said, “Electroshock Therapy,” it was clear that they weren’t even the first victims here. Kind of odd to think about, that.

Another deep breath. She’d just quickly check to see if there were any supplies here, and then she’d leave. She didn’t think she’d find food or anything, but on the off-chance there was anything… well, she didn’t want to overlook it.

She stepped into the Water Treatment room, her boots squeaking from dampness. There was a body here, that she could see. Emma’s flashlight flicked across it. It was barely recognizable as a body, but it was a body. Was that a screwdriver sticking out of his socket? Emma frowned. It’d seemed like it’d been a while since he died, too. Whoever did it probably took everything by now. But, she had to keep looking. Maybe there’d be something here.

Emma gingerly stepped over the body, and trying not to pay it too much thought. Maybe she was right, and there was something here.

Sometime later, it was still no dice. Emma hadn’t found much. Just tubs, and the body lying on the floor, and water. It was larger than the other rooms, of course, so it meant that it’d take a while longer. After a while, Emma resorted to lifting some of the overturned tubs over to see if there was anything hidden underneath them. They were heavier, and Emma was already tired. She usually had to put her sword and flashlight down to do so. But, she managed to flip them on their sides, only to see nothing.

It was the fifth tub she finally saw something.

Emma’s skin turned white. She’d just stood there, holding the edge of the tub she’d turned over. Her lips tightened, her mouth grew dry. She’d seen plenty of dead bodies here, and over time the shock had worn off. She didn’t think it was possible for her to feel sick over them anymore. But she couldn’t. She… just couldn’t.

Emma stepped away. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her breath came in loud gasps. She put her hand to her mouth.

It was too much.

Emma leaned over the edge of one of the upright tubs, clutching the edge with an iron grip. What little food she’d eaten in the past few hours found itself floating in the murky water, the same one she’d considered risking drinking from. For what felt like a lifetime, the sound of loud sobbing filled the basement.

Eventually, it stopped.

Emma just stared into the water, unable to focus. But, a few minutes later, she picked up her sword and flashlight, and walked away. She knew what she had to do.

She’d kept her wrapped up in a bundle of sheets she’d found, so that she didn’t have to look at her face. Maybe it’d make things easier to transport as well, but she wasn’t sure. Emma had also gone upstairs for a moment, and found a gurney. She’d placed her bag and sword on top of it for a moment while she went to retrieve her. Make sure that she was out of here. For a brief second, Emma wondered if her things would be alright up there, but she had to focus on the task at hand.

Emma grabbed one end of the bundle, about where the legs were. And, slowly, she dragged the body away. Inch by inch, but it was progress. A few times, Emma had tripped a little bit, but she knew she had to get upstairs. She just had to.

The stairs were the worst part. Emma hated the thumping noises on the way up. It sounded disrespectful, cruel even. But she tried to grit her teeth through it.

Once the two of them were upstairs, getting her onto the gurney was the hardest part. It’d taken a few tries, to push her upwards, to make sure nothing was hanging off. Emma arranged her a bit, to make sure she wasn’t going to fall off or anything. Once she was certain that she was fully on the gurney, Emma grabbed the handle. But she stopped to look at the bundle.

This really was it, then. The last she’d see of her sister.

Her knees continued shaking. Emma closed her eyes for a moment, feeling fresh tears. She leaned forward on the gurney, unable to continue.

A minute later, the sound of rusted wheels filled the hallways.

((Emma and Sabrina Luz continued in Family Reunion))

V6 Nineteenth Rolls
Hey, I was wondering if I could get an extension?

I've been feeling unwell the past few days, and been trying to deal with IRL stuff. In addition, killing Keith took a little longer, so I'm going from one death scene to another. I do have a plan already, I just need to get things set up and then roleplay it out. I think four days will be safe, but hopefully I won't need it.

Late to the Party
Emma said nothing. Did nothing. Only watched as Keith pulled himself away. He struggled to get up, and slowly limped away. He left a trail of blood in his wake. Emma’s eyes locked on it instead, still feeling herself shake.

She attacked someone.

Was it an accident?

Did it matter?

Could she have followed him out? Finish the job so he didn’t have to die in pain? Do what she could do help him? But he could have attacked her, didn’t he? He reached out for the blade. He could have done worse. Much worse. She doubted many people here were safe to be around. For all she knew, she was right, and he had a weapon or something. But she’d still attacked him, didn’t he?

Emma felt dizzy. She sat down, placing the sword next to her.

Once again, she didn’t try to fight it. She slid to the floor, her limbs going loose, limp, and numb.

“Good morning all of you that are still alive and welcome to day ten of your adventure here!”

Emma lifted her head from the table with a groan. Day ten. It’d only been ten days. It felt like years. But it was actually just over a week. It was weird to think of it like that. As she rubbed her face, the announcement continued.

Dorothy and Jae had struck again. Two girls for Dorothy, one boy for Jae. The boy who Jae killed, he was the one who… eliminated Jaime, wasn’t he? Emma wasn’t sure how to feel about that.

She wasn’t sure how to feel about another thing. Dorothy died afterwards. It was like God had come down and decided she had to die. Emma still hated her. Her and Jae. In a sick way, her choking was justice. It didn’t make up for Lily, though. Even if Lily had-

Emma clenched her fists.

One more thing. Alessio was dead, too. Apparently, he shot someone, but he got stabbed in turn. It had to have happened after she left. It wasn’t Serena or Matt, though. It was two completely different people. Emma had no idea what happened exactly after she left, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to know.

The announcement clicked off.

Emma sat at the table, still trying to process the information. Then, she whispered those words for what felt like the thousandth time.

“Whatever happens, happens.”

She closed her eyes. She opened them again when she realized something.

Keith wasn’t on the announcement. That meant that he was still alive, wasn’t he? Emma’s eyes darted to her first aid kit. She’d taken it earlier. Maybe an hour ago? She didn’t really know how quickly time passed here. She’d cleaned the sword, but she didn’t clean up the blood on the floor. To be honest, she wasn’t sure if she could. A few times, she was uncertain whether the encounter with Keith really happened. It was strange, but it felt a bit like cleaning it would be removing the proof that it happened. But it did, didn’t it? She felt the blade go in.

She touched her forehead again. Still dizzy.

Aiden Slattery
Alice Baker
Ty Yazzie?
Danny Brooks
Brendan Harte
GLD ; )
Kiziah Saraki
Lili Williams

Emma’s hands touched the names. She recognized all of them. It wasn’t at all old. Someone carved them in, but for what purpose, she had no idea. But it was a list of classmates. Emma was sure of it. A hit list? No, didn’t look like it. Well, maybe it was. The last few names seemed “fresher,” like they had been carved into the wood somewhat later. Some of them had been crossed out, too.

She remembered Danny. It felt like a dream, or someone else’s memory, but she remembered that Health class, with him, Jeremy, and Haley. Was Haley here? Emma had no idea, and it was another question she didn’t want to know the answer to. She distantly remembered that Danny had died a few days ago. How did it happen? Isabel? Or was it Nancy? Or Kimiko? Did it matter?

A short while later, she found the posters. They were hard to miss, even if she did earlier. The word “SEX,” along with the bright colors, drew the eye a bit. There were about ten of them, some barely visible outside, two hanging on the walls inside. Some of them were more crude and childish, others were more organized, for lack of a better phrasing.

Emma stared at one that’d been hung on the wall. By the looks of it, it was a list of rules. Alessio had said this was a safe zone, didn’t he? She didn’t believe him, since she knew what he’d done. Did he really put this much effort into a ruse like this? Carve names, make posters? Or… was he telling the truth? There really was a group of people here, who were… safe? But was that even possible at this point? And why would he tell her about that?

Her eyes flicked towards the puddle of blood. Keith’s blood, probably. There appeared to be more elsewhere, but she wasn’t certain it was his. It seemed older. Keith’s, however, still shown in the dim lighting. She walked over, kneeled, and placed her fingertips on top of it in thought. When she lifted her hand back up, her fingertips came up red with coagulating blood.

She remembered that, a long time ago, there’d been a puddle of blood on the floor of the wards. Was it when they first got here? Maybe. Lucilly had run away, and Amanda had to find her. So, it’d been just her and Jaime, talking and looking out for the injured person.

“We never found out whose blood that was,” she whispered to herself.

It was such a long time ago. It was funny she was thinking of that, now. Maybe the whole image of fresh blood brought the whole thing back. Emma stared at her dripping fingers, then looked back at the table with the names on it, then the posters.

A raw feeling came up in her stomach. Emma stood up. She suddenly didn’t feel comfortable being here anymore. She wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was the blood, the posters, the names. But it reminded her of something she didn’t like.

Emma wiped the blood off on her jeans, and walked over to her bag. She slammed the first aid kit into it, and with a few tries, zipped the bag back up. The strap went over her shoulder, and the sword went into her hands. She slammed open the doors she’d come in from. The body was still there. Despite better judgement, she turned her head to look at it.

Her. Kiziah. Kizi. Emma’s features softened. She hadn’t realized her features had been hardened. She was a nice girl, wasn’t she? They’d been friendly. Her name was one of the ones listed. Had the game changed her, too? Probably. She might not have been as nice as she was back home. A new thought clicked. Was this Kizi’s idea? Someone else’s? Again, why would Alessio tell her about it?

Emma leaned forward to take a better look at her, then looked away. Slowly, she stepped further into the hallway. For a moment, she looked back at Kizi. Still motionless, still dead. Emma looked past her, and snapped her head forward.

She could have sworn that she saw a familiar pair of yellow eyes in the darkness.

((Emma Luz continued in Deep Below Ground, Where Memories Sleep))

Late to the Party
A new emotion bubbled to the surface. It wasn’t suspicion, like how she felt when he came in. It wasn’t frustration, like how she felt when he dodged answering her questions. But it was equally unpleasant all the same.

Keith collapsed to the floor. A fresh feeling of nausea hit as Emma realized. She hit him. She had no idea how bad it was, but the dim beam cast by his dropped flashlight showed that there was a lot of red seeping from the blow. Emma knew a cut like that could be dangerous. Depending on how deep it was, it could cause an infection, or organ damage. It could cause shock, too. Point was, Keith was injured, and worse, Emma wasn’t sure how bad it was.

And worse still? She had no idea what to do about it. On one hand, he was acting suspicious and unhelpful. On the other, he was still hurt, and she was the one who did it. Emma stared at the wound, her eyes wide open. Could she apply first aid? Could she make him leave, even with his injury? Could she even… finish the job?

That feeling came back. It reminded her of Mabes, of the seagull, of Alessio. Emma gulped. Her throat felt a little dry.

She took another step backwards. Her eyes flicked to the sword, still in her hands. It gleamed a matching dark red in the dim light. Her heart pounded in her ears, her breathing seemed to go faster and faster. She’d attacked him, but she had no idea where to go from here.

“I… didn’t…” she started, but couldn’t finish.

Like Keith, it wasn’t helpful. ‘Didn’t’ what? Mean to? Want to? Want to be here? Trust you? But she kept the grip on the sword tight. Maybe it was better to finish the job, maybe he was still capable of attacking.

She didn’t know anymore.

Late to the Party
That wasn’t a good answer. “Surprised” him? What on earth was that supposed to mean? It only made Emma shake more, only made her seethe more. Only made her tenser. Her eyes narrowed. Keith was unhelpful, and suspicious, and didn’t bother to clear things up. He could have clarified, he could have done anything.

Then Keith did it.

Suddenly he was right in front of her. Suddenly his hand darted.

It happened too quickly. Emma felt herself flinch backwards. She felt herself swing the blade.



She felt one more thing. It was the blade connecting.

V6 Nineteenth Rolls

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. X_X

Personally, I would love it if Emma made it to next announcement, largely because of what's going on in her current thread. There's also one more thing I want to do with her before I end her story, but I could quickly do it leading in to her death scene if I'm speedy enough. If you're enjoying the weirdness I've been doing with her lately, feel free to drop a hero!

I'd also like death pitches, just in case she doesn't, so feel free to send me ideas as well.

Late to the Party
“You didn’t what?” Emma snapped again.

Obviously, she knew who killed Lizzie. Isabel did. Lily apparently… helped. So, it wasn’t like Keith did it. But again, the fact that he brought her up rose some alarms. Why would he? It didn’t make any sense, and the fact that he “didn’t” wasn’t a helpful answer. “Didn’t” could mean all sorts of things. Did he do something after all? Did he not do something he should’ve?

The sword shook harder.

"Tell me, what didn’t you do? A-answer me.”

For a moment, Emma tried to make her face straight again, only for her lips to curl and tighten. She inhaled again, making a seething noise as she exhaled. He’d better explain. Emma wasn’t fond of him dancing around it.

Taking Requests for Character Art
Hey, I was wondering if you could do Jennifer Wallace? She's one of the V6 ones you haven't done yet.

What she looks like!

Thanks. These are cool. <3

Late to the Party
Okay, so he hadn’t seen him? Maybe? Was he telling the truth? No Alessio, ever? Well, he did mention Fiyori. Who did Fiyori kill again? She was one of the people who killed Isabel, wasn’t she? Did she kill anyone else? Emma was drawing a blank. On one hand, Emma still felt relieved that Isabel was gone, as strange as it felt when she heard the news. On the other, Dorothy had been one of them, too, and…

Emma tensed up at the thought. Even more than she already did.

But something got her attention. She raised her head a bit more.

“What about her?” she asked.

Her voice came out snappish. It was strange that he brought her up specifically. She’d lost friends, cousins, a sister. Lizzie had been important to her, of course. But something was up, if he had something to say about her in particular.

Late to the Party
Emma tilted her head again.

“That wasn’t what I was asking,” she said. “I was asking about… did you see him? That’s what I’m asking. I didn’t say anything about you… hanging around him?”

That response was very specific, as if he thought that was what the question was. As if he had to defend himself for some reason. Why, she didn’t know. It was an odd response, and one Emma didn’t like. It was, again, too specific, but it didn’t truly answer the question. Was he avoiding it?

“Let me ask again: did you see anyone?”

She hoped that this wasn’t a part of some trap Alessio or someone else had set up. It didn’t seem like anyone was here, other than her and Keith. Why would Alessio and Keith do something together? Still no idea. There was an off-chance he’d been ordered to go here too, but she didn’t know. But she inhaled inward, waiting for his response. The sword continued to shake in her hands.

Late to the Party
Emma’s lips tightened.

“Of… course. I see…”

Once again, too vague. On one hand, she didn’t have that many places to be, either. She just came in here because… she was tired, she guessed. “Tired” wasn’t anything new for her, but it was a reason why she came in here. Alessio told her to come in here, too. To be honest, she thought it’d been a bad idea. She had no idea why Alessio wanted her here specifically. Was it a trap of some sort? But how would he trap someone that way? Emma honestly didn’t want to be here, but again, she was tired, and took the first place that seemed like a good spot to rest without realizing. So, she wandered in here, and… only just realized she followed what he said anyways.

The sword shook in her hands. It wasn’t just the weight.

“Have you… did you see anyone else?”

She tilted her head to the side for a moment. Although she thought it might have been a risky thing to do, she took a few steps forwards. Her legs felt like they were limp.

Emma took a gulp. She looked over his face. It was too dim for her to make out his expression.

“Alessio, maybe?”