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Gender-Sexuality Census
Heads up! RC and I are working on a series of charts in gsheets, listing data like gender, sexual identity (if specified), ethnicity, birthplace, and other details. So anything you say here will probably end up there. It's getting closer to completion, so expect to see it soon in its own thread.


Junko is explicitly stated to be openly pansexual. She grew up with same-sex parents, and as a result is more familiar with the idea of being attracted to someone of her own sex/gender. She came out as bi at a pretty young age, but later changed her identity to pansexual after learning of it and feeling it applied to her more. Sex/gender simply isn't an issue for her personally when it comes to sex or romantic partners.

Ems is a bit trickier. I know for a fact she likes dudes, but I'm not certain on the exact specifics. I've been toying with the idea that she might be ace/demi in some way, actually. Officially, Emma is a little awkward when it comes to sex/dating. You can see a bit of this in the sex ed thread. There's other things related to this, too; for example, Emma is described as busty, but doesn't like wearing things that draw attention to it. I'm pretty sure that she's the only one out of the trio who isn't sexually active. I'm not sure if she's even been kissed. As a result of her awkwardness, Emma doesn't consider it a high priority to have a boyfriend or have hook-ups any time soon, and she's actually mostly okay with that (at most, she's like "I've never had a boyfriend before. Is that weird?"). However, I still don't see her as a particularly sexual person even if she were to feel more comfortable with sex/romance/her body. So, I have an idea about how she feels about this sort of thing, but I keep flip-flopping on whether she's ace, demi, or simply not ready to tackle that part of herself yet. She likes dudes emotionally, though. I also don't mind retconning her as bi/pan in the future, either, adding to all the confusion. For now, you can list her as "heteromantic asexual," since I think that fits closest with what I have in mind.

In contrast. Jennifer is more straightforward. She's heterosexual, yeah. She's had a few boyfriends here and there. Like Emma, I could easily retcon her to be bi/pan, but for now, I head-canon her to be hetero. Enough said.

Sadly, all of my girls are cis. I've toyed around with writing trans/non-binary characters in the past, but I've never felt like I could do the concept justice. I've learned a lot about these issues over the years, and a lot more than when I first joined the site. Someday I'll give you guys a trans/non-binary character.

I Know What My Fortune Is
Junko had sat back down, but a few seconds later she felt a hand on her shoulder. At first, she thought it was Darius, back to terrorize once more. Junko turned her head, and-

Nope, it was a completely and utterly pissed off Maria Cuccinotta, and… Junko didn’t invite her? Really? She invited tons of people who would be interested in going to a bonfire instead of the space dance ugly woman race thing. Let’s see… she knew Haley expressed interest. Cris, too, actually. Maybe if he’d show up, Junko could put him on “Darius Wrangling Duty.” Didn’t he have an on-off thing with Raina nowadays? She doubted that even if they were in the “off” stage, he’d appreciate him hugging her while singing. No, scratch that, singing in a language that Junko was sure Darius couldn’t actually speak. Anyways, how did Maria not get invited?

“What are you talking about? I remember sending people messages about it”, Junko said, frowning.

Maybe it got eaten somehow? Or maybe she’d genuinely forgotten. Wouldn’t be the first time, really. For either. Junko’s brain sometimes couldn’t take too many things at once, and sometimes robots decide to rebel by losing shit. She guessed Maria found out through word of mouth instead, and that’s how she managed to show up. That was good. It’d suck if someone missed out because of the host’s faulty memory or faulty technology.

Before Junko could deal with Maria any further, Johnny showed up. Junko was cool with him, though he had a reputation. It was known by pretty much everyone that Johnny had a talent for things suddenly disappearing whenever he went to parties. She’d have to keep an eye on him. Maybe Fiyori, too. There wasn’t too much they could steal that would be that bad, except maybe the skewers? Well, she had her phone and a small bag of weed on her, but they’d have to reach into her pocket or something. Maybe there was something huge she was missing, but you know. Maybe she could do a quick pat-down before they left? No idea.

Junko nodded towards Johnny. A second later, she heard someone introduce Maria and Johnny to “his” party. She didn’t even have to turn her head to know that Darius had come back. Wow. How drunk do you have to be to think that you were hosting someone else’s party? Did they have to kill each other for the title of “host” like Game of Thrones? Did they do that in that show? She’d never watched it. All she knew was that there was a lot of murder and rape and plotting and incest, based off how people describe it to her. You know, all the fun things royalty does to each other. Oh, and there was something called a “Red Wedding” that her Facebook feed was freaking out about. Apparently a bunch of people got stabbed? Anyways!

As Johnny gave Darius a cig, Junko put a grin back on.

“As you can see… we’ve got some pretty good entertainment this evening. You just missed the part where he sung a bunch of things and tried to hug Raina.”

Small steps can take you great distances
Emma put a finger to her cheek in thought.

“Well… there’s some stuff we still need to go over. I’ll elaborate more once the meeting starts, since not everyone is here yet.”

The meeting went well. They got plenty of things sorted out! There was a DJ who usually did music for the dances. He’d already said that he had time in his schedule to show up, so that was good. “Cosmic Space Adventure” also seemed pretty easy to find decorations for. Planets, stars, spaceships, aliens, and astronauts. She was pretty sure that they could find good space things with a quick look through a party store and the school’s storage. It’d be more affordable and more practical, as well. “Space” wasn’t the only theme that had been tossed about for Sadie Hawkins this year, of course. Emma had been particularly fond of “Secret Mission.” Basically, it was a bit of a James Bond, secret agent theme. Though, she had personally suggested “1980s theme.” You see, she was thinking of Back to the Future, and, well, her mind went to “80s.” However, when they discussed it some time ago, everyone had agreed that “space” was the way to go. So “space” it was! It should be nice, seeing the gym made to look like something out of science fiction.

Come to think of it, another perk of “Cosmic Space Adventure” was that you could match the music to the theme pretty easily. For example, the Men in Black song! That wouldn’t be too bad as a song on the suggested playlist. Maybe Ariana Grande’s “Break Free”? If only for the video. That had a space theme, she knew.

Once the meeting was officially over, Emma noticed that there was a bit of an ache in her arms and legs. It didn’t help that her head felt a little weird, too. She otherwise felt okay, but she needed to stretch a bit, and probably head straight home afterwards. Her body was giving her all the signals that she needed to lay down.

As Emma left, red folder in hand, she thought about what Conrad and Bridgette said. She probably could tone it down a bit this time, but still. She could at least help set up the decorations. No ladders, of course, but tablecloth, moving a few things around in the gym? She could do it. Emma wasn’t happy until she was doing something. Of course, she could take it easy for the dance proper. If everything’s set up and there’s nothing else to be taken care of, she could go with a big smile on her face.

((Emma Luz continued elsewhere. If there’s anything here that needs changing, lemme know))

Suddenly, a Relationship Thread
Bumping this up. Why? Because Jennifer is actually in the queue now.

Enjoy! I don't mind some last minute stuff with her or the other two, by the way.

How do you feel about your weapon?
I object to 'this belongs in a museum' not being 10.



How do you feel about your weapon?
I'm happy with both of my kids' weapons thus far!

The barbed wire's a little trickier, but it's definitely workable for playing around with. The bat, though, is a pretty good draw. I still have a third character that I haven't submitted yet, but hopefully I will. And maybe she'll get something nice too!

Introduction Thread
Hey Zetsu!

You're just in time! Rostering started a few days ago, but we're still open for submissions! Feel free to check out the wiki and the mini, if you haven't already.

I will draw your character...
Thanks so much. Junko looks great. Blair does, too! I agree with Slam that it's stylish and straightforward. X3

I Know What My Fortune Is
Wow. Darius really turned into a weeb when he was drunk, didn't he? To be fair, it was kind of funny, seeing him mangle Vocaloid songs while drunk. In a way. Junko still had to cringe internally at the poor... everything. The way he utterly destroyed the Japanese language. The way he pushed away Michael's attempt at calming him down, like it was some terrible dish he'd served. The way that he kept doing the exact same thing that got a beer can thrown at him. Was it possible to feel secondhand embarrassment for someone? Probably. Junko looked around her to see if someone had ended up recording this on their phones or something. How would she feel about that? Well, mixed feelings, to be honest. On one hand, they'd go viral. On the other, she didn't want Officer Brand to come knocking at her door because of a wild teen party on Yout-

... She just realized Darius had tried to troll her earlier. How... could she miss that?

But Raina and Wayne were going to step away for a bit. Darius, too, though it looked like he was doing something different. At first Junko thought he was going to bug them more, but then Michael spoke up. Oh, pissing, right. That unholy mixture of booze and caffeine needed to come out someday.

"Eh. I'm glad that the whole... 'Mr. Groves would be mad at you philistines' thing didn't move on to No More Heroes songs, if anything", Junko said. "Though, 'I'm a Little Teapot'? At this rate..."

Junko smiled, but she looked towards the direction the singing continued. If it turned out they were giving him ideas, well, this night would just keep on getting better. She guessed it was pretty good entertainment for the evening, at least for Michael.

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know
The corners of Emma's mouth pulled into a small smile. Danny said he was alright, but it was the sort of thing people said when they didn't want to draw attention to themselves. He seemed to look less embarrassed, though.

Her smile stopped when Jeremy spoke again. That was a joke. She knew Jeremy enough to realize that it was. But the second he finished giggling, the banana had slipped out of her fingers and spun gently on the table.

The numbness left her wrists quickly, but she felt the blush return just as fast.

Emma didn't want that mental image of her... of the banana... no. Dang it, Jeremy. Again, it was a joke, but she didn't want to think about that. She didn't want to think about that at all! She heard a giggle from Haley, but Danny had that look again.

While she didn't realize it, Emma looked just as horrified.

"Err... yeah..." she said, hesitancy in her voice. "D-don't make jokes like that."

She tried to smile again. Tried. Gosh. She really shouldn't be so... just a joke, she reminded herself. Dang it. Jeremy, why?

I will draw your character...
Junko? : D

V6 Roll Call
Junko and Emma are still going on the trip. Jennifer probably will, too, if I get off my butt long enough to finish her profile.