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New V5 Reduced Activity Notices

I've been sick on and off recently, so apologies if you're in a thread with me or were waiting for me to reply to a PM. I'm still feeling "eh", but I'm doing better. It's nothing big.

Pool Slingshot
Junko stopped again, treading water to see-

Was this shit for real?

Junko knew that what she just saw wasn’t something her brain made up. But did Jerry just get into another crash? This time it was the swim team girl, Mia. In some ways, Junko admired Mia. She was dedicated, damn it. They never talked much, but she was supposed to be really good at swimming. Cheerleading and apparently BMX, too. Of course Junko would approve.

She didn’t approve of Jerry being the crash monkey for today, though.

At least she had a sense of humor about it. Junko tried to stifle a laugh. Tried. But it only lasted a few seconds. She laughed anyways. Okay, Mia, you win. That was actually pretty damn funny.

It was like a game of dominos, wasn’t it? Pretty soon Mia would crash into someone else, and they’d crash into… dunno, Nadia, and it’d all loop back to her. No, not dominos, then. A cycle. A cycle of crashing while swimming. Even if someone could have drowned, it was still funny to her.

Once she was done laughing, she said:

“Let’s not crash any more, ‘kay?”

She still smiled, though.

I need some ol' buddies ol' pals!
Even though it seems like they'd like each other, I actually think Junko would be pissed off by Michael's antics. She's a crude, jokey lady herself, but make any racial jokes and you'll be toast. In a lot of ways, though, they're not too far from each other. Junko likes horror video games (she likes action games the best, though horror's also high up there), and, to be honest, I actually briefly wondered if I should give Junko a passing interest in motorbikes, due to her personality. She's also openly pansexual with same-sex parents, so she'd be sympathetic towards the issues with his sexuality if she ever found out. I do think she'd tease him about the whole "pretending to be from New Jersey" thing if it ever falls apart, though.

So, to be honest, it could go either way. He could be an enemy of Junko's, or they could be frenemies (which seems to be a trend with her). I do think, though, they could bounce off each other easily.

What are your thoughts?

Hello I would like friends please
Hey Frogue!

I've been wondering for a while, but do you think Georgia Lee and Emma could have some kind of dynamic?

Emma's kind, outwardly upbeat, and extroverted, but she's also super-ambitious and takes stuff like school seriously. She's a studious, academic type, and is involved in the student council. I'm getting the feeling that she would be at least friendly towards Georgia Lee? Ems is a senior, but perhaps they've interacted in, say, study hall or a mixed class (like an elective?). Alternatively, they could butt heads from time to time. Emma's nice, but... she can be stubborn.

Her profile's not up yet, but I've posted about her in my relationships thread. I also have a work-in-progress profile, and I could show you the current draft if you'd like.

V6 Questions Game
Question:What would you do if you were on SOTF?

Junko- *shrug* I dunno. I guess I'd fight to stay alive? It would suck if I were, though.

Emma- Oh. Oh gosh. I can't even... I'd play it safe. No escape attempts, no killing. Just off the radar. Maybe look for people like my friends or my family. Just... stay low, wait for help, try to stay alive.

Question: Do you have any plans for after high school?

V6 Siblings
Oh, I'd love to, once Emma's officially up and going!