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Par Course
"Well. Enjoy your game."

She didn't want to interrupt them any further. After all, they came here to play golf, not to chat with the employees, right? It was nice talking to them, really, but she was tired, and needed to go home and lie down. Plus, they had a game to play. It was going to be fun, she was sure, and she didn't want to be there to distract them.

Lana stood up, and gave another small smile.

"I'll see you two later. Hope it goes well."

With that, she stood up, and headed towards the exit.

A nice bath and a nap sounded great right now. Maybe a small snack. In any case, she might as well head home.

((Lana Torres continued in Stars and Bucks))

How I Spent My Suspension
((Alex Ripley continued from Cicada Nights))

Well, where was Sean?

They were supposed to meet up, of course. They had decided to go to The Castle after school, and play some games. But she couldn't find him. Hmmm... where would she look if she were Sean? Perhaps a fighting game?

Wait, she had a phone on her, and presumably Sean had one. She pulled it out, only-

Huh. He was right in front of her anyways.

She put it back in her pocket. Well, there he was. Genie was running up to him as well. She knew Genie. They went to band together, and she played the trumpet. So yes, she knew her. She was notably dedicated to the trumpet, that she knew. Alex didn't know her that well, though. Did Sean and her know each other well?

Alex began to jog forward towards the two.


And then she saw him, and stopped just nearby.


Alba was one of the last people she wanted to see right now. People like Alba were just awful. Actually, "awful" might not be the right word. "Horrible"? No, needs to be something more extreme. After all, there were plenty of despicable things about him. He treated girls like they were just places for him to park his dick for the evening, he bullied people, he had poor teamwork skills, and the list went on. Therefore, it wasn't surprising that Alex would dislike him. Especially after what happened with Kyran.

God, she felt the urge to just run up and... well, for lack of a better phrasing? Bitch him out. Dear god, did she want to! She pictured herself getting right into his face and pinpointing every little thing wrong with him as a human being.

She stood in silence, a visible scowl on her face.

Well, Sean had called out to him, so they were probably going to have to deal with him.

High Fashion, High Prices
Boning Jacob?

Well, that was a new one. Didn't know she was into werewolves. No no. Not at all. But seriously, was that a come back? She guessed it was, judging by the mention of Edward Cullen being outside with the rest of the harem.

But oh boy. Did that send Frank off.

It was kind of what she was hoping for, actually. She had realized it would set him off, so she said it. Simple as that. But it had become more... "effective" than she had intended.

He stormed right up to her, and vomited a bunch of obscenities. Miranda tried to continue smiling throughout the whole thing, but it was hard.

Being called a harlot who only thought with her pussy? Not a big deal. Getting called an overpriced cunt? Bad, but not horrible. But imply that her friends weren't real?


Oh fuck you. No seriously, fuck you.

That one hit more than it should have, especially since they did run off. But dear god. Say that again, Frank. She dared him. Dared. Him. Seriously, just... gah.

Miranda felt her teeth clench inside her barely remaining smile. Whatever. He was leaving anyways. Presumably Eliza was coming with. Oh good! Maybe they can do whatever! She felt like ripping off his head. Just... why?

As Frank left, Finn showed back up. He gave Eliza a further taunting, joking about how Frank left. Miranda felt her smile become a bit more genuine. Well, she could count on Finn, at least.

"You know, Lizzie, on second thought, you two are perfect together. Maybe the wedding reception can be one of those backy-vomit parties. He's a keeper, you know."

She could barely get that out. Just... she was still rather miffed about what Frank said.

Cicada Nights
((GMing approved. Sorry for the delay!))

At that moment, her phone went off.

"Excuse me."

Alex went inside, following the ringtone. Her bag was somewhere inside, and once she found it, she had to rummage a bit inside it to look for it. Dear god, where was it? It was buried deep within the confines of her bag, and-

There it was.

Alex pulled out the phone, only for it to stop ringing once she pulled it out. She frowned. Well, that always sucked when that happened! The screen told her it was Kyran.

Well, might as well call back then.

But just as she had that thought, the beeping sound for a text went off.

Kyran again. Apologizing for not showing up and to tell everyone else that he said hi.

Alex's fingers soared over the keys in the dark, replying. It honestly wasn't much of a problem for her; he was usually busy with work on Saturdays and-

Oh. Based on the text she got back after she sent that, he was grounded after the Alba incident. Alex felt herself frown again. Oh man, that had to suck. She knew about what happened; word got around pretty quickly. Apparently Alba and Kyran ended up fighting, and Gray ended up inciting a food fight. Alex never got the specifics, but Alba. Usually Kyran wasn't the type to do something like this, and Alba was... well, he wasn't exactly Mr. Nice Guy. Guy was a bully, a user of women, and god knew what else. The referee incident was still very fresh in many classmates' minds, even now.

Needless to say, Alex didn't like Alba.

Alex texted back, saying just how much that sucked and that she was sorry. But the next text from him revealed one more detail.

He wasn't going to prom.

The principal had forfeited his and Alba's rights, apparently. He was now banned from it.

Her fingers began to grip the phone.

God. Damn. It. Alba.

So now her buddy was kicked out of prom. Most likely because Alba was being stupid. It was an almost definite "yes" on the detail that Alba had been acting stupid.

A few more text exchanges, and Alex went back outside, phone still in hand.

"It's Kyran", she mumbled. "And needless to say, I kinda hate Alba right now."

Hate was an understatement.

((Alex Ripley continued in How I Spent My Suspension. If you want to GM her for little stuff, go ahead!))

Mimi's Sprite Station v2
Well, since one Virtua finalist is done and another's in the queue, may I toss in Katie Tanaka, please?

I described her outfit in her profile, but if you want further elaboration tell me! Thanks!

v5 Bitch Squad
Miranda's got nothing planned!

So she'd be perfect to get down and do stuff if anyone wants to do stuff. :3

High Fashion, High Prices
Oh heck.

Were all her friends really that... emotional? Because Mara just flipped out as well. This time, though, it was more explosive.

What kind of explosive? Well, she just shattered her own make-up case, made fun of Frank being chivalrous, and then smashed it all over him. Well, that was a creative use for make-up, she gave her that, but Miranda couldn't help but wonder how much that powder cost and what was its quality. If it was "very expensive" and "very good", Miranda would feel a little sad about that. Good make-up wasn't to be wasted that often. Though it was somewhat worth it, seeing that it now made Frank look like he stepped off the set of the Twilight movies.

She briefly noticed that Frank has visibly looked angry. It seemed as if either the glitter or what she said about chivalry had put a dent in him. But he continued.

Oh, look, a joke about how track team members run. Wow interesting. Thank you for pointing out that the track team runs, Frank, she never would have guessed, really. And she wasn't even bothering with the comment Eliza made about them taking off their outfits. Nope, not bothering.

Miranda had a feeling that this would have been a bad idea to begin with, when Stacey first called them out. But she joined in, and now she had to fight their battle for them. She sighed.

Frank just went on about how everyone was leaving and how they should push their luck. At that, Finn left, and Miranda almost facepalmed, if that was the right term. Really, so she was the only one who the barbs didn't do anything to at all?

Whatever, they were now going to the cashier, and Miranda turned around. Well, she came here to get some new clothes, didn't she? So she wasn't going to let this kind of crud stop her. She considered going out to look for the others, try to reassemble, but they were probably long gone by this point; it was probably a better idea to text them or something. She took another dress off the rack, and examined it. Light colored, sleeveless, a bit of a subtle, light pattern, slightly pleated at the skirt. Not too bad, though she wasn't enamored by it either. Miranda was quite picky about this sort of thing. Perhaps with the right accessories-

Oh, Frank was still here. He felt the need to tell her what a backy-whatever was. And, it was... partying bulimics. That didn't make much sense. So he doesn't want his mom to look like a bulimic party animal? How did that work? Miranda knew of a lot of looks you can go for, but she didn't know "bulimia" was one of them. Miranda raised an eyebrow.

Suddenly, she got an idea. He seemed rather ticked off about how Mara had insulted him. Either that, or it was the glitter. In any case... couldn't hurt.

Miranda looked over at Eliza, and said with a smile:

"Hope you like sucking Edward Cullen's cock. I think that's the only reason why he's nice to you."

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Well. Fuck.

Get that fat fucker, folks. He shoots bunnies. That asshole!

*struts away in her Playboy Bunny outfit all angrily-like* D:<