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My people need homies!
Yup Ciel yup!

I believe that you have contacted me about Miranda in the past. :3

My people need homies!
Alright, so this is the required relations thread for my characters!

Miranda Millers- She already arguably has a relations thread of her own, but I'll put her up here as well just in case there's any ideas you may have regarding her if you want rivalries and such.

Miranda's your basic "bitchy popular girl" type. Upper-class, tries to be fashionable, mean to people "beneath" her, and all that. So yes, she's a Mean Girl type. But... she's also kinda of neurotic; she gets stressed out easily and can be described as a bit of a perfectionist. In a way, she feels she needs to be one of the alpha bitches in order for anyone to like her, and thus you could argue that she has self-image issues, to an extent.

As for her interests, I'm thinking she's on the track team. She's probably not a star player or captain or anything like that, but she does enjoy the sport at the very least, often trying to keep herself healthy so she will be able to play (on that note, she's proudly straight-edge for this reason). She also has a secret obsession with anime and video games, which she doesn't want anyone to find out about simply because to her that's the very thing people make fun of. Miranda's a bit of a music nut as well; she doesn't play instruments or anything like that, but her knowledge of modern day music is decent.

It will also be likely that she will be a closeted lesbian, and has some emotional issues related to that. I will probably try not to make it the main focus of her character development, but I will acknowledge it in the storyline.

What Miranda needs aside from knowing who the Bitch Squad members are (already covered in that thread!) is enemies. Naturally, she's probably made a few people upset at her for her actions. I'm also thinking of having her have an ex-boyfriend, which basically someone said to them "You two should go out!" but the relationship failed spectacularly for any number of reasons. I do have some things planned out with other handlers regarding her already, but... feel free to ask if there's any ideas you have.

Alexandria "Alex" Ripley- That's right, her retooling is done. B)

Alex from a young age has been a bit of a science fiction nerd and proud. She's the kind of girl who would sit back and spend a good portion of her Friday night watching Star Trek and similar, or perhaps reading some Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Overall, she's a clear fan of science fiction, which is apparent if you ever even talk to her about what she likes. Lately she's been getting into the "steampunk" genre as well, which she finds quite delightful. She is also a big fan of law procedural shows such as Law and Order and CSI. She knows they're ridiculous, but can't help but enjoy them.

She was one of those people who from a young age knew what she wanted to be, and that was to be in law enforcement. She has alternated from what kind of law enforcing job she wants to be- such as lawyer, policewoman, or judge- but in the end she decided that she wanted to be a detective when she grew up. Alex spends much of her time reading up on laws and what she needs to get the job, in the hopes of brushing up her knowledge. As for her view on law enforcement, she arguably has a more idealistic view about the topic than she realizes. She believes full-heartedly that laws are there for a reason, and breaking them is unjust. For this reason, she has trouble picturing herself breaking any kind of rule, even simple ones that aren't even that important. In addition, she has a passionate nature; she has a tendency to defend her ideals about anything, and if they are argued against she tends to get frustrated, mostly in the form of arguing back.

Otherwise, however, she's a friendly and nice kid, a bit on the energetic side. Alex probably isn't in any way popular, but she does make friends easily. She's the kind of person who'll call you up and invite you to go to the cinema with her to watch some science-fiction film or another. She has a bit of cleverness to her than she looks, in that she tends to consistently get good grades, remembers what the material is about long after it was finished, and tends to figure things out somewhat quickly. Overall, while not the brightest person at school, she has her moments of intelligence.

Due to her parents' influence (read: making her sign up for music classes when she was younger in the hopes of getting her into music), she plays the saxophone in the school band, and it's not her favorite thing in the world. Regardless, she does try to practice and probably is on good terms with at least some of her band mates. Whenever the topic comes up, Alex has a self-depreciating humor to what she has to say about the world of school bands, such as poking fun at marching band outfits.

Lately in her spare time she fools around on roleplaying sites, mostly relating to her interest in science-fiction/steampunk. She doesn't consider herself a good roleplayer, and in fact, if we ever see her roleplaying posts in any way, shape, or form, I just may put it into "stylistic suck" territory. One of the most common characters she tends to pull out is one named Jackie Ripper, who she has all but admitted it's a self insert (both have interest in law enforcement, apparently similar appearance, the name (Ripper/Ripley)...).

What she needs is friends, mostly. She's a member of the buddy group, though she's still up for stuff. It's not too far out there for her to have enemies as well. Note that I still do have a basic idea for her character arc in game, though I'm letting it be flexible just in case someone wants to join in on her in-game antics. Other than that, toss ideas at me!

Lana Torres- Ever since she was a child, Lana has suffered from congenital hearing loss. She's not entirely deaf, mind, but certain distances and pitches she has problems with. Despite this, she's kind of a sporty, athletic type, who there will be a good chance she'll be on the wrestling team (note that yes, I did the research, and most sources say that it's currently illegal to prevent people with disabilities from playing sports unless they present a clear danger, before you ask IC or OOC. XD). Overall, she's a bit of a tomboy. She has a mild fondness for yo-yos, oddly enough, and likes showing off tricks to people.

She's also a furry. Haven't decided what her fursona is still, if she even has one. Lana's not into yiffing nor has ever worn a fursuit, before you ask. She's relatively new to the fandom, actually. But she does show a genuine interest in it. She's also a bit of a writer, but she doesn't consider herself any good.

Another interest she has is activism. Mostly disability rights, but she's also a bit of a feminist as well. As far as personality goes, she's a little determined and wants to prove herself to others. She dislikes being seen as helpless; while she is aware that she does need accommodations for her condition from time to time, she doesn't like people trying to help her when she feels she doesn't need help or things like that. Lana does get easily frustrated by things overall, but for the most part she's pretty quiet and minds her own business most of the time; she's the kind of person who will go out to hang out with her friends, only to not say anything until 15 minutes in while everyone else is happily chatting away. So yes, mostly an introvert who won't be chatting your head off, but not completely friendless.

So yeah! She needs people too. As far as her social group, she's most likely to hang out with other athletes/sporty types. I can see people being concerned for her for obvious reasons, of course, but she won't like it if they feel she needs help with every little thing. I can see her getting into arguments with others as well, and not just about her condition obviously, so it's possible that she has a few enemies. Not sure what else she needs, so yeah!

Any ideas for this crazy lot?

Obligatory "Friends and rivals" request thread.
All I can say is...

Miranda Millers? Will NOT like Krilacia for her antics, simply on principle. Trust me.

Seriously, I can see her being all "oh this chick again -_-" whenever they're "on-screen" together. It would actually be kind of funny if she ended up getting groped out of nowhere now that I think of it, considering Miranda's part of the "in" crowd and is a closeted lesbian.

But yes. I can see Miranda disliking her, even just for the slut/grope-y factor alone. XD

V5 Pregame Location
Can we have the Space Needle as an area? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

*puppy eyes!*

Overall I approve of this. Seattle sounds awesome. : D

v5 Bitch Squad

So that's five members of the Bitch Squad. Yes, counting the wannabe. B)

And yes, that's what I've been calling it. Feel free to call it that yourself. XD

I'll probably add their names to the first post, just so we know who's part of the group.

Wrestling team


I am considering Lana Torres to be on the wrestling team. If that's alright with everyone. O_O

Altering the Deal
No Aaron.

Aaron what. What are you doing.

He was checking it out himself. She had offered to go look herself, but she didn't want others to run off. Too dangerous. Aileen could handle herself fine. She was technically a murderer, after all, and after that dilemma should be the one to go.

But before she could protest, off he went.

Aileen sighed. Okay, so he was going to run off to look for the noises. He better keep safe, no matter whether they were real or not.

It seemed like forever until Aaron came back.

Aileen had sat around in a daze, looking around. She had an urge to flip through Aaron's notebook, just to see what he had been writing this entire time, but for the most part it lay untouched.


There was nothing.

And Aileen's hopes were dashed.

Was it really a lie, then? Just something that some jerkwad was doing? Or did Aaron not see it? Did they miss out on it? That would have been horrible if they had missed out on it. In any case, the idea of no rescue boats seen meant... well, their chance to go home either was gone or non-existent.

And so, Aileen looked down, feeling herself tremble a bit. She... really wanted to go home. And that moment, that moment of brief joy? Was the only time she felt happy since she came here. After all the idea of finally making it home seemed too good to be true.

So as DuClare and Aaron talked, Aileen continued staring at the ground, fists clenched. She could here DuClare asking what Aaron had planned to build, anyways. Oh, that thingy. It had better be good, because...

"Guys, this better work no matter what it is. I'm not in the mood to make another fucking death trap", she said, in a low voice.

In all honesty, she wasn't that emotionally invested in whatever Aaron wanted to make. What happened earlier was still going to stick with her, honestly. Just... the thought that within the next few hours she'd be on her way home. Everyone would be on their way home.

Bummer? Oh you bet. She wasn't the type to use that word, and frankly it seemed like an understatement. But somehow it fit.

V5 Relationship Chart
I like this idea!

As noted, it would be difficult. However, it would be a quick and easy way to see who is connected to who, you know?

Overall I approve.

The School Band
Ah! I said in the concepts thread that I would be interested in Alex Anderson participating (still going to call her that until I can figure out what to change her name to, by the way).

I'm not entirely sure what instrument she plays yet. I was thinking sax as well, but I haven't come to an official decision.

The V4 List
Oh! One more discarded weapon that wasn't in there!

The crowbar. It was hidden inside the carousel at the Fun Fair (specifically, under the bench of one of the "carriage" parts) by Chase at the end of "Later, Buddy".

So yeah. There's that unless someone took it and I didn't notice.

v5 Bitch Squad
So, I said in the concepts thread that I'll put this up when the forums for v5 pre-game are open, but since we're now putting up discussion/planning threads in here already, I might as well start it.

But, what's the status of the "bitch squad" of v5? After all, a fair amount of concepts are popular girls, and we were discussing having a "bitch clique"/"in-crowd" thing going in chat a while back. So, who here has a bitchy mean girl type who would like being part of a bitchy mean girl group? Anyone?

Just post here.

Annnnnnd I'll start!

I myself have Miranda Millers, who fits the description. Before you ask, I honestly don't see her being the "leader" of the group, actually. If you ask me, I feel that we should just roleplay it out to figure out dynamics overall.

So, bitches? Anyoooone?

Miranda Millers
Katarin "Kat" Tolstoff
Finn Grant
Stacy Mordetsky
Amaranta Montalvo
Tessa Blackridge
Jamie Snicket

Unconfirmed (has not said whether they still want in)
Sophie's character (name?)
Winston Evans (honorary member?)
Andrea Martinez
Leanne B (?)
Allegra Hoffman (?)

Retired (characters have been decided against)
Kara Caplan
Cara Howard
Jessica Lik
Caroline Quick

Introduction Thread
'Ello Widey! Welcome welcome!

Don't worry about being a perv. Pretty much everyone here is a perv in some way or another. Trust me, one day you will be shipped in some way with someone/thing else.

Check out the newb guide written by KillerVole. It's a masterpiece that will teach you a lot of things. And come play with us in chat as well! We don't bite. Much. : D

Oh and there's the Mini too!

SOTF: Arena (Game ON!)
You know what?

I. Am. In.


Project: Wiki
We're going to have to add v5 characters once it comes up, along with v2 and v1 people.

Personally, I'm of the "customization" camp. I believe most handlers see their handler pages as "their own little place", and would like to have some leeway with what they write on it. I myself enjoy my page. But! I agree that they need "basic" information that is readily accessible (such as characters they wrote). After reading this thread, I admittedly updated my handler page like... a few minutes ago, so it reflected more about me as a writer/handler on SOTF than things you really don't care about such as my sleeping habits (I probably didn't do a good job, though. Maybe later I'll work on it some more). But! I like the template idea. After all, the point of the pages is to give information about handlers, after all. As much as I like the Bad Romance in Dom's page, for example, once you get down to it it doesn't tell us anything about him other than he likes Bad Romance. No offense, Dom. It would be nice to have an idea of what role they play in SOTF in an easy spot, you know? Like, who they wrote, whether they are a handler or a mod, and so on.

Overall, I agree with the idea of important stuff being in there, along with the silliness. It is a wiki page, after all, and it needs important stuff. But at the same time a lot of handlers like that individuality. Templates fix this quite wonderfully, as they can reduce clutter within seconds. And at the same time we can still have fun with whatever silliness we put in there. How does that sound?

V5 Concepts Thread
Minor update:

I may be retooling Alex Anderson a bit in the future. She as a concept doesn't resonate to me as much as the other two. So, there might be some changes, both minor and major.

This includes:

-A name change! I was fond of the name Alexandria 'Alex" Anderson... until I remembered that there was a Hellsing character with a similar name. Seriously. This is like the time I accidentally named a character after a real life football player without realizing it. Only, though, I don't watch football, but I've seen Hellsing. So, the first time it was just "lolol" the second it was all "INEXCUSABLE! How could you forgot about him?", especially since I'm a weeaboo who likes Hellsing, as noted. So! There's a good chance I'll be changing her name before her profile comes up. Keeping the name Alex, but her last name will be the part changed. I'm fond of the initials A.A., so it'll most likely be something starting with an A. Why does this matter to me? Because I don't want to seem like a rip-off. Simple.

-An idea of who the "Jackie Ripper" character is. This isn't too much of a retool as much as it is an expansion. Jackie Ripper, as noted in her first character description, is an character she likes to RP as online. No, she is not a serial killer, as I said earlier. Jackie Ripper is an amateur detective in a steampunk/alternate history RP, reflecting Alex's interest in law enforcement in the real world. No, there will not be any "roleplays-in-a-roleplay" with Alex's love as writing as her. At most, there will be a one-shot about her writing about Jackie (I have at least two basic ideas on how it would go, trust me). Otherwise, it's an amusing character quirk that probably won't effect other characters as much as I made it sound. Overall, I think just a one-shot would be funny in parodying/satirizing things I've noticed in my experience as an RPer, though.

-Changing her appearance. As I noted earlier, I wasn't fond of the Facemaker I made of her. And from what I have of her profile's appearance section, I'm not too fond of it right now either. So, I may be fiddling around with her appearance a bit. It won't be something too silly and ridiculous, obviously

Those are the main things I know I'll be changing so I can enjoy her more. There might be more changes in the final product. Just an update in advance.

Decoy- Or She Cleans Up Nicely, right? Now I have the urge to suggest that someone should give her a makeover in a thread somewhere along the lines, just for laughs. *is killed for making a second trope reference in this thread and suggesting a makeover thread* XD

I apologize again. As I said, just trying to help. To be honest, whenever I make a character, if I can't figure out what else they like, I just give them a "random silly interest" and expand on it as I finish the rest of the profile. Examples include Aileen and her love of 90s music, Chase and her weird crushing on people while being all shy and awkward about it, Lana and her yo-yos and to a lesser extent her furry fandom, Sidney and her knitting, and probably others I missed. It's the only thing I know to suggest when coming up with interests other than things you initially think up of, and it's probably not a good method. But it's worth a shot sometimes, no?

Hmmm... about the kid with deaf parents. As I noted earlier, I do have a character in v5 who suffers from hearing loss herself, as noted. I did go into a bit of research about the topic. Actually, a bit? I've been researching on and off since v4 pre-game. I don't know about what would happen in the scenario where a kid was raised with parents with hearing loss while having good hearing themselves, but I do know that in some cases of children with hearing loss (usually from birth), they do tend to have speaking problems and may take longer to learn how to speak. So, it does vaguely make sense. However, there is a good chance he'll have influence from friends, teachers, other caretakers, and so on, so his adoptive parents wouldn't be the only one in his life. There's also a good chance that he'll know ASL as well. What are his thoughts on the topic of his parents?

Condor- Hmmmm... not to sound racist or anything, but just a warning in advance; a lot of handlers feel skeptical when they see a Japanese and/or anime loving character be submitted. The reason why is because a lot of handlers feel there is too many of them, to put it simply. This does not mean that she'll be denied on the spot, just that some handlers may brush her off just on basis. The Japanese student trope has indeed been done well however, as seen with Eiko Haraguchi (who is actually one of my favorite characters in v4), and personally, I feel you shouldn't be discourage if people avoid your character on basis. I do see her being adorable once we see her in action, though, and she seems like someone who will REALLY break once she gets to the island. There will most likely be an anime club, rest assured! As I said, anime-loving characters are fairly common, and there will probably be plenty of friends for her, and plenty of club-mates as well.

Altering the Deal

Well, Aileen didn't know what to think.

Here they were, telling her not to run off. DuClare asked to go with her so they wouldn't be split up. Aaron, on the other hand, continued his line of reasoning. Really, the guy was so stubborn!

He stuck with the idea that some killer was running up and down the beach screaming that there was help. According to him, since there were no announcements, no collars being broken, and the fact that they apparently didn't want killers nearby told him there weren't any boats. Aaron seemed to think that someone was doing this to rack up kills. In which case, why were they doing this now? Why haven't there been any major signs that someone would be doing this, such as the typical sly hints in the announcements and things like that? Why hadn't they heard about such things until now? And to be honest, she did find it mildly disturbing that he would admit to playing similarly if he was, but she very quickly discarded the thought, paying it no mind.

DuClare was slightly more reasonable, though not by much. She was worried that if they split up, they would be picked off like teenagers in a bad slasher movie. Which... was actually reasonable enough, at least. Running around alone was bad. Aaron himself did point out that whenever someone left the group, they ended up dying. Well, okay.

But, she still wanted to scout it out. Just because one person had a theory that some guy was running up and down the beach with a megaphone and shooting at people who wanted to go home didn't mean that such a thing wouldn't warrant looking at.

Still was nice of DuClare and Aaron to be worried about her to some extent, though. Aileen... wasn't the kind of person most people cared about, to be honest. She bet that if she died, not many people would notice, especially at this point. She'd just be another corpse, created by some killer. That would be the only relevance her death would ever have. It wasn't her being modest or "emo", it was fact. And then she'd rot until there was nothing left. In a way, it was comforting to know that someone would be concerned for your safety, even after you electrocuted someone to death recently.

But she had to convince Aaron.

"Guys... even if there is some douchebag running up and down the beaches screaming that they know how to escape and killing people that way... why haven't they done this before? Even if they have, you'd think a mass murder of people wishing to find help would be all over the announcements. Hell, it'd win best kill honestly."

Deep breath.

"Look. I'm not the most optimistic person out there. We all know this by now. But, thing is, I'm not going to just sit here and wait if it turns out someone does know how to escape. We took a risk with siding with you too, Aaron, to tell the truth, and sticking around this long. I was worried at the start that they would do something if what we were doing came to light, remember? Like, I dunno, exploding collars?"

And another deep breath.

"Don't worry about me. It's nice of you guys to worry about me heading off by myself, but I can manage. Some killers might see me as their killer buddy or whatever now, based on what happened earlier. It'd suck, but not as much as being dead."

And what else...?

"Just, let me go investigate. I'll be fine. If I come back in one piece and tell you guys that there is some killers doing just that, then I'll give the notebook back and do whatever. If I come back and say that there are indeed a bunch of boats, you guys come back with me. How does that sound?"

There. Bargaining. Harsh bargaining, but bargaining.

V5 Concepts Thread
Personally, no offense Decoy, but I happen to agree with Tre. She does sound a bit too much like Charlene (the bisexuality, focus on attractiveness, strong athletic ability, and frat girl behavior is what makes me think this). Maybe scale down on the party girl and attractive parts, and focus elsewhere? Like, what does she like to do? We know she's a party girl and a female frat boy from your description, okay. But she's a tomboy? What sports is she into? How did she get so good? Does she practice sun-up and sun-down, the second she has free time? How does she interact with other students? Is she nice to them, a royal bitch, someone who minds her own business? Does she do well at school? How does she see the world? What does she like to do besides party and play sports? Remove the partygirlness, athletic ability, and bisexuality, and what else is there? What makes her different from Charlene?

Overall, I'd like less focus on her looks, as well. Personally, what I do when I make a character, most of the time I just state what they look like and let other characters and handlers decide if said character is attractive or not, since it is very often subjective. What I consider attractive (glasses with nice frames that suit the face, for example) may not be what other people and characters consider attractive, and same goes here. So, you could just say what she looks like, and let us decide whether or not she's cute. It's okay to make an attractive character! Just don't focus on it so much when making a female character. It'll effect how you write her. Instead, focus on her personality traits first, then decide what she looks like. In addition, avoid saying that a female character is "one of the most attractive". As I noted, what others consider attractive is subjective. Also, there are probably going to be plenty of characters, both male and female, that could easily be attractive as well. Calling a character "would have been the single most attractive girl at school" ignores that there are also likely going to be other characters that would be considered "nice pickings". It may just be my weird hatred of hyperbole/exaggeration (as you guys found out in chat a while back). But, overall don't focus on her looks. Again, it's actually okay if she's fairly attractive, just don't make it one of her "key draws". It'll ruin her character in the long run, trust me.

So! I recommend not putting so much focus on the "Charlene" elements, and focus on traits that will make her noticeably different in comparison. Maybe she's a nerd? A drama geek? Yet another band geek? An activist? A member of the student council? Just an athlete, who mainly identifies as one and wants guys to recognize it? It's up to you. There's a great many ways you could avoid "expy" territory, and they're as wide as the ocean.

I'm sorry if I came off as harsh. I'm just trying to help, you know? My main advice is to think about her aside from her looks, partying, bisexuality, and athletic ability, and think about who else she is. Again, what makes her stand out differently from Charlene? It's all questions that needed to be asked, is all.

V5 Concepts Thread
Alright, final concept!

Lana Torres- From a young age, Lana had suffered from congenital hearing loss, as a result of premature birth. While she was sickly as an infant, in the present day suffers few effects aside from said hearing problems. She can hear conversations and simple noises fine, but from certain distances and pitches she has difficulty hearing. As a result of her condition, her parents were often protective of her, and were often worried she was going to get hurt. However, she has always had an interest in sports and physical activity, and always wanted to participate in such things. In the present day highschool era, she eventually convinced her parents to let her on the school wrestling team, much to her joy. Another childhood interest she has is yo-yos. Yes, yo-yos. She loves showing off her tricks to people.

Also, lately she's been getting into furry fandom. No, she doesn't draw artwork, wear fursuits, or anything like that. She's new to the fandom, as noted. Oh, and she doesn't get off to animals either. However, she does love stories about anthropomorphic animals. I'm toying with giving her a fursona, but I haven't settled on what kind of animal it should be (I'm trying to think of an animal that suits her, preferably something a little more obscure for furry fandom but something that totally screams her).

As a result of her condition, she's into activism. Mostly disability rights, but she also identifies as a feminist, and supports other causes besides those two. She's a bit of an activism junkie, overall. She has a vague passing interest in writing, and although it's not one of her main interests nor does she consider herself any good, she at least enjoys it.

Personality-wise, she has a fairly determined streak, and always wants to "prove" herself to others. However, it can mean that she gets frustrated easily, and could easily make stupid decisions because of it. She's a bit on the quiet side, but will talk to others and does have friends, mostly those who share her interests. Overall, she tends to dislike having other people see her as weak or helpless, and it does indeed irritate her. As one might expect, she's a bit of a tomboy type, and loves sporty things.

So, thoughts? As I said like... on the first page, this is the character concept I REALLY need help on, mostly to make sure that I'm portraying her hearing condition and whatnot okay. XD

Also, if you'd like, critique on my other two! Alex is here and Miranda is here. Lana's the main one I need help on, but I wouldn't mind it if you gave me input on those two as well. ^_^;