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Madelyn would like to play video games with you! (and be your friend)
I would put Chase in a memory thread, since she's currently in a thread at the Cinema (Love Means What It Means), and I already have something planned with her once she gets out of that thread somehow in main pre-game. She's free for flashbacks, however! After all, she is currently not in any memory threads.

Carol is currently in The Throwdown in main pre-game and The One With The New Kid in memories. The Throwdown has long since died (seriously, it's like retro-Carol in there), so I plan on taking her out soon. And The One With The New Kid is private, unfortunately. But, as I said, expect me to take her out of the first one soon.

Overall, I like the idea of a slumber party or something. I hope we can pull it off before v4 starts. Based on the things noted above, if memory I'd put Chase in, and main pre-game I'd put Carol in. Either way works for me, overall. XD

Madelyn would like to play video games with you! (and be your friend)
I have two characters that fit the video game/anime nerd criteria.

Anna Chase is a bit of an oddball, but she's friendly and likes anime as well, to the point of being a cosplayer. As long as you can put up with her bizarre moments, it should be alright.

And then there's Carol Burke. She moved from Nevada at the start of the school year, and loves video games. She's friendly too, perhaps to a fault.

Both would be willing to be friends with her! Feel free to look at them, and pick which one would work!

Lunch on the Lawn
Sarah seemed to react, though she acted a bit confused. She whimpered something that sounded like Chinese or something, but soon enough, she seemed to figure out what was going on, and started apologizing and thanking. Sarah seemed a little embarrassed, but soon enough, she reached into her bag and grabbed a water bottle.

So wait. She had water this entire time?, Aileen thought, lifting her hand off Sarah's shoulder and placing it to her forehead, which was by now becoming her trademark gesture. And they made all that fuss over water for nothing... well, at least she had some.

Aaron had started laughing, and then explained the situation to her. Eventually, he ended it with saying that she did not really miss anything, anyways.

As she lifted her palm away from her forehead, Aileen said "Yes, other than a dehydration crisis."

At least Sarah was alright, though.

Glancing at Sarah, she added to Allen's question "Have you been getting enough sleep? I mean, there's testing and all..."

Oh man. Aileen just realized that Ericka was going to come back any minute, and realize that Sarah did not need water. It was kind of humorous, in a way.

Erm... uh... well... errr... ah... well...
Remy heard a noise somewhere in the distance, that sounded like vomiting. Was it outside? Sounded like it. After heading towards the nearest exit, he could see Sarah bent over, grabbing the wall of the school building for support.

"Sarah?" he asked, a worried tone to his voice.

Stepping outside, and walking towards her, he almost stepped on something. Oh god, was that vomit? It was Sarah's, wasn't it? Now he knew where that vomiting noise was coming from. A quick look of disgust passed over his face as he stared at the pile, and then he looked back up.

"Are you okay? That... that frog thing... was kinda gross, I had to admit..." he said.

Just then, he remembered something. Of course! Why did he forget! It could solve this problem right away!

"Oh. I just remembered... the teacher said that if we don't want to dissect a frog we could... request a model for us to examine instead", he mentioned. "Would that be alright?"

He felt bad that Sarah did not know this before the actual dissection. If only he did remember. God, he was such an idiot at times.

Closing Time
Carol felt her arm hit something fleshy, and a few seconds after, someone behind her asking what was that for.

Uh oh...

She hit someone, didn't she?

Dang it! And she was worried about being lost? And now another worry of hers had come up; namely, hitting someone on accident at the dance. How could this get worse?

Carol answered her own question when she looked behind her, and saw that it was Marty Lovett. Even though Carol was new, she still knew a fair amount of people here at Bayview. And Marty was one such person. They took a cooking class together, didn't they?

She immediately scooped down to the ground, checking to see if he was alright. As of this moment, he was rubbing his nose, in an attempt to make the pain go away.

"Hey..." she started. "Are you all right? I'm so sorry!"

Carol lifted out a hand, offering to help him up.

"Do you need any help?"


Aileen noticed that the girl seemed to start panicking more. However, both her and one of the boys had said she was fine, and the other people were just... there? Apparently. But, soon enough, they started talking about moving away from the crowd, and then they just walked off.

Well, my good intentions were brushed off. Good to see she's alright, though, she thought, furrowing her brow.

Some part of her was still worried about the girl, but to be honest, it was better not to follow them around, The crowd was bothering her too, now that she thought of it.

Aileen walked off, and soon enough, found herself drawn to the snack table again. Almost all of the food was gone, but the only thing Aileen had eaten over the past few hours were those pieces of broccoli and that water right at the start, and, well, it was not nearly enough, since she had not eaten before she left. After staring at what choices remained, she rolled her eyes. Still unhealthy... but what the hell. Aileen scooped up a bunch of chips on a bowl, and gently placed them on a napkin. Well, might as well join them.

And besides, it was prom. She had to enjoy herself, right? Even if it meant eating junk food. And it was not as if Aileen's diet was perfect in the first place. She sighed to herself, though partly out of contentment.

Awwwww.... what a cute pairing. <333

Nice work Geno!

Burger Time
Remy reached to grab a piece of chicken, but Reiko had reached out and got a piece first, leaving Remy's hand to stop and flinch back for a few seconds, and once her hand moved away, he went to get a piece again. He took a bite out of the piece, and let it savor in his mouth.

Oh man... even though it was cheap fast food, he did not get it all the time, which made it have its own appeal. He usually tried to keep a good diet, so he could stay in shape for baseball. But, oh! The chicken was very firm, and slid nicely inside his mouth! And the bread crumbs cooked on made it even better! Of course, it was junk food, but also a guilty pleasure kind of food.

Once he was finished with that piece, Reika immediately grabbed a piece of chicken from the bucket for herself. Jesus, after all that food, she was still hungry? It was downright cartoony, he swore to God. But, then she asked what he was going to do after high school, as if not noticing how much she was eating.

He wanted to be in the entertainment industry. In fact, he kind of wanted to be an actor, or in some other way involved in film production. Yes, Remy was aware the industry was a hard one, but it was still a direction in his life he wanted to take. He was already making plans to go to an arts institute of some sort at some point after graduation to learn the trade a bit more, maybe take a few studies on films and how they are made, you know, that sort of thing. Heck, he sent out his applications, which should be alright, of course.

"Me... I kind of want to be in film... you know... like... um... movies..." he said. "I kind of want to be an actor, but, uh, maybe I'll be involved in the industry in some other way... I think I'm going to a school to learn film making..."

Looking back and forth between the two girls, he could see that Reiko was scarfing down a piece.

"What about you two?"

Lily needs some pals
For some reason I can see her being buddies with Anna Chase. Chase is a bit of an odd sort herself, but friendly for the most part, as long as Lily can put up with her horror movie obsession.

If you're curious, her link's in my sig.

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
Role received, and ready to go!

Right now I'll go with....

Vote: General Goose

Because he started the current main lynch. Not only that, but he's 13, which is my favorite number! Get him!

Erm... uh... well... errr... ah... well...
Sarah had picked up the scalpel, and after a while, started work.

Oh god... it was sickening. Remy felt his stomach lurch while watching the skin peel away, as if he was going to be sick. The knife slid inside the slit on the frog's belly, and soon after the skin was being cut away, piece by piece. As more of the muscles became more visible, it gave the frog an appearance similar to raw chicken, for lack of a better term. The skin itself lay attached to the frog's back, like some sort of macabre jacket. It was of a whitish tan color, like the color of a... paper bag? Heck no, there is no way that thing could be compared to a paper bag. The skin peeled further away, and occasionally it tore, until the frog laid there, its muscles revealed to the world.

At which point, Remy quickly glanced at the ground. Oh hell... even looking away, he could not escape. The smell was driving him crazy. He was not at all familiar with body parts and all that, but seriously. It stayed in his nose, and refused to go away.

He heard Sarah quickly put down the scalpel, and Remy looked up. Suddenly, she lifted herself out of the seat, and ran out of the room, as if for her life.

Oh shit... she was even more nauseated than he was, wasn't she?

Remy lifted his hand, and once the teacher answered, excused himself to go to the bathroom. Once he got permission, he slowly lifted himself out of his seat, and headed out quickly, leaving behind the scene of carnage and gore in the classroom.

"Sarah?" he called out, looking in all directions for her.

His first bet would be the girl's bathroom, to be honest. But, what if she wasn't in there, or only a few feet away? He looked at the nearest set of bathrooms, only a few feet away. Was she in there? He silently approached, knowing that he would not be allowed in the girl's restroom. What if she was in there, though? And what if she wasn't?

Lunch on the Lawn
Sarah had responded by lifting her head, but she seemed really... dazed and out of it.

Jesus Christ... is she okay?!, Aileen thought, as her eyes widened behind her frames.

Seriously. Did she get enough sleep last night? Did she spend it studying for the tests? Or did the tests burn her out?

And so, the others acted. Aaron (the boy who was talking about Dungeons and Dragons) had mentioned that she might be dehydrated. And Ericka (the other girl) mentioned running off to get a drink for her.

"Drink? Could work. If she isn't thirsty we could just... I don't know, dump it over her head? No energy drinks as those dehydrate you faster" Aileen said, quickly looking back at the others.

The newcomer was currently doing nothing, and was drinking from a bottle of what appeared to be orange soda. A typical look of annoyance then passed across Aileen's features as she glanced at him. In fact, she almost wanted to say "Hey, thanks for helping in Operation Wake-Up Sarah Xu". In all honesty, she still thought that Sarah was just burnt out from the testing and such that the teachers had flooded the students with. But, it was better to make sure that she wasn't sick or anything. After all, she seemed really out of it and particularly groggy.

Aileen reached over to Sarah, and attempted to place a hand on her shoulder.

"Sarah", she said, in the most firm voice possible, in an attempt to get her out of it.

The Questions Game
Question: What are your views on nostalgia, fond remembering or refusal to face the present

Aileen- 90s stuff is awesome, okay? Got it? I don't care what everyone else says. Goes back to listening to her usual choices of music

Carol- Can be fun sometimes. A lot of things were cool back in the old days, actually!

Chase- Uh... yeah. The 80s had a bunch of fun stuff... so did the 50s... and the 90s... and Victorian times... act-actually, I'm going into retro and-or antique stuff now... but yeah. A lot of things in the past were interesting.

Remy- About that... I guess reliving fun moments is nice... not sure about the media of my childhood...

Question: If you had to make a dating simulation game featuring 5 of your classmates as potential options the player could end up with, who would they be?

Pokemon Mafia: Sign up
Even though I suck.

I'm in.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
VOTE: Rocky

Sorry mate.

But you're really the best option, as I've said in the past.

I guess that's it, huh?

The Questions Game
Question: One day you wake up, and you're in a far off, uncivilized land! Where are you?

Aileen- Bayview.

Carol- .... How would I know? I have just woken up, heh. I guess I could find out. Maybe it'll be like an RPG thing! Yay for adventures?

Chase- I'll be in another world... the zombies are coming soon... I wonder if there's a weapon somewhere...

Remy- A far off, uncivilized land? That's really all I know... I'm sorry...

Question: What would you do if you had godlike powers, and could literally control anything?

The Questions Game
Reoccuring nightmares? Or perhaps dreams that you remember? Let's hear some scary nightmares!

Aileen- Let's just say... the one time I watched that Survival of the Fittest thing, it was during the first year of it or something, and I had absolutely no clue what it was when I came across it. I left the room for a few minutes to check up on something, and when I got back... some guy was raping a girl and biting her goddamn throat out. I immediately shut it off in a hurry, and it took me like... well, around the beginning of senior year to stop having nightmares about it. And people like this show... Facepalms

Carol- The one about the monster that tries to eat me with ketchup. It's always ketchup. And it's with a fork and knife. And he's chasing me! GAH! Also... playing Fatal Frame in the middle of the night... yeeeeeeah...

Chase- Freddy Krueger showed up in my dr-dreams once... it was both awesome and disturbing. Thankfully, it was just a dream, and n-not real... but... yeah. Freddy Krueger. In my dreams. I still love that dream oddly.

Remy- I had a nightmare where there was a monster that lived in the bathroom mirror at my house, kind of like that Bloody Mary thing... it took people into the mirror world, and they were never seen again. I had to fight it off... with another mirror.... yeah, that was weird...

Question: If you had to read the thoughts of any person at school, who would it be?

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Alright, got it.

So, we wait for Clu's response, then?

Works with me.

I just haven't been paying attention, ha ha. I apologize for my suspicions toward you too. XD

It's down to me and Rocky, right? Well, fine by me.

You guys can vote for me, but I cannot ensure that it will be a town victory. It's your choice in the end, ha ha.

The Questions Game
Question: My bologna had a first name. It was Bob. Did you have any imaginary friends when you were younger?

Aileen- ... No? And why the hell would you name something you would eat?

Carol- Imaginary? Nah, I like my normal friends.

Chase- Ooooh... back in Elementary I had one named Jojo the Flying Rabbit. H-he was a superhero that defeated his foes by turning th-them into rabbits like he was, and they would become good... because all rabbits are good. I used to playfight with him in the front yard, fighting off ninjas... fun times.

Remy- Uh... yeah. I don't really want to talk about it. It's kind of embarrassing.

Question: What annoys you more than anything in the world?

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Alright, so we're down to four people.

Let's look at our suspects.

On one hand, we have Vole. So far, he's been leading the party a lot. It's not at all impossible that he is playing up the belief that Mafia is inactive, while leading us all off. Something tells me this is not the case, but let's not rule this off.

Myself. As I've said, I'm not at all actually good at Mafia. I always get worried I'll piss someone off. But, many have taken this to mean that I am being quiet and sneaky. In a way, I am. I usually prefer to lurk around and speak up only when I actually do have something to say.

Rattler. Not many comments on this one. Is still a possibility. Need to do more analysis.

And finally, Rocky. Seems to like suspecting me. Has also been acting a little off. Is he it? He could purely believe I'm the one, or he could see me as the perfect scapegoat. There's a chance for either of them.

So, where does that leave us?

Four people. Three to lynch.

Right now, I'm going to go FoS: Rocky.

However, I would like to hear something from both Voleyball and Rattler. Evidence suggests they are Masons, but lies about roles have been told in the past. So, what do you have to say to defend yourselves?

The Questions Game
What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

Aileen- I don't like cartoons. I never have. What, you expect me to like My Little Pony or something?

Erm... ignore those toys on my shelf, okay? Got it?

Carol- It's a recent show, actually, but I love Chowder. Not sure about shows when I was a kid, though!

Chase- Ed Edd 'n Eddy! Wow, what a show... Also, Avatar... is kind of a guilty pleasure for me.

Remy- ... Cartoons? Uhhhhh... Looney Toons?

Question: When's the last time you cried because of a movie?