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Pool Slingshot
A whistle.

“Hey, Kurosawa, what’s going on?” Parkinson’s voice piped up.

Shiiiiiiiiit. He noticed. This was not the day to get in trouble in P.E. Even if Jerry was fine, and it was an accident. It was never a good time to get Parkinson on your case. Junko turned to him, treading water. He was standing at the edge closest to her, trying to figure out what just happened. Right, let’s hope he believed her when she said it was an accident.

“I wasn’t paying attention, and… I think we kinda crashed into each other”, she said. “He’s fine, though.”

Parkinson frowned, and looked back to Jerry. Then back to Junko.

“Pay better attention.” A few seconds later, he spoke louder so everyone else could hear. “I want to see everyone trying their best here! Do laps, and then we’ll have time for volleyball!”

Volleyball, once they were done with laps. Right. As much fun laps were, volleyball would probably be more fun. For starters, it would probably be more… acceptable? Correct word? Well, okay, she would be able to compete and show off. And there would be less chance of crashing into your friends. Less.

Alright, Parkinson. She could play by that. No getting distracted, no crashing. Noted.

SOTF's Tenth Anniversary

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Kingman goes Kinkman (as demanded by Frogue)


Kingman info thread
Here is something I've found on wildlife that exists in Arizona. It's a part of a vacation site as well, but I'm not sure how useful it is for general Kingman stuff.

V6 Siblings
Alright, I sent Ems' profile to Burnie and Coy!

On the current topic: there are actually plenty of ways to play a closet case. I agree with Grim in that putting a bit of context to her conflict would do in making sure things go well. Speaking from personal experience as a lady who likes ladies, it was tough for me to admit at all that I was bisexual, or even sexual, period. While I hit puberty in a more liberal place, when I was growing up "gay" was basically used as an insult (like "That's so gay" when you mean something is stupid or awful). I didn't encounter many homophobes, or at least people I knew was outright homophobic (as opposed to microaggressions/ignorance), but it didn't help that most of the time, when gay people appeared in media, they were pretty much jokes and caricatures. While things have been getting a lot better representation and not-using-slurs wise, it can still be very... awkward, you could say? Of course, that's my personal experience; as I said, I spent large amounts of junior high and high school in a more liberal place.

Perhaps you could go with Grim's idea of a homophobic parent or older sibling who came out with poor consequences? Or perhaps she simply doesn't have too much exposure to gay issues? Or maybe she's personally conservative, which has trouble meshing with her orientation? Also, there one Luz (Meds' Lily) who is openly bisexual, and another (Aloha's Haley) who is agender. Perhaps you could arrange with Meds and Aloha on how Sabrina works with them? Those are just my ideas, though! As I said, there's plenty of ways to fiddle around with a closet case and not make them cliched. I see you've described her as having a secret girlfriend. Perhaps you could arrange for a handler to play her so you can roleplay this conflict out a bit?

Again, just my ideas!

V6 Siblings
Oh! I'm almost done with Ems! Right now I'm in the proof-reading stage.

If anyone with Luz kids would like to take a look at her before I upload her profile to the site, for consistency's sake, I would be happy to send her over to you.

V6 Siblings
If you want my thoughts...

The impression I'm getting of Sabrina, based off how you've described her, is that she's someone who strives towards personal excellence. She wants to be good at school and her personal interests, and wants to succeed. She may be a little concerned about being a closeted lesbian in a more conservative town.

What happens to be said two interests, out of curiosity? I'm presuming it may fit with the theme of this? I think elaborating on what these two are would be dandy.

The only real criticism I have is her having, "within reason, all of the advantages." I understand what you mean: that she's pretty driven towards being "good" at what she does. But maybe this needs a bit of rephrasing. Perhaps more something along the lines of "she's driven to personal success in what she does, and as a result she's competent in several areas"?

Overall, though, I agree with Grim, and you should be comfortable with what you're writing!

V6 Siblings
Well, so far there's a few Luz parents who haven't been established/are known to have kids yet. And of course, you could always be someone's sibling!

Grim and the others will probably have their thoughts on this, but speaking as me? I wouldn't mind.

Pool Slingshot
((I have RC's permission))

The water was cool, in multiple ways. It was cool in that it made her skin less warm, and cool in that it was a good experience. Taking a few seconds to tread water, Junko then pulled away from the edge.

There were still a few people hesitant to get in, poking their feet inside. Wimps. It's just water. And they had to get in eventually. But she couldn't help but smile at the idea. She wondered why there were still people surprised that they had to swim. Oh well, their problem, she guessed.

One arm forward, the next up. The legs kicking. Junko decided on using a front crawl today. It was what she preferred when swimming, after all. No doggie paddles for her. Anyways, she soon got to work.

Even though Parkinson said "don't make it a competition, it's just warm-ups"... Junko couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment with each person she was ahead of. She had always been proud of her physical abilities. Who wouldn't? She was good at track, and at rollerblading, and even though she sucked balls at first, she was quickly getting better at parkour. As far as she was concerned, she had a right to brag, and a right to show off.

At the end of the day, she was still Junko, after all.

As she swam, the other side of the pool got ever so closer. A few people were ahead of her already, too. Junko tried her hardest to focus on her laps rather than anything else, but that meant she wasn't paying attention.

And paying attention was important, or else your arm ends up crashing into someone next to you. Like right now.

"Ah, sh-" she began, but stopped herself. "Sorry, Jerry."

Pool Slingshot
Junko slid the bottle upright, rather than putting it back where it was. Yeah, it was probably better on the ground. Sure, someone, heck, even her, could still kick it over, but it seemed safer than on the bench next to her.

Somewhere, she heard a "Sorry" that sounded familiar. She pulled herself back up, only to see it was- oh, of course, Ty Yazzie. He was kind of a douche, she remembered. It seemed like the rumors of his dickishness had decreased over time, but she wasn't sure how much he was still. The athlete in her couldn't help but admire his dedication to wrestling, though. Not gonna lie, wrestling was awesome. She was a track person, of course, but wrestling was still cool.

She just gave a toothy grin, a clearly false one. Okay, Yazzie. She'd assume that was an accident. For now. Maybe it wasn't, but as much as getting her bottle kicked over was bad, it wasn't worth yelling about. Somewhere she heard someone crack a joke about it. That was Nadia Riva. Junko and her didn't have much in common, to be honest. Nadia was kind of a girly-girl fashion type, while Junko... well, she liked other things. As funny as it was, she just didn't see her learning how to rollerblade. She and Yazzie were seniors, too, that she knew.

Well, that's one interpretation for what Ty did. He was just excited. Like she was. She was excited as hell to get into that water.

"Couldn't blame him", she said.

The same toothy grin had remained on her face, There was something more genuine in it, though.

Okay, so Parkinson got to the point. Laps. He understood that other students were at different places swimming-wise, but as long as you at least tried in Parkinson's class, it was all good. Laps were nice, though. Volleyball was good, too. She had to pick? But yeah. Laps. Just keep it nice and slow for starting out.

Finally! He was letting them in.

Junko stood up, and stretched, leaving her towel on the bench. Ah yeeeeeeeees. Time to swim. Time to do something she was good at.

It was good that Jerry was in this class, too. Her and Jerry, they went way back. He understood what she was like. He'd seen it all with her.

She felt tempted to tell him that she bet she could get more laps faster than him. Because, you know, she was like that! But then she looked over to Parkinson, and remembered one thing he kept drilling into everyone's head when doing laps at all, and not for like, track or something. Don't make it a competition. Right. Let's not, then.

She just waved.

Then she stepped towards the pool, sticking her foot into the shallow end.

No diving, no dares. Sucks, yeah, but she was willing to play by Parkinson's rules. She respected him, after all.

Pool Slingshot
To say that Junko liked P.E. would be like saying water is wet. Being someone who was as physical as her, of course she’d love the class where she can fully indulge almost as much as she wanted. Almost. She remembered how Coach Parkinson yelled at her once because she jumped into the pool as a freshman. That afternoon she got a pretty good lecture on ways she could hit her head if she dived incorrectly. It sucked. It was a pretty good motivator not to do it again, though. She didn’t want to spend another afternoon learning about all the ways someone could get brain damage. Even if she had to restrain herself sometimes. It was difficult when she had to.

But, that didn’t mean she didn’t like Coach Parkinson as a teacher. In fact, he was one of her favs. He was better than Ramsey definitely. It wasn’t her fault she chose track instead of gymnastics way back when, before she knew there was going to be favoritism, damn it. And sure, Parkinson could be harsh on slackers. But if you at least showed an interest in P.E., well, you have his approval.

And P.E. was what Junko was good at.

The afternoon P.E. class was abuzz on the bleachers, dressed in their swimsuits as they chit-chatted. Junko leaned forward on the right end of the bottom bench, dressed in her red one piece.

Swimming was something she knew something about, of course. Sometimes everyone on the track team had to do a few laps in the pool. It was good for cardio, right? An hour running laps had similar perks to an hour swimming. So of course she was pretty good at swimming too.

Parkinson stood up, and began talking. They weren’t allowed to go into the water until he said so. Junko looked around her. Swimming during P.E. wasn’t anything new, not at Cochise. And it wasn’t the first time they had swam this year. So, no one was going to drown, unless they wanted to risk hitting their head or another lecture.

As Parkinson talked for a few more minutes, Junko was trying her hardest to pay attention. She really was. But... well, one could see the anticipation on her. In her posture, on her face, everywhere. Her eyes locked onto the shining water behind him. It beckoned for her, called out for her.

Junko smiled. Then that smile became a frown as some asshole behind her just so happened to kick their leg in just the right way, knocking her water bottle down. Thanks for that, she grumbled mentally. It was good the cap was on, at least. Pretty damn sturdy, too. Junko reached down, feeling her fingers wrap around the steel bottle. Maybe she should just… keep it on the ground or something.

At least Coach Parkinson was almost done talking, though. Then? She could enjoy herself.