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Last Days
Veronica had simply rolled her eyes. It was clear she wasn't taking a word she was saying seriously. It was typical, really. Veronica had never been the sort where you could easily reason with.

And then Mike. Mike was still trying to mediate between the two, saying that if they stopped fighting they could still hide somewhere or whatever.

Really, it was admirable what he was trying to do, now that she thought of it. But Miranda...

Miranda didn't feel like sticking around.

She found herself scouring her mind on what she could say again. Veronica was just being... well, Veronica; nothing was really new. Mike was still trying to make things work. It was clear they weren't really all that dangerous now, even if Veronica was being kind of obnoxious. She could still do something, though.

"Listen. I don't feel like sticking around" she said. "You two team up. I'll... just..."

She tried to finish the sentence. Properly.

"Do what I do."

Miranda picked up her things, and started stepping away.

She briefly looked at Veronica, and then at Mike.

Miranda wasn't sure why she said it, but she said it anyways.

"Good luck".

And so, spear still in hand, she went on her way.

That could have gone worse. Veronica was still as temperamental as ever, but at least she turned out to not do anything major.

((Miranda Millers continued in Check Out My New Weapon, Weapon Of Choice))

There ain't no more cowboys, only men with violent hearts
((Skipping ahead of Ime since he asked me to))

Alex's teeth continued to grit as Hansel as he went down the incline, feeling the rage burn through her as he approached.

She knew there were going to be players. She wasn't dumb. But here she was, dealing with someone who not only was apparently killing people, but had just shot Daniel. Who the hell did he think he was, honestly? Every part of her body wanted to run up and smack Hansel acrossed the forehead with the mallet still tightly gripped in her hand.

It was clear Daniel wasn't attacking him, so he couldn't even claim self-defense!

He was threatening them now. The look on Alex's face could be compared to a wild dog, driven to madness by something unpleasant.

Nina had ran away, and she could register Carlon Wheeler nearby once she moved out of sight. She knew of Carlon, but not very well.

Even though Alex knew it was better to follow his demands than to stick around, her posture stiffened.

"Why did you do it?" she asked.

Her voice had grown cold very quickly.

V5 Reduced Activity Notices
Another heads up from me.

I'm currently taking summer classes, and one of my teachers likes to give out a buttload of homework. She's a nice lady, but she likes her homework.

So yeah. X_X

There ain't no more cowboys, only men with violent hearts
((Alex Ripley continued from Tower of Alexandria))

This wasn't good.

Things were going well. Granted, no process as of yet, but she was sure she had Daniel nearby. But something must have happened along the way, and when she turned to say something to him, he had disappeared, as if there was some kind of magic trick she wasn't in on.

This part of the island was very vast. Alex wasn't a big outdoors person. Nothing against the great wilderness, she just wasn't someone particularly fond of it.

She knew how easily someone could get lost here. It was kind of a given, seeing as they were essentially in an abandoned area. Mostly. Except for the killers.

But one thing was certain:

She needed to find Daniel.

So Alex had backtracked her way, looking around her slowly. He couldn't have gone too far, could he?

Mallet in hand, she gently treaded through the trail. The tenseness had come back, and it wasn't a good feeling. But he had to be somewhere, right?

Alex got an answer in the form of a cracking noise.

A few seconds later, she heard someone curse.

Alex knew that she shouldn't approach, but she found herself running towards the source of the noises. Very quickly, she got an answer.

The person shouting was Nina Clarke. Her eyes swiftly traced to who she had been shouting at. Hansel Williams, holding a gun. And crumpled on the ground was...

Alex gritted her teeth as her fingers gripped the handle, the knuckle showing white through the skin.

She knew something like this would happen. But so soon? And to him? Daniel?

Congratulations, Williams, congratulations. You just proved yourself a horrible person. Of course, Alex had known him from school, and she didn't like him too much. But here? He was, if she wasn't wrong about what she was seeing...

"Williams, what the FUCK is wrong with you?" she snapped, feeling the anger build up in her body.

Tower of Alexandria
The cameras were, of course, an impediment. It meant that anything they said or did so far the terrorists would know about. So that did mean that they did know that they were up to something. That only meant that they had to be extra careful when they found something out, as noted before. It was going to be something difficult, to make sure that the terrorists didn't spot them doing something unusual.

But she couldn't help but giggle a bit at what Daniel said. Really, the terrorists knew they were up to something most likely, but honestly, she had to.

It wasn't worth sticking around. Alex agreed on this. There was plenty of tracks they had to cover, and they needed an idea of what everything looked like.

In a perfect world, they would be rescued within minutes. However, the world wasn't perfect. That didn't mean that most of their classmates deserved to die, didn't they? A few were bad seeds, but there were plenty of good seeds as well.

Alex nodded, and, placing her fan back and grabbing her bag, she followed Daniel out.

Only to pause at the mallet near the door.

Gwen had left it there. Maybe she didn't realize it, but it was still here. Alex couldn't help but bend down and grab it.

Some part of her felt that it was off to take something that was Gwen's, but she knew it could be useful somehow. Somehow.

As they reached outside, the breeze gently brushed against her.

It had just occurred to her the reason why she was not panicking as much was because she was sure that there was an escape. And honestly, that was good.

((Alex Ripley continued in There ain't no more cowboys, only men with violent hearts))
And so

Birds, Bats, and General Flying Things
Lana couldn't help but wince a bit. That had to hurt. Having a hook stuck inside your hand definitely wasn't a good experience. But Stephanie made a waving gesture which seemed to indicate that she was fine. Still, it was a good idea to remove it, disinfect the wound, and possibly, bandage it up.

Suddenly, Stephanie's head had snapped up, as if someone had approached. Lana turned her head, and saw Ilya.

Ilya was another member of the wrestling team. They had talked before, and were on good terms. She tilted her head to the side as he opened the first aid kit.

It was clear that he hadn't changed as well. Lana smiled at this.

She touched her ear and shook her head, hoping he would get the hint.

Stephanie said that she had her own kit, which she could use. As Lana saw a glimpse of her hand, she saw that the hook had been ripped out, leaving a gash. It only looked more painful. There had to be a way to make sure it didn't cause too much trouble. Granted, there were first aid kits, so that was a start.

Lana couldn't help but look down at her own bag, in spite of Stephanie saying that she didn't need any help. She had noted it before, but there appeared to be some kind of hunting rifle resting near it. It was pretty obvious that the gun was her weapon, and they expected that she used it to.... well, hunt.

Lana wasn't going to hunt, of course. Of all the things in the world right now, that was something she was sure of.

Last Days
Miranda found herself glaring a bit at Mike.

So he thinks he could just hide? That everyone could hide and everything would be okay? Miranda honestly doubted that. Sooner or later, it was going to be time. Someone was going to make the first move and attack someone else. Maybe Veronica would be one of the first of those if she kept it up-


Speaking of which, Miranda flinched as Veronica kicked a pebble towards the car she was leaning on. Somebody wasn't really helping herself.

And now Mara was leaving. Miranda tried to scour her mind for something to say. It seemed as if she still wasn't completely aware of the danger. Miranda wasn't sure if that was something to be envied.

It was probably going to be the last time they ever saw each other, at least like this.

Miranda tried.

She said:

"Bye Mara. Stay safe."

Her lips attempted a smile.

She turned to Veronica, and her face turned serious again.

The best outcome was that Miranda came out of this alive and in one piece, with minimal conflict. The longer she didn't have to actually attack anyone, the better.

"McDonald, listen to me."

The spear remained in her hands, still ready to be used.

"You're not helping yourself. Just go with Mike somewhere, I don't care. Just know that with that attitude... bad things will happen."

Her eyes slightly narrowed.

"Trust me."

Tower of Alexandria
Alex bit her lip.

She was so sure that she would be safe out there. Would she? Was somebody going psycho killer already? Based off what she knew, people had already started killing the first day last time. The names Ishida and Hartman came to mind. She wasn't necessarily an expert on SOTF stuff, but she remembered some things from some of the books she read and the lectures she had taken on the topic of terrorism. And what if someone was already as bad as Lombardi?

There was a statistic she heard once. Somewhere around one to four percent of the population estimated, it is said, that show tendencies of sociopathy. Which didn't seem like much at first when she had heard of it on a website, until she really thought of it. There was a good chance of running into one.

Which meant that in a class of somewhere upwards of 100, the possibilities were pretty good that someone, out there, had already decided to start killing and wasn't even thinking of the moral consequences.

As she wrestled with the idea of stopping her or let her go, it was too late. Gwen was already out the door.

She was still unsure whether or not it was right to let her go. What if someone attacked her? What then?

Daniel started talking again, and Alex visibly jumped out of her thoughts.

"Oh, right."

Escape was indeed possible. As he said, there was probably something out there that they missed. Even the most foolproof of systems had a loophole, or a situation that they didn't expect.

In spite of her concern over Gwen, she smiled again.

"I think that would be a good idea, yes."

She looked around her, seeing a camera's red light briefly.

"They're going to tighten things up a bit, so we'll have to be quick if we're planning anything."

Tower of Alexandria
Alex smiled back at Daniel. Things were going as well as they could be, at least, they would be here. The tenseness had almost completely evaporated from Alex.

But Gwen said something, as if she just remembered a thing she had forgotten.


The name rang a bell. Maynard... must have been a friend of hers, right? Wasn't he in the Anime Club or something, from what she had heard? Again, the name sounded familiar, but she wasn't able to figure out whose face to connect it to.

Then Gwen started to leave.

"Hey, wait-"

Alex rose her free hand as Gwen walked towards the door.

She couldn't leave, could she? There were all sorts of people out there! And it wasn't as if they couldn't help her find him!

Daniel had vocalized her thoughts exactly. But...

She hadn't thought of people that had come with them, who were friends of hers. Kyran had come. So did Sean and Claire. Grey and Corey, too. A good portion of the senior class had shown up.

It only emphasized the urgency of the situation.

"Daniel's right", she said. "We could help you find him, if you'd like? And I'm..."

Might as well spit it out.

"Look. We have to find a way off this island. I don't know how it's possible. But I know it's possible."

She felt a little ridiculous saying that. But it was true, wasn't it?

Birds, Bats, and General Flying Things
"I dun know", Lana replied. "I dunno. I..."

Almost subconsciously, she had tried to repeat herself. She knew how badly she could have problems enunciating. Even if she couldn't hear herself that well, she had an idea of how bad it could get.

Luckily, Stephanie had long been aware of this, and had repeated herself while shrugging. It was a plus, really, to be around a friend who was familiar with this sort of thing.

Stephanie crouched down to open her bag, apparently having decided to look through it. Lana realized she hadn't looked at her things too much yet. She had been focusing too much on the loss of her aids and the dead birds lying about. Did she want to know what was in her bag? It was something she wasn't sure about as of yet.

As she removed some objects, including what appeared to be a first aid kit, out of the bag, Lana noticed that there appeared to be a set of poles. It took Lana a beat to realize what it was, until she saw the thread attached.

A fishing rod? That was... odd. They expected Stephanie to attack others with... a fishing rod. Was she supposed to bludgeon them to death or som-

Stephanie had cried out in pain, dropping the rod.

"Holy-" Lana cried out, leaning forward to get a closer look.

"Are you okay?"

Last Days
If the circumstances had been different, Miranda's reaction would have, needless to say, been something else entirely.

She would have cheerfully returned Mara's hug, complimented her outfit in turn, and complained with her. If it had been simply the plane being delayed, she would have agreed all the way. She would have said that the crew members needed to work harder to get everything going.

Despite Mara's reaction, though, this wasn't a simple plane delay. And so, Miranda's reaction was much more different.

When Mara had hugged her, Miranda had visibly tensed up, making her almost as stiff as a mannequin. The only sign of looseness in her body was the grip on her spear lessening.

"Hey Mara. You... look great", Miranda said.

Her voice had come out a lot more quiet than she had expected. She honestly... didn't know what to say.

And as if this wasn't confusing enough, Mike Whaley had to show up. Miranda only knew of him from the fact that he was on some sports teams, and normally she wouldn't have cared.

The thing that bugged Miranda, though, was everyone acting as if everything was alright. Of course it wasn't. Any one of them could die at any moment. She didn't know what Mara and Veronica had gotten, but Mike had a gun of some kind. Miranda felt her grip on the spear tighten again as Veronica began talking.

No killing zone. Really. To be fair, she couldn't expect much more from Veronica. She was always such a loudmouth. For her to say things like this, even here, was to be expected.

But... she couldn't. Not now.

Miranda had remained silent as the three went on. There was no way she could even fathom responding. She didn't want to be here. So many people, it made her feel... ill. Not like she was going to throw up or pass out, but it was, needless to say, a different kind of ill. If things had been different, she would have joined in on telling Veronica off.

Just a few seconds ago, she was thinking about stabbing Veronica.

Now she wasn't sure what to do.

So she just held on to her spear.

V5 Reduced Activity Notices
Two things I should note:

First, this is finals week. I currently have to take at least three major tests and write an essay.

Second, as you may have heard, I injured my leg on Saturday. I was hit by a car, and fortunately I did not have to go to the hospital. However, my leg is currently banged up with a scrape and bruises, and it does ache (though it isn't broken).

I'm stressed out by both of these things, as well as getting ready for finals. So if I'm slow despite v5 just starting, that's why. X_x

Tower of Alexandria
Gwen had asked what Alex had gotten.

A brief thought. She could just show her what she had gotten. Couldn't hurt, right? It would make her feel more comfortable to know that she didn't have anything immediately lethal on her. On the other, having a fan meant that she didn't have anything to use if something came up. Overall, it was probably a good idea to just show her.

"Lemme show you."

Alex went over to her bag, still resting near the foot of a bed. Gently unzipping it, she pulled out the fan. It was a nice fan, really; it was one of those hand-held electric fans. Judging by the shapes on the plastic blades, it would light up and make a pattern as the blades moved. Alex actually had one of those back home, and she couldn't help but be reminded of it. Overall, she had to admit; it was a nice fan.

"I got this."

As she rose, she raised her arm out to show Gwen the fan.

It was probably a good idea to tell her what she had planned, right? Well, nothing was concrete yet; Alex had no idea how something could be done. She wasn't particularly good with technology. In addition, they would have to move fast if they wanted not to have their ideas blow up in their faces.

Would Gwen be up for that sort of thing, though?

Just as the thought entered her head, the door opened, and Alex felt herself tense up again. She turned her head, seeing-


That wasn't someone she saw killing people. They knew each other from band, of course; both of them had played woodwinds, though Alex on her sax and Daniel on his flute. So naturally, they knew each other. Daniel, from what she knew of him, was a nice kid.

The tenseness was gone again.

"Hey Daniel", she waved with her free hand. "Things holding up okay?"

Birds, Bats, and General Flying Things
Stephanie hugged her, and Lana returned it.

She was safe. She knew there was currently no answer on anyone else. For all she knew, some of her classmates were currently as still and lifeless as the birds scattered around their feet.

But one of her friends were safe. And Lana knew that was good.

As Stephanie released her grip, Lana kept smiling.

One person was safe. Hopefully the others were as well. Lana didn't know what to do. It was strange, thinking of the sudden threat to your life. It seemed as if so far away and yet so recent ago they were on their way to Disneyland. Lana had always wanted to see it. When she was a small girl, she remembered seeing the ads on television, and asking her parents if they could go, like many children. It was only then that she could actually be able to see it.

One moment she had been thinking of Disneyland. And yet, within a period of time she was thinking about life and death. It wasn't really anything you associated with Disney.

What about Dave? Lana had to ask herself. She knew he probably wasn't going to take it well. In fact, what about a lot of people? Her wrestling team mates? Mike? Sophie? Rose?

No ideas were coming up as to what she wanted to do. Playing wasn't an option. Neither was escape. Hide?

Lana heard Stephanie say something, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Hmmm?" she looked up. "Can.. can you repeat dat?"

Her voice slightly slurred. Growing up, Lana had a hard time pronouncing some things. Her condition had made it difficult to talk clearly, and as a result she had to have speech lessons. Nowadays, she usually spoke much more clearly and was able to enunciate well. However, because of the stress and the loss of her hearing aids, it had slipped back.

"Sorry. It's..."

She gestured up to her ear, demonstrating the situation.