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High Fashion, High Prices
Oh boy.

Eliza just insulted their fashion sense, didn't she? Miranda frowned. Nobody insulted fashion. Nobody. Yes, she was aware it sounded like a frivolous hobby, but strippers? Oh hell no. You don't compare her and her friends to strippers, Miss Punky. To begin with, she couldn't see any particular outfit anyone was wearing as anything "stripper"-ish. The most revealing she could see was Stacey, and even then. Was she referring to the stripper boots and stuff? She did realize that was a joke, right?

And, of course, that set Stacey off, and the girl was sent storming out of the store after yelling about Eliza's own fashion sense. Miranda found that comment a little crude, but Stacey had taken it worse. Miranda could only watch as the girl disappeared out of the store, and then turned her head back. The look on Finn's face had the "What just happened?" expression on it.

And then Frank spoke, calling them hyenas and... oh, like she really needed the mental image of Frank and Jasper having hot gay sex. It's just... did she really have to picture Jasper drilling Frank in the butt while YMCA played? Really? She didn't want to picture that. She did not. It was a little too descriptive for her, though, as if he's thought about it before. That honestly wouldn't be too surprising, really.

But no. Apparently he was shopping for his mom, and calling them a backy-whatever. What did that even mean? She didn't even know. It sounded... Greek, she guessed?

Suddenly, Spanish. He was saying something to Mara in Spanish. She had no clue. She managed to catch "miss", "number", and "talking". Miranda's only experience with Spanish was from classes, and frankly, she couldn't speak like a native. She looked at Mara, waiting for a reaction.

And then she heard a barrage of another language, and suddenly Kat was running out too. Miranda could only stand there with jaw agape. She tried to wave goodbye this time, but she wasn't sure if Kat got it.

Finn told Frank to just get his mother the present and for Eliza to stop talking about stripper dumpsters.

A sigh came from her lips, and she folded her arms. She forced a smile on, and started again.

"First off. We didn't need to hear about your gay fantasies. Second, what is a backy-whatever? Was that supposed to be an insult? Because it sounds awesome if you think of us with that word."

She raised a finger with each point.

"Third... Lizzie. It's funny you're the one to bring up dumpsters."

Well, there you go. What she could come up with.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
OH ALSO, I forgot to put this, and I hope it doesn't derail stuff too badly. But I'm... intrigued by the quotation marks around Vincent's role as the hitman. Neither Madelyn or Marvia had them round Goon or Roleblocker. So I'm guessing Dr. Roy was a slightly varied hitman than usual.

Going by TV itself, Vincent died fairly abruptly due to going inactive. And Dr. Roy went kinda... insane rather abruptly too. Maybe there was something in his role that made him die/become rediculously suspicious at a certain point in the game? I dunno, just throwing that out there.

Funny thing is, the first time I read that I thought it was a joke about Roy's... flipout, as if Toben was sarcastically saying "Yup, there's a good "hitman" for you". XD

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Jonas Jeffries was Little's kid, yes. As a character, he was really jumpy; his first appearance was panicking in the cruise ship, then running towards Sidney and Joshua while screaming he was from Detroit and knew how to use a gun. He then fired a hail of bullets at them and David when Vincent snuck up behind him, which resulted in people either running, fighting over the gun, or fighting over the gun then running. And from that point onward, guy was really jumpy, and he killed at least one person because he was so jumpy.

If Whirly's telling the truth and he turns out to be non-vanilla, he could easily be a paranoid gun owner (kills people who target him for night kills). Personally, I feel that makes sense! If he is (and don't confirm it!), this could be useful if he does end up targeted. So let's keep him around, just in case this is it and he's telling the truth.

I don't know what to feel about Slam's roleclaiming right now. I can safely say this isn't the first pro-town SK, though. I think Toben was one once, like the first Board Mafia? Yeah, I think that's it. Everyone's already said something at this point; on one hand, he's scum and who's to say he won't go after me or James later? Not to mention we can't afford double kills all the way across the sky right now. On the other, he seems willing to help. Honestly, I don't even know. O_o

About the remaining five, who is the most suspicious? I don't remember Courtney saying much in recent history, correct me if I'm wrong. Ren's said a lot more in recent history as well, I think, again, correct me if I'm wrong. Honestly, the chances of me hitting Mafia out of that group are one to five. It's somewhat hit and miss, I reckon. There's a good chance I could hit someone again, really.

I personally believe Harold would be Godfather; he wanted to be a cult leader or something like that, correct? And he teamed up with Marvia and wanted to make her his sex slave. So, my theory is that Harold is our Godfather; I honestly can't see who else. Maybe there's an Odile in there somewhere, but Harold seems more Godfather-y. Am I the only one who thinks this?

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Also, forgot to talk about who I'm going for next!

I'm thinking of going for Whirly again tonight. As I told you folks, I tried to troll him earlier, only to get roleblocked. I think Will made the point that if I go for people who haven't been confirmed as townie or scum, there's at least a 50% chance of me hitting someone. Since I wasn't able to get info on Whirly last time I tried to troll him, presumably due to Decoy, I was thinking of trying again!


SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Oh wow.

1. As Penguin noted, it had been discussed. A lot. It wasn't as if it was just Will going "HEY LET'S DO THIS SHIT" at the last minute. It was more "Hey, Kami, mind doing this before the day is up? It'd be helpful!" for at least an hour. Any search back would tell you that we'd been discussing it. Sure, James and I were joking around about Roy's epic mustache, but if you just look it had been discussed. And, also as Penguin noted, the idea was to know who I'm roleblocking in the scenario I got hit, so if no Mafia or SK kills came through then we'd have a lead, even if I got killed by the other party. After all, the Mafia roleblocker was gone, so we didn't have to worry about that. So, either you didn't bother to read through the thread before voting, or you deliberately sabotaged it to further your goals in some way or another, both of which aren't good.

2. While it's possible the SK went after someone who is protected, this doesn't explain the investigation coming up guilty. This doesn't explain why you hammered too quickly without reading through the rest of the thread.

Also, something else that I'd like to add; correct me if I'm wrong on this, guys, but wasn't Slam the first person to go "LET'S VOTE FOR WILL", after he had roleclaimed as bulletproof townie? Sure, I did revote for Will, which I admit is derpy, but while I was on the bandwagon, if my memories are correct... well, let's look at the person who started that one to begin with. Yeah, it does provide more evidence on that front, you trying to lynch a known bulletproof. As I said, I was on that bandwagon which was derpy, but dude, if I was suspicious for bandwagoning, let's talk about this one in regards to Slam. XD

The issue at this point isn't just one thing. It's a bunch of things. There's the scum-positive investigation. There's the fact that I roleblocked you and then there were no SK kills. There's the hammering too soon. There's the attempted lynching of a known bulletproof townie I just remembered. There's probably a bunch of things as well. Point is, while a bunch of these things (the roleblocking, for example) aren't symptomatic of being scum in and of itself, when the evidence comes piling up, then it becomes more probable that you could easily be not on our side. And frankly, there's more evidence against you than for you.

3. Alright, I'm going to be frank. Sorry in advance.

THREE I've been working my hardest to help the town the entire time and this is the thanks I get? The word from a single person who for all we know could've just been a mafia throwing another mafia under the bus and you all turn on me? Could this not be one massive trap?

My heart, she is breaking that you would fall for all this circumstantial evidence.

This? Only makes you more suspicious.

Seriously. Guilt-tripping doesn't do wonders. As I said, the evidence keeps piling up. And to be honest, that attitude only gives us more reason to be suspicious. While, like Penguin, I was a little leery of James after his roleclaim, especially since it came so late in the day and soon after another non-vanilla townie claimed. However, there's no reason not to believe him at this point.

Also, this too:

Accusing me of defending a scum Penguin? How hypocrital. Sides, not like anyone else was thinking Roy might be suspicious either until karsk chipped in.

With that attitude? It makes me think we may have hit something. After all, someone's getting a little... defensive, shall we say? Yeah, that's the word there. Defensive. I know it can get kind of shocking, suddenly being the main vote of the day, but honestly? Guilt-tripping by effectively going "LOOK AT ME LOOK WHAT I'VE DONE FOR TOWN" and then going "OMIGOD PENGUIN YOU DEFENDED MAFIA TOO" doesn't work, and only makes you look more or less scummy scum scum, especially with all the evidence pointing at you. So, yeah, just so you know, that only provided more evidence against you.

Is the evidence "circumstantial"? Maybe. But there's too much "circumstantial" evidence, to the point where it all has to come to consideration at some point. As I said, there's giving off scummy vibes based off of vague evidence, and then there's no less than at least five points against you.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
oh also slam came up as scum when i investigated him

that might be kinda important i guess

And that settles it! Slam is a suspicious suspicious-y. : D

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Alright. I'm still alive. That is swell.

I guess I should tell you who I blocked, and who also is my current suspect.


That's right, I blocked Slam. And guess what? No news from Karen.

There's one of three possibilities: one, either Slam was indeed the SK and I got him redhanded; two, the SK went for someone who was protected (presumably James), or three, they just didn't do anything.

But wait! THERE'S MORE!

Wanna know why I blocked Slam?

Remember how we kept talking about how we should make sure that James and I say who we picked? Remember that? Notice how Slam hammered right away before James and I could discuss the matter further without really contributing? Just like that. Hammered. He didn't even add his own thoughts on protecting and investigating. He just hammered before either of us could say anything.

And now there are no Karen kills. That? Says something. Perhaps what he was doing was trying to prevent us from talking, but then he got roleblocked before he could do anything!

FoS: Slamexo

He's a mighty suspicious one. Yes he is. : D

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
And I forgot you as well, since I forgot you were tossed back in and reincarnated as... someone other than Lexi. X_x

I'm really derping it up.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Oh crap, I derped again and was looking at the one on the front page, which still lists him as alive. X_x

And so, the list is now....

Whirlpool531 (was previously attempted, but I was roleblocked back)
The Sickness


SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
ebwop: kami clearly he just couldn't bear to hide that mustache anymore. i mean look at it, would you?

Of course. No one should have to hide the glory of that mustache! O_O

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
You know what?

As much as I like that spam-head and mustache...


Yeah. He's just asking to be lynched. Asking. Asking!

Also, yeah, figuring out who to roleblock is kind of difficult right now, really. ):

So I compiled a list of peepz who haven't been confirmed as either Town or Mafia!

Whirlpool531 (was previously attempted, but I was roleblocked back)
The Sickness
Randomness (?; previous roleblocking didn't do anything)

Pick one. Go guys.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
It's okay. I'm a sucky roleblocker as well. And a sucky... everything. ):

And yeah, I was wondering if there was a second miller about, but that seems unlikely. And yeah, I think that settles it for Penguin, then, assuming you're telling the truth.

So lynch Roy? That seems reasonable, really. The outburst is still making me go "O_o", but you know.

And Will, I derped and forgot that you were referring to James, not what I said about Penguin to her. Sorry. XD

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Maybe we could shave it off before we lynch him, and then keep it in one piece under our beds? *cough*

Because damn. That mustache.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Wait, so is penguin alien town or do we not know?

We don't know her alignment just yet, and it may be proven otherwise in the long run.

However, what we do know is that she is not capable of killing, since nothing visibly changed when I roleblocked her. So yeah, my clarification!

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, I am Mafia! You fools! I had you the whole time! Now, before you all lynch me, I would just like to give everybody a gentle reminder that unless something very very weird is going on, a doctor's protection only guards against one kill attempt. Interpret that as you wish.

[laughter cut because it's page stretchy by Kami]

Oh, I've always wanted to do that.


I honestly can't tell if you're being sarcastic or telling the truth. I have no idea what is going on, other than James roleclaimed, said you were suspicious, and then this flip out.

Help me out guys. ):

I'll probably hold back on voting for Roy for the time being, until I hear more thoughts on the matter other than Roy's outburst. After all, some roles come up as guilty when they're innocent. But he is a suspicious one, yes he is, so I'll probably vote for him anyways.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
And how does the logic break down on revealing who KamiKaze is suggested to roleblock? On the obvious positive side, if she does end up night-killed and one night kill doesn't go through it may be that whoever she blocked is a scum killer, and even which one ('may be' because if the JOAT still has a protection, that could interfere witih night kills as well, or we could have a nurse? unlikely but not impossible). But what's the down side? I'm not immediately seeing one, but it seems like anything that gives out free information should have a down side. And are there any advantages to her not revealing who she'll be targeting?

KamiKaze, what say you? As I'm guessing you've been thinking about this...

Well, I've been blocking people I've been suspecting of some kind of scummy behavior or another, usually people who escaped the lynch during the previous day phase but suspicion was still tossed at them. For example, Whirly, that I recall, or you, or Fio. So generally, the second most suspicious person of that day (the first having been lynched). :3

But yeah! I think it'd be a good idea for me to say who I'm roleblocking for the evening. I haven't figured it out yet, but I'm open to suggestions on who to troll for the night. If you have any thoughts, toss them at me. I honestly don't mind, really. After all, I could die very soon, and it's the only way to get that info across if I do die. And seeing as there's no Decoy to deal with...

I honestly don't see the disadvantages.

We can safely say that Randomness, you, and Whirly do not have killing powers. This obviously doesn't mean you folks aren't Mafia, just that you can't kill.

That said, that last post in response to mine convinced me a bit more on the topic. I guess the initial reply on the Decoy thing made me feel suspicious? But it makes more sense now. I'll still keep an eye on you, but just so you know, it lessened my suspicions massively!

My first thought when I got roleblocked, aside from "Did Mafia figure me out?", was "I'm going to guess that's the Mafia roleblocker". We may or may not have a JOAT running afoot, but you never know.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Okay, if you say so James.

Town Roleblocker. That be my role.

To be honest, I agree that Sidney would have been the perfect jester, what with the whole trolly thing, so I was kind of surprised she was one when I got the PM. However, the PM also justified it by saying she was a massive troll who belittled, seduced, and generally was a pain in the rear throughout her arc, so basically, she's blocking people's roles by trolling them, which makes sense. That, and there are no jesters that exist here.

I should explain what I've been up to, while I'm at it:

Night one. I was the one who blocked Fio. Next phase, it was made into a big deal when he and Holly were all "WHY ARE PEOPLE BLOCKING ME"? I was suspicious of Fio for his behavior towards Roy at the beginning, but the chaos made it a pain.

So next night phase, I blocked... no one. Partly because of the chaos, partly because I didn't know who to trollblock.

And then I went with Whirly the next phase. However, once the day phase started, I got a PM back saying that I was prevented from trolling him. So I got roleblocked there.

I also got a second PM from Toben saying that Dom recruited me! But it didn't matter, since he died in the same night phase and I was the only person who he went for. I was all "CRAP" about that. X_x

Then I trolled Randomness, because of the fact that he was acting shifty. Being concerned for my safety since I got roleblocked, and worried that the Mafia might have caught on to me, I was glad to see it went through and no death.

And then I went for Penguin_Alien, for reasons I outlined at the beginning of the previous day phase. That, and she's acting really shifty. I don't know how to explain it, other than the Decoy thing, but I get that feeling, you know?

So yeah! Now you know my trolling antics lately.

If you don't believe me, go ahead and lynch me. But it'll cost you a roleblocker. But, don't lynch me, and you'll have me around for at least one more night. Really, make the call. I'm a sitting duck, and honestly, at this point it's Mafia or the lynch mob.

As I said, I do have my suspicions on penguin_alien, but I'm too tired to really go into detail why. As I said, though, she was seen defending Decoy before his reveal as scum, and her reply didn't really convince me. Perhaps I could go into detail a bit more later, and dig some more stuff up this game. O_O

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
I think I can easily say...

The main reason why I'm more active is simple: I had made the decision to be more active for once prior to the game, since I keep going inactive. Heck, I didn't say much last phase. So I just made it a personal goal to stay active and speak up more.

As I said, I kind of suck at Mafia. No, really, I suck. I suck so bad. I can have my moments of competence, yes. But generally? Boy, do I kind of suck! So I guess it's just my suck showing. As I said, I'm trying to speak up more this round, and sometimes I have to force myself to say something because I have nothing to add. Which explains the derpy voting; I suck at it. We all know this. And I'm kind of a sheeple to be honest when it comes to this game. XD

I won't roleclaim or anything, but I will nameclaim to get you guys to believe I'm good: my flavor person is everyone's favorite Playboy Bunny, Sidney Rice. Now, I know that sounds like it could be a pro-Mafia role, given what the character is like (read: massively trolly), but trust me, it's town. I wouldn't be telling you this if I was indeed Mafia; I'd say something like "Alicia White" if that were true. I won't confirm for now if I have a non-vanilla role or if I'm just a townie, but trust me on this one.

I have no leads for right now and it's 2am, so I'll end that there. ^_^;

Cicada Nights
((Sorry for the delay!))

"Thanks!", Alex said, flicking the bottom.

Sean laughed, saying that it was better to do anything illegally. Maybe it was a joke (well, okay, it probably was, really), but... that's where Alex and Sean differed. While Sean was the kind of person to laugh about using a fake ID, Alex would never even joke about touching one. Maybe it was all those stories she heard, about what they did to people with fake IDs, but she wouldn't touch one personally.

But she continued to smile. Really. It was kind of funny someone would go to the effort of getting a fake ID when they're about to be legal. It's like, you can wait. Going through all that effort to make yourself a fake ID, which you can get in trouble for, only to turn legal in a month anyways... that was ridiculous, and kind of funny.

Alex had to hide a giggle at that.


Oh dear.

She hadn't thought of it much.

To be honest, Alex didn't know what to do about that. She didn't really have anyone she was crushing on- not right now, at least. Perhaps she could go with a friend, like Kyran or someone. Claire was going with Jack. Corey and Oz didn't have anything planned either.

"I... kind of don't have anything planned as well" she said, an embarrassed smile on her face. "It kind of creeped up, you know?"

Gah, and she'll have to go dress shopping, didn't she? Alex couldn't really see herself in something too fancy. Maybe she could put a Ripley-ish bent on it, but you know. Maybe she could somehow pull off a Victorian or steampunk look, now that she thought of it. But how could she do that? Might be hard!

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
I'm entirely not against song posts if they're done well. There have been times where it's become ridiculous, yes. There have also been times where it's done well.

The main issue I have with songposts is that... well, how do I explain? Okay, well, when a person hasn't heard the song or doesn't know which one it is, it gets confusing. Trust me, unless it's a REALLY well-known song, someone out there is going to go "What song is this?". So when the person hasn't heard the song before, it basically... well, it comes off as basically a line of words that they don't understand. They'll get confused, and they definitely won't be hearing it in their head. It'll just make them go "Huh?". It's happened to me a lot, seriously. Maybe it's because I need to listen to the same stuff as everyone else, but you know. But yeah, it kind of rushes into the assumption that we've heard the song before, and when we don't know what song it is, it gets awkwaaaaaaaaard. Even if you link to it in the post, it can still take someone out of a mood if they have to click something.

As I said, though! I'm not entirely against it! It just has its place, and if done incorrectly it can get pretty awkward. I personally don't do it too often; I only really songpost if a character happens to be listening to music at that particular time. In other words, diegetic music! However, I do toss song references in other ways, such as in thread titles.

I think the best way to do it is, like Dodd said, making sure it's thematically appropriate. It's usually not a good idea to play something like... um, this while a teenage girl is getting murdered with an ax, unless you're trying to be disturbingly funny on purpose. Even then, it works better with a visual medium. Choosing a song that works with the scene has a bigger impact, like choosing a song that fits a character's entire life/arc for their death scene or something like that. There have been times where I've cried over a death post with a song in it because it fits the character perfectly. No, seriously, cried. It can turn out really well, you just need to know what you've been doing. :3

I hate the divert from the topic of misogyny and such, but I kind of want to bring up a new discussion point that's been on my mind. Remember how I brought up jerks? Now I'm going the opposite direction and talking about nice people!

Nice people, like jerks, can actually be pretty fun to write. There have been some issues associated with them, though. I think the big one is, people try to set characters up as nice too much, and oftentimes it falls flat. In other words, they don't show them being nice, but rather tell. It gets rather aggravating when we see a character who is constantly propped up as the nicest person ever in each of their posts, even if there is evidence to the contrary. If your character's supposed to be really nice, let us know by showing them acting nice! Don't just go "They're nice! They donate to charity!". Actually show them doing something that's kind or friendly!

And as I noted earlier, it gets somewhat frustrating when we see a character who's supposed to be nice or at least decent do something kind of dickish. Like, making an inappropriate comment or doing something that is without a doubt kind of cruel on purpose. Sure, I get nice people act not-so-nice when they're frustrated or such, especially on the island, but if they're doing it without a good reason? Yeah, that's annoying.

Also, on that note, nice people can have moments of not being so nice either! Nice doesn't mean pushover, after all. Even the sweetest, most wonderful person can have bad days, especially if they've been through the horrors of the island. Heck, even just being around someone who irks them can turn them not-so-nice in a jiffy. Point being? Nice people don't always have to act nice, but they need a good reason to stop trying to be nice. Even if they are frustrated or such, however, nice people often try to plow through it unless they really are that frustrated.

In short? Nice people. Do you like reading or writing such characters? Any problems you've noticed in people who are supposed to be really nice? What about "heroes"? Any thoughts on those? Just talk about nice characters!