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Altering the Deal
This was...

This was...

Well, she couldn't believe it. She simply couldn't.


And at that moment, Aileen's expression lit up. Now, Aileen usually didn't look too happy. Oftentimes she had that bored or frustrated expression, and ever since the other day she had seemed quiet and small, like a small puppy that had been beaten and was now hiding. But at this moment in time, something in her face changed into something much softer and hopeful.

They could escape.

They could get out of here.

She couldn't believe it. It had to be too good to be true! She and everyone else could go home! Yes! Maybe then they could-


That... had to be the dumbest thing she heard.

A player. Yelling through a megaphone about escape. If anything, she'd think it was the terrorists doing it. No one would have the foresight of doing that. She had no idea why the terrorists would lure them to a beach.

Her facial features turned back into that trademark frustrated expression. Damn it! Couldn't they at least investigate? What if there really was a boat out there, waiting to take them home? What if she could see her mom again? What if everyone was making it home without them? What then?

As many people as possible alive. Being back home. It's what she wanted. It's what she'd been fighting for. She'd been fighting to bring herself and everyone else back home. It didn't matter who they were, as long as they weren't the idiots playing the game. They needed to get back home safely.

For the past few days, that had been her wish.

And she wasn't going to give it up just because of one moment of suspicion.

DuClare even offered to check it out herself, but Aaron declined. And she saw the look on the girl's face; she was happy too. How could Aaron decline such a thing? He was being a coward. Couldn't they at least scout it out? Get a view of the situation? That sort of thing?

"Aaron, stop being a pussy. I swear to god, just at least let someone investigate and report back. Heck, I'll go. I know you're worried, but you know what? It may be our only chance."

She stood up.

"Now, will you calm down if I come back and tell you it's safe?"

Alright! I got mine done!

Enjoy your killer on killer on terrorist BDSM action, guys.

V5 Concepts Thread
So, I might as well add my two cents on various people!


Now on a serious note. It does sound like an interesting concept! I don't think there have been many horse fans in SOTF, actually. And I believe having an animal injured can be just as traumatic as having a human loved one injured, especially if you happen to be riding said animal at the time. So! I'm actually kind of interested in seeing him in action, especially since it seems like a unique concept!

Though one question, to be honest, mostly because I'm curious; it broke his back? How severe was it, and does he suffer any effects to this day? Like paralysis or anything like that? Just out of curiosity.

Otherwise, seems like a good concept to me!

Doc- First, let's start with Garrett. Seems like a solid concept. What kind of "over-emotional", though? Was it the "RAWR HATE YOU" kind of over-emotional, or was it the "I'm just a little cry-baby please hold me. T_T" kind of over-emotional? Believe it or not, there is a difference. Also, how exactly did he get into stoicism? As in, how did he find out about it? Did he learn about it online or in a book? Was it just a decision he made one day after a particularly bad case of being emotional, that he was going to try not to express it, and later found out that there was an actual philosophy based around it? Again, I'm curious! He seems like an interesting concept, and it's good that you have a basic idea of it.

Now Alfred. Yet another question: what exactly made his parents decide to put him in public school? You said something about his mother's condition, but what lead up to the decision to put him in public school? Was it financial reasons caused by the treatment for her condition? The realization that he needed to socialize and not depend on them? His bothering them about it? It's kind of an important detail, after all! He seems like he'll fit in nicely with the other kids at this school, seeing as for whatever reason most of them tend to be musicians. Maybe depending on whether or not the school is particularly well-known for its music program like it was suggested earlier in the thread, that could be part of his explanation why he got transferred to a public school?

And now Karen: she seems like a normal teenage girl, to be honest. I know a lot of girls like her. This isn't bad! Many teenage girls like to go out and have fun with their buddies. Again, another musician for our school full of musicians, as well. As for the dance topic, I don't know as much as others likely are, but I'll tell you what I know; she should be fairly flexible, especially if it's ballet. Even if it isn't, she should be fairly lean and flexible regardless. It's also very strict; you don't kid around in dance class. A lot of teachers will yell at you very easily. I know this because I was in dance class very briefly in elementary (key word being "briefly"). What kind of dance is it? Has she dabbled in various styles? That way we can give more details on this topic.

Also, just a quick note; don't assign ages just yet! There will be a class of students that will only be selected around the time that applications open. Nowadays they tend to be seniors on their end-of-school trips. So wait until apps open and the school and age group are announced before you decide how old are they.

Sunny Dee- First off, let's start with the gamer guy fangirl! She has a fetish for gamer nerds? Because it sure sounds like it. But regardless; she seems like your standard "gamer chick" character. Overall she seems like the standard "got into gaming because a boyfriend was into it" backstory for these sorts of characters. However! I'm interested in seeing how her hardcore tournament player fetish plays itself out. Maybe she has a pre-game thread where she ends up fangirling over a player? That would be amusing. "So... can I play with YOUR joystick? : D". So, it's another character I actually want to see in action.

On the dirty dancer, one detail honestly confuses me; she's into burlesque and pole dancing, but doesn't want to be sexualized? Is it because she wants to desexualize the concept of pole dancing (I'm aware of people doing it for athletic reasons rather than sexual reasons)? Or is it like a "guilty pleasure" "don't want people to know I'm into that" sort of thing, especially since teenage boys will be hormonal?

Also, don't worry too much about writing characters into tropes. To be honest, I do it all the time. Just don't make them a flat trope! Instead, be all "Hey, what haven't we seen yet with this trope?" when you're deliberately writing a trope.

Droppy- Yay huge bitches!

I think Jamie and Miranda will do fine together, actually. Maybe once pre-game starts I should set up an official thread calling out ALL the bitchy popular girls. ALL OF THEM. And then they can be bitchy and popular together. Hooray for girl posses!

Little- HONK HONK, MOTHERFUCK- *is killed*

But, I'm kind of interested in seeing a Juggalo. I don't know much about the subculture, though. Does he wear the make-up a good portion of the time (which I doubt, but it needs asking)? If so, has he ever gotten in any kind of dress code problems because of it especially since in some areas juggalos are erroneously thought of as a gang, and thus juggalo/ICP/Psychopathic Records paraphernalia is occasionally banned in schools? Or does he only do it when hanging around his juggalo family? Just asking!

So yeah. Stopping there for the moment. I don't know who else I want to comment on, so ask me if you want my commentary. Sorry for asking so many questions as well. It's just my way of showing interest, you know? XD

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
Let's see...

Aileen Borden (if she dies anytime soon), Remy Kim,Anna Chase, Holly Chapman, Kami Steele/"Beatrix Kiddo"/"Hit-Girl"/Whatever her name is today, and Sidney Rice (again if she dies anytime soon) are available.

Carol Burke is currently unavailable, unless you really convince me. As I noted, she's likely making a reappearance, so I basically already have dibs on her. Although she is available, keep in mind I'll be slightly more hesitant about adopting Chase out, mostly because, as I said, for some reason I'm worried about others keeping her IC. However, that won't mean I won't adopt her out if you ask; just that I'll be all "... Are you sure?" a bit more than the others. Oh, and one more thing! If you adopt Remy, remember that he has a pretty huge connection to Josée Trembley (his twin sister/rival, guys).

So yeah. Feel free to ask. ^_^;

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
I'm in! I'm in! I'm totally in to torment you people with characters that are dead. By bringing them back to liiiiiiiiiife.

Most of my characters I'm willing to let people take on, as long as you PM me. The only two I will be hesitant about will be Carol and Chase. Carol's reason is simple; I know for almost certain she'll be back, so I've basically already claimed her. Chase is for personal reasons, mostly because I'm not sure people would keep her IC for whatever reason. You can still ask for these two, just be aware I'm just slightly more wary about giving them up than the others, is all. So PM me if you want to write as my people for whatever reason, even though I doubt people would want to! : D

As I said, Carol's most likely coming back. I'm not sure about the second, as of yet. I'll have to think it over, actually. Hmmmm... *looks over cast of crazy people*

Picture Show
Oh god, wow.

Brendan... was right. It was cheesy. Chase read the manga, and... this wasn't how you do an Uzumaki film adaptation. They cut out a bunch of stuff, too. What happened to the pregnant women who drank blood like mosquitoes, or the lighthouse that made people blind and/or crispy? Those were the best parts! How could you cut out those bits!

And this guy... acting skills, please? He was barely reacting to his dad being obsessed with spirals or his mom being scared to death of them! A reaction to something would be nice, you know.

And what's with all the filler? It was far from necessary.

So yeah, cheesy movie. Didn't do the manga justice.

And so, Chase joined in on the riffing from time to time, saying things like "Oh no! She's been smoking dynamite!" or "Bren, I thin-think the hair has its own cult now", or "Why can't he use a tap? Why the bottles? Less money, you know?"

So their watching of said movie continued like this. Brendan made a lot of Silent Hill jokes. She didn't even realize the resemblance until he mentioned it.

"I think that girl would win, Brendan. PH can't ev-ever top the swirly hair", she replied to the Pyramid Head comment.

But Brendan had gone for a brownie right at that moment, and within seconds was talking with his mouth full, grumbling something out between the crumbs. Chase couldn't help but smile. It was kind of strangely funny, in a way. Sure, talking with your mouth full was impolite, but was it funny when Brendan did it?

Yes it was.

"Bren, breathe!" Chase tried her best to contain laughter, looking down with her hand over her mouth to stop herself before she started.

But he clearly liked them, at least. What could she say? She had one or two about a minute ago, and she liked them too.

After the laughter stopped entirely, she said "Ah... sorry. It's just that... yeah! Anyways, the manga's better. Movie cut out a bunch of stuff, you know? They h-have pregnant women who drink blood just like big mos.. mosquitoes. And their babies try to get back into the womb once they're born! How could they cut that? It was one of the best parts."

Picture Show
Brendan seemed excited about the brownies! That was a good sign. A very good sign indeed. She made a good choice, bringing her friend's brownies. It wasn't at all bad! Yayness.

So off he went to place it on the table. As one might expect, there were more treats. There was a large plethora of them! There was more than enough for both of them. And that was good too.

Brendan was fiddling around with the DVD cases, evidently looking at the movies they were going to watch. And very soon he had come to a decision. He didn't seem to find it scary, but more funny, but he had it.

First pick? "Uzumaki".

Wasn't that the one with the snails and the girl with the swirly hair and the dude obsessed with spirals and stuff? She could remember the manga before and she remembered reading it, but she had never seen the movie. Why, she didn't know. She... never really had the time, she guessed. Which was a shame. There had been plenty of occasions to watch it.

Well, now's the perfect time for it!

"I've heard of that movie. It has snails 'n stuff, r-right?"

Chase loved snails. Snails were quite nice creatures, actually. Sometimes they got those parasites in their eyes, that made it look like they had worms for eyes. And then they'd climb up tall trees and get their eyes ripped out by birds. It was how they reproduced. But that wasn't of importance.

She plopped herself down in a beanbag, having presumed them to be there for the night. "Let's start, yes?"

Needless to say, she was excited!

Picture Show
Chase couldn't help but smile as Brendan opened the door.

Really. She was glad to see him right now. Really, really glad. All she needed to do now was relax and hang out, watching creepy movies. It wasn't that hard. In fact, it was easy and enjoyable. Fun times! Fun times...

As he invited her in, Chase promptly did so and stepped inside, looking around. Had she been here before? It looked vaguely familiar, at the very least. Deja vu? That was one possibility. Or maybe Brendan tried to suck out her soul and- nah. That was silly. Either deja vu or she did indeed show up here at one point.

Chase couldn't help but notice, though, that the place was slightly disorganized. Brendan had thrown a few clothing items out of the way, and it promptly landed elsewhere. But she decided to not pay attention to it. After all, she wasn't really much better in that area. Lord knew how many times Dad had nagged her to clean up her room for company.

But, in other news...

She brought food.

"Oh! I brought some treats!" she quickly said, looking back to Brendan and lifting up the plate.

Maybe she had been here before. That was it, right? She really did not need to overthink this one. It wasn't rocket science, obviously. Plus, there were more important issues to be held at hand! Like women getting their heads chopped off, or ghosts churning someone's skin inside out! That was more important of course.

Picture Show
Life for Anna Chase, on the other hand, wasn't so "groovy". With tests and preparation for college alone, she was pooped. And, well, there was that drama surrounding her life nowadays. Only earlier today did she manage to talk to Lexie, and she couldn't even bear even glimpsing at Dawne. And Jon... all she wanted right now was to stay with him, but that wasn't looking to be an option. She knew how Lexie felt about him, and that lying about Dawne would have consequences in the long run. The idea of just simply leaving him had been tossing around in her head, but she didn't want to.

But, for now, she needed to unwind. And what better way of unwinding than watching her favorite genre of movies with a friend? Heck, she even brought treats of her own. A friend of hers had given her brownies earlier that day. They looked good, but Chase hadn't had a bite at all so far. She sniffed them, and she noticed the smell was slightly weird, but it was still brownies. Chocolate-y, sweet brownies. Should be yummy, right? Right. Of course they would be yummy.

So, here she was. Walking to Brendan's house, with a tinfoil covered plate with baked goods. His house was within walking distance, right? She didn't even need to take the bike, if she remembered correctly. Walking... walking...

And soon, she was almost there.

Chase stood outside Brendan's house. Had she been here before? Maybe she had. Actually, she didn't think so, now that she thought of it. But, she did remember where Brendan had said it was. The address and everything! She was almost certainly here. Of course she was here. And so, she stepped up to the door, and reached forward to ring the doorbell.


And there it was. She always felt like someone was going to jump out with an ax whenever she rang a doorbell for some reason, but that was silly, of course. Plus, Brendan wasn't that crazy, as far as she knew. He had his moments of craziness, but not those kinds of crazy moments. She knew a few people she could see doing that, but not him.

And so, she waited.

Should be fun, right?


Altering the Deal
((Aileen Borden continued from No Such Thing As A Perfect Plan))

Aileen, once again, wasn't in a good mood.

The memory of what happened with Milo still stuck, even after all this time. The smell of burning flesh, the screams... it stayed. The bare amount of sleep she had involved what had happened. She knew how much she suffered; anyone who saw it could tell he didn't die peacefully. She was an idiot. She'd had another look at the manual? And it flat out said that you couldn't shock it off.

Her. Idiot.

And she went along with it.

And guess what? She was now a murderer. Not only that, but now everyone on the island knew that detail, as well. Either that she was a murderer, or that she was a complete moron.

But oh. Want to know a way it could be any worse?

Remember Melissa? Yeah. She's gone now too. Exactly the same way as Milo. Melissa. Gone. Aileen could close her eyes and picture her screaming and the smell of flesh, just like... just like...

Fuck. She didn't deserve that too.

No one did.

It was all useless, you know? They were making no progress. Everyone was dying or dead. There was no use to escape. What was there? They weren't able to figure out a way to get off this piece of shit rock before everyone died. It was taking a long time for them to even find a loophole. And when they did think of something they electrocuted an innocent man.

What was the point? They should just all kill themselves right now. It was starting to look like the only means of escape. At least some psychopath wouldn't eviscerate them or something. Heck, if they were lucky and destroyed their bodies enough, they might stem off necrophiliacs. Or hell! She could start playing right now. It wouldn't matter. At least she'd no longer be a victim. That guy doing that to that girl in that SOTF clip she saw, at least he was hap-

Oh god, what was she thinking?

Was she seriously considering killing herself or playing the game? That was fucked up. People who played the game were horrible people, obviously. Why would she need to do that? Players were disgusting people. They were the ones who deserved to die, not Milo, not Melissa, not Reika, not Trevor, not Lily, not Tom, and not Richard!

So, this entire time since they had arrived at the sawmill, Aileen had been staring off into space, seemingly looking at nothing and lost in her own thoughts. The perpetually cranky expression had been replaced by a blank look, as if she didn't know how to feel.

But oh. What now? They were just screwing around in this place, waiting for Aaron's lovebunny who probably left a long time ago. Seriously. They were screwing around without figuring out new information? What the hell? They'd screwed around enough already, for fuck's sake.

A faint sound found its way to the sawmill, snapping Aileen out of her thoughts.


Okay, this was a joke.

"Guys... hear that?" she whispered.

I'll sign up!

The only two things I will not do is genital mutilation (again) and scat.

Genital mutilation, well, as I said. I really don't want to write anything about certain organs being sliced off, damaged, or anything like that. Really. I don't.

Scat, because, in hindsight, I don't want to write about that either.

Otherwise, go wild!

V5 Concepts Thread
I made Alex and Miranda in Facemaker!

Posted Image

Here's Alex. I'm not too fond of this one for some reason. So I might make another.

Posted Image

Miranda, on the other hand, turned out fine!

If you don't know who these people are, Miranda's character description is on the first page, while Alex's is here.

Oh, speaking of Miranda!

How many bitchy popular girls are here overall? Because we were discussing this topic in chat a while back. Something about a bitch clique? Yeah. There seems to be a fair amount of said type of character this version. Are there any more popping up that we don't know about? XD

On another note, I do have a name, personality, and such in mind for hearing impaired girl. I'm not going to post a character description or change my sig for her just yet, but I'll give you a name. It's Lana Torres. So yeah, she's starting to form too now!

No Such Thing as a Perfect Plan
And just like that.

Just like that he left.

She... wasn't aware it would be that easy. She'd expect him to be a stubborn prick and insist on staying, insulting them some more. And that was the best scenario coming up in Aileen's mind.

Aileen stared off as he left just after beginning to fire off more insults and having stopped himself mid-sentence.

People were strange.

This was a detail Aileen found out a long time ago. Of course, it wasn't surprising hearing that from the girl who usually sat by herself reading back at school. It was one of those things you expect people to say. Like the athlete to say "Practice was hard but worth it in the long run", or the popular girl to say "You bitch stop stealing my clothes!". Stereotypes? Yes, but the point remained.

Aileen was once again confused by other people's behavior.

DuClare seemed tuckered out by all this nonsense, but in the end, they all were. And... laughter. It wasn't a good sign. The entire thing had probably driven her up the wall. Aileen found herself feeling sorry for her, actually.

Aaron seemed to flick through the gun and place it in his pocket, and started talking again.

Already they had to leave.

Aileen stared down at Milo. Couldn't they just... she didn't know, do something about him? They couldn't leave him laying out in the open like that! He needed a burial, or a cremation. Or, hell, something. It was unethical to just leave his body lying around where everyone could see if, especially in that state.

Aileen scooped down, and attempted to grab the dead body by the legs. But in the end, it was too heavy for her. What could she say? She was an un-athletic nerd. There was no way she could get his body someplace without the help of Aaron and Du-

She looked up.

They hadn't stayed.

Aileen felt herself panicking.

She didn't care at that moment that Aaron had thought up the plan that got Milo killed, or that DuClare had a death wish. Well, she cared about those, actually. They were going to get themselves hurt, based on what happened here. Aaron had already two times fired on people without warning, and that was only right at the start of the list. DuClare was starting to act suicidal.

If she had told them what she was trying to do or something... then they would have stayed, right?

She had to be there, in case something happened. She wasn't exactly the biggest voice of reason, that she knew. But she knew one thing.

Aileen Borden had to be there so they wouldn't do that sort of thing as much.

It was going to be chaos if she left. That was certain.

Aileen let Milo fall to the ground, and gently touched what was left of his head, like a mother comforting a small child.

"I'm... I'm sorry."

Both for doing that to him, and for not being able to let him rest in peace. Maybe later she could find a way to bury him in some way, if Aaron would let her come back here.

And so she grabbed her things and left to find Aaron and DuClare.

((Aileen Borden continued in Altering the Deal))

I signed up earlier today, in case you haven't noticed.

And I'm in the middle of making a person, too!

I just need to make sense of the rules a bit more, aaaaaand... away I'll go!